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Chapter 43: Fourth World (2)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Bai Duan concealed himself very well, though he was drooling for Xie Yan’s lunch box, the other did not seem to realise it. Looking at him, Xie Yan seemed to be able to see sharp ears on the top of his head and a tail that was about to unearth flowers.

Since he was too tired and worried about the memory seal in Bai Duan, Xie Yan chose a world of peace and simplicity this time. The mission goal was also the most basic personal counterattack rather than the usual home world. However, Xie Yan, who thought he had planned well, had never thought of himself as regretful until he entered the task world.

For no reason other than this body’s original appearance…it was too horrible to see.

Originally, Xie Yan did not understand why the original owner chose to take his life even though he was living such a comfortable life. But when he was really put in this body, he also wanted to commit suicide and go back again. This appearance led to his original host’s death and eventual abandonment, and Xie Yan felt empathy for his feelings.

If Xie Yan had no lover, he would not care about his appearance, but today, when he stood in front of his beautiful and flowery lover with such a food bag, he felt his usual confidence wither as he became depressed.

A dead fat man was not terrible, but a very enthusiastic fat person who wanted to hook up with you was a human tragedy.

Xie Yan didn’t want to leave a bad impression on Bai Duan, so even though he longed for it in his heart, even if the man was close to him, he had to restrain his desire, which almost made him cry bitter tears.

Xie Yan thought about losing weight first and then getting acquainted with Bai Duan, but he was very unwilling to think that Bai Duan was next door to him. He had done his best to move next door to his lover for his goal, not to ‘hope for plums to quench his thirst.’

The only thing to be thankful for was that Bai Duan seemed to…not dislike his appearance. Instead, he introduced himself to him. At last, he pulled the relationship between the two people from strange to nodding acquaintance, so that Xie Yan had a chance to visit.

When he learned from the system that Bai Duan was hungry and depressed, Xie Yan was sad and happy both that Bai Duan could not take care of himself, but also that he finally had an excuse to improve his relationship with Bai Duan.

So he quickly made a delicious meal, rang the doorbell, and naturally grabbed ahold of Bai Duan’s heart. Although he could not conquer it with his present appearance, he could conquer his stomach with his skill.

As Bai Duan’s lover of many years, Xie Yan naturally knew what kind of flavors he liked, and by only smelling it, Bai Duan was deeply enticed.

Dizzy and intoxicated, Bai Duan asked if he wanted to come in, and hurriedly thanked him and ate the lunch box happily. Until he saw the bottom of the lunch box, he was too embarrassed to raise his head. Although he could not see clearly, the eyes that were surrounded by fat were rather small, and although Bai Duan was not uncomfortable with the man’s appearance, he felt that the fat on his face was a slight nuisance.

Since his stomach had been satisfied, Bai Duan looked at Xie Yan more pleasantly, and unexpectedly felt that the chubby man was still cute…though he…he was a bit too fat. 

Putting down the bowl and chopsticks. Bai Duan was not too embarrassed to laugh. “I’m sorry, but I was really hungry.”

“It’s all right.” Xie Yan’s smile squeezed the fat on his cheeks. “I’m glad to see you eat so happily.”

Although they did not communicate, Bai Duan and Xie Yan were quite relaxed when they were together. As the other side’s appearance was too big, Bai Duan felt he could say what he really thought.

“What a delicious meal you cooked!” He made no secret of his praise. “It’s more delicious than the takeaway I ordered!”

“Thank you.” Xie Yan was so embarrassed that he grabbed his hair and seemed shy. “I live alone and don’t want to eat takeout or fast food all the time, so I learned to do something by myself…”

The always-eating-takeout Bai Duan felt an arrow in his knee. He looked at Xie Yan with envy. After all, he had tried to cook, but the consequences were…it was a long story.

“That’s great… I can’t cook.” Bai Duan sighed with emotion.

Noting that he had a hook in his line of sight, Xie Yan hesitated for a moment, “If you like…when I cook, I can bring you some…”

Bai Duan blinked, and felt embarrassed, “Did I show too much greed? Although your proposal is very exciting…but that’s too much trouble for you…”

“No trouble, no trouble at all!” Xie Yan waved his hand quickly. “Anyway, I have to cook for myself. There is no difference between one person and two people. I can give you a little, and I can eat less to lose weight…”

Bai Duan looked at Xie Yan’s body. It was not polite to say so the first time they met, but he still spoke out of his mind. “Well, you really should eat less and lose weight.”

Xie Yan understood the meaning of Bai Duan’s words and almost cried. He didn’t want to leave his lover an image of being greedy, lazy and without self-control, “I became this way mainly because I had a long illness when I was a child…”

Bai Duan nodded his head. He did seem to remember that some diseases would destroy the balance of hormones in the body when they were sick or cured, leading to rapid obesity. He felt pity for Xie Yan. “Then, can you still lose weight?”

“Yes!” Xie Yan bit his teeth in secret even if he couldn’t, he must! Or he might crush his sweetheart in bed! Although it was too early to think about such a thing now, it was really a worry.

Xie Yan did not think that a human appearance was everything, but it was for normal people, and Xie Yan’s body obviously exceeded the normal category.

He didn’t want to test whether Bai Duan could appreciate his ‘beauty’ through his bloated appearance. He could only try to make himself better as soon as possible. No matter how degraded and ugly he was, he also wanted his lover to love him for him. This was an extremely hegemonic, unreal and unreasonable idea. He was not only irresponsible for himself, but also seeked to borrow for his lack of progress. It was also irresponsible for his lover and imposed a burden on him he should not shoulder.

