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Chapter 54: I Just Wanted to Hold Your Hand

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to be a cub in Gu YuMian’s care QAQ


The best time to sit in the hot springs was for about thirty minutes.

Gu YuMian’s planning was very good. As soon as the time arrived, just as the afterglow of the sky converged the last ray of light, the sunset on the snowy mountain faded, and the night appeared. The small lamp beside the hot spring pool lit up by itself.

Since the little snow leopard came out of the hot spring, Gu YuMian helped him clean him with a bath towel. After that, he began to nest on Gu YuMian’s shoulder and yawned with his eyes half closed.

The baby panda and the little fox were both dizzy. They watched the beautiful sunset and ate delicious ribs. The baby panda’s eyes were very bright. He couldn’t help but arch against Gu YuMian’s palm with his round head. Happiness was written on his face.

The little fox put his little claws on Gu YuMian’s shoulder and made two soft chirps. He was more obedient and attractive than usual.

Gu YuMian felt that his heart was going to be sweetened into marshmallow paste.

“Are you full?” Gu YuMian felt the round belly of the baby panda. Although he paid attention to the amount of food they ate, he was afraid that the children would not feel well. “Then our dinner is not…”

The three children stopped at the same time.

The little snow leopard raised his ears on alert. The baby panda and the little fox looked at each other, wronged and dazed.

Gu YuMian’s live broadcast, at this time, ranked first on the homepage real-time popularity list. The popularity list on the weekends would have an open screen and push up live studios. Almost all the viewers who entered Starry Sky Live Platform at this time immediately saw Gu YuMian’s live broadcast.

A new round of traffic was pouring in.

At this moment, the response of nearly 130 million viewers and the children was in sync, 

[Recycle Bin: Ah??? How can we not have dinner?? Eat, I can, I can eat!!]

[User 1397: No, don’t leave us! How can we not eat the ribs with sauce? We could eat three more dishes for dinner!]

[Heartbeat Doki: It’s recommended on the homepage. I’m waiting to watch the live broadcast for dinner. How can you not do it?]

“…Well, we still have to eat, don’t we?” Gu YuMian interpreted the meaning of everyone’s eyes and nodded jokingly, “Mn, I was afraid you’d be too full. Then I’ll make dinner.”

Gu YuMian used a big towel to dry the baby panda and the little fox, then picked them up and walked to the inner room. The independent hot spring pool had a kitchen, and ingredients would be updated at any time — of course, if one couldn’t cook themselves, they could order directly from the menu for the robot to send to them.

“Drink some milk first, and I’ll cook right away.”

Gu YuMian held each baby’s bottle separately, which was filled with blended synthetic milk. It didn’t contain ingredients that were bad for the children’s health, and it wouldn’t be too cold after being frozen.

The little snow leopard felt that it was not so dignified for the emperor of a country to drink milk from a milk bottle. He stepped on Gu YuMian’s palm with one paw to protest. Gu YuMian was very familiar with the young snow leopard’s stubborn arrogance. He used his temper to have the milk personally fed to him. The little guy was very satisfied with the service and his eyes narrowed contentedly.

The little fox hadn’t used a bottle to drink milk. After thinking about it, he learned after watching the baby panda. He carefully took a sip from the bottle with his two front paws.


After a while, the little fox stayed still for a moment, and then his face showed the same satisfaction and happiness as the baby panda, almost floating into Gu YuMian’s arms.

They all took a big sip with the bottle in their arms, and then sipped with their heads next to each other, it almost looked like a cartoon.

——After leaving the hot spring, drinking iced milk was one of the ultimate pleasures in the world.

The audience could also feel that the hot spring was still hot and sticky on the skin, and the smooth and creamy ice milk was smooth and comfortable. The night outside the window was quiet, and the indoor heating kept out the cold winter night. Not to mention at this time, there was a sound of the gas stove ignition in the ears of the audience, and the sound of hot oil under the pot. They could smell the food too.

It was very pleasant.

The number of viewers continued to rise, reaching 140 million.

“Let’s eat simple tonight, or we’ll have a bad stomach if it’s too miscellaneous.” Gu YuMian kissed each of the three children on the forehead and said, “We will have Yangzhou fried rice.”

Seriously speaking, Yangzhou fried rice was one of the representatives of Jiangsu cuisine because of its rigorous and precise production and material selection. From rice grains to ham and shrimps, everything was carefully prepared. Gu YuMian could only regard this as temporary.

“We will clean the rice first, and cook the rice before cooking the other ingredients.” Gu YuMian put two small cups of rice into the pot, soaked and washed the rice, then boiled it with water, and carefully controlled the proportion of water and rice.

