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Chapter 58: Steamed Ribs

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is waiting for Shuo Han’s birthday


[User 1873: I was moved the second I smelled this congee. This is the scent of autumn.]

[Vivian: I’m totally in love with congee now. Whatever MianMian makes is light, fresh and not greasy. It’s good for health and wuwu (unfortunately, I can’t drink it)]

[There’s a Cloud: I haven’t seen the anchor for a long time. I took my idiot cousin to grey Saturn to sketch some time ago. Is this seafood congee? It looks delicious. Here are some fireworks!]

[South China tiger will never blind date: I am alive again!!! MianMian aaaaah! Long time no see, MianMian and his cubs are more lovely!!]

Gu YuMian thought, No wonder I haven’t seen these two familiar IDs for a long time.

“Welcome back.” Gu YuMian made a bow with the little snow leopard, smiled and stirred the congee with the spoon… “The congee will be ready in a little while. Would you like to try it for me?”

When the pot was about to be ready, the bamboo shoots and greens were added by Gu YuMian to decorate it with a fresh green color. The golden, tender red and glutinous white was the attractive color to the seafood congee. Gu YuMian placed his family’s hope for the next generation of cooking skills on the little fox. When cooking, occasionally he would intentionally teach some knowledge to QiuQiu.

Gu YuMian took a paper and folded it into a chef’s hat for the little fox to wear on his head. The little fox was a little nervous, shy and nodded seriously. Gu YuMian then held him and asked him to hold the long spoon handle to stir the congee. 

“When cooking congee, you need to stir it often, or it’s easy to burn the bottom of the pot,” Gu YuMian explained to the audience as he watched the little fox stir the congee. “Then you’ll have to throw it out.”

The little fox’s technique was similar to that of using a stirring stick to stir the solution in a beaker during an experiment, and coupled with his face stretched like he was facing an enemy, Gu YuMian couldn’t help rubbing his little head.

The baby panda watched the edge of the small pot for a long time. His round eyes were very bright. If Gu YuMian hadn’t stopped him, maybe this little guy would have buried himself in the congee. The little snow leopard was dismissive of the other two cubs, but in fact, he was also very concerned.

“All right, all right.” Gu YuMian turned off the fire, set the portable oven to the heat preservation mode, and filled a small bowl for each of the three children to warm their stomachs first, “Drink it, don’t burn yourself.”

Gu YuMian’s congee was the best.

It was a kind of enjoyment to watch the delicious congee simmer on the stove. Filled in a small white porcelain bowl, drinking in the stomach was a kind of happiness.

——The rice was completely cooked until it was soft, tender, fragrant and smooth, and immersed in the fresh taste of shrimp and square fish. The whole taste was fragrant, strong and glutinous. A little hot congee was swallowed, and the whole person was instantly cured.

Not to mention the shrimp wrapped in the congee and fried fish with garlic slices. They were tender and crispy. When it was crunchy, delicious juice flowed into their mouths. It was not light or too much. After a sip, it made them want more.

The baby panda, “Chii!”

The chubby little Tangyuan held the spoon and the bowl directly and stopped, happily kicking his short legs. The fox implicitly shook his big tail, while the snow leopard quickly drank the whole bowl of congee with his head down and reservedly asked Gu YuMian for another bowl.

The bullet screen filled out layer by layer, and various gift effects erupted.

[audhkfi: !!!! AHHH, this congee, this shrimp, this garlic!]

[White pear blossom, Lili: Aaaaaaah! What’s going on?? Why do I feel that the craftsmanship of MianMian is getting better and better? I’m totally addicted to this congee. It’s so delicious that I almost swallowed my tongue!]

[Dawn 123: The fried fish and shrimp in the congee taste wonderful, soft and crispy, fragrant, not enough! Anchor, hurry up. When will dinner begin?]

[Vivian: Sure enough, it’s 100 times better than I thought!]

The congee was easy to boil, and children liked things with a mellow taste. It was not easy to grasp the balance of fresh but not greasy, but this pot of congee had been completely achieved.

It had been only more than twenty minutes since the start of the broadcast, and the number of audience members was now more than 50 million, nearly 60 million. In addition to the special effects triggered by various gifts, there was a continuous flow of traffic from various channels, further boosting the overall popularity!

No wonder Sugar Sugar said that the rules of the rookie game had nothing to do with Gu YuMian — no matter what the rules were, his popularity would destroy those rules, which was so easy for Gu YuMian. The stable status of the live broadcast ranked first in the statistics of all the data of the rookie competition.

