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Chapter 165: Top Ten
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As a small spaceship slowly left the space port, the nerves of all the forces on the Capital Star frayed as they pensively thought about different things and forecasted different results.

At this time, the news of the return of JinYu and Qi QingLin had been thoroughly spread. Although the superficial identity of the two people, especially the former, was not enough to give cause for anxiety, as long as one used their head, they would know that this person had a very magical and ineffable ability. Despite this ability not being very obvious and made many people think it was very unscientific.

The Ten Great Clans Ranking was the most ceremonious and important event to all forces on the Capital Star. It would be held ten days later. The ranking event would be held every ten years. After the ranking was determined, the Clan that came in first would naturally become the overlord of the Ten Clans for the next ten years, and both economic and military prowess would rise so fast that it made one green with envy.

Although the reputation of being the first Clan among the Ten Great Clans was extremely covetous, only the top three clans with the highest comprehensive strength could compete for the first rank. If everyone believed that they could get involved, not only would the number one clan be unable to be chosen, it could even cause all Ten Great Clans to fall apart.

Obviously, this year’s top ten ranking would be quite special. Not to mention that both the Long Family and Qi Family that ranked the first and the second respectively had a secondary force, that was, the heirs of the two Clan Heads, causing the strength of the two families to become unknown. The most important thing was that although Fei YuSheng, the only heir of the Da Peng Jin Chi Family, was not outrightly banished from the clan, his conduct and deeds made the patriarchs from the older generation shake their heads. Logically, this person should no longer be representing the Da Peng Jin Chi Family to participate in the Ten Great Clans Ranking, but the reality was that this person declared in a high-profile way that no matter what happened, he would participate in the Ten Great Clans Ranking and strive to let the older generation acknowledge him at the event.

Thus, the atmosphere of capital star that was already chaotic was even more tense and on the verge of turmoil. At the same time, more and more people put their attention on the two people who had long departed. Obviously, whether they could return safely or not practically determined the final outcome.

“Cough, cough. It’s my first time on a space shuttle! I’ve only seen it on TV before! Tch tch, it’s a little different from what I imagined.”

“I say, can you say something back?! Do you want to keeping staring at me like criminal on the death penalty after I wake up? My body is weak, okay? It can’t stand you staring so hard!”

JinYu could not help rolling his eyes at the motionless man beside him. This man had been like this since he woke up after being injured. Qi QingLin used to like staring at him a little bit and conveniently beat up all kinds of existence around JinYu to confirm and highlight his own existence. After much difficult, it took JinYu three months to reach a consensus with him. Now everything was really fantastic, he should just forget the thought of having any kind of consensus. Don’t even mention unknown or unfamiliar people, even if his friends like Jin Qian and Long ChangXiao wanted get less than a meter close to him, they would be slapped flying by this crazy Qilin.

Even BaoZi who wanted to sell meng and rub against JinYu nearly got kicked to death by Qi QingLin – fortunately, DaBai was quick to rescue it.

After more than ten days of being tormented with that incomparably nervous and deceptive atmosphere and being monitored so closely, a certain whale was close to flipping out. Fuck, he’s really taking him as a fish in a pond! Even if he was a fish, he should at least pretend that this fish was in a lake. It really drove him mad to be stared at like this.

“I’m still not dead.”

“?” Qi QingLin finally looked over.

“So it’s not at the point where there’s only a space of a one square meter cinerary casket to move around.”


Qi QingLin expressed his disdain at this person’s behavior that had become more and more dishonest these days. At last, he calmly stated upon seeing that this person was close to clawing the walls, “At least you’re mobile. It’s just that the distance between us cannot be more than one square meter.”

“… I hate to be buried together with my husband.”

Feeling that he could not communicate with this crazy guy, JinYu walked over to XiaoBao, snatched it up and started rubbing. They’ve been traveling for two days. The speed of this spaceship was quite fast. It seemed to be traveling through warp drive. Now it was not far from the Sixth Desolate Star.

According to the reply from the death-defying alter Jia One and Yi One sent out by JiaWu and YiWen, they would reach the surface of the Sixth Desolate Star in about three or four hours.

In this way, JinYu calculated with his fingers. Subtracting the two days of it took to make a one-way trip, there were four days in total of traveling time. They wanted to go back before that fraudulent Ten Great Clans Raking began, which was only left them with about five or six days. In these five or six days, they had to complete two tasks that were absolutely impossible—

  1. Find a certain old man who has been missing for more than twenty years. Note: This person may have already died, been half-crippled, gone made, or changed into an extraterrestrial, et cetera et cetera. The unknown coefficient is greater than nine.

  2. Find a rare element that could get rid of the mind control poison. Note: The existence of this element is unknown, the difficulty of obtaining is unknown. The unknown coefficient infinitely approaches ten.

“Do you think it’s possible for us to find the remains of the Emperor on the Sixth Desolate Star and bring back a heaven-defying divine weapon to scare that retard Fei YuSheng to death?”