Xie Yan did not want to make Bai Duan’s life difficult, and could only temporarily suppress his feelings in his heart, waiting for him to lose his fat before really trying.

I really don’t know how long it will take. It’s a bit desperate to think about it.

Xie Yan’s expression was firm and solemn. He heard Bai Duan say, “If you need anything, please do tell me.” He smiled and blinked. “Otherwise, I don’t dare to eat your food all the time.”

Xie Yan knew Bai Duan and knew that he was not just saying this politely, but sincerely wanted to help him even if it was just an exchange and he was not one to refuse. Shy and smiling, Xie Yan grabbed his hair and said, “Actually… I really want to ask you for help…”

“Oh? For what? ” Bai Duan sat up unconsciously, and his expression became more serious.

“I want you to supervise me as I lose weight.” Xie Yan pulled the corner of his clothes at a loss. “If it’s just me… I probably can’t hold on, so I want to find someone to urge me on…”

“No problem!” As for this requirement, Bai Duan did not want to, but he answered immediately, but then he was somewhat embarrassed. “But I’ve never had to lose weight and I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s all right! I’ve already planned it!” Xie Yan’s eyes were very bright. He quickly took out his nanocomputer and opened a document. “I’ve made a weight loss plan, now I’ll send it to you, and then you can follow this form to supervise me!”

Bai Duan nodded and looked at Xie Yan’s nanocomputer screen, but did not notice that Xie Yan’s body was stiff, showing some restraint and forbearance in his expression. His lover was so close, but he could not reach out and hug him, he was even in a body that he dared not touch his lover with. Such a day was really very difficult. At least in the ancient world, he was able to secretly eat a little tofu under the cover of being his ‘brother.’

For Xie Yan’s ‘painful struggle,’ Bai Duan was unaware. He seriously looked at Xie Yan’s weight loss plan, and the more he read, the more frightened he was. Such a large amount of activity, not to mention losing weight, it was enough to train a soldier.

Of course, Bai Duan did not know how much training he had in the army, but his father and mother were both expatriates who would go to the outer planets to do research and development, demanding extremely high levels of physical fitness, strength, flexibility and other abilities closely related to survival. As a child, Bai Duan often went to his parents’ training ground to play and knew what kind of training they were doing, and Xie Yan’s weight loss plan was not inferior to it.

After reading the whole schedule, Bai Duan looked up at Xie Yan with a complicated expression, “Where did you download this schedule?”

“Not downloaded. I arranged it myself.” Xie Yan shook his head.

“When you arranged this…did you consider your own abilities?” Bai Duan frowned.

“Considered.” Xie Yan nodded earnestly, “I can certainly do it.”

Since Xie Yan insisted so much, Bai Duan couldn’t interfere too much. He sent the plan to himself, but he still had some difficulty in telling him, “You can’t rush to lose weight. After all, you should never force yourself. If you hurt your health, you will lose your life.”

Although he knew that Bai Duan had no other meaning, Xie Yan was still pressed by his words of concern and became more determined to be quick to get thin.

“You can rest assured, I know.” He looked at Bai Duan, trying to make his voice less sentimental, but his Bai Duan looked so uncomfortable that his heart was beating faster.

Aware of his reaction, Bai Duan did not feel very good. He did not think the first person to make his heartbeat quicken would unexpectedly be such a… Big Michelin Man.

Because of his beautiful appearance and family background, Bai Duan had never been short of pursuers from childhood to adulthood, including men and women. Some of these pursuers had outstanding looks, some brilliant talents, and some good manners, but no one has ever succeeded in disturbing his heart. They gradually left Bai Duan’s vision, which made the pursuers gradually disappear in the past two years.

Bai Duan thought that his vision was high, no matter which pursuer, he could pick out a bunch of faults, no matter how satisfactory, but he never thought that this was not a problem of high vision, but… he had perverted tastes?!

Seeing that Bai Duan’s face was a bit odd, Xie Yan hurriedly began to converge. He could not help but show some outward feelings. He wanted to move Bai Duan’s attention to other places, so he laughed. “Didn’t you say you wanted to come back to play games last time? How does it feel to go back to [Ten Thousand Realms]?”

“Not bad.” Bai Duan reluctantly regained his mind. “It’s been a long time since I last played. It seems that I’m not quite used to it.”

“That’s for sure. Over the years, [Ten Thousand Realms] has been updated and upgraded several times.” Xie Yan nodded. “I’ve been in the game for more than two years. I still don’t know everything about [Ten Thousand Realms]. Next time you play, how about I take you to get used to it?”

Bai Duan, on the one hand, was somewhat disturbed by his ‘unusual’ taste towards the person who made his heart beat. On the other hand, he had a feeling of curiosity and love. he wanted to be far away and close at the same time. His feelings were very entangled. After hesitating for a while, he finally nodded, “Um… Okay, only if I won’t bother you.”

“It’s no trouble! No trouble at all!” Xie Yan’s heart was very happy. In this way, he not only occupied Bai Duan’s time in real life and would help him  lose weight, but he was also invading his game time. It was great! Because of his excitement, Xie Yan could not control his mouth, and subconsciously revealed his heart. “Actually, I want to play with you.”

As soon as he spoke, Xie Yan wanted to slap his mouth, and Bai Duan was touched by the inadvertent truth, almost kneeling at his wonderful aesthetics.

For a time, the two men looked at each other in a different way, and the atmosphere was extremely awkward. But in this embarrassment, there were still a few faint, hidden evasions.

Xie Yan: “……”

Bai Duan: “……”

It was almost like a first date!

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I don’t like they include body-shaming in this arc. I mean, you can say they are fat without shaming their size. It’s not like everyone has a magical metabolism to achieve a skinny af body the society wants.

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