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Chapter 44: Fourth World (3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Since he was worried that Bai Duan could not accept his careless feelings, and he was afraid that he would do something wrong again, Xie Yan did not dare to stay. He asked Bai Duan’s IGN  1 and then hurried away.

Bai Duan sent Xie Yan away, stood at the door for a while, and eventually groaned and wiped his face, intending to go into the game to pass the time and divert his attention.

The place where Bai Duan logged in was a lush green forest. Unfortunately, he was in no mood for appreciating the scenery. After turning around in the woods, he opened the map and went to the fox colony.

Although he used to play [Ten Thousand Realms], at that time, Bai Duan was just there for the scenery. All of the tasks and missions were ignored and even his level was far behind his parents. Basically, there was not much difference between the first time he logged in to now. 

Compared to Bai Duan, the novice fox village had changed a lot. It was more exquisite and beautiful, and of course it was more life-like.

In the novice village, Bai Duan soon received a system message saying he had gotten a friend request from Xie Yan’s IGN in [Ten Thousand Realms].

Just because of the scenery in the game, his calmed down mood became confused. Bai Duan accepted the friend request, but his heart became disordered again. When he regained consciousness, Bai Duan found himself standing in the house of a family with a treasure chest in front of him, and the NPC in the house was glaring at him.

Bai Duan looked down at the treasure box opened by himself and felt embarrassed. He often played a variety of single-player games. Once he entered the room, he couldn’t help wanting to search and see the treasure box. He couldn’t help himself.

However, from the NPC’s expression, it seemed that [Ten Thousand Realms] did not support ‘burglary’?

“Sorry…” Bai Duan dry laughed and just wanted to hand over what he had gotten, when he saw the NPC shout, “Thief! Robber!” Then he rushed out of the house.

Bai Duan realized that the situation was not good, and hurried out, but found that the other side had already alerted the whole NPC village. The only thing to be thankful for was that there were no other new players in the new village.

For the first time, Bai Duan, who had always been popular, became a public enemy of the whole village, and suddenly became confused. Seeing the villagers approach him with weapons, he looked at their two digit ranks and equipment, and Bai Duan desperately found himself unable to log out.

Just when Bai Duan thought he was going to die and then revive, a transparent barrier appeared in front of him, which resisted all the fox’s attacks. The next second, an eagle came down from the sky. A human swordsman in black jumped down from the eagle’s back and blocked the attacks in front of Bai Duan.

The long sword at the man’s waist was slightly sheathed, and he was alert to the villagers around the fox. He looked at Bai Duan to his side, and asked in a low voice, “What is going on here?”

Bai Duan had never seen this man before; this swordsman of the human race, with his bright eyes, beautiful features and vigor. But he seemed to be quite familiar with him judging by the tone of his voice.

Bai Duan was stunned by this change, and his expression was embarrassed, “I… I’m used to playing single-player games, I forgot that I can’t get anything from an NPC’s home…”

The human swordsman suddenly laughed, “At first, [Ten Thousand Realms] did not have such a setting, but later, in order to make the world more real, game companies not only improved the NPC’s AI, but also added some guidelines. You just started this game, and it’s normal that you don’t understand.” Then, the man took back the long sword in his hand and made a courtesy bow to the fierce fox people, and privately said to Bai Duan. “You are a fox as well, so the problem isn’t too large. Just return the things and sincerely apologize.” The villagers did not move, weapons still raised and seeing Bai Duan was still a little worried, he gently smiled, quietly comforted, “Rest assured, whether they forgive you or not, I will keep you safe. If it’s a novice village full of NPCs, I can still fight.”

Bai Duan’s heart jumped again, and this familiar reaction made him instantly understand the identity of human swordsman, “… Are you Xie Yan?”

“Un, it’s me.” Xie Yan touched his nose. This time it was his turn to feel embarrassed. “Let’s not talk about it. First, solve this problem. Let’s talk about it later.”

Bai Duan responded by carefully stepping out from behind Xie Yan, holding the ‘evidence of his crime’ in both hands, and, with a red-face, apologized to the ‘victims’.

The fox people saw that he had learned a lesson, and finally dispersed. Only the ‘victim’ and the Fox Village Head stayed, pointing at Bai Duan and scolding him.

When the matter was finally settled, Bai Duan finally relaxed, and looked at Xie Yan’s smiling eyes with embarrassment.

Xie Yan was relieved to see him so embarrassed, “When [Ten Thousand Realms] first made such adjustments, many players suffered losses. If you’re a foreigner to the area, you might be killed by an angry NPC, or you might be thrown into prison. It’s a sad ending. In short, you’re lucky.”

Bai Duan nodded in spite of himself. After a little digestion of everything that happened, Bai Duan said, “Your face…what’s the matter?”

“…I pinched myself.” Xie Yan raised his hand and touched his face. His eyes drifted slightly. “You know what I look like, I… I really didn’t want to play with that face.”

There were two ways of creating characters in [Ten Thousand Realms]. The first was the game capsule directly scanning their original appearance and that creating a game character similar to the player’s original appearance. The other was for the players who were unwilling to reveal their true faces. They were free to shape the characters they manipulate, but if they wanted to make the characters look nice or spontaneous, they would definitely spend a lot of time and energy. However, a lot of people were often too eager to look different. Naturally, it was normal to be overwhelmed by this. 

Before entering the game, Xie Yan spent several weeks shaping his character’s facial features bit by bit, until he finally perfected the image of a handsome and heroic man. Even Xie Yan had to admit that his original ‘ambition’ was achieved and he created a great character.

