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Retirement Life (Ancient Transmigration)
Retirement Life (Ancient Transmigration)

Retirement Life (Ancient Transmigration)

By Luo Gu

Genre: fantasy, BL, mpreg, farming, cooking, amnesia, ancient times, transmigration, rebirth, wars, xianthia, family life, slice of life, 

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Finished, 70 and 4 extras

Translator: Addis

Editor: Sulo


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Four years after the end of the world, Lin Mo finally gave up running and died in a zombie tide. However, when he woke up, he found himself transmigrating. Lin Mo was very satisfied with his leisurely life after crossing. What he is most satisfied with is that he has someone who loves him. Hungry, cold, or sick, someone cares about him and protects him. For Lin Mo, at the end of his life, Cheng Yan is his little angel.

Cheng Yan, with a serious face, listening to his wife: Mn, I am.

A group of generals and soldiers: …..

All servants of the palace: …..


Chapter 1: Rebirth in Ancient Times

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo’s consciousness gradually became clear from the chaos. Before he fully woke up, the instinct accumulated from his last escape, that lasted for more than a year, forced him to open his eyes. Even though his heart was beating fast, Lin Mo still reduced the sound of his breathing. Although Lin Mo was disappointed that he had not died from such a severe injury, what he had to do now was to try not to let the researchers catch him.

However, when Lin Mo’s vision became clear, he found that something was wrong. If he guessed right, he should have a mosquito net around him, right? He clearly remembered that where he fell unconscious was a dank alley surrounded by zombies. Lin Mo turned his head to the other side to observe where he was now.

Incorrect! It was all wrong!

Before Lin Mo came up with a plan, he heard footsteps coming from a distance approaching closer. Lin Mo was anxious.

Squeak… The door opened, and two ten-year-old-looking children, who looked exactly the same, and were a pair of twins, walked in. Lin Mo had tensed up when he saw the children coming in, but when he saw something in one of the children’s hands, his attention was diverted.

He smelled the scent of food.

“Fourth Brother, wake up!” The ten-year-old with the porcelain bowl said happily when he saw that his Fourth Brother was awake.

Lin Mo didn’t respond to him but still kept his eyes fixed on the bowl in his hand. His nearly rusty brain began to work slowly. It seemed that he hadn’t eaten normal food for more than three years, let alone a bowl of hot porridge.

In the Research Institute, the place where Lin Mo stayed most was the operating table. In order not to let him die, those people injected him with fluids to maintain his physiological function. Then, more than a year later, his food became more and more strange, and could no longer be called food.

“Mother and Elder brother went to the fields to weed. Sister-in-law is feeding our nephew and niece. Today, Sixth Brother and I will take care of Fourth Brother.” Lin Xing went to bed with the bowl.

“Fifth Brother, Fourth Brother should be hungry.” Lin Chen reminded the wordy Lin Xing.

“Ah? Oh, get Fourth Brother up first.” Lin Xing put the bowl on the wooden table and asked Lin Chen to come and help.

Lin Chen skillfully took off his shoes and climbed into the bed. The two children, one by one, lifted Lin Mo on the bed and made him lean on the edge of the bed.

Lin Mo’s conditioned reflex was to avoid their touch, but his body was unable to move.

Lin Mo looked at them expressionless and tensed his nerves. It was all so weird. Was this a vision created by a psychic? But Lin Mo quickly denied the conjecture thinking that even the most advanced psychic couldn’t change his body. Obviously, this body was not his original one.

Before Lin Mo could figure anything out, he was attracted by the smell of food. The smell of meat and rice porridge made Lin Mo swallow his saliva. Lin Mo ate the porridge that the child fed him, and the warm porridge slowly warmed his body.

It was so warm, this wasn’t a dream?

“Fourth Brother, why are you crying?” Lin Xing saw his fourth elder brother eating and weeping. He was a little flustered, his brother didn’t have a fever still, right?

