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Chapter 53: Ribs with Sauce

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo thinks the cubs looking like dumplings is very cute


According to the number of guests, hot spring villas would prepare suitable and brand-new bathrobes for all guests. The bathrobe design and fabric for adult men was very similar to the former Japanese yukata, 1 with wide sleeves sewn in a straight line, which any figure could wear. But for Gu YuMian’s figure, which was thin and straight, the yukata needed to be ‘corrected’ with a tie first.

There was not much space in the rest area. Gu YuMian didn’t avoid the children when he took off his snowsuit and changed into his yukata. After all, everyone present was a boy. But when he pulled off the zipper of his coat, the little snow leopard angrily ordered the baby panda and the little fox to turn around, and then looked up at Gu YuMian with his small face.

Gu YuMian, “?”

He still didn’t understand what the little snow leopard was angry about. Inexplicably, he unbuttoned and undressed, then put on the yukata, adjusted the overlapping part, pressed the left flap against the right flap, and fastened the belt.

Gu YuMian’s hair was a little wet, and his eyelids drooped slightly. It looked like there was a butterfly sitting on his eyelids, soft and helpless. His skin was like it had come from the delicate texture of a white glazed porcelain container. The lines from his collarbone to the waist and abdomen were straight and beautiful, and the white yukata complimented him.

While few men could look good in the white yukata, Gu YuMian pulled it off effortlessly. In the evening, under the hazy light and shadow of the dressing room, it was this clean and handsome look that easily moved the snow leopard.

The snow leopard’s face was expressionless and his ears were red.

“Mn, let’s go out.” Gu YuMian picked up the cubs one by one.

The last time Gu YuMian saw Shuo Han, Shuo Han wore the same kind of yukata but with different colors and patterns. Shuo Han’s piece was pure black, which was worthy of his aura. He recalled, inexplicably, that his pattern style and Shuo Han’s were very similar to lovers’ clothes. He was embarrassed, and soon drove out the thought.

After walking out of the dressing room to the outdoor hot spring pool, the light was again bright. The automatic privacy protection measures were activated, and the audience could also see Gu YuMian wearing the yukata.

Audience, “…”

After a few seconds of silence, Gu YuMian’s barrage was full of female fans!

[Milk Tea: Fuck me! I passed out!]

[A Lemon Pressed Begonia: WTF??? Aaaaaaaah! Turned into screaming chicken! What immortal came out! Brother I want!]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: Kneeling to the anchor. In the past, when MianMian was wearing an ordinary white shirt, he looked very good. The yukata is just… this image can sustain all women! Ah!!!! Want to see more!]

[tgx89: Male fans are questioning their sexual orientation.]

Gu YuMian was actually a person who didn’t have much idea of his appearance. He only knew whether he was good-looking or not. He guessed that everyone liked him, so he also felt flattered they like his appearance and politely smiled, “Mn, thank you. Let’s go to the hot spring.”

Since they had gone into the hot spring yesterday, the children were very familiar with it. One by one, they stood in line to be cleaned and tested the water temperature, and then, they were held by Gu YuMian and put down. The water of the energetic hot spring unexpectedly had a kind of light blue fluorescence, not dazzling, but a very gentle and very beautiful color. 2

[Thunderstorm Day: Wow, this is how an energetic hot spring is. I’ve learned a lot.]

“The special feature of these hot springs is that it is rich in Qi. Because it has been enriched to a certain extent, it has an external manifestation — this kind of blue fluorescence.” Gu YuMian held the snow leopard in his arms, put him down to stand on his own hands and feet, and explained the information he had checked in advance, “Although there is abundant energy present here, less than one thousandth of the energy can be absorbed by our body through these hot springs.”

It was hard to absorb energy.

As Gu YuMian guessed, the first addict to hot springs was the baby panda. Little Tangyuan was not used to it yesterday but today, he was quite familiar with it. He found a suitable place to sit, squatted down his cubby body, and blew a bunch of bubbles comfortably.

Recently, the little fox had become more and more sticky. Maybe it was because he hadn’t seen a hot spring of this color before. His two forepaws were still carefully holding Gu YuMian’s lapel. His small head and big tail were in Gu YuMian’s arms and he dared not step in.

“Don’t you want to go down there?” Gu YuMian caressed his little head. He was a doting parent who was obedient toward his children. “No, I’ll take you to the edge…”

“Ji,” chirped the fox.

The little snow leopard’s head had already been immersed in the hot spring. Suddenly he came out, and his grey-blue eyes narrowed for a moment.

