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Chapter 53: Fourth World (12)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Sulo

Although he was deeply skeptical of Luo Xi’s intention, Bai Duan did not refuse his invitation, “So, what are you going to talk about?”

Luo Xi looked at the bustling players around the warehouse uneasily, “It’s not convenient to say what I want here. Let’s find another place?”

Luo Xi was a famous person in the game. Although Bai Duan hadn’t been in the game for long, and he had been running around with Xie Yan because of the hidden mission, Bai Duan rarely appeared in front of people, but he still had a certain reputation in the game. First of all, it was because he had a thing with the infamous Xie Yan, so naturally, he was quite noticeable by other people. Another reason was that he was good-looking.

Bai Duan’s appearance in reality was already one of the best beauties out there. Now that he was in the game, he had the added charm of the fox race. In addition, the gorgeous and beautiful equipment he had highlighted his appearance and temperament, making him almost unforgettable. So, although he didn’t like to communicate with people and didn’t see people much, Bai Duan quickly occupied a place on the beauty list. Moreover, since people rarely saw him, that made his appearance even more precious, a lot of really idle and bored players enjoyed seeing him a lot.

Now, with both Bai Duan and Luo Xi appearing in front of the warehouse at the same time, many people were already paying close attention to them in secret, so the always busy warehouse seemed to be especially crowded and bustling today.

Luo Xi’s character was much weaker. Obviously, he was not comfortable with the crowd.

Although Bai Duan was used to being watched by others in reality, he didn’t intend to talk about his ‘sweetheart’ with his ‘love enemy’ in the public. Even though the game would protect their privacy, making it so that no one could hear their conversation, Bai Duan would rather not talk about this here.

After nodding his head, Bai Duan took the lead and walked away from the warehouse. At the same time, he asked Luo Xi, who was as uneasy as if he was Bai Duan’s mistress, as he followed behind Bai Duan, “Where should we go to talk?”

Luo Xi was relieved after leaving the crowd’s gazes. Hearing Bai Duan’s question, he quickly took two steps forward and said, “Let’s go to the tavern. There are private rooms there… ”

Bai Duan was not against the idea.

Since he had been mostly running around with Xie Yan in the mountains, Bai Duan was not even familiar with the main city of the demon race, let alone the main city of the human race
even if he had been with Zhao ZeHong once, he still couldn’t figure out where the restaurant was.

Bai Duan followed Luo Xi to the tavern. Instead of asking for a private room from the tavern owner, Luo Xi went straight upstairs with Bai Duan. It was obvious that he had already made a reservation. As soon as he pushed the door open, Bai Duan found that there was another man in the compartment, which made Bai Duan frown in discontent.

Even though they had only encountered once, Bai Duan remembered Xie Yan’s affairs clearly, and naturally recognized that this was Cheng Hong, the one who revealed Xie Yan’s appearance in reality to everyone in the game. Towards a person who harmed others intentionally, Bai Duan had a poor impression. In addition, the person he hurt was Xie Yan, which made Bai Duan extremely disgusted.

Bai Duan had always been sought after since he was just a child, because of his appearance and family background. Naturally, he wasn’t someone who was used to hiding his thoughts and feelings. He was a straightforward person and he showed his likes and dislikes very clearly. As such, he did not hide his dissatisfaction and antipathy towards the ‘unexpected guest.’

Aware of Bai Duan’s rejection, Cheng Hong and Luo Xi were both a bit embarrassed. Cheng Hong scratched his nose, but he had no choice. After all, Bai Duan was different from Xie Yan, he was not someone he could easily trample on. Although Bai Duan had a soft temperament, when he got angry, he would show an extremely fierce side that only people with high status would. It made people subconsciously scared and feel small — Cheng Hong was always the best at trampling on weaker people, but never the ones who were stronger.

Seeing that Cheng Hong wasn’t speaking, Luo Xi gave a wry smile, “Hmm. I think you most likely know even more clearly than I do about what I’m going to say…”

“Okay.” Bai Duan interrupted Luo Xi’s hesitating words, he was rather impatient with his circular way of speaking. He walked into the room, then chose a place randomly to sit down. He took the lead and said, “Now, can you speak already?”

Luo Xi sat behind Bai Duan, he looked at Cheng Hong anxiously, and then turned his eyes to Bai Duan. He asked dryly, “You and Qian LinFeng, how did you guys get to know each other?”

“What does this have to do with you?” Bai Duan frowned, but he also knew that if he was too uncooperative and if they couldn’t achieve their goal, they would pester him for a longer time, “We met in the fox race novice village. I was in a bit of trouble, and he helped me.”

Because he didn’t want to talk about his life with Xie Yan in reality, he simply said that their ‘first encounter’ was in the game, which was not a complete lie anyway.

Hearing Bai Duan’s words, Luo Xi’s face showed a bit of sadness and nostalgia, and seemed to be remembering his first meeting with Xie Yan. At that time, he was also in a dilemma, and was chased by the little monsters. Xie Yan fell from the sky and saved him as if he was a God. The shock he felt at that moment was still very fresh in his memories.

Bai Duan was observing carefully, and did not miss the reminiscing look on Luo Xi’s face. He immediately became alert, “What? Don’t tell me you are regretting it now. Do you want to get back together with him?”

Bai Duan was already worried about the possibility of a new love interest while Xie Yan was away in another city, so he was absolutely unwilling to have the ‘returning of the ex’ senario happening!

For this question, both Luo Xi and Cheng Hong were totally caught off guard. Luo Xi choked, leaving a pair of shocked eyes. Cheng Hong also choked on his tea, the tea directly went down his throat, making him cough several times.

