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Chapter 17: Second World (3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When Zheng Mingze was outside the door doing ideological work for Fu Shaohua, in the room, Bai Duan was also very tense, continually trying to convince himself to calm down. Bai Duan had a cold personality, an enormous background, and never flattered anyone. But this time, he really wanted to leave a good impression on Fu Shaohua and have the other party like him.

Bai Duan, who had no experience in love, had no idea how to pursue a partner. The more distracted he was, the more indifferent and serious his face was. It was almost the extreme opposite of his true feelings that were scratching his heart and grasping his lungs.

Bai Duan was desperate about his inherent faults. He tried to make himself laugh naturally in front of the mirror, but it only made the muscles in his cheeks twitch, and looked even more strange.

It was in vain when Bai Duan looked into the mirror, that the door of the hotel room finally pushed open. Bai Duan was excited, subconsciously turned around, and his cold eyes fell on the person he had been thinking of for a long time.

Fu Shaohua stood at the door, allowing the door to close behind him slowly, suppressing the bitterness, helplessness, and self-abandonment in his eyes, causing a sharp pain in Bai Duan’s heart. He did not want to see this side of the other’s appearance, and he did not want Fu Shaohua to look at him with such eyes.

For a time, the room was quiet.

Bai Duan stood in place, his mind was a mess, and he didn’t know what he should do next.

Therefore, the first action was from Fu Shaohua, who was downwind from the situation.

Lifting his feet, Fu Shaohua slowly approached Bai Duan. With his approach, Fu Shaohua’s original melancholy and decadent temperament gradually changed, becoming more open-minded, more oppressive, and aggressive.

Subconsciously, Bai Duan retreated a few steps and hit the wall behind him at a loss, then was surrounded between Fu Shaohua’s arms.

“I heard. You want to sneak rules on me?” Fu Shaohua was close to Bai Duan’s ear, blowing his breath lightly, his voice was ambiguous and taunting.

Bai Duan was shocked, and he blinked his eyes, at a loss. His instincts were silenced.

“That’s really a long skill…” Fu Shaohua’s tone was significant. Originally a clean and handsome face, he was full of charm at this moment, as if he was a sea demon luring its prey close. He blinked his eyes lightly and raised his eyebrows. “Shall I say a word, thank you for your support, Golden Lord?”

Bai Duan felt how unbridled Fu Shaohua was, and as if he was taken over, he could not help lifting his arm and grabbing Fu Shaohua’s neck. Naturally, he acted as if he had experienced this type of movement countless times.

Fu Shaohua narrowed his eyes slightly and smiled lightly. He grabbed Bai Duan’s waist with one hand, squatted down slightly, and wrapped up Bai Duan’s leg with the other hand. Then, with force, he held the dizzy young Master Bai and went to bed.

The next second, Bai Duan was thrown onto the big soft bed, and he was trapped in Fu Shaohua’s shadow. He blinked, a little more clear-minded, but it was soon washed away by the overwhelming kiss from the other side.

Sucking on Bai Duan’s red, moist lips, Fu Shaohua entwined his own tongue with the other’s soft, sweet tongue. Fu Shaohua’s fingers were very flexible as he quickly unfastened his buttons, opened his shirt, and caressed the beautiful white body full of youthful vitality under that layer of clothing. Bai Duan naturally catered to the other and allowed Fu Shaohua access to his body without reservation.

When Fu Shaohua almost stripped Bai Duan, he realized that he had forgotten a fundamental problem. Holding up his body on his elbows, Fu Shaohua held Bai Duan’s cheek and looked into his blurred eyes. His voice was coaxing, “Un, baby, are you a grown up?”

Bai Duan was somewhat dissatisfied with the other party stopping. He leaned up, approached Fu Shaohua, kept asking for a kiss, and unconsciously answered, “I’m almost twenty years old…”

“You’ve grown up? That’s good.” Fu Shaohua laughed and licked his lips dangerously. “Then I won’t be polite.”

Bai Duan didn’t realize what the other side was going to do to be ‘impolite’ until he was pulled down, his legs nudged apart and withstood the intrusion of the other side.

Pressed down on the bed, close to the man’s muscular body, his body was deeply embedded with the other side’s hot weapon, Bai Duan gripped the sheets, suppressed broken groans lodged in his throat. He wanted to cry without tears. How was this different from what was said?

Yes, it was totally different from what was said.

Although Bai Duan had never been in love, Hu Bin, his fox friend and dog friend, was a solid playboy, specializing in Fu Shaohua’s situation, he arranged a set of secret books for Bai Duan to pursue people.

The first rule of the secret book was not to rush forward.

For a man who had been hurt emotionally, he needed to give Fu Shaohua time to recuperate and heal slowly. In addition, he was heterosexual. It was better to approach him as a friend and boil frogs in warm water.

Although they met in the hotel room, it was only because the privacy was better. Bai Duan did not want to have any immediate physical relationship with Fu Shaohua. He preferred to have some emotional resonance between them first.