It was quiet, right before he pushed the baby panda’s back with his claws from under the water——

The baby panda only felt a huge force exerted on his back and fell forward. He happened to be holding the big fluffy tail of the little fox, and dragged the little fox into the water too.

“Pft, pft.” The little fox came out of the water with his small wet head. His hair was flattened against his body and he sneezed pitifully.

“TuanTuan!” Gu YuMian was stunned. Subconsciously, he thought it was the snow leopard. But then he saw the snow leopard in his original position, blinking innocently and lazily, and Gu YuMian couldn’t find any evidence, “You’re okay.”

The little snow leopard slowly leaned over, and his little head was next to Gu YuMian’s palm. Gu YuMian was so relieved that the bully occupied his whole arms.

Bullet screen: 

[hahaha, I thought it was Xue Tuan who caused everything.] 

[MianMian failed to see it, sad.] 

[But it’s really nice to soak in this hot spring…]

Now there were more than 80 million people watching in real time, and the barrages were surging up one by one.

The audience was synchronized with the fox’s senses. The audience thought it was good, and the fox also thought it was good. He didn’t adapt at first, but after only a short time, he was immersed with a baby panda, and his worried little face unfolded, carefully spitting out a bunch of bubbles.

Gu YuMian thought it was cute and couldn’t help laughing, “Ha, it’s not easy to come here. You can do anything you want today. Your drinks are on the side.”

It was just after five o’clock and the sun would soon begin to set. The scenery of the setting sun would be much more beautiful than the present view. It was very comfortable to soak in the hot spring alone, but after all, Gu YuMian had just experienced the intense snowball fight, so he decided to give the children a massage.

He gave the fox a massage first.

To avoid the leopard getting sour again, Gu YuMian first explained, “TuanTuan don’t be jealous, because when you had the snowball fight, QiuQiu worked very hard. I will massage you and YuanYuan later.”

The little snow leopard nodded very reluctantly and leaned on the edge of the pool, which was a sharp contrast to the innocent and happy baby panda.

It was too hard not to be jealous. He couldn’t learn for the time being.

Gu YuMian sat cross legged by the pool, holding a small pillow shaped thing in his hand, and asked the fox to lean on his arms. Then, he gently pressed him down on his back and forelegs with the small pillow beneath him, “It’s filled with salt and wormwood. It’s heated. How do you feel?”

The little fox gave a little chirp.

Gu YuMian had massaged the cubs so many times, and his technique was very skillful. One hand held the small pillow, the other hand rubbed and smoothed out the wet hair. He massaged from the back of the little fox’s ear to the shoulder, neck and back, and then he held the small claw to gently rub it.

The audience and the fox shared their senses.

Being in the hot spring, which was a little cold in winter, was not suitable for the first time, but soon all four limbs and a hundred bones felt like they were melted. After the warm and pleasant feeling, the back went soft, the muscle ache and fatigue caused by the snowball fight was relieved by the hot spring, and each muscle was properly massaged one by one.

The hot air was steaming up, and the good smell from Gu YuMian was at the tip of their nose, as well as the smell of mugwort and sulfur. When leaning against Gu YuMian’s arms, it seemed that the flow of time was slower.

At this time, they took another sip of iced, sweet and sour honey tea.

The hot spring pool faced the snow mountain and the pine forest. In the late winter, the sky was a kind of deep blue with a little beautiful golden red. The gentle wind was gently passing by the ear.

The baby panda and the little fox were resting in the hot springs with their heads next to each other. The little snow leopard rubbed up to Gu YuMian without trace and asked Gu YuMian to hold him lazily with his chin up. He could only hear the wind and the hot spring gurgling. Everyone was quiet and enjoyed the rare time with the family.

[High Rise: Aaaaaah! I love the anchor and his cubs!!! It’s a great atmosphere, too.]

[Vivian: It’s so quiet and relaxing. The family just spent time together without doing anything. The day I yearn for is now! 5555]

… And the number of visitors in this quiet atmosphere began to rapidly rise.

Gift effects and bullet screens piled up and burst out together, and the number of spectators was over 90 million in a blink of an eye, and then reached 100 million! At 5:00 p.m. on the rest day, the hottest time when all the major anchors would start broadcasting one after another, the position of Gu YuMian’s live broadcast on the homepage actually climbed two places, and was only a little away from taking the first place.

After massaging all three children, Gu YuMian took a towel to wipe his hands and breathed a sigh of relief, “Well, let’s have something to eat and see the setting sun in a minute.”

