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Chapter 190: Eleventh World (17)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


After the departure of Hu Xiao, the family competition continued, but everyone was a little absent-minded, and the atmosphere was not as warm and tense as before. As for the Xiao family, they were expelled early, and fled back to the Xiao family in a hurry.

After the end of the big match, all the aristocratic families quickly arranged their names and hurried to the end of the match. Meanwhile, the news that Xiao family had done something bad and it had been removed from the aristocratic family also spread. Within weeks, everyone knew it.

Of course, Hu Xiao, Xiao Yun and Bai Duan were too lazy to pay attention to these things. They just needed to know that the Xiao family would not be better from now on.

After returning to the Qingxia Sect, Hu Xiao locked Xiao Xinglong in the cave beside the closed room — this was the closed room he was going to use to teach disobedient disciples. Unfortunately, these rooms for disobedient disciples under Hu Xiao’s door, one by one, were not used since they were dug. Now it was ‘cheap’ for Xiao Xinglong.

Touching his chin, Xiao Yun picked up the chain in the corner of the cell, tied up Xiao Xinglong and hung him on the wall of the cave.

This chain could not only lock people, but also stop the flow of spiritual power and magic Qi in the human body. It was the best way to deal with the practitioners with accomplishments. Of course, even without this chain, it was impossible to escape from the confinement room with Xiao Xinglong’s basic ability. Xiao Yun thought that… It was more about the feeling of the little black house.

Xiao Zhen frowned at Xiao Yun’s bad taste. After all, he liked to defeat the enemy openly, not to humiliate him. However, the fact that Xiao Xinglong had done something before couldn’t arouse the pity of Hu Xiao. Plus it was not him who had been offended, so he didn’t say anything, just planned to leave.

Seeing that Hu Xiao was about to leave, Xiao Yun hurriedly caught up and bowed his head to thank him, “It’s so smooth, thanks to Master’s help.”

Hu Xiao stopped and nodded a little, “I was just returning a favor. Besides, I would never stand by without your request.”

Xiao Yun laughed and praised him with a sentence, “True master is high righteousness”, then he turned to the front, “That is the way to get back the spiritual root, Master?”

Now, the truth had been revealed, the Xiao family, Xiao Xinglong and that dark Qi had all been punished, and the name “Xiao Yun” resounded through the cultivation circle again as ‘the real genius’. In this way, the wish of the original body had been fulfilled for the most part, and the only thing left was to take back the Heavenly Spiritual root.

For this wish, Xiao Yun had no clue, so he decided to hold the golden thigh in front of him.

Hu Xiao had lived in the field of cultivation for thousands of years. He had a profound cultivation, a lofty position and a wide network of people. Some of the news he could get at just a command was what Xiao Yun, the newcomer who came here for the first time, may have spent hundreds of years to find out — this was the gap between the strong dragon and the local snake.

… Ah, no, how could Hu Xiao be a ‘local snake’? He was clearly a ‘dragon on the ground’!

Holding the golden thigh of the ‘Earth Dragon’ calmly, Xiao Yun looked forward to Hu Xiao’s eyes, and Hu Xiao did not fail to live up to his trust.

With a little nod, Hu Xiao’s tone was steady, “Since the devil cultivation has the means to seize people’s spiritual root, the daoist elders naturally have the way to deal with it. I’ve probably heard some clues, but it’s very important and needs further confirmation.”

“Then please, Master.” Cheeky Xiao Yun quickly shook the pot.

Not realizing that he had carried Xiao Yun’s pot, Hu Xiao was very calm, “If there is any news, I will inform you. Be at ease.”

Just as Xiao Yun and Hu Xiao were talking, a scream suddenly interrupted their conversation. Both of them turned their eyes to Xiao Xinglong, who was writhing instinctively and trying to struggle. They found that the other party didn’t seem to have fully recovered. They turned to Bai Duan, who had been standing beside Xiao Xinglong.

