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Chapter 67: Fifth World (8)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Since sitting in Samuel’s chariot, Bai Duan had not come down, and the next leg of their journey was naturally comfortable and leisurely. The only trouble was that he needed to deal with the harassment from the owner of the chariot from time to time, but although Bai Duan showed that he was extremely impatient on his face, he did not feel any boredom in his heart.

It was about one willing to fight and one willing to suffer.

So, when he got to the Holy Church, Bai Duan, who had climbed down from the chariot, was refreshed. Just as he got off the chariot, he was shocked by the sight. The Holy Church had always been the Holy Land in the eyes of the mainland residents. Although there were few people who were lucky enough to enter, there were endless legends and lawsuits about it. All of them were willing to describe it in the most beautiful and revered language, and describe it as the pure Eden. Even Bai Duan, who was born in Black Street and never left, was familiar with these legends.

However, Bai Duan always thought that these words of praise for the Holy Church were just from people’s imagination, which was far from the truth. But when he really stood in front of the Holy Church, he had to admit that those depictions, even if somewhat exaggerated, were still based on facts.

The white buildings were linked together, set against the blue sky and white clouds, which seemed to be built in the clouds from afar; the tall spires stood solemnly, shining warmly but distant from the light of the sun; the flat and broad road was spotless, and the Knights of the Holy Hall in silver armor guarded the Holy Land of the continent. From time to time, one would see beautiful young girls dressed in white robes, they passed in a hurry with light steps, like a group of carefree angels.

It had to be said that the holy light was indeed a good thing for human beings. Because of the holy brilliance, both knights and servants had good appearances. At least, their skin was white and flawless, their body proportions were perfect, their temperaments were nice and clear, and they seemed to glow with a pure luster from inside out.

And Black Street was the extreme of that world.

After Samuel’s return, the Knights knocked their heels and raised their weapons to salute. The clang of armor and weapons reverberated in the broad Holy Church, interwoven into a Grand Sonata. The young attendants quickly walked to both sides of the road and bowed down to salute. With clear eyes, they would look at Samuel’s chariot without concealing their admiration and longing. Seeing this, Bai Duan felt a strong sense of displeasure and crisis as if his own thing was being coveted by others.

Realizing that he was in an uncontrollable mood, Bai Duan was a little fidgety. At this time, Samuel got off the chariot and noticed the difference in Bai Duan.

“What’s the matter? Don’t be afraid.” He had no idea that his little lover was secretly jealous for some reason. Samuel thought Bai Duan was not suitable for the environment of the Holy Church. He raised his hand to his shoulder and gently soothed him. Then, his arm moved naturally, took Bai Duan’s hand and led him forward.

Bai Duan subconsciously followed Samuel a few steps, and suddenly found that he became the center of attention of all people. Both the Knights and the attendants had turned a blind eye to him, but now they were looking at him with an incredible look, as if they saw something incomprehensible. Even Bai Duan saw rejection, dissatisfaction and jealousy in the eyes of several attendants, which made him even more unhappy.

Originally, Bai Duan intended to keep a distance from Samuel in front of outsiders. After all, the status gap between the two of them was too big. Samuel could not care about the difference between dignity and inferiority, but it was not conducive to the situation in the Holy Church for Bai Duan.

But now, Bai Duan suddenly changed his mind. He pushed away Samuel’s hand, grabbed Samuel’s finger, and leaned against Samuel. He seemed as if he was frightened by the eyes of the public, and he was panicking and uneasy, trying to seek shelter from Samuel. Even his eyes were wet he was a pitiful little white flower.

Sure enough, after Bai Duan made this series of actions, people looked at him more and more intensely, and Samuel also understood the cause of Bai Duan’s ‘abnormality’. The expression on his face was more and more concerned and filled with love, but there was a bit of banter in Samuel’s eyes when he looked down.

Bai Duan looked up at him and had a silent and fleeting fight with him. Then Samuel took back his eyes and nodded to the Knights and attendants who saluted him, while Bai Duan followed him as if he were a cute and gentle little follower.

The Knights of the Templars who followed Samuel got off their horses and walked forward in a line. With the passage of time, more and more attendants came to hear the news. They were so happy and excited to welcome the return of the Son of God, and the eyes gathered on Bai Duan were more and more colorful.

When Samuel and his party passed through the broad square and came to the tall door of the main hall, a middle-aged man in a robe embroidered with gold medals walked out of the hall and quickly came to Samuel.

Samuel stopped and bowed to the man, “Archbishop Ondo.”

“His Highness, the Son of God.” The man returned to Samuel with a greater degree of courtesy, “Cardinal Jenka heard of your return, so he sent me to look for you, saying that there is something he wants to discuss with you.”

Samuel’s face was still, but he chuckled in his heart. He had just encouraged Andre to explore his ‘attack’, and now someone could not sit still and jumped out, which meant they were really ‘well-informed.’

“Okay, I’m going to find Cardinal Jenka.” Samuel nodded, and then raised his hand to one of the attendants before giving a rare look at Bai Duan on the side. “Hope.”