“Mn, it’s really good,” Gu YuMian said to himself, very satisfied with the taste and was not very modest. “It’s good to drink. Is my cooking really getting better? I didn’t cook such congee before.”


[Hahahaha, so modest, MianMian’s gone with the wind.] 

[Yes, your cooking skills have improved. I suggest you marry me!] 

[You can win a bowl of congee at Elbet. Goodbye, everyone. I’m going out…]

The little snow leopard didn’t like to see [marry me] in the bullet screen and [MianMian is my boyfriend.] The little paw pressed Gu YuMian’s cheek very unhappily.

“I’ll steam the spareribs,” Gu YuMian said, taking the paws of the snow leopard and pinching the paw pad. “And fry the shrimps, and then you can eat them.”

It was not difficult to steam ribs with taro in the Cantonese morning style, because the taste was light. After cutting the ribs, he rinsed them with water, added sugar, salt and a little cooking wine, and finally added garlic, and steamed them in a bamboo steamer.

“Prawns with hibiscus need egg and panko.” Gu YuMian said, “There’s also wine. It’s better to marinate meat with wine.” 1

After the routine treatment, Gu YuMian grabbed a knife, sliced the synthetic shrimp, then put in ginger and onion slices, poured a spoonful of yellow wine and pickled everything.

The egg liquid was broken up in the bowl. Gu YuMian used chopsticks to hold the shrimp and rolled it in the egg liquid, and then evenly wrapped it with panko. He heated up the pan filled with oil and fried the shrimp. 2

The shrimp in the pot made a crackling sound, and the yellow wine wrapped on the surface of the pot immediately vaporized, with steam mixed with strong fragrance. Under the light, the color and aroma of the fried shrimps were gradually turning golden and slightly burnt, which grabbed all people’s attention.

Gu YuMian was quick to fish out the shrimp from the pot. When the shrimp tails were slightly discolored, he put them beside the pot directly.

The crispy golden shrimp were still shining with hot oil. They were placed neatly on the plate. They could see the tight and delicate meat in it by frying on the surface of the golden shrimp. The burnt smell was so exciting!

At this time, the spare ribs came out. The lotus leaves were steamed with mashed garlic, until the surface of the tender and smooth ribs was bright and lustrous, and the taste of taro was a little sweet, which was fragrant.

“……!!!!” The baby panda just finished eating congee at this time. He looked up left and right in a daze. His black eyes blinked. For a moment, he didn’t know which dish he wanted more.

The fox was still watching the fire seriously. He was attracted by the food, swishing his big tail. The snow leopard even took a shrimp and ate it.

Gu YuMian, “TuanTuan! Don’t you think it’s hot?” Gu YuMian pressed the chin of the snow leopard to see if his tongue was burned. Fortunately, it was not. On the other hand, at this moment, the atmosphere of the bullet screen had reached an extreme.

[Throwing Cosmetics: I’m going to faint. I’m swallowing my saliva. My sister thinks I’m a zombie.]

[Junior B: Why do you refresh my favorite menu every day? What kind of thing is this lotus shrimp? It’s golden, fragrant and damn tempting.]

[A rabbit marshmallow: Hurry up, hurry up, I want that ribs!! Spareribs!!! MianMian! MianMian, hurry up and give it to me, otherwise I will be angry!!!]

Countless bullet screen comments rolled by like water. Several of them were urging Gu YuMian to eat quickly. The three children were also greedy. In addition to the snow leopard, the fox and Tangyuan were looking at Gu YuMian.

Gu YuMian, of course, accelerated the action to fill the plate, took the children to the dining room, put the plates down on one by one, turned on the dome light and started eating — in just two minutes, the number of people in the live room jumped up hundreds of thousands.

“YuanYuan, don’t bite the chopsticks,” Gu YuMian pulled up his sleeve and gave the children a piece of spareribs. “Try this first. The fried shrimp is a little hot.”

The taste of steamed spareribs was different from that of stewed spareribs before. The soft and elastic meat was slightly chewy. The flavor of taro and lotus leaf was steamed in. The delicious and fragrant taste spread between their lips and teeth, and the aftertaste was endless and long. 3

With the bedding of steamed spareribs, the amazing taste of lotus shrimp that followed was more natural. The golden crispy shrimps were dipped in a bit of salad dressing, the skin was fragrant and crispy when biting off, and then the tight, tender and crispy shrimp meat was soaked in alcohol, and was not greasy at all.

After eating ribs and prawns, the baby panda held his face with his paws and wanted to roll around happily. The little fox held the spoon and chirped twice, giving a gentle and shy praise. The little snow leopard went to eat congee with a long spoon at his own expense. After eating shrimp, he would have congee again.

