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Chapter 189: Eleventh World (16)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

The man in the white daoist robe in the sky was gorgeous. His whole body was fierce and no one dared to look at him directly.

After a long time, someone finally came back from the shock and said, “Hu, Hu, Xiao…?” A Yang elder called out with a trembling voice. He bent his legs and knelt down. His voice was not loud, but it was like lightning in the ears of all people, and a large number of people were immediately awakened.

Hu Xiao had always been happy and quiet. Most of the time, he practiced alone. Occasionally, he met with several old friends who were also highly cultivated, but rarely appeared in front of the public.

Although he was the top power in the field of cultivation, not many people had the honor of seeing the real face of Hu Xiao. When the Yang family’s parents went to see Yang Hui, they happened to meet Yang Hui and Hu Xiao arguing, which showed the demeanor of the top powers in the Core Formation Stage.

Although no one had ever seen Hu Xiao, the characters of “Hu Xiao” were quite striking. Hearing the name called out by the elder of the Yang family as he bowed to his knees, all the people immediately knelt down with the Yang Elder, but most of them were still confused.

Seeing the crowd crawling, Hu Xiao frowned a little and didn’t like the red tape.

“Get up.” Hu Xiao raised his hand slightly. People felt that a soft aura was supporting their body, and they immediately stood up and bowed their heads. Only a few brave young people secretly used their spare light to look at the figure in the sky, worshiping and admiring.

Hu Xiao took two steps and came to the challenge arena from the air. His left hand made a grabbing action, and Xiao Xinglong was dragged back again and fell heavily on the table.

Because he was badly hurt by sword Qi, Xiao Xinglong’s face was like gold paper and his eyes were closed tightly. After being hit again, he vomited blood, but he didn’t wake up — of course, he didn’t get in the way of waking up or not.

The elder of the Yang family stepped forward and asked, “What’s going on? What is the black Qi you cut?” 

Hu Xiao sneered, “It’s just a demon cultivator. Ah, a boy in the infancy of devil cultivation, how dare he make trouble in the realm of daoists. He is really arrogant.”

The power of a devil cultivator in the period of infancy was equal to that of the daoist cultivator in the period of infancy. It was already a strong power in the field of cultivation. Only such great powers as Hu Xiao could be mentioned in such a contemptuous tone. But for those who practiced Qi, Foundation Establishment and even built to the Core Formation, it was an unexpected existence.

“Xiao Yun of the Xiao family is really bold! How dare you collude with a demonic cultivator!” The elder of the Yang family turned his head and gave a fierce glance to the pale elder of the Xiao family. He was afraid of them.

It was not only him, but also all the people were worried about the sudden appearance of the Core Formation cultivator. If Hu Xiao didn’t show up in time, what would happen next would be really unpredictable.

“This person is not Xiao Yun.” Hu Xiao replied in a low voice, then turned to “Guan Wu” who had been staying on the challenge arena, only retreated quietly to one side, raised his hand and waved, “Xiao Yun, come here.”

Hearing Hu Xiao’s words, everyone was in an uproar. Guan Wu, with a quiet face, walked up to Hu Xiao with a smile, lifted his hand to remove the jade that had been hanging on him, and revealed a face similar to ‘Xiao Yun.’

Xiu has a much smaller suppression effect on the powerful spirits like Xiao Yun and Bai Duan than the ordinary world, and even the spirits could affect the body. In the past ten years, Xiao Yun’s body and face had been slightly different from the original body under the influence of the spirit, and Xiao Xinglong’s change of face was also changing imperceptibly. Under the difference between the two sides, the difference between the two faces appeared.

The Yang family members who had seen Xiao Yun’s true appearance did not connect him with the other ‘Xiao Yun.’ First, they did not pay much attention to Xiao Yun’s real appearance at that time, and second, they did not pay much attention to the difference between them. But now, after careful observation, we could immediately understand the felicity.

“If this is the real Xiao Yun, who is the other one?” The elder of the Yang family was frightened. All eyes turned to Xiao Xinglong who was in a coma.

Hu Xiao gave a cold hum, raised his hand, turned around and damaged Xiao Xinglong’s face, revealing his real appearance. Although Xiao Xinglong and his original body were half brothers, they didn’t have much in common. Xiao Yun was like his mother, with cold and steady eyebrows, while Xiao Xinglong was like his mother, as gorgeous as peaches and plums.

“Who is this son? Surely the elder of the Xiao family can answer it?” Hu Xiao said in a cold voice, with sharp eyes straight at the elder of the Xiao family.

Where could Elder Xiao bear such pressure? When his legs were soft, he collapsed on the ground. He just shivered and didn’t dare to say anything. What should he say? What could he say? In front of Hu Xiao, how dare he speak cunningly?!

Xiao Yun contemptuously glanced at the elder of the Xiao Family and chuckled, “Why don’t the three elders talk?”

The three elders shook their lips, but still couldn’t make a sound.

“Since the three elders didn’t say it, I will do it for you.” Xiao Yun said with a smile, and then he explained everything.

As Xiao Yun revealed all the ugly things that the Xiao family had done, people around him looked at the Xiao family more and more contemptuous and angry. They shoo?”:P){k their sleeves and back off one after another, leaving Xiao family alone.

