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Chapter 79: Sixth World (3)

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Eddie couldn’t bring the original back to life again, but he would be able to fulfill the original’s expectation of his life. To tell you the truth, Eddie was never willing to accept mending the wishes regarding emotions things like family, friendship and so on were fine, but love always kept him away.

First of all, love was too complicated, dangerous and troublesome for Eddie to touch easily; second, he was not willing to hurt himself for the original’s desire to make up for it and pretend to have love with another person.

However, since Bai Duan accompanied him to experience one world after another, Eddie had been very fond of the desire to ‘find a lover and have a relationship’ it coincided with him finishing the task and would also allow him to have a sweet relationship with his lover. So, why not?

When he came to this world, Eddie’s first thought was to escape from the O’dean’s. Since the original was determined to die after being turned over by his ‘husband’ and never once tried to save himself. Plus, his body was soft and weak, and he was always taught by Omegas, so fortunately, no one thought that he had the ability to escape, so the guards were not strict.

Although the body’s physical fitness was extremely behind, Eddie finally made a smooth breakthrough, and then, according to the system’s guidance, he escaped the search of the O’dean family and ‘ambushed’ Bai Duan at his house.

His lover’s unselfish ‘help’ made Eddie happy and depressed. He was also slightly jealous. He stared at the boy in the mirror who became more dewy-eyed and lovely after cleaning. He put Bai Duan’s clothes on himself in despair. Until his whole body was full of the faint smell of Bai Duan, his mood slightly improved. He didn’t know whether it was a psychological effect or because of the instinct to receive pheromones physiologically.

After drying his hair, Eddie walked out of the bathroom with water vapor and saw Bai Duan, who was not far away.

Taking advantage of Eddie’s bath time, Bai Duan had read the latest news on the Internet, and also found the short video clip of the marriage ceremony between the O’dean family and the Flynn family. Although the figures of the two new people were vague, Bai Duan still saw that one of them seemed to be the teenager rescued by himself.

After finding out this fact, Bai Duan’s mood almost fell to the bottom of the valley, not because he picked up a big trouble, but because the boy who made him excited had been marked by others.

… What’s more, even if he could, as a common Beta, he couldn’t think of marrying a noble Omega.

Bai Duan fell into a deep depression. He felt that he was lovelorn just after he tasted the sweetness of love. Fortunately, he didn’t know much about love, even if he had a good feeling. It could also be taken back in time. If you couldn’t be a lover, you can at least still be a friend as long as the teenager didn’t dislike him for being just a civilian Beta.

Bai Duan never thought that his identity and gender was bad. He even thought that being a Beta was the best gender possible. Although it wasn’t as strong as the Alphas or as precious as the Omegas, Betas were free and not affected by pheromones. Betas wouldn’t go into heat regardless of the occasion like some foul beast.

But now, in the face of the precious Omega of the noble Flynn family, Bai Duan felt inferiority and pressure for the first time, and also wanted to be a powerful, excellent, reasonable and legal Alpha, so that he could bond with the Omega.

Hearing that the door of the bathroom open, Bai Duan watched the slightly flushed, white and tender young man wearing his clothes. Even though Bai Duan kept hypnotizing himself ‘to be friends with each other,’ his heart still jumped two points faster, and his brain was a little dizzy. He almost couldn’t help but want to reach out and hug him and then steal a kiss.

By virtue of his tenacious self-control, Bai Duan tried to resist the impulse. He coughed softly, but his voice softened three points, “What’s your name? I… should I call you Eddie Flynn, or Eddie O’dean?”

Bai Duan’s voice choked when he said the name Eddie O’dean. He was very reluctant, even with a bit of gnashing. Looking at his jealous but patient lover, Eddie realized that the original was already married, so his expression turned embarrassed.

He lowered his head and said in a dry voice, “No, just call me Eddie. I don’t want to have anything to do with them, whether it’s Flynn or O’dean.”

Eddie’s expression and tone all revealed a kind of bad message. Although Bai Duan was moved by the way he drew the line between him and his husband, he didn’t feel happy. Instead, he was worried even more, “What is the reason? Why did you escape from the O’dean family? What happened?” After a pause, he suddenly realized that his questions were really digging too deep, plus their relationship was still shallow, so he hurriedly added, “If you don’t want to say, it doesn’t matter…”

Eddie looked up at Bai Duan with concern. As if touched, Eddie hesitated for a moment, and with a slightly complicated expression, “I am actually… a Beta.”

Bai Duan was stunned. He didn’t respond to Eddie’s jump for a moment, but soon realized the meaning of this sentence ‘I am actually a Beta.’

Everyone knew that the next heir of the O’dean family was marrying the Flynn family’s Omega, and once his real gender as a Beta was revealed, what happened next could be imagined.

Bai Duan sympathized with Eddie, but looking at his petite body, lovely and round baby face, watery eyes and petal like lips plus the fragrant and sweet pheromone, Bai Duan couldn’t believe that the most beautiful young man he had ever seen was not an Omega.

Facing the suspicious eyes of his sweetheart, Eddie was so shy and angry that he wanted to show his well-developed body to Bai Duan as proof, “I’m really not an Omega!”

“Okay, okay, okay. You’re not an Omega! I believe you!” It seemed that the young man in front of him was about to explode. Although Bai Duan thought that his appearance was even more lovely, he still quickly reassured him, “Whether you are an Omega or Beta, it doesn’t make any difference to me!”

Eddie’s expression gradually eased down. He smiled at Bai Duan, but in his heart he was mumbling silly child, Omegas and Betas are very different. As a Beta, I can give you pleasure in sex, but an Omega can’t.