Then, he beat two synthetic eggs and cooked them while adding some salt. With olive oil, he sautéed the marinated shrimp with cooking wine. The shrimp turned pink and cooked in the bubbling hot oil.

At this time, the baby panda held the bottle and looked over curiously. The little fox cocked his head, as if to ask Gu YuMian what they were going to eat.

Gu YuMian rubbed his little head and looked at the little snow leopard sleeping on his shoulder. He had been sleepy since the beginning. He hadn’t seen him so sleepy before. What’s wrong?

“It’s good to cut the fresh bamboo shoots and onions directly. Slice the bamboo shoots in the water, cut the onions into sections, and wash the green peas with water.”

Gu YuMian explained after cooking the green bamboo shoots and peas. He turned the knife to dice the smoked ham, cut the dried scallops into thin shreds, stir fried them in the pot, then boiled them. To make a sauce he added wine and salt directly to the fire. Ham and scallops were mixed in and it was more delicious to boil the ingredients in the sauce.

It was now time to cook. Uncovering the lid of the pot, they could see that the cooked rice was white and mellow, and each grain was soft and distinct, which was suitable for fried rice. 1

[Vivian: Wow, it’s delicious and soft to watch. Rice and the side dishes were great. I think they can be eaten directly!]

Gu YuMian said, “Mn,” then added softly, “It will be better if we stir fry it — then we’ll start to mix it. Look carefully, maybe you can learn how to cook it for yourself later.”

It was impossible for the baby panda to learn how to cook. Gu YuMian put his hopes on the fox. Out of the three children, there must be one who can cook a little, right? In this way, he wouldn’t have to drink nutritious liquid and chew dry bread in the future.

The little fox sat and nodded with all seriousness, clawed on Gu YuMian’s wrist, and looked into the pot seriously, as if he was shouldering some heavy tasks.

Gu YuMian put the olive oil into the hot pot first, and quickly poured the beaten egg liquid into the skillet. Golden eggs in the bottom of the pot evenly spread out in a layer, and then he directly added the cooked rice. The rice and egg mixture were evenly mixed and stir fried in the fire to make it loose. Soon it became mixed creating a beautiful golden color.

At this time, the fresh bamboo shoots, green onions, peas, tender shrimps, and finally smoked ham and dried scallops were added. He also added a spoonful of the stir fry sauce before adding a small amount of salty soy sauce into the pan in one go.

The golden rice grains were glossy and full, the red color of shrimp, the green color of green peas, the white color of scallops, and all kinds of fresh and attractive colors were gathered in the Yangzhou fried rice. When it was served on the plate, the whole room was filled with the full-bodied fragrance that people coveted! 2

The sleepy little snow leopard finally picked up his spirit and focused on fried rice. The baby panda had been waiting for him while swallowing his saliva. The little fox reached out and touched his stomach.

“YuanYuan, are you hungry? YuanYuan, come over first,” Gu YuMian looked at the blank and yearning eyes of the baby panda, and laughed, “Open your mouth.”

He gave the three children a spoon in turn, and placed the honey grapefruit tea and sauced spareribs beside the rice. 3

——The golden rice grains, which were loose and full, stir fried to a soft and glutinous state, were fragrant, and accompanied by the fresh taste of crispy shrimp and fresh dried bamboo shoots. The ham with fat, which was not greasy, in the assortment, and the dried Beth with chewing power were even more fragrant and refreshing. There were thousands of delicacies in one bite which made people feel refreshed!

Even if they had just eaten spareribs, eating the fried rice still made them feel refreshed and was not uncomfortable. It did not cause any stomach discomfort from the taste being too miscellaneous.

A moment later, the baby panda was shocked by the delicious food and stepped on the blanket, with his round head arched into Gu YuMian’s arms, asking for more after whimpering. The little fox was very satisfied and curled up with his big tail, while the little snow leopard slightly nodded, and the bullet screen was bubbling!

[Kumquat and Lemon 198: Love the taste, delicious and appetizing!!! Delicious rice and scrambled eggs, smooth and crispy shrimps, I’ve just finished my meal.]

[Kittens Love Marshmallows: Wuwu! Crying for the third time today from MianMian’s craftsmanship. I ate well and it lived up to expectations!! I haven’t eaten rice, so I decided to buy a bag of rice and try it myself.]

[Come On: The number of people in the anchor room is really terrible. It has broken the record… Besides, it’s really delicious.]

[Cat’s Meow: It’s delicious. I think I can eat another five bowls…]

It was six o’clock in the evening on the rest day, which was the most popular time.

