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Chapter 45: Fourth World (4)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Although he was curious about what happened before to Xie Yan, Bai Duan didn’t dare ask. After all, he and Xie Yan didn’t know each other, and just as Xie Yan was worried that too much rashness would leave a bad impression on Bai Duan because of his appearance, Bai Duan was afraid to ask too much. He still didn’t understand, or couldn’t really accept, his special ‘feelings’ for Xie Yan, and didn’t want to be too close or alienated from him. The best thing was to keep the status quo.

Under Xie Yan’s ‘persuasion and self mockery’, Bai Duan finally accepted the set of equipment and wore it with great anxiety. Although Xie Yan’s original appearance was not pleasing, his aesthetic sense for items was very good. Bai Duan originally looked good and selecting the fox species in the game added even more charm. In addition, the equipment made him look like a piece of elegant jade. Bai Duan could live up to the status of being part of the ‘fox species.’

Xie Yan liked it in his heart, but he was not satisfied that the equipment was not made by himself. At the same time, he secretly decided to start creating Bai Duan a set of equipment, which could not be inferior to the wearer.

Seeing Xie Yan looking at him, Bai Duan felt uneasy and didn’t grasp the hem of the equipment happily. “You don’t think this set of equipment is better thrown away? Are you sure you will be fine seeing me wear it every time you meet me?” 

To be honest, he was worried that Xie Yan would ‘see it and think of someone else’.

At a glance, he saw Bai Duan’s displeasure. Xie Yan knew what was going on. He smiled gently, not worried, but also with some relief, “Of course not. If you wear them, it will finally let me feel that my hard work is not in vain. Although the process had been a little more tortuous, they have finally found a more suitable destination perhaps a blessing in disguise?”

The melancholic worry in Bai Duan’s heart was quickly dispersed by this, and it was hard to keep his ears from turning red. He only felt that his reactions were more and more like he was ‘falling in love’, and he even felt happy or worried just because of an expression or a word from the other side… It was totally unscientific! Obviously, he was a fat man with a daunting appearance, but when he stayed with him like this, Bai Duan found that Xie Yan was a flirtatious person. It was a level 8 in love talk! He didn’t know whether it was natural or because ‘practice makes perfect’.

However, although Xie Yan made his heart beat faster, Bai Duan couldn’t help but want to laugh at the thought of his chubby appearance in reality. Even though he tried to bear it, his face could not help but show a little smile.

Xie Yan, of course, knew what the meaning of the smile was. He rubbed his nose in frustration and complained about his body over a hundred times. The only thing to be thankful for was that Bai Duan didn’t feel disgusted at his insinuations, either unintentional or intentional, or even… liked it a little bit? 

Maybe, at the end of the last world, the memory seal really began to loosen.

However, this time, Xie Yan was very grateful for this. After all, if it wasn’t for this initial goodwill bonus, he probably couldn’t have made such a smooth progress with Bai Duan without being completely encumbered by his appearance. To stop Bai Duan from thinking about Xie Yan’s fat and round appearance, he decisively brought him to the newbie dungeons. Xie Yan showcased his own greatness there by winning all ten battles he participated in, directly refreshing the week’s records.

The game wanted their world to look as real as possible. Although players could use pre-programmed attacks set by the game itself, they encouraged them to explore, innovate and design their own attacks.

In the game, the characters controlled by the players were the projection of their own consciousness, and the brain wave activities with strong and purposeful intent were captured by the game capsule. Therefore, the action moves of the players in the game were more smooth, quick and free than in the previous generation of keyboard online games and VR online games.

Xie Yan’s original body spent a lot of effort to study the game, which was the so-called ‘diligence can make up for weakness’, as long as he practiced more, be believed that practice makes perfect. Xie Yan inherited the research and experience of the original body, plus his mental power was much stronger than the original body, and his use of mental power was more accurate and efficient. Once the game started, even if it was limited by the game itself, the actual force was still above the original body.

Not only Xie Yan, but also Bai Duan unconsciously felt the benefits brought by having a strong mental power.

Bai Duan was originally born in a world of cultivation. The world of cultivation pays attention to the cultivation of spirits and minds, and his foundation of spiritual power was far beyond ordinary people. Now it had passed through three worlds smoothly and he had obtained enough energy to evolve. The power of his spirit had grown stronger and stronger naturally. Although it was far less than Xie Yan, it was enough to control this game character.

While Xie Yan was trying to beat the little monsters, Bai Duan was not idle. Although the level of the beasts were relatively low, his skin was fragile and blood was thin, and there was no effective way to attack. But by relying on his good equipment and the speed bonus of his fox traits, he followed Xie Yan’s specially selected little monsters, and his movements became more and more skilled and flexible, just like a white whirlwind flowing around the little monsters. He gradually killed a lot of them, full of a sense of achievement.

Seeing Bai Duan happily playing the game, Xie Yan, although somewhat dissatisfied that he was being ignored, did not disturb him.

Since the original body had concern for the game, to make this counter-attack work, he would not only need to become better in reality, but also needed to correct Xie Yan’s original body’s IGN and change back to the worshipped ‘God’. In this case, Xie Yan had to spend a lot of time in the game. Only when Bai Duan was really interested in the game, rather than just sightseeing party, could he stay longer in the game, so that Xie Yan could continue to ‘get the moon from the water’.

Therefore, Xie Yan didn’t stop Bai Duan’s ‘wasting time’ behavior. Instead, he tried to set aside as many small monsters for him to practice on. From time to time, he would open his mouth to guide him, so that he could feel the charm of the game more. In this way, Xie Yan only needed a little more than ten minutes to brush through one novice dungeon, and realized they had been playing for half a day. Fortunately, although it took a long time, the harvest was also very rich.