As soon as he was called, the young attendant Hope’s eyes brightened, he quickly ran over and bowed to Samuel with red cheeks. “Son of God, what can I do for you?” 

“This is my chamberlain, Bai Duan.” Samuel pushed Bai Duan to Hope using a soft voice. “I have something to deal with now. Please take him to my house and take care of him.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Hope responded in a clear and cheerful voice, and looked at Bai Duan with kindness and curiosity. Seeing Bai Duan looking at himself, he quickly smiled and blinked with intimacy.

Bai Duan’s first feeling for the young man was not bad. Naturally, he didn’t mean to reject him. He raised his feet and wanted to move closer to the other. However, he didn’t expect that even though he didn’t intend to be a little white flower, he was like a moth staying on Samuel’s side.

Taking advantage of Bai Duan being unprepared, Samuel secretly tugged at him, making Bai Duan stand unsteadily and fall into his arms as if he was shy and hiding.

Bai Duan’s face was muddled, but Samuel, as the culprit, did not feel guilty at all. Instead, he touched his head gently and soothed him with a soft voice, “Don’t worry, just follow him, I’ll go to you when I’m finished.”

Bai Duan, whose expression was numb, got out of Samuel’s arms, “…..”

Feeling that he was blocked by Samuel, Bai Duan gnashed his teeth and watched Samuel leave with the archbishop, then turned to Hope.

Feeling Bai Duan’s eyes, Hope, who also looked at Samuel’s back, smiled, and took Bai Duan’s hand, who was too thin and weak. In the action, he took care to protect the fragile person liked by Samuel, “I will take you to the residence of the Son of God.”

Bai Duan nodded and followed Hope silently. His eyes flew to a young man with the most burning gaze, seeming to have a deep hatred for him, “That man… Who is he?”

Hope looked down into Bai Duan’s eyes and frowned slightly, “That’s Devon. He is a fanatical admirer of His Highness the Son of God. His greatest wish is to become his Highness’s servant you… Stay away from him in the future.”

Bai Duan squinted a little and answered, “The Son of God…seems to be very popular?”

“Of course!” Hope raised his voice, as if surprised by Bai Duan’s question, “No one doesn’t like His Highness, the Son of God! His Highness is kind, gentle and courteous. Even if he orders us to do things, he will say thanks to us. Other adults are not as approachable as his Highness! Of course, in addition, we also like the smile of his Highness. Whenever I see his Highness’s smile, my heart is always warm, as if I have been washed by holy light, it’s so peaceful…”

Hearing Hope’s praise, Bai Duan secretly turned his mouth away. On the one hand, Bai Duan felt that Samuel’s pretense had successfully coaxed everyone around. On the other hand, he was dissatisfied with his love spreading everywhere. A word of thanks and a smile made these little attendants love and admire each other. Really… it was like he was being promiscuous with sex relations.

At the thought that the rest of the people were taken care of by Samuel, Bai Duan was not satisfied. Even though he knew that he had no right to talk, he was not happy. However, even though Samuel was scolded many times in his heart, Bai Duan still had a shy smile on his face, and quietly echoed Hope’s words and guided him to say more about Samuel.

It was a pity that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. The Samuel from Hope’s mouth was like a saint without a stain. He was different from the bad character Bai Duan knew. Bai Duan inquired for a long time, but there was no valuable harvest, and he was a little frustrated.

Hope saw Bai Duan was in a low mood, and thought he was lost from Samuel’s care of all people. After a moment of hesitation, he finally gave up the slight jealousy in his heart and patted Bai Duan on the shoulder. “In a word, although His Highness, the Son of God cares for everyone, no one has ever been so close to his Highness as you, his Highness… must see you as his favorite.”

Bai Duan was confused. For a while, he didn’t understand Hope. His expression, however, was understood by Hope as he thought it was ‘unbelievable’.

“It’s true.” Hope nodded forcefully. “The Son of God is kind to everyone, but…but never actively has contact with people, at most… It’s when a servant falls down, he will reach out with his hand.” After a pause, Hope sighed, “But for you, his Highness is different… He will hold your hand, touch your head, and hold you in his arms… You… ” He gave Bai Duan a look and made no secret of his envy, “It’s so envious!”

Bai Duan took a swipe at the corner of his mouth, only to feel that he suddenly had become a ‘rival’ of the whole Holy Church, and his mood was particularly complicated. He scratched his head and said uneasily, “I… I just helped his Highness once…”

“I know that.” Hope interrupted Bai Duan’s argument, “If you were not His Highness’s savior, I would not be so kind to you!” After licking his lips, Hope looked at Bai Duan’s eyes. “Even if I am envious of this special treatment, I thank you for saving his Highness and helping him return to the Holy Church safely.”

Bai Duan smiled with embarrassment and modesty, and quietly put the title ‘savior’ on himself. From now on, if he wanted to live in the Holy Church, he would rely on this ‘gold medal of saving the prince from death’.

It was really… inexplicable. He had a stuttering heart and shortness of breath… →_→

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