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Chapter 8: You’ve got a lot of guts

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Wen Yu planned not to go back to the villa today, but he didn’t expect that Zhao Zheng would come to pick him up in person. He stood in front of Zhao Zheng and was a little bit cautious. It almost seemed like he was just a child making trouble without reason.

“Uncle Zhao.” Wen Yu looked down at his toes.

Zhao Zheng saw that the curly hair on Wen Yu’s head was messy, and he couldn’t help rufflingit. He said, “Get in the car.”

Wen Yu heard the usual commanding tone. He was a little frustrated, lowered his head further then raised it abruptly. He looked at Zhao Zheng coldly. He felt a little nervous in his heart. Then, he would think about why he was being so terrified.

“Get in yourself, or I’ll pick you up.” Zhao Zheng gave him a choice this time.

Wen Yu thought about Zhao Zheng helping him clean his body last night, and his face could not help getting hot. He wanted to refute it, but he knew that Zhao Zheng was a man of his words. He did not want to let him be held so shamefully by a grown man.

So he said to Gao Yang, “I’ll get going first.”

“Okay, you should be careful…” Gao Yang glanced at the tall man next to him, turned back immediately, threw his bag on his back and started to run away. Wen-zi, his uncle, is too scary!

Wen Yu saw Gao Yang disappear in a blink of an eye. He lingered for two seconds. Suddenly, he saw Zhao Zheng walking towards him. He was shocked and said nervously, “Don’t pick me up. I’ll get in the car by myself.” Then he quickly dragged his injured foot into the car.

When he got to the car, he secretly gasped, and his face crumpled. He had just accidentally hit his ankle.

Zhao Zheng’s cold gaze shifted to Wen Yu’s injured foot, and his cold face melted a little. His lips curled up in a smile and he said, “So you were afraid I would hold you? Hmm?”

The voice was low and deep. His ‘hmm’ was left in an open ending. It was clear that the voice was cold, but to Wen Yu’s ears it sounded like he was teasing him. Wen Yu looked at him suspiciously. When he saw that Uncle Zhao’s face was calm, and realised the man had actually teased him, he couldn’t help but feel frustrated.

No one spoke all the way to the villa. The butler took Zhao Zheng’s coat and said respectfully, “Master.”

Zhao Zheng nodded, walked a few steps and asked, “Have you finished what I asked you to do?”

“Yes, the game room is next to the young master’s room.”

Wen Yu was stunned when he heard the conversation. He quickly responded and felt that his head had been patted. He looked up to meet with the cold eyes and heard the signature cold voice of Zhao Zheng, “Now you won’t be bored in the future. Let’s go and have a look.”

Last night, he had talked about it offhandedly. Unexpectedly, Uncle Zhao arranged a game room for him. At this time, Wen Yu was excited and moved. He looked at Zhao Zheng’s back. The back of this man was as tall and cold as before, and his tone was still dictatorial, but at the moment, he did not give off the feeling of being disrespectful.

Wen Yu’s heart was slightly sour. He saw Zhao Zheng, who had walked two steps in front of him, turning around to face him. He wrapped a hand around his waist and asked, “Does your foot hurt?”

“No pain.” Wen Yu suppressed the sourness in his throat, flashed his pearly whites in a smile and said, “I’m just very happy.”

“A little toy makes you so happy? Come on —” Zhao Zheng patted Wen Yu’s head and joked. “And you thought you wanted to throw a tantrum today.””

We Yu’s face showed his embarrassment, “You knew?”

Zhao Zheng knew because this child’s thoughts were written on his face. He really had a child’s temperament.

Since he was a guest, over the few days, Wen Yu only frequented the living room and his bedroom, and he didn’t open the doors of other rooms when they were closed. The next door over was now open and the layout was smaller than his room. A few game consoles were placed neatly and there were also sofas. The floor was covered in a thick carpet. The computer area got his attention right away.

All kinds of game platforms were placed neatly, with three screens, and a keyboard that was specifically for gaming.

“Uncle Zhao, let’s play a game.” Wen Yu turned on a computer near the chair and pulled Zhao Zheng’s hand. “Uncle, what games ?”

Zhao Zheng sat on the chair beside him, “I don’t usually play video games.”

“Let’s play an easy game first. I’ll teach you.” Wen Yu thought about opening the gold mining game. He laughed like a squirrel. He thought of the indifferent Uncle Zhao playing the gold mining game, just the visual of the scene was hilarious.

“Laughing like this, what game are you thinking of?” Zhao Zheng looked at him.

Wen Yu connected the game and explained to Zhao Zheng excitedly about the rules. Zhao Zheng raised his eyebrow and said, “Do you like such a childish game?”

I chose this simple game because of you.

Zhao Zheng saw Wen Yu’s face puffed up and let out a low chuckle, “I was just teasing you. Let’s play.”

“I’ll show you who’s the boss.” When Wen Yu finished his cruel words, he quickly kept his eyes open and said seriously, “It’s starting, it’s starting.”

Zhao Zheng smiled. Sensitive as a cat.

Although the little game was simple, it was fascinating to play. If it wasn’t for the butler knocking on the door to remind them it was dinner time, the two would have gone on for a long time.

“I didn’t expect these things could really kill time.” Zhao Zheng looked out of the dark window.

The butler smiled and said, “I haven’t seen you so happy in a long time, Master”

“I’m hungry.” Wen Yu didn’t expect that he could play the gold mining game for so long. It was unbelievable.

The dinner was well prepared. The stewed duck and bamboo shoot soup 1 was especially good; it was not greasy at all. It was warm for the body and appetizing. Wen Yu was eating, but he looked at Zhao Zheng in the opposite direction.