Gu YuMian thought this was so cute that his heart began to melt. He also dished out more congee, “There’s more so eat slowly. I will make more if there is not enough.”

At this time, the audience from the perspective of the little fox could feel that the autumn wind was blowing in the cool season at the end of summer. The crimson sunset had spread all over, spilling in from the window.

Gu YuMian simmered the congee over the small fire, with the smell of congee, the lotus shrimp and steamed spareribs, interwoven with the taste of taro and smelled the unique autumn smell.

The baby panda ate this, ate that, and then drank the congee Gu YuMian handed him. He was very happy. The little fox was very obedient and helped Gu YuMian watch the temperature of the congee while eating. The little snow leopard lay in Gu YuMian’s arms, lowered his head and whined at the shrimp on Gu YuMian’s chopsticks.

In the early autumn evening, the wind blew, and the family stayed together to eat a delicious dinner, and all the troubles had nothing to do with them. One breath after another, they could feel their happiness constantly bubbling up…

[Fusheng 56: I’m a new comer. How can there be delicious food here? There are cute guys and such a wonderful atmosphere. It’s so satisfying!!!]

[There’s a Cloud: Congee, fragrant rice and glutinous rice, the steamed spareribs are fresh, lotus shrimp is crisp and fresh. I haven’t watched a live broadcast for a long time. The better the anchor is, the better the rhythm and the atmosphere are. Thank you for the joy. Sending some fireworks! ]

[Berry little strawberry: This is the legendary autumn food! Wuwuwuwu. Autumn is to catch the tail of summer to eat super fresh food, drink hot congee to nourish the stomach, and the family happily stayed together to listen to the wind and watch the moon! QAQ]

[Seaweed Loves Cats: My feline life is complete and I lie down happily!!]

There was no clear distinction between a bullet screen and the gifts, and the popularity had been increasing. As soon as the time came, Gu YuMian’s live studio shot directly to the top three of the homepage’s real-time popularity list, and rushed to the most popular of the day, then ushered in a new round of dramatic increase in the traffic!


After eating, Gu YuMian took out the milk pot to warm the milk for the children, and at the same time, he dutifully helped the official of the rookie competition to make an advertisement, “When you pay attention to me, you can also pay attention to the rookie game when you are free. There are many interesting anchors.”

It was fun for the anchor to advertise for the official. It was funny, and then they realized that Gu YuMian was in the rookie competition? A lot of audience members were new in the pit. They had no idea whether Gu YuMian was a rookie anchor – this kind of data enthusiasm, and this kind of stable control ability, came from a rookie anchor?

It was against everything they knew. 

Starry Sky Headquarters was also paying close attention to Gu YuMian and watching the bullet screen and could not help but face forward with a red face.

Sugar Sugar sighed and leaned back. In particular, several people in charge of the rookie team competition sighed and joked with each other:

“You are the worst official we have ever had.”

“What can I do??? He shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the rookie competition at the beginning. His data was of a top rated anchor!”

“The top current anchor may not be as stable as him… As long as the broadcast lasts for more than two hours, it will surely hit the top list. Can you believe it? Which top stream can do it?”

Other new anchors were not bad, but they were not as open as Gu YuMian. Even after several rounds of screening, the other nineteen people could not be compared to Gu YuMian.

The live broadcast continued.

After eating, the baby panda lay down contently holding his stomach and leaned against the fox. The snow leopard yawned lazily. When the weather cooled down, he got sleepy easily.

Gu YuMian added two spoonfuls of sugar to the milk pot, stirred it again, and looked down at the snow leopard. The little snow leopard looked at him for a while, and then looked away from him a little uneasily, looking stuffy.

Gu YuMian: “??”

That was how the little guy felt from this afternoon, like a rebellious teenager. What’s the matter?

It’s true that I can’t talk about profound topics with young children, Gu YuMian thought.

“Today, I need to change into a new bath agent and go to bed early after I’ve washed and combed your hair,” Gu YuMian said, bringing the milk to the table and holding up the two small hair balls lying on the sofa. “It’s cool and suitable for sleeping.”

[Drizzle: Sleep… I want to sleep a sweet and fragrant sleep with the anchor, no other meaning, just sleep! When can anchor do a live sleep broadcast?]

[There’s a family in the mine: Fuck, I want to see it.]

Gu YuMian was helpless. What was a live sleep broadcast? Sometimes he really couldn’t understand the audience’s brain circuits.

Summer was not the same as winter. In summer, peppermint would be added to make it more refreshing, while in autumn and winter, the flavor and ingredients would be more mild. In addition, after the change of season, the mat would also be changed into a mattress.