Bai Duan’s level doubled directly by using a charm for ‘compensating old players’ given by the game. He also had his own understanding of the game’s moves and got rid of the novice and ignorant new identity, and was able to really enter the vast world of [Ten Thousand Realms.]

After finishing the ten dungeons, Xie Yan and Bai Duan were relieved. They were strong in spirit, they didn’t feel tired, but they were slightly bored.

“What are we going to do next?” Standing at the door of the dungeon, Bai Duan shifted his body since his level rose, he felt that his body was lighter and more powerful, which made him excited.

“Go to the nearest city.” Xie Yan opened the map, “Demon Moon City is the main city of all demonic families. When the demon players leave the novice village of their own ethnic groups, they will gather there you need to learn more fox skills there.”

“Okay!” Bai Duan eyes slightly brightened, obviously quite looking forward to the ‘new skills’ Xie Yan mentioned. After all, only by mastering more racial skills could players have a deeper understanding of their own race, and more easily create their own unique skills. What’s more, the special effects of the skills in [Ten Thousand Realms] were gorgeous, colorful and loved by Bai Duan.

After confirming the following itinerary, Xie Yan summoned his flying mount and pulled Bai Duan on the eagle’s back. The giant eagle soared, and the strong winds made Bai Duan unable to open his eyes. He had to hold Xie Yan’s waist and bury his head into his back to resist the strong winds.

Xie Yan had many flying mounts, but he chose the fastest giant eagle at the moment, which was obviously the wrong choice. However, even though he was distracted by Bai Duan’s movement, his face was still serious, “I’m sorry, your defense is relatively low and it may be a little uncomfortable to ride the giant eagle.”

“…It’s okay. ” Bai Duan’s mouth was closed to prevent cold wind from pouring into his lungs. Fortunately, the communication in the game depended, not only on voice, but also on the mind.

This was the first time that Bai Duan was close to someone outside his family, and it was also someone that made him feel something. Naturally, he couldn’t be behind him without feeling his heart palpitate.

Xie Yan’s original soul already despaired his own figure in reality, so he spent most of his energy on the game. He not only worked hard on his legs, and arms, but also had eight abdominal muscles. More importantly, he also wanted to show off this good figure. The equipment he chose not only had excellent attributes, but also had beautiful shapes. Some parts were even light and thin. 

Bai Duan wrapped his arms around Xie Yan’s waist. With a touch of his hand, he could feel the hard texture of his skin.

This image was totally the extreme from reality. He didn’t know whether it was funny or sad and was probably because the contrast was too big, so it was ‘too much is not enough’.

Bai Duan felt Xie Yan’s abdominal muscles and went stiff. He had to say something to ease his mood, “Say… Are you famous in the game? When I went through the dungeon, there were many people watching you every time I went in and out.”

Xie Yan tsked in his heart and said, with a bitter smile in his tone, “Hmmm… Yeah, I’m kinda famous, but it’s not because I have a good reputation. Later… Maybe it will bring you some trouble.”

“…I don’t care. Don’t worry too much.” Bai Duan’s was not eloquent and he didn’t know how to comfort people. He could only respond in this way but secretly regretted that his conversation skills were poor and felt that he had hurt the other party. 

Bai Duan had always been a lone ranger in the game. He liked to play single player games and often played online games in a single player mode. Only when more than one person had to cooperate did he find a temporary team but left the team immediately after finishing the task. So, this also caused him to play not for a long time in every online game, as he got bored easily, and he would then move on to a new game.

Since he didn’t have any contact with other players, Bai Duan didn’t care what other people thought of him. However, the players at the dungeon gate looked at him and Xie Yan, which really made him unhappy.

For Xie Yan, their looks were ridiculing, contemptuous and disgusted, but for Bai Duan, some people sympathized for him, some people gloated, some people looked at him doubtfully. All in all, they were not comfortable.

He sighed quietly in his heart. Bai Duan didn’t talk about this problem any more. Instead, he asked about ‘Demon Moon City’. Fortunately, the giant eagle was very fast, and they didn’t lack any topic. In a flash, they arrived outside Demon Moon City.

Compared with the natural and simple scenery of the novice fox village, Demon Moon City was obviously set with another style. The tall and heavy city wall stood in silence. The two characters ‘Demon Moon’ were bright and majestic. In the city, there were pavilions, houses, cars and horses. It was a bustling and prosperous scene.

Demon Moon City was the main city of the demon nationality. It gathered all demon nationalities. Looking at it, all NPCs and most players had animal ears, demon horns, demon patterns or tails, which was really called ‘variety’ and ‘colorful’.

Since Demon Moon City was very big, Bai Duan didn’t stroll around much, but followed Xie Yan straight to the school of those with fox nationality, intending to learn the skills first.

At the entrance of the Hu school, they met a famous swordsman and a fox tribe teenager. They also seemed to have just learned their skills and left. When they saw Bai Duan and Xie Yan, they stopped at once. They obviously knew Xie Yan. At least they looked at him differently.

The human swordsman slightly raised his mouth, while the young man with a white fox tail beside him looked uneasy and guilty, and bit his ruddy lips gently.

The young man looked pretty. It seemed that he wanted to be held in the palm of one’s hand to be cared for by people. It was almost instinctive. Bai Duan realized that he was the ‘original intended owner’ of the equipment on his body, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Was this the saying that ‘friends shouldn’t get together’?

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