Zhao Zheng didn’t look up and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Uncle Zhao, you are picky about food!” Wen Yu’s tone seemed to be that he made a great discovery, and he grinned and picked up something with his chopsticks. “Uncle Zhao, are you afraid of this?”

“Reverse psychology?” Zhao Zheng said, as his chopsticks swooped down to pick up ribs and vegetables. He ate it and said, “Little devil, you are not afraid of me anymore?”

Wen Yu was embarrassed. He continued eating and said, “At the beginning, I was afraid. You are different from ordinary people. I can’t say specifically why, but you have a very imposing aura. Now I know that you really care about me, so I’m not afraid of you anymore”

“Smart.” Zhao Zheng nodded.

After supper and a rest, Wen Yu wanted to go upstairs to play more games. But he was forced to wear a coat by Zhao Zheng. He held Wen Yu’s waist in one hand and said, “Let’s take a walk .”

“My foot is injured.” Wen Yu reminded him coyly.

“Just lean on me and let’s go for a walk.” Zhao Zheng said.

Wen Yu openly relied on Zhao Zheng. Most of his weight was put on Zhao Zheng, which made him feel like a silent troublemaker. Zhao Zheng pinched Wen Yu’s waist. Wen Yu felt tickled and grinned sheepishly in response. They walked very slowly as the cold wind brushed past. Wen Yu felt more energetic and better than when he was staying in.

“Uncle Zhao, what do you do?” Wen Yu realized that he still knew little about Uncle Zhao until now. In fact, he was more curious about Uncle Zhao’s relationship with his family. Uncle Zhao had said that he had a son, but he was no longer here, so he didn’t talk about him.

Zhao Zheng said, “You are not curious about my career. What do you really want to know?”

“I’m not curious.” Wen Yu admitted then asked, “What kind of person is aunt? I haven’t seen her.”

“Aunt?” Zhao Zheng was stunned. He quickly laughed and said, “There is no aunt.”

So Wen Yu began to think about Uncle Zhao’s emotional history. After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t think about it any longer. He couldn’t help looking at Zhao Zheng. Zhao Zheng who kept his sight ahead asked, “Why are you looking at me?”

“I can’t imagine how you’ll look like around the person you like..” Wen Yu muttered.

Zhao Zheng shifted his gaze onto Wen Yu’s face. Wen Yu was so embarrassed so he just listened to him continue,, “I don’t know too. I’ve never liked anyone.” Without waiting for Wen Yu to speak, Zhao Zheng said decisively, “It’s late already, let’s go back.”

The topic was over.

Back in the living room, the butler served hot tea and desserts, not Western-style but traditional Chinese pastries, and made all kinds of small animal shapes one by one. They were small and exquisite, with different colors. Wen Yu was surprised and said, “Wow!I”

“Have a taste, young master.” The butler said with a smile.

Wen Yu tried a small rabbit shaped cookie. It didn’t stick to his teeth and had a light rose fragrance. He nodded and squinted. He also tried a cat shaped one, it was osmanthus with red bean flavor.

“Uncle Zhao, these are not very sweet. They are delicious.” Wen Yu gave Zhao Zheng a ball shaped like one, “I wonder what flavor this is.”

The butler wanted to answer, but Zhao Zheng said first, “Try it then you’ll know..”

The plate of desserts looked more appetizing just by looking at Wen Yu eat them. At last, Zhao Zheng, who had never liked desserts, also ate two of them with light taste. He complimented, “Good.”

The butler’s face lit up with laughter.

Time passed really fast, it was already ten o’clock. Wen Yu stretched and started feeling sleepy. Zhao Zheng, who was beside him, closed his book and said, “Go to sleep.” Then added, “Do you want to wipe yourself clean tonight?”

Wen Yu, who was in a daze, suddenly woke up and shook his head, “No, no.” He had been thinking of going back and closing the door to wipe his body down secretly.

“Don’t fall.” Zhao Zheng commented.

Wen Yu knew his thoughts had been seen through again. What exactly were Uncle Zhao’s eyes made of? His eyes were sharp.

Wen Yu had experience this time so he closed both doors tightly. He also moved a stool to the bathroom. Everything was ready. He took his clothes off and wiped down. After washing, he lay on the bed, turned over and fell asleep quickly.

Where he couldn’t see, Uncle Zhao, who was supposed to stay downstairs, was in the room. Even when he closed the door just now and moved the stool to wipe his body, he was being watched. Now that he was asleep, Uncle Zhao, who was hiding in the air, left.

When he arrived at the school the next day, Gao Yang met Wen Yu and asked, “Was that your uncle yesterday? With just a glance, you can tell he is a man who does great things. He’s so powerful that I dare not offend him.”

“You, the little bully, smell fear?” Wen Yu joked.

Gao Yang, with an experienced face, slapped Wen Yu’s shoulder and said, “That’s how fierce my father looks like when he’s about to beat me. It’s scary, but your uncle seems even scarier than my father.”

Wen Yu moved away Gao Yang’s arm and said, “Uncle Zhao just looks scary. But the truth is, he is very nice. He knows I am bored, so he specially prepared a game room…”

“Game room?! Holy shit! 2 Your uncle is too awesome!” Gao Yang cried enviously.

“I’ll go back and ask Uncle Zhao if you can come and play too.” Wen Yu conceded.

He didn’t dare open this mouth before, but after last night, he was now braver than before.

The author has something to say:

Curly hair has gained more fat (got bolder) and will be doted on more..

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Translator Notes:

  2. 牛逼 (niu bi) is a very informal slang word that expresses surprise and/or admiration.


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