After all, the temperature of the hot spring was higher than the normal temperature. While enjoying the hot spring, it was actually a bit tiring. First, they needed to replenish their hydration, so Gu YuMian iced the hot honey grapefruit tea to bring out at this time, which could quench thirst and moisten the lungs. In addition, it would also supplement their physical strength. He couldn’t eat too much, just a little. Gu YuMian looked at the existing ingredients and decided to make spare ribs with sauce.

The convenience of the interstellar age was the portable alcohol stove that could be placed wherever they wanted, making it possible for things to be cooked anytime and anywhere. In this way, Gu YuMian didn’t have to turn back to the kitchen to avoid missing the chance to watch the sunset with his cubs.

“The cooking process of sauced spareribs is very simple,” Gu YuMian said as he cut the synthetic ribs into small sections and salted them. “You can try it yourself.”


[Before with the crystal shrimp dumplings, you said it was very simple. As a result, I almost blew up the kitchen! QAQ] 

[I Believed in the evil MianMian] 

[I can’t make it in my life, kneeling down to the anchor.]

Gu YuMian finished watching the bullet curtain, smiled and shook his head helplessly, unable to refute. At the same time, he put the synthetic ribs into a special device to speed up the curing and mixing. Soon, the surface of the ribs felt moist, and then he placed them in the water. Then Gu YuMian put the ribs into the pot and boiled them in the hot water. With a spoon, he removed the foam, oil and broken bones from the soup.

“At this time, take out the cooked spare ribs directly. After adding a little water, put them into the pot.” Gu YuMian put spices such as star anise, cinnamon and cloves into a small bag, put ribs first and then added the spices. He added water and boiled it until it turned into a milky white soup before he added fresh soy sauce, cooking wine and salt.

At this time, Gu YuMian directly turned on the fire to the highest point, turned it down to a slow simmer after boiling, and then simmered the soup until it became a little thick, boiling and delightful as it showed a light agate color with a good texture. He took out the ribs and put them on a dish to cool.

The flavor of the spicy soy sauce and tender spare ribs was really attractive. Although they hadn’t been finished yet, the three children couldn’t bear to stay in the hot spring and looked toward the food.

The audience’s attention also involuntarily drew back and focused on the ribs. Tens of millions of people unconsciously swallowed their saliva.

“One last step.” Gu YuMian caressed the children’s heads.

After boiling the remaining soup from the ribs, Gu YuMian directly took part of it and added in sugar, and continued to boil it down gently. The transparent rock sugar was mixed in with the sauce. Then, the brick red color became deeper and more beautiful. It was quickly condensed into thick and mellow sauce, and poured over the ribs directly in a pot.

The fragrance overflowed!

The red colored sauce was poured on the spareribs, slightly steaming. The spareribs, which were cooked until they were soft, tender and tasty, were neatly stacked on the white porcelain plate. Under the outdoor light, they were full of an attractive and bright luster. The viewers could imagine the strong salty and sweet sauce, and the crisp meat. 3

The little snow leopard’s grey-blue eyes were fixed on the plate, and he was completely attracted by the dish. The other two children and the audience were not doing so well either. The fox stood up with a big fluffy tail and shook it. The baby panda swallowed his saliva. The audience brushed a string of gifts and [Aaah!] on the screen.

Gu YuMian had a smile in his eyes, “Let’s eat. The sun is going to set.”

He put the teacup of honey grapefruit aside so that he could drink it at any time when he felt tired. Then he held the chopsticks and gave some of the ribs to each of the three children.

The meat was crispy, and the juice was thick and delicious.

The pork ribs cooked slowly over the fire were indescribably soft and tender, but they didn’t lose their chewiness. They were salty, sweet and full-bodied with the sauce and sugar, and slightly crisp to the bone. It had good taste and scent. It was a delicious type of food that made people want to suck their fingers after eating.

In addition, star anise, cinnamon and thick sauce were simmered in the soup together. The unique fragrance was completely immersed in the marinade and ribs. The ribs that were originally fresh and tender were all just right again, fresh but not greasy!

Audience, “!!!”

Sauce spareribs were most suitable for eating in winter. They were full-bodied and warm, not too light. The taste of sour, sweet and salty sauce and the hot pork spareribs that just came out of the pot were satisfying for the whole stomach.

The baby panda burped contentedly, looked at the fox carefully, and asked Gu YuMian to hold him. But the little snow leopard cuddled in Gu YuMian’s arms and asked him to continue to feed him ribs lazily.

At this time, the bullet curtain ushered in a peak, all kinds of rolling special effects almost covered up the entire screen, and the number of spectators was soaring again.

