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Chapter 161: Tenth World (5)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

Bazel hurried back to the mink village with Bai Duan in his arms. His actions were not as gentle and harmless as before.

When he went straight to the yard of the mink family doctor from the sky, the lightningous strength and speed immediately reminded the minks of the fear of being stared at and hunted by the king of the sky. In a moment, the small yard, which was originally peaceful and warm, exploded.

The smart ones were reduced to beast form and ran away without a trace; the timid ones were reduced to a ball of fluff of various colors, so scared that they didn’t have the strength to escape. Bazel settled down in the hospital and swept his eyes over the shivering hairballs in the yard. His tone became worse because of his eagerness, “Where is the doctor?”

A moment later, an old mink emerged from the bushes beside the yard, shivering. But before he could ask, he was dragged out of the bushes by Bazel.

The old mink uttered a scream of “squeaking —” and almost fainted when Bazel stared at his hind legs and turned his eyes. But how could Bazel allow him to pass out. He hurriedly carried him to shake a few times, “Don’t faint! I won’t eat you! There’s something wrong with Little Duan. Can you see what’s wrong with him?”

Hearing Bazel’s words, the old mink calmed down a little bit, and then saw the little white mink, who was held carefully by Bazel with his other hand, lying in his arms and breathing fast.

The old mink kicked, squeaked, and Bazel bent down to put him back on the ground, watching him turn into a human old man.

The mink’s doctor was kind-hearted, wise and kind, but his bravery was… not big. He stood in front of the tall Bazel, looking at Bai Duan who was held in his arms with concern, but hesitated to go forward.

Bazel was so anxious that he stepped passed the family doctor and walked into the house. He carefully placed his little lover on the bed. Then he sat next to the bed and urged the doctor, “What are you doing?! Hurry up!”

After so many years in the world, Bazel has learned how to deal with these timid creatures. It didn’t matter what kind of voice was used. The more gentle one’s attitude was, the more hesitant they were. It was better to directly command and enforce. These people who cherished their lives were doing everything in a hurry and dared not act perfunctory at all.

What a bunch of mice!

The family doctor was frightened by Bazel’s roar that he did not dare to delay at all. He quickly ran to the bed and approached the bed carefully.

At this time, Bai Duan’s parents, brothers and sisters also got the news and rushed over. They were worried about Bai Duan, but they were also afraid of Bazel sitting next to him, as if they would accidentally encroach upon his territory. They were worried about making noise. They were eager to see the doctor examine Bai Duan’s body.

After a while, the family doctor gently breathed, frowned and straightened up.

“How is he? What’s the matter with Little Duan?” Mama Bai spoke in with an uneasy voice.

Bazel raised his hand and stroked Bai Duan’s small body, feeling the heat under his palm. He felt that his heart was as restless as a fire.

His sharp eyes were fixed on the doctor for fear that he would say something bad. Gazed at by Bazel, the doctor’s body trembled more and more, but he was still firm. He said his conclusion, “From the results of physical examination… This… It seems to be a sign of him coming of age.”

“Adulthood?!” Mama Bai’s eyes widened, “How could this be?! Little Duan hasn’t reached adulthood yet!”

“Yes, it’s very strange…” The family doctor touched his beard and sighed. Then he seemed to remember something. He bent down and, under the fierce gaze of Bazel, came to Bai Duan’s mouth to smell it.

Seeing his little lover being so ‘disrespectfully’ treated, Bazel’s face was very ugly. Somehow he restrained his impulse to throw the doctor out and asked in a deep voice, “What are you doing?”

“Here…” After confirming his suspicions, the doctor quickly distanced himself from Bai Duan, “I seem to smell the smell of zhu rongguo?”

“Not bad.” Bazel nodded and possessively gathered his little lover back into his arms. “He had eaten zhu rongguo before. What’s the problem?”

The family doctor hesitated for a moment, “Zhu rongguo, did he eat a lot? How much did he eat?”

“…Only one was eaten today. ” Bazel licked his lips.

“Today? What about the total? How much did he eat?” The doctor asked.

Bazel thought and was not sure. “Little Duan likes this fruit, and I heard that zhu rongguo is very good for his health, so when it comes to the ripening season, I often pick it for him. In all…” He hesitated for a moment, “about a hundred?”

The doctor, with a confused face, “…”

“What? What does little Duan’s health have to do with zhu rongguo?” Bazel frowned, full of remorse. 

“Zhu rongguo is such a thing. It’s really good for you to eat a few, but if you’ve eaten more than one hundred…” The doctor’s eyes were delicate, “It has the effect of ripening oneself. After all, the cub’s body is not fully developed and can’t carry all the energy contained in the zhu rongguo. The spilled part will promote the growth and development of the cub and make them mature as soon as possible.”