However, although the character was well sculpted, it was still fake after all. Xie Yan, who had already shown his real body to Bai Duan, was wearing a handsome false mask to appear again at this moment, which really made him feel embarrassed to play.

Hearing Xie Yan’s explanation, Bai Duan finally remembered the differences between the characters in [Ten Thousand Realms] he had used the scanning method because it was more convenient and simple, and he didn’t care about his appearance.

It has to be said that Xie Yan’s image contrast in reality and in game was too big, which had caused considerable visual impact for Bai Duan. He stared at Xie Yan for a long time, and finally squeezed out four words, “… It’s a good face.”

Xie Yan closed his eyes and felt his heart collapse. Fortunately, Xie Yan had gone through many things, which were able to harden himself to be commonly known as being ‘thick-skinned.’ After a moment’s embarrassment, he immediately shifted the topic and asked what Bai Duan wanted to do next.

Bai Duan thought for a moment and shook his head. “It’s up to you to decide. I know nothing about the game now. No sooner had I entered the game than I was almost forked to death by an NPC.”

Xie Yan smiled, and his eyes swept over Bai Duan’s drooping ears and tail. His heart was itchy and he really wanted to knead and touch it.

Although the appearance of foxes and minks were not the same, Bai Duan looked like when they first met, really… lovely.

With a slight cough to interrupt his own thoughts, Xie Yan said seriously, “You’ve just started [Ten Thousand Realms], so I will take you to brush up your skills. You’ll gain a lot of experience and you can get your levels up faster.”

Seeing no reason to object, Bai Duan nodded.

However, Xie Yan did not directly lead Bai Duan away, instead he went to the novice village to talk with the storekeeper. He also did not forget to explain to Bai Duan, “To facilitate the players, though they are not quite consistent with the ‘truth’ that has been consistently adhered to in [Ten Thousand Realms], the cities and villages in the game are common and can be used at any time. This is where you can get suitable equipment for beginners. The equipment you currently have is…bad. It’d be way too dangerous for you to even try to level up.”

Bai Duan listened and accepted Xie Yan’s deal, but he hesitated when he saw the equipment Xie Yan handed to him.

Although he didn’t know much about the equipment system of [Ten Thousand Realms], his equipment was obviously the best of the best. The equipment was not only excellent in attribute, but also beautiful in appearance, and even had been developed to shine with a special effect halo.

And most importantly, the equipment was account locked after being equipped. Once Bai Duan wore the items, it could no longer be returned to Xie Yan.

Bai Duan did not like the feeling of owing a favor. He had accepted Xie Yan’s food, and then said he would help him to lose weight in return. Now these expensive equipment items naturally make him feel out of sorts, and he immediately shoved them back at Xie Yan. “This equipment is too precious! I cannot take them!”

“Take it.” Xie Yan did not accept Bai Duan’s refusal, “I am a high-level, and I cannot use this equipment any longer. The most I can do is throw it away.”

“I don’t believe it.” Bai Duan frowned. “These pieces are all new and have not been used. It must have been difficult for you to collect them so carefully.”

“… Yeah, they were once useful, but I don’t need them now.” Xie Yan’s eyes drooped slightly and a bitter smile appeared on his lips.

Originally, the game was very intentional and wanted to use the players’ enthusiasm for life and target it into the game to turn it into a real ‘reality.’ This intent was to let players gain items naturally.

In a short span of two years, Xie Yan was regarded as the number one player in the world. He had revealed his true appearance because of a previous storm. Now he was known, he had to hide to play. 

If he wanted to play games with Bai Duan, he would naturally meet people who knew him, and it was impossible to hide his past. Now that Bai Duan asked, Xie Yan revealed only a little to him, laying down the foundation for the future.

He felt really bad. Every time he was asked to carry, it felt like he was crying tears of bitterness.

Xie Yan’s heart was full of bitterness and his voice was slightly choked. He seemed to hold back the sadness which was hard to say, but he made it easy. “Now it doesn’t matter. The person I wanted to give them to… It’s not worth it anymore. If you don’t take them, I’m going to throw them away…. Look at my eyes.”

Bai Duan opened his mouth and did not know what to say for a while. He looked at Xie Yan’s red eyes and stubborn closed lips. Gradually, the beautiful face turned into a pale fat fellow who could not see clearly.

… Clearly this picture of him about to cry looked so ugly, but Bai Duan’s heart felt like it was going to burst from the pain.

A subconscious tightness was on both sides of his body, Bai Duan struggled for a moment, and finally obeyed his wishes, raised his hand to Xie Yan’s head, and touched it comfortably.

He had pity for Xie Yan’s bad experiences, and hatred for people who bullied others. At the same time, he also felt jealousy that he had never felt before. He was jealous of the man who let Xie Yan prepare these equipments with such great care, but abandoned them. 

… Did he really like this fat man who could not see any light and do nothing except cook? And only after the first day they met?!

Bai Duan was caught in deep self-doubt and self-spite, and Xie Yan was left on the spot by the thinking Bai Duan, almost forgetting to continue acting.

This was the first time that Bai Duan touched his head with such a tender and compassionate attitude. The feeling of changing positions made Xie Yan feel a little unsuitable, but he also felt that…it was especially impressive.

… Suddenly, there was an impulse to go on like this in this life and use his ‘pitiful past’ and enjoy him lover’s pity. What should he do?!

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