Bai Duan blinked, innocent. It was a pity that the two people in front of him knew him very well, and they saw through his hidden heart at a glance.

“What did you do?” Xiao Yun lifted up an eyebrow.

“I… Nothing.” Bai Duan coughed dryly. “The black Qi has made him lose his wits, and the Xiao family has lost its reputation. Only Xiao Xinglong knows nothing and was in a coma. So I wanted to wake him up.”

Before Xiao Yun’s conversation with Hu Xiao, Bai Duan had no interest and was too lazy to listen to it. He simply went to toss Xiao Xinglong in a coma to vent his anger for his lover — although the other party was once ‘Xiao Yun’, it really affected Xiao Yun now.

After training in several worlds, Bai Duan’s use of mental power had been deeply embedded in his instinct. After a few attempts, he learned how to turn mental power into aggressive sharp stabs, and then… he tried to stab Xiao Xinglong’s sea of knowledge.

Obviously, Bai Duan’s mental power was too ‘exciting’ for Xiao Xinglong. He not only woke Xiao Xinglong from his coma, but also damaged his spirit, making his consciousness a bit crazy and disordered.

Xiao Yun was speechless for two seconds, raised his hand to touch his little lover’s head and praised, “Well done.”

Bai Duan’s eyes brightened, and he couldn’t help rubbing Xiao Yun’s palm with his head, and his faint heart suddenly disappeared. 

Hu Xiao’s mouth was slightly drawn, but he felt a little pain in his eyes, so he just turned around and walked away again — and this time, Xiao Yun of “crossing the river and demolishing the bridge” didn’t mean to stay.

Xiao Yun also exuded his own spiritual power and quickly pacified Xiao Xinglong’s consciousness when he was intimate with his little lover.

Bai Duan frowned, a little unhappy, “Why did you save him?”

“Going crazy is being too easy for him.” Xiao Yun sneered, “I want him to be awake all the time. He will be locked in this room soberly, which is called ‘every day should not be, the ground is not working’, and then he should be awake to see how I get the spiritual root back.”

Hearing Xiao Yun’s words, Bai Duan immediately accepted them. He looked forward to looking at Xiao Xinglong to see how he behaved when he recovered his consciousness.

And Xiao Xinglong didn’t let him down.

After regaining his consciousness, Xiao Xinglong saw Xiao Yun in front of him at the first sight with a ‘kind’ smile. His eyes suddenly narrowed, and he subconsciously wanted to create a distance between them, but he hit the hard rock wall.

“You seem to recognize me?” Xiao Yun said with a smile, “My… Good.. Brother.”

Xiao Xinglong looked around in a hurry and saw his body tightly bound by the chain. He realized in despair that he was imprisoned. He couldn’t help shouting, “What are you going to do?! How dare you lock me up?! The Xiao family will never let you go!”

“Xiao family? Now the Xiao family is too busy to think about you.” Xiao Yun raised his mouth. He raised his hand and pinched Xiao Xinglong’s chin, forcing him to look at him. Then he happily said everything that happened while he was in a coma.

Hearing Xiao Yun’s story, Xiao Xinglong’s face was paler and paler, his eyes were more and more frightened, and Xiao Yun’s mood was also more and more comfortable and happy. This should be the residual emotion of the original body. After all, the spirit of the cultivator was stronger and more obsessive than the ordinary people. Even if the other party wished to exchange his body with Xiao Yun, there were still some traces left.

On the premise of raising his hand, Xiao Yun was willing to comfort the remaining consciousness of his original body, let alone worship the other party’s spirits in the sky and do good deeds every day.

“Next, you will stay here until I find a way to retrieve the spiritual root.” Xiao Yun felt that the original emotion seemed to dissipate slowly and contentedly. He raised his hand and touched Xiao Xinglong’s head with pity and teased in a soft tone. “As long as you are good, maybe I will be in a good mood at that time, and then I can let you out?”