In Bai Duan’s plan, they would sit together, eat a meal, drink a little wine, open their hearts to talk, and then express their willingness to pursue a life together. Finally, he would send Fu Shaohua home and get permission for his next appointment.

However, this series of small and fresh pursuit plans were disrupted by Fu Shaohua’s perverted violence after their first time meeting.

Bai Duan was upset that things were out of control, but he couldn’t resist Fu Shaohua’s embrace and kiss. His body and mind fell at the same time. There was no room for him to struggle.

Throughout the night, Bai Duan was bullied by Fu Shaohua on the bed, until the delicate, fleshy and precious young master could not bear it, and even told him he was sorry, which made Fu Shaohua, who was never tired nor satisfied like a hungry wolf, restrain a little. He carried Bai Duan to the bathroom to clean up, and along the way, rang the bell for room service.

When they re-emerged from the bathroom, the big bed, which had been messy and full of various liquids, was once again clean and tidy. Fu Shaohua put the sleepy Bai Duan into the soft, fragrant bedding, before getting into it. He circled the younger male in his arms and kissed his wet hair satisfactorily.

“You, little fellow, really gave me a big surprise. I know I haven’t done anything yet, so you can help me get it all done.” Fu Shaohua smiled softly, pinched the tip of Bai Duan’s nose, and then watched the other side mumble discontentedly, burying himself deeper into his arms.

Seeing Bai Duan was really tired, Fu Shaohua could not bear to quarrel with him anymore. He adjusted his posture, held his head against Bai Duan, and then closed his eyes with ease.

Bai Duan and Fu Shaohua slept soundly and sweetly in the room, while Zheng Mingze remained restless next door.

He also learned about Hu Bin’s so-called ‘pursuit plan’ for young Master Bai. He thought that tonight he would just meet and chat, laying a foundation for the future step by step, but he did not expect that young Master Bai, who looked so pure, would start at such an amazing speed.

When young Master Bai rang the bell to call room service, Zheng Mingze did not feel very good, because the messy bed clearly showed that they already had quite an interaction— and it was pretty intense.

Although Fu Shaohua had only been in contact with him for a few hours, Zheng Mingze had studied his data in detail and knew that it was impossible for him to go to bed with Master Bai so soon because of the other’s personality.

Therefore, either young Master Bai moved something to force Fu Shaohua to submit, or Fu Shaohua finally abandoned himself and his consistent perseverance.

It didn’t matter if young Master Bai wanted to keep a lover, but judging from the words of their superiors, the other party was serious about having a love affair with Fu Shaohua, so no matter which kind of development occurred, it was not a good sign.

Zheng Mingze’s worry was scratching his heart and his lungs. He had already filled his brain with several sadistic dramas full of misunderstandings. He almost wanted to call his supervisor for help. However, he resisted it firmly because it was already early morning.

Zheng Mingze tossed and turned all night without sleep. As soon as the sky brightened, he began to listen to the motions outside the door with ears upright. However, until noon, there was no sound in the room of young Master Bai.

Next door to Zheng Mingze, Bai Duan finally recovered from his sleep. He rubbed against Fu Shaohua’s bare chest, yawned confusedly, raised his hand to rub his eyes, but he had just touched his eyelashes when his wrist was gently grasped.

Bai Duan opened his sleepy eyes, blinked, and then saw a smiling Fu Shaohua.

He had apparently been awake for some time, with his head on one side and his arm wrapped around Bai Duan’s waist. Bai Duan wondered how long he had watched his sleeping face.

Pulling Bai Duan closer by his wrist, Fu Shaohua placed a gentle kiss on his slightly curled fingertips. Fu Shaohua’s voice was lazy and sexy, “Good morning, Golden Lord. How was my performance last night? Was it comfortable enough to let me serve you?”

Bai Duan looked at him blankly for a long time, and finally slowly took in the picture and understood what Fu Shaohua meant. Suddenly, his head burst open, and his face turned red.

Fu Shaohua laughed, turned over and pressed his shy golden lord under him, giving him a deep ‘good morning kiss.’

Bai Duan whimpered and bore with the deep kiss, feeling deceived.

Where was this Fu Shaohua described in the materials as an honest, stereotyped, mediocre and restrained pitiful little guy, ah! Clearly, he was hegemonic and evil, even his sexual orientation was totally wrong!

However, Fu Shaohua seemed to like it more…


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Whoaa.. that’s what happens when a little lamb lets a big wolf come in. He got eaten wholly 😝

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Lol.seem this time ml did not have to wait long time until Little Duan to grow up.Thank you for the chapter

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poor little golden lord HAHAHA

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Hahaha at the start of the world Duan is like “i cold hearted, dont come around me” but now he is like “waahhh~ i was deceived. *blush blush*”

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😂🤣 he got serviced alright…. let’s hope they have a happy ending like last….

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