Unfortunately, Bai Duan didn’t know that his butt had been stared at. At this moment, he was fascinated by the light dimples on Eddie’s cheeks. He was so eager to poke them.

Suppressing his impolite thoughts, Bai Duan pursed his lips, “So… What are you going to do next?”

Although he wanted to protect Eddie for the rest of his life, Bai Duan also knew that he was alone. He could hide him for a few days, but he was powerless for a longer time.

The problem Bai Duan thought of was also the main problem that Eddie had to face at present. In this Omegaverse world, the development level of science and technology was very high. No matter where and what they did, they needed to carry out identity authentication. Once the identity was in doubt, it would be bumpy step by step. Even with the system’s help, it would be hard to create a perfect identity for Eddie, one that will not arouse any suspicion at all.

Once Eddie used the original’s identity card, the O’dean and Flynn families would be able to locate him and take him back. Although the system could also disrupt the operation of this series of procedures, it would only be a temporary situation, and it was impossible to cover for Eddie for his whole life.

What’s more, another wish of the original body was to appear in front of his parents and relatives as a Beta, to prove to them that even if he was a Beta, he had a valuable life.

In this way, the first thing Eddie had to do was to hide his identity and strengthen himself, and then wait until he was really strong, so strong that the O’dean family, the Flynn family, and even the false identity couldn’t hurt him. Then he could be frank with the public about his existence, forcing the Flynn family to admit his success.

It was really difficult. If the original’s wish was to live in anonymity and low-key peace, Eddie had countless ways to achieve it for him, but he just wanted to be famous and recognized by his parents, which was a very troublesome thing. The key was the period when he had just achieved some success, he would not be strong enough to be invincible yet. At that stage, he might very well be an easy target by the two families and state power.

After thinking about it over and over, Eddie decided to find another way.

“… I want to go to the planet Hobian,” he spoke softly.

Bai Duan’s face suddenly changed. Even the ‘country bumpkin’ who had never left his home planet knew what Hobian was like. It could be said that everyone was very familiar with the name Hobian.

In this era, human footprints had spread all over the universe. They had established countries of all sizes and united to form an alliance to fight against the rest of the interstellar races. In the early days of entering the universe and expanding the interstellar territory, human beings had numerous conflicts with other interstellar races, large and small, until recently, they just managed to reach a compromise and divide the territory. The well water did not violate the river water, and occasionally they could communicate with each other.

Today, the integration of the universe was just starting slowly, but for a group of people engaged in ‘special occupations’, they had reached a complete ethnic integration, in which no matter what kind of race could find a place and equal cooperation.

This kind of ‘special occupation’ was called ‘interstellar thieves.’

For interstellar thieves, race was not the key, let alone gender. As long as you had the ability and courage, you could join them and stand out. Once you become an interstellar thief, there would be no race or nationality, not to mention the families such as O’dean or Flynn, even the national government and the Interstellar Alliance could not intervene.

Due to the fact that they attracted talents from all races in the universe, they possessed advanced science and technological weapons from all over the universe. Though the occupation had a bad reputation, and there weren’t many in number, it occupied a very important position in the whole universe.

Star thieves’ fleets were mainly small and medium-sized, with extremely fast speed. Once they escaped at full power, few ships could catch up with them or even if they had the ability to catch up, no one dared to catch up with them. Who knew if they would be introduced into any traps by the crafty and ferocious star thieves, and the ships would destroy people?

Hobian, the base of star thieves, was located in a small meteorite belt, which was easy to defend and hard to attack. The alliance of human beings and other races of the universe tried to conquer and eradicate the ‘cancer’ in the universe, but all of them failed in the end. It even led to the mad revenge of the star thieves, which caused the governments of all countries to complain, and finally they had to turn a blind eye to the arrogant star thieves.

It was true that Eddie would be able to escape the clutches of the O’dean and Flynn families once he got to Hobian, but that didn’t mean it was a good place to go.

First of all, Hobian was listed as a forbidden area by all countries. There would be no interstellar flights going there. The journey there needed to go through many levels and was extremely dangerous. Second, it was hard for a white, delicate, Omega-like Beta teenager to survive on that chaotic and powerful planet unless he was willing to attach himself to a strong man as a lover.

At the thought that the beautiful young man in front of him would lie in the arms of others and be assaulted by others. Bai Duan felt his chest was stuffy and painful, and his eyes were almost red, “No, you can’t go! It’s too dangerous there! I can help you, send you to other countries, any country is good, but Hobian…it really can’t be there!”

Eddie sighed softly as he looked at his fiercely opposing lover. If he could, he didn’t want to go to Hobian. He didn’t think it was dangerous, but he didn’t want to leave his sweetheart.

However, in order to finish the task as soon as possible, Eddie had to make such a choice. Other human countries had deep interest disputes with the current country they were in. Although the O’dean and Flynn families had some difficulties in reaching him, if he went to those human countries, it was not impossible for them to reach him. As for those non-human countries, it would exclude human outsiders and be detrimental to Eddie’s personal development.

So, only Hobian was the best choice. As long as the method was right and the strength was enough, he would be able to stand out quickly, and then he would come back again and appear in front of his lover as a winner.

For the sake of their long-term happiness, temporary separation was necessary. This truth had been understood by Eddie very well who had experienced so many worlds. However, even though his little lover would have to suffer from lovesickness, Eddie did not regret it. After all, rather than risking Bai Duan finding someone else, he would much rather firmly occupy a position in Bai Duan’s heart first, and make his aggrieved lover yearn for him.

Since, either way, he would definitely come back.

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