Thinking about it, JinYu could not help but wander off on a mental journey, only to be ignored by his partner.

“… Tch!! I think our chances of accomplishing the task are as unreliable as my guesses!” He could not help grinding his teeth, “If that old man man was standing on the surface of the desolate star and impatiently waiting for us with that unknown element, I wouldn’t be daydreaming like this okay?! It’d save so much trouble if it was so!”

After a long time, Qi QingLin broke the silence,

“Are you sure what you just said is not the most abnormal daydream you have ever had?”

“Fuck!! Lao Zi is fed up with you!!”

[Fuck, Master, if you continue rubbing my fur, it’ll all drop out!!] XiaoBao was wishing it could roll itself into a ball and scram as far away as possible.

Three hours was akin to the time it took to drink a cup of tea for spacewalkers. At this time, all the people and beasts in the spacecraft saw a planet with alternating red and blue colors, where beauty and chilliness seemed to coexist. There was a faint fog around the planet and when they drew closer, it gave an illusion that ice and fire were colliding.

The small spaceship slowly landed in the alternating red and blue area, which seemed to be a mass of chaos when viewed from a distance. Only after the spaceship landed, did JinYu discover in astonishment that it was a long and narrow forest that stretched as far as the eye could see.

On his right was a scarlet red, blistering hot, and barren desert; on his left was a huge pit of extremely cold icebergs and was so cold that it had turned black. That color made JinYu feel that it was a forbidden area for living things.

“Shit. I can bet that if there are animals in this forest, they’re definitely the variation amongst variations, the toughest among the toughest.” JinYu’s tone was extremely certain, “So we must definitely be careful! …Well, you know without me saying this.”

Howl?! [What else is there?]

ErHei very naturally and the opportunistically replied, gaining an appreciative glance from Big Boss Jin.

“That is, in such an extreme environment, I can be sure that if the old man is alive, he must be in this long and narrow forest! This is because even if he is an transcendent powerhouse, he can’t survive in such extremely cold and hot environments.”

As he spoke, JinYu’s expression slowly became happy.

“Ai ya, if that’s the case, then the chances of what I said about the old man voluntarily and impatiently waiting for us to pick him up suddenly rises by fifty percent! It’d be really perfect if there’s a voice or action prompt appearing at this time!”

Just as JinYu finished speaking, when Jia One, Yi One and the six beasts shook their heads, there was a loud explosion of noise from the dark green forest a few kilometers ahead of them. Along with the sound, there was also a the shadow of a golden Qilin appearing in the air as well as several golden characters appearing in turns, which simultaneously stunned JinYu and Qi QingLin: [Lao Zi will be completely dead if you don’t quickly come!!]

[Is there not even one promising younger generation?!! ]

[… Thinking about it, Lao Zi will probably have a grandson soon…]

The big golden character immediately captured Qi QingLin and JinYu’s attention. Their feelings were rather complicated at this time. They felt more shock than pleasantly surprised, and felt suspicious and absurdness towards the happiness that came too suddenly to be true.

He stretched out his foot and ferociously stepped on BaoZi’s paw, and pulled out a bunch of feathers from XiaoXue. Finally, when facing the completely guarded eyes of DaBai and WangWang, he asked in a daze, “This is real?”

Howl howl howl how! [Boss, it really hurts! You’re in-beast-mane (inhumane)!! ]

Chirp chirp tweet!! [This is a fake! If you don’t believe it, try pinching yourself!!]

Looking at the reactions of XiaoXue and BaoZi, JinYu took a deep breath, then turned around and firmly grabbed a guy who was still standing in a daze and rushed to the location, “Qing! A pie has finally dropped from heaven! And it’s even given by our grandpa! This is practically a miracle! Quickly, let’s go and take a look at the old man. On the way, we’ll get all the New Year money he’s owed us for decades!!”

It’s just that the palm in his hand was a little stiff, and because the one being pulled did not move a single jot, the momentum from the step he wanted to take forward caused him to step back and he was pulled into an embrace.

“… Let’s look for the element first.” Qi QingLin’s voice was stiffer than his body.

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February 1, 2020 10:43 pm

Either JinYu is incredibly lucky in his premonitions and the Qi Grandpa really is waiting for them impatiently, or this is some sort of a trap by some yet unknown force. Btw, this planet is seriously wierd, I mean deserts next to icebergs and with extreme temperature differences at that.

Thank you for the chapter!

October 20, 2021 3:08 am

What does “death defying alter Jia One & Yi One, sent out by JiaWu & YiWen” actually mean? Alter-egos are the same person but with another personality… they are physically there, so it’s actually the ‘proper’ them?
Why is Qi Qinglin seemingly avoiding his Grandfather?
If FYS is allowed into the 10 clans ranking, the whole thing is ridiculous; he’s a wanted criminal.
Thanks for translating.

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