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Chapter 14: Going to Town

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


In the early morning, the air was fresh. Lin Mo walked out of the door and stood in the yard. He took a deep breath and relaxed his nerves after a night of tension.

Lin Mo stood there, brushing his teeth and thinking about how to sell his wine to people in the town later. The sound of breakfast preparations came from the kitchen, as well as the sound of Mama Lin and sister-in-law Lin talking in low voices.

After Lin Mo finished brushing his teeth and washing his face, the others also got up. Lin Mo sat at the table and ate breakfast, and occasionally put some dishes in his niece and nephew’s bowls.

Lin Xing quickly brushed his teeth and wiped his face. He saw that it was only Fourth Brother and the two children at the table. Everyone else was busy. Lin Xing walked quickly to sit beside Fourth Brother.

“Fourth Brother, are you going to town with our parents today?” Lin Xing grabbed a steamed bun and whispered to Fourth Brother.

“Mn, didn’t you hear last night? Why didn’t you dry your face?” Lin Mo gave him a blank look.

Lin Xing laughed and wiped the water off his face with his sleeve. “Then what… Can I come with you, Fourth Brother?”

“Why do you want to go with us?”

“Cough… If you want to buy something, I can help you carry it!” Lin Xing stood up quietly and said with a smile.

“All right.” Lin Mo glanced at Lin Xing’s ten-year-old body and covered up the smile in his eyes.

Sitting on the side, Lin Xiaoya held a wooden spoon, looked up and blinked at Lin Xing. “Fifth Uncle, Xiaoya wants to go too.” 

“Xiaoya is too small to help carry things now. We will take you out when you grow up.” Lin Xing coaxed his little niece.

“Ah, do you have sugar?” Lin Xiaoya asked, and Lin Xiaonan, who was carefully scooping porridge, heard it and looked up at Lin Xing with some expectation in his eyes.

“This… Won’t you wait for the sugar in your jar to be finished first?” Lin Xing coaxed carefully because even if he wanted to buy, he had no money.

 Lin Mo raised his hand to touch Xiaoya’s head and asked. “What kind of sugar do you want?”

“Sweet sugar.” Lin Xiaoya looked at Lin Mo.

Lin Mo touched the child’s head. He didn’t know what she wanted. Were all sweets made with sugar? Was there anything that was sour or slightly bitter?

Sitting beside Lin Xiaoya, Lin Xiaonan suddenly spoke out, “Can I have the red fruit with it?” 

Lin Xing saw Fourth Brother’s puzzled expression and explained, “That’s tanghulu candy.” 

“Okay.” It was just a bunch of tanghulu candies. When someone bought that jar of wine, he would naturally have money.

Lin Xing, on one side, heard this, and also whispered, “Fourth Brother, I also want to buy a red bean cake.” 

“What do you buy? Are you a child?” When Lin Chen came in, he heard this from his silly brother and whacked him on the head.

“Lin Chen, I’m your twin brother. Why do you hit my head? Second Brother said that we should respect the old and love the young.” Lin Xing’s hair was messed up by his younger brother and he was dissatisfied.


Was this how one respected the old and loved the young?

After Lin Mo finished breakfast, he moved the porcelain jar which had been placed in the shade for some time, covered the mouth of the white jade wine jar with a clean white cloth.

“Fourth Brother, what are you doing?” Lin Xing doubted his actions.

“The wine is a little muddy. It needs filtering.”

After the preparation, Lin Mo opened the porcelain jar cover, and then the unique scent of the wine slowly overflowed from the inside. Before long, the whole yard was full of wine fragrance, mixed with a fruity fragrance.

Lin Mo felt that the wine didn’t smell like the one from his memory at first. He wondered if there was a mistake in the process, but when the wine in the jar was poured out, there was a flash of surprise in his eyes since this jar was better than he expected.

Lin Mo recalled that on that day, he seemed to drop two drops of spring water into it habitually, but he didn’t expect it to improve the quality of the wine. At that time, he just wanted to make the fermentation speed faster, but he accidentally hit a homerun.

“The wine smells good.” Lin Xing narrowed his eyes and sniffed.

Lin Mo didn’t say anything as he picked up the porcelain jar and poured the wine into the prepared container. The small porcelain jar with white jade color was bought at a small stall when he went to town last time. Although it was not as transparent as a glass, it was just right to use it to hold the purple-red wine.

The wine was poured from the old container into the new container and the wine was more fragrant, attracting the others to it.

“The color of the wine is so beautiful.” Lin Chen’s hands were carefully settled on the edge of the table. His chin was on the back of his hand and he couldn’t turn his eyes away from the color coming out of the wine jar.

“The wine is very fragrant and has a fruity taste. It will definitely be a success.” Mama Lin said happily.

When the white jade porcelain jar was almost full, there was still a third of the wine in the original porcelain, and the pulp dregs were exposed.

“There’s still something in it. Would you like to fill another jar with it?” Asked sister-in-law Lin.

“Mn, I’ll leave it for father and elder brother.” Lin Mo nodded and put the jar aside.

Father Lin took the jar, which was given to him by his son, away with a happy face. As for the eldest son, he was injured and couldn’t drink much wine!

“Why is your father so urgent?” Mama Lin saw that he could not carry on the steady side in front of the children, and she had no words.

Lin Cheng smiled helplessly. He still didn’t have a chance to drink the first jar of wine his brother brewed.