Gu YuMian generally wouldn’t fall down in rank when he was on the homepage popularity list — the huge exposure from the list, plus the live content and quality that could be enjoyed by all ages. As long as he was on the list, Gu YuMian’s live room would only increase by several times.

During the whole hour from eating fried rice to broadcasting, Gu YuMian had been firmly occupying the position recommended by the opening screen, and even created a considerable distance from the second place.

When broadcasting on this day, the number of audience members in the live broadcast once again broke the record.

“Okay,” Gu YuMian said goodbye to the reluctant audience at a glance. “Today’s live broadcast ends here. Don’t be too sad. Tomorrow’s live broadcast will be on time. Goodbye for today.”

Gu YuMian was a little helpless. He didn’t know if all the anchors were like this? Every time the audience acted pitifully, like it was a life and death farewell, it sometimes made him lack the heart to click the end broadcast button.

At this time, the curtain was also: 

[Wuwu, I feel sad every time MianMian ends his broadcasts.] 

[+ 1 I can’t give up MianMian and the cubs, I can watch all day.] 

[When will MianMian have another super long live broadcast? I want one.]

“Good night.” Gu YuMian ended the live broadcast.

The baby panda needed more sleep. Soon after eating, his round head had begun drooping and falling asleep. The little fox looked after him carefully and the little snow leopard was just dozing off. Now he gave up. His claws were pressing the palm of Gu YuMian’s hand, and he was lazily fiddling with his beautiful human’s fingers.

Gu YuMian gathered his five fingers to hold the paw of the snow leopard, then hugged the baby panda and the fox, and said, “I’ll go soak in the hot spring for about ten minutes. The babies can wait for me indoors?”

He was a little tired after a long day’s work. He was worried about the live broadcast and what he wanted to eat with the children, and he worked hard to finish it. Now there was nothing to do. The children were going to sleep and wouldn’t make noise. Gu YuMian was a little ready to go take a bath himself.

Ten minutes later, Gu YuMian was leaning against the round stone beside the pool, and breathed out a long breath.

He was comfortable. The light blue fluorescence of the Qi hot spring looked like fireflies in the night sky. At this time, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the pool was large. Although Gu YuMian’s pressure was not big, he was very tired. So he sat down in the heat, only feeling quite weak.

Facing the bright moon and snow mountain, the little snow leopard curled up on the stone behind Gu YuMian and yawned. He didn’t mind that Gu YuMian gently buried his head in his fluffy neck and breathed, even indulged in it, like a cat pillow specially designed for Gu YuMian.

The baby panda and little fox were sleeping under the porch not far away.

The hot water in the hot spring bubbled.

The little snow leopard’s eyes rested on Gu YuMian’s fingers, and was interested them. Twenty minutes later, the little snow leopard reached out and pushed Gu YuMian’s head to remind him to get up, so he wouldn’t faint.

Gu YuMian didn’t respond.

The little snow leopard was stunned and looked up carefully, Gu YuMian’s cheeks were flushed, which made him look a little like he was drunk. His eyes were closed, and his breath had become even and long. He was too tired today.

He had fallen asleep.

He would usually sleep very shallowly, so the small snow leopard calmly made a decision. If he did not care for him, after two or three minutes, Gu YuMian should be able to wake up naturally. Or the hot spring equipped robot system would politely wake him up to prevent accidents.


Three seconds later.

A tall man appeared on the bank of the pool, his knuckled fingers gently clasped the human youth’s nape and held him in his arms. His silver eyelashes, the same color as his hair, hung down, and his grey-blue pupils were covered but reflected the blue light of the hot spring pool.

In Shuo Han’s dictionary, anything involving Gu YuMian would never involve the word ‘ignore’.

He put his hand over Gu YuMian’s eyes and deepened the youth’s sleep, which would let him be able to sleep until dawn. Gu YuMian had only wrapped a bath towel around his lower body when he was soaking in the hot spring. His skin was white and delicate, which made Shou Han feel like his retinas were burning. The rose petals on his clavicle were bright and lustrous, as if they were born to be there.

The man looked away. His action was not very skilled as he wrapped his human in the bath towel, and his ears showed a little red. How careless his expression was, how clumsy and careful his movements were.

When hugging Gu YuMian to his chest as he walked to the porch, Shuo Han picked up the two little idiots and threw them on the sofa without a touch of gentleness. In the middle of the day, the little fox sat up in a daze. Shuo Han slightly lowered his eyelids and looked down ironically. The little fox was stunned, and his obsidian eyes narrowed.