Bazel blamed himself more and more. He gently rubbed Bai Duan’s small body. He regretted that he had made his own decision without making sure of everything beforehand. Although he really hoped that his little lover would grow up as soon as possible, he never wanted him to ‘grow up’!

“I… never heard of such a thing…” Bazel murmured.

After a while, the doctor couldn’t help saying, “That’s because no beast can eat more than 100 like Little Duan!”

Bazel, “… →_→”

“Zhu rongguo is known as the ‘sacred fruit’, not only because it has the effect of strengthening the body and prolonging life, but also because it is difficult to obtain.” The doctor sighed, “Zhu rongguo grows on the high cliff. Only a few strong purple golden eagles like you can easily reach it. Moreover, it never appears in the same place, plus the plant is small, so it is very difficult to find. Some people may not find one even if they are poor for a lifetime, let alone eat more than one hundred! Your Excellency, you love Little Duan. You only thought that zhu rongguo is good, but you didn’t realise that no matter what, it’s too much.”

However, it was a ‘miracle’ to be able to find more than one hundred zhu rongguo, which fully reflected Bazel’s power. And even if other beasts wanted to be ‘ripened’, they didn’t have such ‘good luck’ and get such a chance.

Hearing this, Bazel’s vision drifted for a moment.

When looking for zhu rongguo, he did use cheating methods to give the system full power to perform this arduous work. As long as it was a place he could fly to, the system scanned carefully. It didn’t need Bazel to go in person, but he just needed to wait until the zhu rongguo was mature and fly to the marked place to pick it. It didn’t take much time.

Because finding zhu rongguo was so easy for him, Bazel ignored how rare the fruit was for other beasts. It was not something that could be eaten casually.

Too much of this great tonic would fill one up too much.

Holding Bai Duan in his hand, he lowered his head and rubbed his warm body with the tip of his nose. Bazel’s eyebrows were locked. His black hair, which had always been on display, seemed to droop, and his whole body was covered in the shadow of guilt.

When Bai Duan’s parents heard the truth, they really didn’t know whether to blame Bazel for his ‘excessive love’ — of course, even if they wanted to blame, they didn’t have the courage.

Bazel took a deep breath and asked softly, “This time, it’s really my negligence. Seeing that he liked it and was getting better and better after eating, I forget that it should be enough. Will it do any harm to his body?” 

“Adults don’t have to worry too much. Little Duan is very healthy. Although he was forced to ripen this time, he won’t have too many problems as long as he stays calm and takes good care of himself for a while.” The doctor touched his beard and tried to comfort him.

Bazel nodded, “So, what are we going to do next?”

The doctor sighed, “We can’t do anything but wait for Little Duan to survive…” 

After confirming that the doctor couldn’t alleviate the pain for his lover in any way, Bazel took Bai Duan out of the doctor’s yard and forcibly occupied the house of Bai Duan’s parents — of course, he wanted to take his little lover back to his nest, but Bai Duan’s parents were shivering in front of him, unwilling to let their son leave the village in such a dangerous situation.

Considering that living in mink village was indeed more convenient to find the doctor at any time, Bazel accepted the ‘advice’ from Bai Duan’s parents. However, when he lived in Bai Duan’s home, Bai Duan’s parents and brothers and sisters became homeless.

In any case, they dared not live under the same roof with their natural enemy. Even if they knew that he wouldn’t eat them, their instinctive fear still made them tense and not dare to close their eyes at all.

In order to make sure that they didn’t open their eyes until dawn, Bai Duan’s parents, brothers and sisters borrowed money from other clan members. They ran home every day like thieves to take a look and make sure that Bai Duan was still safe. As for the task of caring for Bai Duan, it was all undertaken by Bazel.

Although they were very dissatisfied with Bazel’s complete occupation of their youngest brother/son, Bai Duan’s family had to admit that if they were to take care of Bai Duan, they would not have done such meticulous work.

The environment of this world was dangerous. The material requirements of the beasts for survival were very low. In addition, every parent would have several children. It was impossible for every child to be delicately pampered.

They wouldn’t bother to find sweet fruits and tender meat as Bazel did, and feed them into Bai Duan’s mouth carefully; they wouldn’t clean his fur every day, and they wouldn’t allow him to not get any dirt on his body; they wouldn’t stay close to him, pay attention to every change, or even dare to not relax their vigilance in their sleep.

Not to mention ‘friends’, even between ‘father and son’ and ‘husband and wife’, Bai Duan’s parents couldn’t really determine the relationship between their son and this Bazel. However, if Bazel could always do this, even if they gave their son to the ‘enemy’, it seemed that… there was nothing wrong, right?

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