[User akhdh: I’m done. Why is this sparerib so delicious? It’s so thick with soy sauce and tastes good. I’m hungry just after tasting it?! ]

[There’s a family in the mine: Aaaaaaah! It’s delicious, delicious, delicious, and now I don’t doubt that it would be delicious if MianMian served us boiled water!]

[Chocolate: I can’t. I have jet lag from the anchor. It’s late at night. I just laid down, now I’m up for chips, tsk.]

[Blue: So good! But… Eh, is it going to rain?]

The sun was setting, but it seems that there were clouds gathering in the sky. There was even the sound of thunder, signalling the coming of rain. Everyone’s heart rose involuntarily. There was something wrong with the weather forecast. If there was a heavy rain after waiting for such a long sunset, then they’d be sad.

The snow leopard looked lazily to the horizon, and his grey-blue pupils were covered with a light. After a moment, he took back his gaze and looked at Gu YuMian almost indulgently.

The dark clouds, which had gathered and formed, dissipated in an instant.

“It shouldn’t rain,” Gu YuMian looked up and missed the moment when the dark clouds disappeared. He caressed the heads of the children, and his voice lightened. “The sun is setting.”

Indeed, it was at this time that the sky turned dark.

The time of morning and dusk alternated unexpectedly. The golden red color of the setting sun covered the whole Chaike Mountain. It was only a blink of an eye and the whole world had become extraordinarily romantic. It was almost impossible to describe the thrill of this moment with words——

The unknown magician quietly cast magic to the world, which was the gentle gift of nature. In the evening, the wind blew through their ears for a while, and the snow on the pine branches rustled down. All the colors surrounded them in the wind.


“It’s beautiful.”

This was the only sentence left in almost everyone’s mind.

Gu YuMian still remembered to make a wish. Looking at the setting sun, he said his wish almost foolishly in his heart, “I hope that TuanTuan, YuanYuan, and QiuQiu can be carefree and that the family can stay together all the time.”

The baby panda’s two claws were clasped together, which looked simple and lovely. He was also making great efforts to make a wish. The same was true of the little fox. He closed his eyes and held his big tail. He thought about his wishes in his heart again and again.

The snow leopard didn’t believe in this, but Gu YuMian did.

He looked up at his human; Gu YuMian’s lips were slightly pursed, and his eyelashes cast shadows. Every place was just right and easy to be touched. He seemed a little nervous and serious, as if he wanted the unknown gods to hear him.

The little snow leopard guessed and speculated about Gu YuMian’s possible wish, and answered him in his heart as follows: the gods heard.


The wind was gentle.

There was no difference between the audience’s senses at this time and everyone was immersed in it. The hot spring water was steaming, and their eyes were full of the beautiful sunset. The wind and snow accompanied the dusk to set off this evening endlessly.

——This kind of winter evening was most suitable for the family to soak in the hot springs and watch the setting sun, eat ribs with sauce, and drink warm honey and grapefruit tea. The happiness was overwhelming.

At this moment, the barrage ushered in the second peak!

[With You: WTF, what a beautiful sunset!!! I’m so happy to watch the sunset, eat and soak in the hot spring with the anchor’s family. I want to go there now.]

[Little Cloud Pillow: Thank you for bringing me today’s hot spring and sunset. It’s really unforgettable. I feel like I can remember this live broadcast for a long time. In addition, the sauce ribs and octopus balls were also delicious! (-﹃-)]

[Cherry Xiaoduo: Aaaaaaah! I’m dead. Isn’t this the scene I dreamt of? ]

[User 1749: Fireworks are for you. Since becoming an old working dog aunt in 996, I haven’t experienced the romance in this life for a long time. Thank you for the unforgettable experience brought by the anchor. ]

[Cucumber Pudding: I’m very happy to watch the live broadcast. I’d like to send some fireworks to anchor. I hope I can have a chance to watch the sunset with my loved ones in the future!!! ]

Gifts and shrapnel flooded everything.

Less than two hours after the start of broadcasting, the number of viewers reached 130 million, breaking Gu YuMian’s own live broadcast record, and also breaking the record of the fastest growth in the popularity of broadcasting since the establishment of Starry Sky.

No doubt, once again, he was sent directly to the homepage’s real-time popularity list: first!

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Translator Notes:

  1. A yukata is a casual type of kimono. In modern times, they are often worn to summertime fireworks displays and temple festivals, or when participating in Bon-Dances, or other festive occasions. The yukata available in Japanese ryokan inns are usually a simplified style designed for use in spa resorts. They traditionally have white and dark blue patterns, and are worn as nightclothes.
  2. Snowy onsen.
  3. Spare ribs with sauce. Irene Kuo's 1-2-3-4-5 Spare Ribs Recipe on Food52


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