Cheng Hong’s eyes widened, he no longer cared about Bai Duan’s intimidating look. He opened his mouth in awe, “What do you mean?! Are you really telling me that you’ve fallen in love with Xie… Qian LinFeng?”

Cheng Hong looked as if he had just seen something incredible, which made Bai Duan extremely unhappy. Although he was still hesitating whether to confess to Xie Yan, he would never let others insult his sweetheart like this.

“Yes, so what? What’s the problem?” At this moment, Bai Duan, who wanted to fight for Xie Yan, became more firm. He raised his eyebrows and said, “I was being so obvious. Do you even need to ask? Of course I like him!”

Cheng Hong showed an expression as if he was eating flies, “Don’t you look at the forums? Haven’t you seen what he looks like in reality?”

“I don’t go to the forums, and I am not interested in reading those so-called ‘revelation posts’ which are always full of slander, speculations and nonsense,” Bai Duan glanced at Cheng Hong contemptuously and took a big breath after he finished. When he saw Cheng Hong’s expression glowing as he wanted to ‘tell Bai Duan the truth’, Bai Duan beat his hopes down directly, “I have already met him in reality and we have even been living together for quite a while.”

Seeing Cheng Hong opening his mouth wide, wanting to speak, but not knowing what to say, made Bai Duan’s tone a little boastful. He even exaggerated his relationship with Xie Yan deliberately. Even he had to admit, in order to stand up for Xie Yan and fight back against Xie Yan’s ‘ex’, Bai Duan was already doing his utmost. He had never been so thick skinned, lying while completely disregarding the facts!

However, Bai Duan’s demonstrations were not understood. After a while, Cheng Hong wanted to be sure that he hadn’t heard wrong. Looking at Bai Duan, he had a look full of disbelief, “Have you really met him in reality? Living together?! How can you stand his face?”

“What’s wrong with his face?” Hearing Xie Yan’s words, Bai Duan was even more unhappy, “Isn’t fat cute? And it feels great to hug!” After a short pause, he remembered that the ‘ex’ was listening to him as well, so Bai Duan resisted the urge to brag about how soft to the touch his fat lover was. “Moreover, I am choosing a lover, not a model. What’s the use of just having good looks? The most important thing is that he is good to me! Xie Yan was even more attentive and thoughtful to me than my parents were. I feel comfortable, at ease and free of worries when I’m with him. Isn’t that the most important thing?”

Listening to Bai Duan talking about Xie Yan’s good points, Luo Xi’s expression was not only in a trance, but completely daydreaming. Naturally, Luo Xi knew how great Qian LinFeng was, he used to protect him and if Luo Xi asked for the stars, he would give him the moon. At that time, he was as happy and satisfied as Bai Duan was right now.

However, he paid too much attention to the gazes of the people around him, and the Qian LinFeng in his mind was too perfect, so when he knew of the real appearance of Qian LinFeng, he couldn’t bear the huge contrast. Then, he heard the people’s ridicule, he could not bear to see it. When the fake image was shattered, he chose to escape rather than face it head on.

After all, he still had feelings for Qian LinFeng. They had been together and he had been under the other’s care for so long. Anyone would be moved and would fall for him. However, this feeling was not enough for Luo Xi to stand up and accept the imperfect side of Qian LinFeng, he didn’t have the courage to fight against the public opinion together with Qian LinFeng.

As such, after Qian LinFeng understood that Luo Xi was running away and was forced to accept their break up, Luo Xi was both relieved and sorry. After all, except Qian LinFeng, there was no one who was so kind to him.

No one else would completely give up what he had to do and stay with him; no one else would always pay close attention to his needs. No matter what he wanted, it would be sent to him at first notice. Apart from Qian LinFeng, Luo Xi also had other pursuers, but no matter which one, when compared to Qian LinFeng, said competitor’s attitude would seem somewhat careless and inadequate. He was the only choice for Qian LinFeng, but for other pursuers, he was only one of their choices.

Since breaking up with Qian LinFeng, Luo Xi had not been living well. His nature was not aggressive, he didn’t want to be outstanding. Instead, he was more used to relying on others. Once there was not a partner for him to rely on wholeheartedly, he immediately lost his direction, and the quality of his life and the fun he had in the game plummeted.

Now, looking at the carefree, proud and glowing Bai Duan, who was loved by Qian LinFeng, and the exquisite and beautiful equipment Bai Duan had, Luo Xi felt like he was looking at his past self. Even though his nature was weak and hated conflict, at this moment, he also felt jealousy— This was something that belonged to him. If…

If he didn’t choose to give up…

Once upon a time, Luo Xi never regretted his actions, he only felt slightly apologetic. But at this moment, listening to Bai Duan’s deliberately bragging, making him recall the days when he was in Qian LinFeng’s embrace. Then, thinking about how his life was right now, Luo Xi felt a hint of regret.

Holding in the negative feelings that he seldom had back, Luo Xi bit his lip and said slowly, “But don’t you think we are too similar?”

So this was what he wanted to say to Bai Duan. At first, it was just out of a good intention, worrying that Bai Duan was like him, being catfished by Qian LinFeng or was taken as a substitute for him. But at this moment, when this sentence was really voiced out, it sounded maliciously filled with jealousy.

“You and me, we both have beautiful appearances, we are both white foxes. Even our first encounter with Qian LinFeng was somewhat similar. When we got into trouble in the novice village, he helped us…” Luo Xi looked straight into Bai Duan’s eyes, with unease in his eyes, he continued, “Don’t you think it’s too similar?”

Bai Duan narrowed his eyes slightly and raised his eyebrows — this is… So, finally, you are going to stop pretending to be a weak and deceitful rabbit, and this is your final move?

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