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Chapter 78: Sixth World (2)

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The teenager had experienced many worlds. Naturally, he had also experienced some called Omegaverse. In such a world, the young man’s perception was extremely bad from the beginning, because he hated the pheromones which had an important role in those worlds.

It was true that pheromones had given people great help, making Alphas stronger, with high combat power, able to adapt to all kinds of dangerous and harsh environments. Moreover, enabling Omegas to have a strong ability of reproduction, so as to ensure the number and vitality of ethnic groups.

But on the other hand, it also made the social form of the Omegaverse world more and more deformed and extreme, which led to many tragedies.

The original Eddie Flynn was the tragic product of this abnormal society. Originally, he was a young master of the Flynn family. Although he was born in a noble family, he had a very bad life since he was a Beta.

In this world, Betas were a large number of people. If Eddie was like Bai Duan, born in an ordinary family, he would have been happy. Unfortunately, in an aristocratic family, Betas were a shame.

The original’s father was a powerful Alpha, and his mother was a beautiful Omega. In a reasonable way, the combination of an Alpha and an Omega would give birth to either a strong Alpha or a precious Omega, but nothing was absolute. Although the probability was small, the original was indeed a Beta.

In aristocratic families, only Alphas and Omegas could be recognized and liked. After all, the former could inherit the family and carry the family; the latter could be used in marriage to draw out an alliance for the family. What was the use of Betas?

If it was so, the original’s life would not have been so miserable. After all, the noble family did not lack food or money. Even if he was not valued, it was a kind of plain happiness that he could live like the rest of the Betas born in the noble family with no sense of existence but also no worries about food and clothing.

So, the worst thing was not to be a Beta, but to be a rich Beta with a mother who was eager to rely on her heir for favor. The original’s mother, like most Omegas, was a person who relied solely on her Alpha husband; she saw her husband as the heavens. She only cared about two things in their life, one was how to marry an excellent Alpha, the other was how to continue getting the love of her Alpha.

Although Omegas were extremely precious, most Alphas would treasure and cherish them for a lifetime after acquiring their own Omega. Such common sense did not belong to the aristocracy, after all, power status would break all the rules.

For a noble Alpha, they did not lack Omegas, and could even mark several Omegas at the same time, so as to have more children and select more excellent successors. The original’s mother was one of these Omegas, and because her family was not prominent, she was on the verge of falling out of favor after her Alpha was fed up with her beauty and softness.

In this case, the original’s mother couldn’t wait to give birth to an excellent child to support her, and she did get pregnant, but she never expected that the child she gave birth to was a ‘defective’ Beta.

Looking at her children, the original’s mother almost broke down, because she knew clearly what kind of dilemma she would face when her Alpha knew that she gave birth to a Beta. Omegas were weak, their spirit were delicate and sensitive, but on the other hand, they were indomitable and persistent in order to achieve their own goals.

After a moment’s flurry, the original mother quickly made a crazy decision she wanted to change the gender of her child.

Changing him to an Alpha was definitely impossible. No matter what the disguise, a Beta would never have an Alpha’s strong body. The fake mask would be torn down by her husband who was also an Alpha in a few years. So she could only disguise her child as an Omega.

It was hard to make a Beta strong, but it was much easier to make it weak, and most importantly, Eddie’s mother had other reasons when she made her decision her father owned a pharmaceutical company, and the most researched pheromone in the world was the one most closely related to them.

After numerous studies, the world had refined the pheromones of Alphas and Omegas, and applied them to all aspects of the battlefield and life of course, because these pheromones were extremely effective and dangerous, they had been controlled by drugs, and once someone used them privately, they would be severely punished. However, as the head of a pharmaceutical company, Eddie’s grandfather still has certain rights to use it secretly.

His grandfather hesitated for a moment and finally agreed to her request. Of course, the reason for this was not that he loved her, but that he was very caring of her marriage to the Flynn family and didn’t want her to fall out of favor. Even though it was risky to use an Omega pheromone to change a Beta into an Omega, it was a good idea. Although this method couldn’t be concealed for a lifetime, it could also solve the immediate urgency.

In the future, they wouldn’t need to worry about whether the Beta would expose his identity as he grew older because she won’t allow him to grow up and marry like a normal Omega. After all, even if the Omega pheromone injection could make a Beta pretend to be an Omega, the physiological ‘defect’ of Betas meant that it couldn’t be marked by an Alpha like an Omega.

So, before that, he needed to be killed while pretending it to have been an accident, or blamed on someone else. In short, this Beta child must die as an Omega even though Omegas have always been closely guarded, it was just to prevent external invaders. If the person who killed him was the Omega’s close relative, it would be much easier. Of course, there was no one who wanted to kill their precious Omega child.

In this way, the plan of ‘stealing the dragon and turning it into a Phoenix’ could be perfect, and the original’s mother who ‘lost’ her child could also get the Alpha’s sympathy and further consolidate her love. What’s more, it was enough time for her to get pregnant again and have a ‘real’ baby.

After the plan was in place, the original’s grandfather, in the name of caring for the children, requested to have a physical examination for his grandson in the Research Institute of his company, and the original;s father naturally agreed with this ‘reasonable’ request.