When everything was ready, Father Lin and Mama Lin took it with their two sons and went out. There were many people going to the town in the morning. Some of them chose their own vegetables to sell in the town, and some of them carried the tofu they made the previous night.

Some old people were sitting in front of their own door and chatting with other people in the opposite direction, while children were chasing one another. This was the life of the villagers in Daling Village. If there was no farm work, they would go to other families to chat with each other, or sell some vegetables or bamboo products made by themselves in town.

Sometimes there were quarrels among neighbors, but after being persuaded by others, the quarrels would end. The next day, they would still be friendly.

This was the one thing Daling Village prided itself on. The neighboring villages couldn’t do without something happening.

“Brother Lin, are you going to town too?” A man carrying a load of things said hello.

“Mn, going shopping, but how come your whole family is out too? Aren’t you the only one who usually goes to town?” Father Lin doubted.

Zhang Dazhuang’s family was one of the tofu makers in the village, but he usually chose to go to town alone. Now, even the little ger of his family had come along with him. Father Lin was curious.

“In a few days, there will be a happy event at home. We are going shopping. Then we hope your family will remember to come.” Zhang Dazhuang said with a smile.

“I’ll remember. How come so many people in the village have happy events recently? Are good things going on?” Father Lin was a little confused. His wife told him that she would go to a certain house for a wedding drink the day before yesterday. Today, she had another invite.

“I got married when I was old. Anyway, they both grew up together. So I’ve already got a good idea.”

“Auntie Lin, is your ger about the same age? Is there anyone Mo’ger likes?” The men of the two families were talking, and Aunt Zhang came to Mama Lin and chatted casually.

“I don’t know yet, but there are suitable candidates. I just don’t know what they think…”

Lin Mo was embarrassed to see that they were chatting and talking about him, or about his marriage. He didn’t expect what he didn’t experience in his previous life to happen now.

Zhang Yuanqing, who had been chatting with his family members, now had no one to talk with, so he went to the side of the Lin family’s ger. “Lin Mo, I remember you didn’t have anyone you like. Do you have anyone now?” Asked Zhang Yuanqing.

He knew Lin Mo of the Lin family, but he rarely saw him. He didn’t expect that he was so white and pretty, but he saw that he looked sick, and thought the others were right. Lin Mo was indeed a delicate little ger, weaker than the general ger.

Lin Mo, who had smashed the heads of zombies and had escaped the stalking ability users: ….

 Lin Mo looked at him and said, “No.”

“Is that right? I thought you liked brother Cheng.” Zhang Yuan said, scratching his head.

“Brother Cheng? Are you talking about Cheng Yan?” Lin Mo looked puzzled. Why didn’t he know that he liked Cheng Yan? Did he like Cheng Yan originally? Lin Mo thought and said, “I used to like him?”

Zhang Yuanqing shook his head. “I don’t know. Brother Cheng settled in our village a year ago. If you like him, claim him. Other ger in our village will take him. I only asked since I saw that elder brother Cheng had gone to your house to help a few days ago, and I thought your parents intended him to be your husband and their son-in-law… But I’m surprised that you don’t like brother Cheng. He looks very good. Most ger in the village like him very much, but he’s a bit cold. Other ger can’t talk to him. But I don’t like him as much as you do. Although brother Zheng is not as good-looking as him, he is good to me at least…”

Zhang Yuanqing walked beside Lin Mo and talked about it, but Lin Mo didn’t hear much after […your parents intended him to be your husband… ]

Lin Mo saw Cheng Yan’s figure in his head, and his expressionless face made him feel strange.

“Fourth Brother…” Lin Xing walked over and gently pulled his Fourth Brother’s sleeve, whispering in a low voice.

Lin Mo returned to his senses and questioned, “Huh? What’s up?” 

“Do you like brother Cheng?” Lin Xing inquired.

“No, don’t ask too much about it.”

“Oh.” Lin Xing didn’t ask his Fourth Brother anymore, but if he was with Cheng Yan, Lin Xing would still support him.

On the way to the village and other donkey carts, Lin Mo tried to ignore the conversation of the elders in front of him, but he remembered Zhang Yuanqing’s words in his heart.

If he really needed to get married, Lin Mo’s heartmate was indeed Cheng Yan. By the river, Lin Mo found that he didn’t hate Cheng Yan’s touch, and yesterday he also found that he felt sleepy if he stayed with him for a long time.

He didn’t hate his touch, but he could also sleep well. It was just a customized seme candidate for him. Lin Mo had been quiet for four years and could now be more active.

Feelings were cultivated. It seemed that there was nothing wrong with love after marriage. However, Lin Mo didn’t know whether Cheng Yan was interested in him. It was very embarrassing if he said that he didn’t have that idea.

So Lin Mo didn’t show it either. He would wait for his mother to ask.

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March 8, 2020 2:31 pm

No worry, he have you in his thought. And he is a perfect candidate for your husband beside the 2 reasons that you have in your mind, although it is hard to find someone you can trust and have a good night rest without worry, he is strong and a good provider.😁

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I ship it!


March 9, 2020 12:40 am

I just hope that the “observing the other and waiting” phase won’t take too long, because Lin Mo’s parents may take it as “I don’t like him” and bring him another someone who would want to force the issue. Like, wait too long and you’ll miss your chance.

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