Autumn was a time when many things were changing quietly.

At this time, the night had completely come, and the moon was getting round day by day. Now it was still a waning moon hanging in the sky. It would soon be full.

“Come and drink milk.”

The small milk pot beeped after the set timer went off.

Gu YuMian brought the hot milk to the children. The fox picked up the cup and drank it. The baby panda and the snow leopard were waiting for Gu YuMian to feed them. The baby panda cuddled Gu YuMian’s hand, shrugged after a cold glance by the little snow leopard, and burped with a little fear.

He was still lovely.

Gu YuMian: “……”

“TuanTuan is the biggest brother in the family,” Gu YuMian pinched the face of the snow leopard and sighed. “How can you be so childish?”

After the fox came, the snow leopard’s attention was distracted, not as sour as before, but the time of the demonstration was still unambiguous. The little snow leopard nodded indifferently, not feeling childish or wrong.

Gu YuMian brought the babies to his arms and fed them.

The baby panda leaned contentedly in Gu YuMian’s arms and reached out his claws to hold the moon in the sky, but he wondered why he couldn’t hold it up. Gu YuMian took a little brush to brush his hair and then changed it into a comb.

Little Tangyuan was not old enough to have adult hair. The hair was soft, but it would fall off in the new season. Gu YuMian combed it and there was a little hairball. He put the fur ball into a small bottle, and when it reached a certain amount, he could make a small decoration.

After all, the children at home were all fluffy, and they would lose their hair in this season. Gu YuMian had saved several fur ball pendants for the snow leopard, and the fox had one or two.

The atmosphere was quiet, and the popularity of the studio continued to rise quietly and rapidly.

At this time, the number of people had exceeded 100 million.

The audience members who often watched the live broadcast were familiar with the routine. From the screen to the outside, the whole atmosphere was the same warmth – this kind of atmosphere often surprised the new audience members, because they had never seen such a high amount of viewers, but there was no grumpy or fake taste in the live studio.

[The world has no self: This studio is really… magic. Why is everyone so friendly? It’s not like a popular anchor at all…]

“I’ll go and put away the sun dried quilt.” Gu YuMian rubbed the heads of the three children. “Would you like to take a walk in the yard with me?”

Of course, the children had no opinion, and the new audience was a little excited: what will the courtyard look like for the young boss who runs Elbet Restaurant?

Of course, it did not contain a big pool, a Roman column and so on that the new audience members had guessed. Gu YuMian’s courtyard was really a common one, with quilts and osmanthus flowers on the ground. There were several clusters of balloon flowers planted. The space was not big, but it was well managed.

“Chii.” The quilt already smelled fresh from being exposed to the sun. The baby panda took a deep breath with the quilt, quickly rolled himself into the quilt and became a small silkworm chrysalis.

Gu YuMian could not help but crouch down and hug him with a smile.


At the same time, in the villa separated by the wall.

They had just finished decorating the house in the afternoon, it was supposed to take a while to move in, but it was obviously not the normal brain circuit of the person who had rented this villa.

Gu YuMian’s house and the next door shared a wall. At this moment, a black and white guy put his ears against the wall. He looked a bit like a wolf, but a little bit more stupid than a wolf.

He was hungry.

He bit the brick, bit two more bites of soil, and then spit it out. It was not very delicious.

There was a smell of food in the next house.

The little guy’s face was intoxicated. He had a silly smile and his name was Er Ha. There was a aowu aowu in his throat. The little guy buried himself in the earth and soon made a passage from his home to the next house.

He tucked his head into the passage, and though he was stuck in the wall, he could still see the next yard.


The little snow leopard lay bored in Gu YuMian’s arms. His eyes swept over the wall and stopped.

——Where did this black and white fool come from?

The little snow leopard was quiet for a long time. The hair on his neck stood up and he quickly became alert.

AH, it was another one! He couldn’t let Gu YuMian see him!

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Translator Notes:

  1. Liquids like wine and fruit juices are good for marinating, not because, but rather, in spite of the fact that they’re acidic. Fruit juices contain sugars that caramelize when they hit the grill and wine contains all kinds of interesting flavor compounds, which become deeper and more complex when exposed to high heat. The key with wine, however, is to cook off the alcohol before using it to marinate. That’s because alcohol will also cause the proteins in the meat to coagulate. Even a simple marinade of olive oil, chopped garlic and fresh herbs will add flavor to a steak or roast.
  2. Panko fried shrimp.
  3. Taro Steamed Spare Ribs


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