But soon, because of an irresistible sleepiness, he fell asleep again with his head askew.

Shuo Han sneered.

He leaned over and put Gu YuMian on the bed, and his sight fell on Gu YuMian’s hand again. Gu YuMian’s fingers were very long, his nails were round and pink, his palms were soft, and his knuckles were smaller than those of Shuo Han’s. He did everything in a leisurely and orderly manner, handled everything well, and did not need others to help.

But he needed help at this moment.

A bewitched look gradually appeared in the grey-blue pupils. Shuo Han casually reached out and played with his human’s hand, then opened his five fingers to grasp Gu YuMian’s. The second his fingers interlaced with Gu YuMian’s, his human suddenly woke up.

He thought that if Gu YuMian woke up, he would ask him what he was doing, as he did not long ago. So Shuo Han said very seriously, “I just wanted to know how it feels to hold your hand.” 

He wanted to tell the whole world that Gu YuMian was his human being, that there was no reason, no excuse.

And now they were holding hands.


After the vacation in the hot spring villa, the trip to the Upper Urban District was almost over. When the pass expired, Gu YuMian would take the children back to the Lower Urban District. The district had just passed midsummer and was entering the autumn.

Gu YuMian went to sleep after soaking in the hot spring that day. When he woke up, he was lying in the lounge attached to the hot spring pool. Maybe he had been moved by the small robot? Gu YuMian was not sure, so he could only think so.

Their return date was tomorrow. In fact, it had only been a little over a week since he left, but Gu YuMian felt like it had been a long time. Maybe it was because the arrival of the little fox had brought a lot of changes.

The Guo family was still busy with the aftermath of the fire disaster. Gu YuMian didn’t find a chance to visit, so he had to go next time. But he had a hunch that his next visit to the Upper Urban District would be in the near future.

“I’ll go back to the city tomorrow,” Gu YuMian said, sitting at the spot packing his luggage and caressing the little fox’s ears. “Has QiuQiu been to the Lower Urban District yet? Will you acclimatize?”

Gu YuMian was worried that the little fox would not be used to it, but the little fox was more relaxed than him. In turn, he carefully clapped Gu YuMian on the back of his hand to comfort him. The baby panda thought they were playing some games, and he wanted to join the fun. He also took his paws down to pat Gu YuMian on the back and made him laugh.

The little snow leopard looked at the two children like he was looking at two fools.

“Mn, we will go to the bathroom and go to bed, and get up early tomorrow.” He rushed all three cubs to take a bath, brush their hair and went to bed. Finally, he sat down to pack again. “It’s time to go back to the top twenty of the rookie competition,” Gu YuMian said with a sigh. “I’ll be busy again…”

By the way, Shuo Han said his birthday would be soon. What was the specific date? Gu YuMian was not ready to give a gift. With this way of thinking, there were many things to do. He needed to go back first.


A week later, Lower Urban District.

Guan Nini, with her equipment, rang the doorbell of Gu YuMian’s house with great anxiety and excitement. She was the editor-in-chief of the mainstream media in the Lower Urban District. She had an exclusive interview about the lifestyle change of young people. She had been struggling to interview Gu YuMian or the mysterious new boss of Elbet Restaurant.

Guan Nini was now a loyal fan of Elbet Restaurant. Elbet had had a beautiful turnaround and the boss had made great contributions. Unfortunately, he had never appeared in public. Deciding who to interview was hard, so she decided to do two separate interviews because in that way she could do both. She had communicated with Starry Sky and Gu YuMian a few days ago. Today was the day of the interview.

“But isn’t it too early?” The following reporter looked at the time and said, “it’s only a little past seven. Sister NiNi, aren’t you a little over excited?”

After ringing the doorbell, no one answered for half a minute. Maybe he wasn’t up.

“All right.” Guan Nini then found out that she may have come early, and it was not good to disturb others’ rest. “Let’s go and find a place to sit. Later…”

That’s when the door opened.

The man who opened the door was impatient. He seemed to be disturbed and was tall and straight, dozens of centimeters taller than Guan Nini and her assistant.

“What is it?” He rubbed his temples, and his gray-blue eyes swept over them. When he saw that it was two women, the air pressure went instantly below freezing lower, “He doesn’t have a blind date.”

Guan Nini, “……” Wait, wait, what?

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Translator Notes:

  1. Random cooking fact. If you are making fried rice at home, it is better to cook the rice the day before and cool the rice completely (using day old rice) to make the grains separate easier when mixing everything together.
  2. Shrimp fried rice
  3. Pork and rice


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