If he was an Alpha heir, he must personally conduct the examination to determine his qualifications, but an Omega would have no trouble, as long as he was healthy and could marry.

Of course, it was natural that the physical examination report sent to the original’s father said that the original body was a healthy Omega baby, and the original body, who settled with an Omega status, was raised with care and had a happy childhood.

If he had been stupid and credulous, he would have lived in a false happiness and died without knowing anything. But it was a pity that the original was very smart, even smarter than the average child.

He was acutely aware of the abnormalities around him, and even felt the dislike and even murderous intent of his seemingly kind grandfather. From the Omega students around, he learned that they didn’t need to inject the kind of very painful injection every month, and also learned from the physiological knowledge class that the development of his body was abnormal.

Because of an Omega’s male sex, birth and reproduction devices used, its breakdown was very obvious. However, Betas were different. Even without the proud size of an Alpha, Betas were still within the normal range at least in the eyes of ‘Eddie.’

He didn’t know whether it was luck or misfortune. Although under the influence of Omega pheromones and his parents’ heredity, Eddie’s appearance was no less delicate than that of a real Omega, or even more delicate and lovely. But the development of his male, sexual, biological, reproductive and organic organs had not been affected. This once made the original extremely entangled, but it really made Eddie, who now controlled the body, very happy.

Otherwise, his dignity as a seme would really disappear.

With all kinds of clues, the original was looking for the truth of his body. Soon, he began to doubt his real gender. He felt that he was not an Omega in the population, but a Beta. He even guessed the reason and process of his transition from Beta to Omega.

In the end, he did confirm his guess from his mother’s mouth.

After all, the original’s mother was a delicate Omega. On one hand, she hated and rejected the child who had brought her endless troubles. On the other hand, she felt guilty and afraid to face his doomed death. At the same time, an Omega’s nature made her care about her own flesh and blood, constantly urging her to love, protect and care for him.

Such contradictory feelings constantly tore at the original’s mother’s heart, which made the weak Omega feel it was unbearable. She was always the soft and affectionate wife in front of her own Alpha, but when she faced the original body, she immediately became sensitive, easily angered, and sometimes even confused.

Under the stimulation of the original body’s intentional guidance, his mother confided the truth of that year to him, completely disintegrated his views of himself, and let his whole world collapse in an instant. Fortunately, because of the psychological preparation, the original quickly restrained the idea of suicide and desired to survive. Hope conquered the despair and pain. He began to fight to save himself, he even had to be careful of his close relatives. Fortunately, this society had always understood and even connived at an Omega’s timid nature. With careful steps and social protection for an Omega, it had finally turned from the calculation of his grandfather to the age when he was about to choose his husband.

No matter how anxious and even more active his grandfather was, he still managed to get married with the O’dean family under his father’s arrangement, and began to prepare for a new life experience. Even if he was smart, he was only a teenager, and he had accepted that an Omega was needed in a family, but the husband was the most important. Even if he knew of his special physical condition, he was still looking forward to meeting a lover who really loved him, one who didn’t care about his real gender, and gain their full support.

The original body has no kinship, so more than most people, he wanted love. What’s more, even if he was a Beta, he could also breed children for an Alpha! In this way, with expectations, he married the next heir of the O’dean family. He had seen the man several times. He had a good impression of him, and he seemed to like him very much. He was courteous and considerate to him, and showed a strong case of an Alpha caring for an Omega.

Such a strong, handsome and tender Alpha could satisfy all the fantasies of the original for a lover, and make the original fall into the whirlpool of love irresistibly. Knowing the ‘abnormalities’ of his body, he was willing to make a bet.

But it turned out that reality was always more cruel than imagination. For the noble Alpha, they married a wife, one for the benefit of marriage, the other for the higher quality of offspring, as for love? Even if it existed, it couldn’t be wasted on an ordinary Beta.

Knowing that the Omega wife he married was actually a Beta, the next heir of the O’dean family was furious. He ordered the original to be locked up and questioned why the Flynn’s would humiliate him like this. Naturally, the original’s father, who was also blinded, could not let go of this, since it made him lose face and caused him to offend the head of the O’dean family.

The original’s mother was totally out of favor after all, the law did not allow Omegas to be killed, and the pride of a noble Alpha did not allow an Omega marked by himself to be possessed by another Alpha. To an Omega, this was worse than death. At the same time, his grandfather’s family also faced the double revenge from the O’dean and the Flynn family, and collapsed a few days after the wedding.

Being locked up in the O’dean family’s basement, the original did not know the fate of his mother and his family, but also understood that they would not end well after the event was exposed, and he himself would not get any good results.

After being disappointed in his own family, Eddie also experienced the bitter fruits of pursuing love. Knowing that escape was hopeless, he finally chose to give up on his life, and if there was a chance to come back again, he hoped to be able to live a life free from the constraints of gender, truly and freely. He wanted to prove to his parents that, even as a Beta, his life had value then, find a person who loved him wholeheartedly, and experience the sweet warmth of love with that person.

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