Lin Chen heard this and looked up, saw that his Fourth Brother had no expression, but his eyes were red, and a few tears had already trickled down to his neck. Lin Chen hurriedly took out a cloth from under the pillow to wipe his tears and touched his forehead.

“He’s still burning. It’s okay. Second Brother said it’s normal for me to cry when I’m sick.” Lin Chen explained.

“Second brother is a scholar. He must be right.” Lin Xing also said, afraid Lin Mo didn’t believe him and nodded heavily.

After listening to others, his twin brother would cry in front of others, then he would feel shy and embarrassed, and may ignore others for a long time. In their impression, although Fourth Brother was their brother, they had never seen him cry, even if he had to drink very bitter medicine every time he got sick.

But now, Fourth Brother was weeping while drinking porridge. When Fourth Brother was sick or well, he acted the same. If they let their mother and Eldest Brother know, they would be beaten, and Eldest Brother would be hurt.

“Fourth Brother, there is half a bowl of porridge left. Do you want to eat it?” Lin Xing said carefully.

“Mn.” Lin Mo responded with a weak voice.

All the bowls in the countryside were big. Lin Mo felt full after drinking half the bowl. Maybe the original owner’s food was small, but even if he was full, Lin Mo couldn’t help but want to eat when he saw the food.

It was like walking in the desert for a few months, suddenly finding a water source, and, even if one had enough to drink, they would still want to pour water into their stomach.

Lin Mo was really hungry.

After eating the porridge, Lin Mo lay back in bed again and rested. Lin Xing and Lin Chen took the bowl and walked out of the room. Hearing the sound of the door closing, Lin Mo, lying on the bed, opened his eyes, and slowly emptied his mind.

To deny the conjecture of a ‘trap from the psychic,’ all Lin Mo could think of was to go through this possibility, which was not new to him.

In his college life, before the end of the world, he stayed in the dormitory to read novels in addition to taking his classes, and the first choice he picked was novels over classes. As far as he could remember from the content in his mind, his current situation should be that his soul had transferred into ancient times.

Lin Mo clenched his fist and felt the weakness of his whole body. He was grateful that he was not dead. Although he was frail as he seldom did heavy work, it was better than his original body full of holes and hidden diseases. At least he didn’t need to worry about the day when the ‘sleeping virus’ in his body would explode without warning.

“How is Mo Ge’er?” Sister-in-law Lin, who was feeding her children, asked when she saw the twins coming out.

“I think he’s almost ready. Fourth Brother just finished a bowl of porridge.”

Lin Xing put the empty bowl aside and sat down to eat. From time to time, he helped to take care of his little nephew, who was a bit noisy sitting on the stool.

Sister-in-law Lin nodded and continued to feed the two children. When she was free, she also took a few mouthfuls of rice. When everyone finished eating, sister-in-law Lin quickly packed the dishes and took them into the kitchen.

“A-Xing, A-Chen, watch after Mo’ger and XiaoNan. I’ll send rice to your parents.” Sister-in-law Lin came out of the kitchen with a big bamboo basket in her hand, put on a straw hat, and walked out of the house quickly.

Lin Mo, who was lying on the bed, listened to the voice outside the room and stared at the net on the top of the bed without blinking. After a long time, Lin Mo heard the sound of the door being opened and turned his head slowly and stiffly. He saw two three-year-old children walking in, followed by the twins who had just him sent food.

“Uncle, hold~” The kid with long hair reached up and looked up at Lin Xing, blinking.

“Ah, mn, don’t make trouble with your Fourth Uncle, alright?” Lin Xing picked up his little niece and put her on the bed.

“Xiaoya is a good girl, won’t make trouble!”

Lin Xiaoya nodded, with a face taut and a milky voice, and then slowly climbed over the bed. In the middle, she also climbed over Lin Mo’s body. Fortunately, the three-year-old child was not heavy. The other three-year-old also climbed into the bed with his own hands and feet. He put his hands on the edge of the bed and stared at Lin Mo with big eyes.

