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Chapter 166: Grandson

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Since he was not a fool, JinYu could hear Qi Qinglin’s reluctance and worry about looking for the element. And JinYu was definitely not a fool. Perhaps as long as not all emotions and desires were cut off, in the current situation, there would be some confusion and hesitation. Although Qi Qinglin looked quite cold-blooded, he was really not a guy without emotions and desires.

So when it came to this confusing time, the existence of a partner was extremely important.

JinYu rolled his eyes at Qi Qinglin, and said with a frustrated look, “You’ve been with me for such a long time, how come you haven’t become as transparent as me yet?! I know that your mood is basically the same as that of normal people. You may also have some grievances and unwillingness, but ah! Anyway, you have to hold on! We won’t rule out all kinds of emergencies. Maybe the old man’s brain is broken because he has been stuck here for a long time, and he can’t tell right from wrong. Maybe we won’t see his fat grandson before we see his son, so we should be happy. Wait, wait, wait, wait, no matter what kinds of things, don’t get excited.”

Qi Qinglin looked at the guy who was talking. He couldn’t help but smirk. He didn’t think much about this whale, but he didn’t know how to deal with him, and he worried that he was lying. Who would have thought this man could be so nervous? But looking at Jin Yu’s obviously worried expression, Qi Qinglin couldn’t help but feel warm in his heart.

He reached out and rubbed the face and head of a certain fish, and then he said steadily, “I don’t need anything from him, so I’m not excited.”

“Yes, you are not excited. He will be excited when he sees you.”

“If he is the same as that man, I’ll use him or keep him quiet.”

“…” Jin Yu reached out and wiped his face. It’s your grandpa. Don’t be so cruel.

“Let’s go. Maybe he’ll be dead soon.”

Qi Qinglin pulled Jinyu into the dark green narrow forest in the middle of Wild Star Phoenix Six. XiaoXue, BaoZi, DaBai and WangWang behind them also ran, flew or sat on someone else in that direction, leaving Jia One and Yi One with stiff faces.

It was not easy to wait for the petrochemical to be removed. Jia One poked Yi One.

“It doesn’t seem very scientific… Isn’t it true that every year a spaceship will come to check the situation on Phoenix 6. If the Qilin and whale are telling the truth, even if the crew of the spacecraft were mentally retarded, someone should be found! We shouldn’t go into such a trap!”

Yi One didn’t take it seriously when he heard it. Traps were too targeted. The first stage of wild star six was the forbidden area for people and beasts. even if there were traps, they should be natural traps. However, the present one looked like a signal. As for this signal, it had been discovered by Qi Qinglin more than thirty years ago, but only feared it being operable.

They only needed to know that the distance between capital star and wild star six was extensive, and a space jump would take two days, and even the people of the top ten families couldn’t afford to visit every year. In addition, the Qi family having a contact with the core for so many years was due to Qi Yunxiao and Yuan Jingya. What was the situation of wild star six?

Tut, it was the reason why he was under the leader’s hands and why he tried to stop his habitual thinking. The more he knew, the earlier he died. It was better for him to know less as the leader’s younger brother!

“What do you think? I’m not afraid that my brain will be taken out.” Jia One put out his hand and continued to poke, then went back to the spaceship. “Big boss went to see the situation, both of us can’t help it, but at least we should make sure that the spaceship is okay. Otherwise, when the time comes, the apology will be light.”

Yi One rolled his eyes. Even if he wanted to try to pretend to be a fool, when he was with a real fool, he really found, quite tragically, that no matter how he pretended, he was not the most stupid one. He really wanted someone to take the trouble. Otherwise, he was afraid that he would cut down his own man, this fool with only force.

At the same time, Qi Qinglin and JinYu arrived at the place where the golden qilin image appeared.

The area was a strange swamp.

One side was crimson, the other was a blackish blue.

In the middle of the two colors, there was an old man with white hair, and beside him was a black leopard with two claws on his thigh.


Is that his father? But what’s the matter with the black leopard nearby?


Don’t ask me, I don’t know.

When Jin Yu and Qi Qinglin saw such a picture, they don’t know what to do. Then they looked at each other.

But what surprised Jin Yu was that they just looked at each other. They didn’t make a sound and stood at least 20 kilometers away. The old man and leopard sitting in the middle of the strange swamp noticed their arrival.

“I don’t know which family’s brave child or explorer this newcomer is? If you can, the old man needs your help. I’m a good man.”

“… %$@%…… % “

Was this really a man who had been away from the world for too long? Generally, good people don’t say that they are good people.

Just before Qi Qinglin and Jin Yu answered, the old man looked like he had found something that should be impossible. He immediately wondered aloud, “What’s this aura!!”

Suddenly, Qi Qinglin’s face changed, and he grabbed Jinyu’s hand tightly, and almost gave a roar. At the same time, a black qilin suddenly appeared behind Qi Qinglin, almost the same as the golden qilin, except for the color.

“Hello! Old man! What did you do to him?” After looking at what happened to Qi Qinglin suddenly, Jin Yu knew that it was due to the old man who was sitting in the middle. This qilin was his life.

At this time, the old man was not in a hurry. Looking at Jinyu’s fried fish scales, he just smiled happily. “What can be activated by my blood is definitely my lineal blood. Anyway, he is not the son of this old man. Calculating the time… The girl in the family should have had a grandson for this old man. So dear grandson, come and shout out grandpa! Ha ha ha ha ha ~ I’ll tell you, I’m sure that my daughter-in-law is good, and my grandson is also a top-ranking Qi! Even if my incompetent son won’t come to save his Laozi, Laozi’s grandson will come! Look at you! Haven’t you come now! Take back your abandoned bullshit-”

“My mother died a few days after I was born.” Qi Qinglin looked at the old man whose face suddenly turned pale, just like a candle glow. He spoke above sentence without hesitation. It made the old man look stiff and suspicious.

But even so, Qi Qinglin was not going to stop talking.

“I was born in my beast shape. After my mother died, I was sent to the satellite base of the Qi family’s home for sixteen years.”


“That man married Yuan Jingya three months after my mother died. Six months later, my brother was born.”


“I have had more than a hundred assassination attempts since I escaped from the base. So old man, the truth is never as good as you think. For example, I don’t like my father at all and want to hang him. For example, if you had been trapped here for twenty or thirty years, it is not a natural disaster but a man-made one.”

When Qi Qinglin told the old man the reality word by word, Jin Yu suddenly found that the marsh, which was peaceful at first, gradually started shaking, and the amplitude of the shaking was getting larger and larger, with collapse imminent.

R… Roar!!!

At this time, the panther, who was lying on the old man’s leg, roared loudly. Then everything calmed down gradually, but the old man’s face became pale and red, and his expression was extremely ferocious.

“No filial piety, bastard son!”

“Grandson! Go back to beat my son with me!!!!”

Looking at the face of the old man of the Qi family who had changed from ferocious to pleasant and then ferocious, Jinyu and the black leopard turned their eyes at the same time. Damn, are you and your grandson genetically altered?! Besides, if you want to beat up your son, you need to come out of there first, okay?!

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Now we know were qql’s attitude came from!! xD
TYSM for the chapter.

February 2, 2020 10:41 pm

I like this grandpa. This mighty attitude of Qi QingLin is fully hereditary, for sure, as we have a prime example here. Qi dad’s days as the clan head (and perhaps his life, too) are already counted and his evil wife will finally go away in shame (oh, goody XD). I don’t know about the idiot second son. But first they have to find the missing element, leave this planet safely and go back to kick some bas***d’s ass for messing with beasts.

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