Xiao Xinglong suddenly shook and nodded, “Yes, I will, don’t kill me. Brother, don’t kill me!”

Xiao Xinglong had always been a bully. Now he had been defeated by Xiao Yun. After being scared by Xiao Yun, he couldn’t resist any more. He just wanted to keep his life.

Seeing him in such a flightless manner, Xiao Yun soon lost interest. He glanced contemptuously at Xiao Xinglong and then left the cell with Bai Duan.

The chained Xiao Xinglong could only watch the light outside the door representing freedom appear and disappear, but he could only stay there motionless, gradually submerged by the darkness — praying that his elder brother could leave the last good thought for himself and let him leave the ghost place safely.

Out of the cell, bathed in the soft sunlight of Double-edged Sword Peak, Bai Duan turned to the light cloud, frowning slightly. Although in a good mood, Xiao Yun was still sensitive to his little lover’s bad mood, “What’s the matter? You seem a little upset?”

“Um.” Bai Duan didn’t hide it either, and nodded his head neatly.

Xiao Yun stopped and held Bai Duan’s shoulders. He looked puzzled, “What’s the matter?”

Bai Duan didn’t speak, but glanced to Xiao Yun’s right hand, pursed his lips and continued to be unhappy.

Following Bai Duan’s gaze, Xiao Yun also looked to his right hand, then picked it up and looked over, but found nothing unusual.

Bai Duan, “……”

After a moment of silence, Bai Duan said in a stuffy voice, “You just touched someone with this hand. You squeezed his chin and touched his head.”

Xiao Yun, “…????”

Bathed in his little lover’s eyes that were full of complaints, Xiao Yun’s brain was blank for a moment, and then he couldn’t help laughing. He raised his hand to scrape the tip of Bai Duan’s nose, but he was rejected by the other side.

With an indulgent sigh, Xiao Yun took out his handkerchief and wiped his contaminated right hand carefully. He didn’t even let go of his fingers, which made Bai Duan’s expression look better.

After wiping his hands and throwing his handkerchief on the ground, Xiao Yun contentedly took his lover into his arms and kissed his hair, “You’re getting jealous more often. You know I hate Xiao Xinglong too much.”

“That’s not good either.” Bai Duan frowned, rarely with a strong tone of possessiveness in his voice. “You can only do this to me!”

Xiao Yun was coaxed by Bai Duan’s ‘words of love’ and almost floated to the sky. He naturally answered. He swore to the heavens that he would never pinch other people’s chins or touch other people’s heads. Well, even ordinary physical contact should be avoided as much as possible.

In Xiao Yun’s arms, Bai Duan’s jealousy finally dissipated. He was held up by his buttocks and held Xiao Yun’s neck softly, “By the way, did you just say that you were going to let Xiao Xinglong go? Is it true or not?”

“I didn’t lie to him.” Xiao Yun said with a smile.

“Why? Why let him go?” Bai Duan did not understand.

“Only by giving him a glimmer of hope can he stay awake in a desperate situation and not be driven mad by fear and darkness.” Xiao Yun picked up his eyebrows and said, “What’s more, when I get back the spiritual root, he will become a human. He once let the original body realize the despair of becoming a human, and naturally it will be fair to also personally experience it, right? Moreover, even if Xiao Xinglong was given freedom, he could not be much better. I prefer to look at him struggling rather than killing him or keeping him in a dark room all my life.”

“It’s so bad.” Bai Duan put his head on Xiao Yun’s shoulder and licked the earlobe close to him. “But it seems more interesting to do so.”

Xiao Yun’s steps suddenly quickened. In a flash, he came to Bai Duan’s house and kicked the door in. As for Xiao Xinglong, which onion was that?!

Hu Xiao, who silently recovered his divine sense that covered the courtyard habituality, “……”

Should he find a chance to drive these two bastards out again, out of sight and out of mind?

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