Lin Mo saw the big, tender face in his vision, his eyelashes quivered, and then he didn’t move much, except for blinking every once in a while.

“Fourth Uncle…”


Two three-year-old children were lying peacefully on the bed. Lin Xing and Lin Chen had already gone out to feed pigs, chickens, and clean the house.

“Fourth Uncle, do you want to eat sugar?” Lin Xiaoya took a strange shaped brown sugar out of her pocket and moved to Lin Mo’s pillow.

Hearing the word ‘eat,’ Lin Mo finally had a reaction. His eyes blinked. He turned to look at the child in the bed, and then at the sugar in her hand that didn’t match his memories.

“… Eat.”

Lin Xiaoya put the sugar in her hand into Fourth Uncle’s mouth, watched his mouth as he chewed it without blinking. Smash, smash and then sucking it quietly. She turned her head and didn’t look any longer. Her father would give her another sugar in a few days.

“Fourth Uncle, is it delicious?” Lin Xiaoya struggled for a few seconds and finally turned to look at Lin Mo.

“…Mh hmm.”

Lin Mo chewed the poor sugar in his mouth. Although it was not as delicious as the sugar he used to eat, it was really delicious compared with the candy in his mind that he only had a vague impression of and was about to forget the taste.

It turned out that sweet things tasted like this.

Finally, Lin Xiaonan, who was on the edge of the bed, also climbed over. Lin Mo, lying on the bed, kept his eyes open, letting them play in the bed, and climb up and down on him. These two children were not life-threatening to him, and Lin Mo didn’t care if they stayed next to him.

As time went by, the two young children, who were full of energy, fell asleep beside Lin Mo. Lin Mo looked at them and closed his eyes to rest. After a long time, it became dusk. Although Lin Mo closed his eyes, he could still feel the afterglow of the sun falling on him through the window, which was warm.

In the quiet courtyard, the door suddenly opened, and then the footsteps of several people made Lin Mo tense up.

“Father and mother, brother and sister-in-law, you are back.” Lin Chen, who was washing vegetables, shook the water off his hands and quickly stepped over to help take the basket.

Mama Lin took the headscarf off her head, wiped the sweat on her face, and asked as she drank water. “Where is your Fifth Brother playing?”

“Fifth Elder Brother and Eldest Brother went to catch fish on the other side of the river. Eh? This is red fruit!”

Lin Chen opened the cloth covering the basket, saw half a basket of red fruit, and looked happily at Mama Lin.

“What did your elder brother pick for you? Why don’t you wash it? What about Mo’ger, Xiaonan, and Xiaoya?” 1 

“They are sleeping in the room.”

Lin Chen happily carried the basket to the well in the courtyard, squatted down, and poured the fruit in the basket into the basin to wash.

Sister-in-law Lin cleaned up and came out of the house. She continued to clean the vegetables in the basin and fished them out. The vegetables would not be crisp and fresh after being soaked in the water for a long time.

“You two go inside and have a look. If Mo’ger wakes up, help him out to bask in the sun. It’s not as bright as it is at noon.”

Mama Lin took over the work from her daughter-in-law. She took off the old stem from the withered vegetables on the ground and put them in the water.

“I’ve got it, mother. Go and have a look with Cheng. You can wash the dishes and put them away. I’ll fry the food.” Sister-in-law Lin shook the water off her hand and stood up.

“Hey, mom, will you go to see if the fire in the stove is still on? I just washed the dishes and forgot the rice in the pot.” Washing the fruit, Lin Chen suddenly thought of the rice in the kitchen pot and hurried to shout.

“When can you change your forgetfulness?” Looking at her little son, Mama Lin got up and walked quickly into the kitchen.

Lin Chen felt bad, mumbled, and cleaned the rest of the red fruit.

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Translator Notes:

  1. the ger after Mo means brother or boy, if you have read some other novels, you know ger are males that can carry children and give birth like females.


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