——If Xiao Yun was only one person to say these words, the practitioners may still have doubts. But when he was standing behind him, people didn’t even need to prove.

Hu Xiao’s integrity and uprightness were as common as his enemies. Since he stood here, it meant that he knew everything.

“I didn’t expect the Xiao family to do such evil things in order to maintain their family status! Aren’t they afraid of luring wolves into the house?”

“Disobeying human relations, it’s hard for heaven to look!”

“We must banish the Xiao family from the ranks of the aristocratic family, so that we can tolerate even the evil of robbing people’s spiritual roots, and our shame is with them!”

“Yes, we must give them a profound lesson! The aristocratic family can’t tolerate such scum!”

The people were filled with indignation, and the voice of criticism continued to hit all the people of the Xiao family – no matter what they thought in their hearts, even if there were families like the Xiao family who did everything for their family status, but on the face of it, they were absolutely afraid to show different opinions, and even the more guilty they were, the more they scolded them.

The faces of the Xiao family were red and white, and they were helpless. Some of them had already guessed the truth – after all, Xiao Xinglong and Xiao Yun had very different personalities – but some didn’t know anything at all. But what could that do? This was the way of the aristocratic family. Even if some of them were completely innocent, there was no egg left under the nest.

The three elders of the Xiao Family, who were in the land, sighed desperately. He knew that no matter how hard the Xiao family struggled, the situation was over. In order to maintain their family status, the Xiao family had no choice but to go to the extremes. Now things were exposed, and all their efforts were in vain.

No, it was not just about trying to get out of the way. Being expelled from the ranks of aristocratic families, reprimanded and pushed out by the whole cultivation circle, and nailed to the stigma column forever, the Xiao family was over.

The cultivator’s life was long. If you want to let people forget this, it would take thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years. But the Xiao family, could they wait until then?

Ten years ago, they were ruthless and had a feud with Xiao Yun, which offended Hu Xiao. There were a large number of disciples and grandchildren of Hu Xiao, whose Qingxia Sect was the most important gate. Having offended such a huge force, could the cultivation world have their foothold in the Xiao family?

Just as the so-called “wall down, people push, tree down and monkeys scatter”, the three elders of the Xiao family had seen the future of the complete collapse of the Xiao family.

After all the scandals made by the Xiao family were flawed, Hu Xiao and Xiao Yun had completed their mission. As for the rest, they would wait for the further fermentation of public opinion.

Since the Xiao family has no room to turn over, Xiao Yun was not going to kill all of them. He prefers to watch the Xiao family eat their own bad fruit. He struggled in bitterness and regret, but he could only sink step by step.

After all, there was still a trace of consanguinity. The original body also liked the result more, right?

Picking up Xiao Xinglong, Xiao Yun nodded to Hu Xiao .

Hu Xiao clearly pulled Bai Duan, who was standing among the Yang’s children, to his side, and at the same time called out the flying sword: “This son of the Xiao Family, I will take it away. He has taken Xiao Yun’s spiritual root. I need to find a way for him to return it. He can’t fail to live up to the thousand year old Heavenly Spiritual root. “

As Hu Xiao said, people naturally dared not refute. Even if they coveted the spiritual root, they could only bow to see Bai Duan on the left, Xiao Yun on the right, and then leave with Xiao Xinglong on a sword.

Until the disappearance of Hu Xiao and his entourage, the people breathed a long sigh and straightened up to look at each other.

“I didn’t expect brother Guan Wu to be the real genius of the Xiao family…” A disciple of the Yang family sighed softly, full of admiration. “I used to laugh at the genius of the Xiao family. It’s really a shame to think of it now.”

“It’s true that brother Xiao Yun did not live up to his reputation. He was really the greatest talent in the world! Not just because of his spiritual root.” Another Yang disciple agreed, “Even if he was deprived of his spiritual root and reduced to a mortal, brother Xiao Yun didn’t abandon himself. Instead, he specialized in the skill of human body training – only those who could build the foundation against enemies with a human body can do it.”

“Not only is he talented and determined, brother Xiao Yun’s fortune is also very profound…” Listening to the conversation of the Yang’s family, the rest of the family couldn’t help but interpose. 

In the words, the feeling of envy couldn’t be concealed, “A birth with a Heavenly Spiritual root, can be said to be very lucky. Later, even though he was calculated by his family, he met Hu Xiao, appreciated and taught by him. This kind of luck is really… It’s hard to say. ” After a pause, he sighed, “Although, he hadn’t really brought brother Xiao Yun into the family, when brother Xiao successfully recaptures his spiritual root, he will become his disciple.”

Hearing this, all the people were silent for a moment, which could barely contain the envy and jealousy in their hearts.

The body had been refined to the extreme, and the heavenly spiritual root. His master was the top power in the world of cultivation. Maybe one day, he would be able to cross the tribulation and soar. In addition, there were a large number of senior brothers and sisters who had the same talent and profound cultivation, who were already strong on one side. Xiao Yun’s next road was just as smooth as before.

It was really ‘people are more than their emotions’ ah!

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It’s really ironic how they all believe XY’s future path will be ‘as smooth as it has been so far’, but don’t stop to think how hurtful it must have been to have to experience all the betrayal he did. He had to go through not only having his spiritual root removed from his body (which all cultivation novel readers know is f painful), but also had

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