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Chapter 80: Sixth World (4)

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Eddie’s mind was made up, and Bai Duan knew he couldn’t stop it. After all, he and Eddie just met by chance, knew each other for less than a day, and had no qualification or ability to intervene in each other’s decisions. At last, he said nothing more and let Eddie settle in his house with a heavy heart. Then he hesitated for a moment and went down to the basement of his home.

On the face of it, Bai Duan’s residence was no different from the ordinary Beta family, but if one went to the basement, they would be shocked by the full range of instruments and equipment.

Bai Duan was just an ordinary Beta student just admitted to the Royal Academy of Delmo, majoring in machine armor manufacturing. But in fact, his ability in weapon manufacturing had reached a very high level, and he could even earn a lot of money.

After all, after the success of ‘saving the world’ in the last world, he and Samuel got a considerable amount of energy as a reward, and a large part of it was crammed into Bai Duan by Samuel, which made Bai Duan have a transformation.

Today, Bai Duan’s soul was extremely strong. He could learn anything fast and well. At the same time, his own good fortune had also improved. Although, in this life, he had become a common Beta, he could also walk out a unique path.

Bai Duan’s parents had been working in the factory. At the beginning, their income was not high, so they couldn’t buy toys that children liked. Fortunately, some abandoned or redundant parts and materials were produced in the factory every day. Bai Duan’s parents took these beautiful and exquisite things home and gave them to their children to play with.

They didn’t know if Bai Duan was born with the interest or was just too bored and had no other toys to play with. From childhood, Bai Duan had a strong interest in mechanical parts. He could assemble these messy parts by playing with them casually. Of course, at that time, Bai Duan was only limited to assembling parts, and the small things made no effect.

Later, as he grew older, his home began to have more and more different parts. Bai Duan began to download some designs to learn from the Internet. Even without any systematic study, he was able to assemble it successfully, and then it was out of control.

When he was ten years old, Bai Duan took part in a machinery assembly competition for teenagers on the virtual network anonymously, and got a good result. Except for the small prize money, Bai Duan didn’t get anything else, he didn’t get noticed by anyone except for a mysterious man who called himself Lao Lin.

Lao Lin was not familiar with the assembling of instruments, but he just needed to assemble a group of illegal instruments. He had the designs and materials, but he couldn’t find a suitable person to complete the assembly at that time, his cooperation partner had just been carried out by the police, which made all the ‘technical personnel’ who were engaged in assembling hide in fear of taking over Lao Lin’s business. After all, most of them were cautious in their illegal business. It was not a big deal to make less money. Once they were caught and the case was closed, it would be terrible.

Lao Lin, who was in a hurry, had no choice but to wander around trying his luck. He happened to see Bai Duan’s winning game when he was wandering around the Internet. He immediately got interested in the ten-year-old boy.

Generally, children who were able to have contact with the assembly instruments at this age would undoubtedly be from an aristocratic family. After all, only aristocrats had free money to buy parts for their young children and hire tutors, hoping that they could win.

But Bai Duan was different.

After a detailed understanding of Bai Duan’s origin and family after all, an ordinary Beta wouldn’t have anything to hide from a well-connected person, such as Lao Lin. Lao Lin was deeply shocked by Bai Duan’s unique talent in instrument manufacturing. He was only learning from a simple elementary textbook, and had no guidance from a tutor. However, Bai Duan’s understanding of instrument assembly and manufacturing was far greater than that of the children from other noble families. It was just like a piece of jade that had not been polished yet but was already shining brightly.

After contacting Bai Duan and finding that he had shown his dissatisfaction and contempt for the social form of the world even as a child, and had no sense of belonging to his country, Lao Lin, who was struggling to find the person to assemble the instruments, and also had the idea of developing a new team. Lao Lin gave out an olive branch to Bai Duan. Even if their cooperation was not so pleasant, he could easily deal with a Beta kid from an ordinary background.

At that time, Bai Duan was also encountering a bottleneck. At just one glance, he was attracted by the advanced designs and advanced parts in Lao Lin’s hands, and got on astonishingly well with Lao Lin.

Bai Duan who was ten years old at the time, was still in the stage of ‘fearless and clueless newborns.’ He didn’t really realize how dangerous it was to assemble illegal instruments and devices, let alone that he had been on an illegal path. He didn’t know that the seemingly amiable Lao Lin was secretly calculating to kill him in case of trouble.

Bai Duan, who first came into contact with high-level drawings, was fascinated by them. With Lao Lin’s help, he found all kinds of materials and assimilated new knowledge. Lao Lin was also surprised and found that Bai Duan grew faster than he had expected. Even the instruments that Lao Lin didn’t hold much hope of finishing at first were gradually completed with Bai Duan’s help. Lao Lin was actually able to finish within the time limit given by the employer.

The first ‘cooperation’ with Bai Duan was a great success. Lao Lin couldn’t let go of Bai Duan naturally, and Bai Duan was eager to get more advanced drawings and rare materials from Lao Lin.

Bai Duan didn’t ask for a high salary, and he completed the task quickly and well every time. Lao Lin became more and more satisfied with him. The cooperation between the two continued. From initially being a substitute to Lao Lin’s number one partner, the relationship between Bai Duan and Lao Lin became closer and closer.

Later, as he grew older, Bai Duan also realized the danger of his ‘part-time’ job, but unfortunately he could not get off the ‘thief boat’ at that time anymore.

Although he made more and more money, Bai Duan did not dare to disclose it to his parents and the funds could not be used in supplementing his family. Instead of letting the money grow mold, he decided to buy some more expensive instruments and materials he urgently needed. After all, in addition to completing the designs and instruments given by Lao Lin, Bai Duan also wanted to carry out his own research.

As a result, the basement of Bai Duan’s house had become what it looked like now, which was more convenient for his illegal ‘part-time job.’

Going down to the basement, carefully setting the access control on the door, Bai Duan went to the contact device and started to call Lao Lin. It was a very primitive single line contact method, but sometimes, the more primitive things were more confidential and less likely to be bugged.

Soon, Lao Lin appeared on the screen in front of Bai Duan.

Lao Lin had now reached the stage of late middle-age and near old age, but he was still dressed in strange and fashionable smart clothes. His gray hair was braided into a thin and dense pigtail, wearing nose rings, earrings, and lip rings. He had an eagle beak nose, mustache, there were wrinkles on his face, and his eyes looked lazy and frivolous at the same time. Although the whole person’s temperament was decadent and lazy, one could still see the handsome and romantic appearance from his youth, and he could barely be regarded as a non-mainstream kind of handsome old man.

“Hi, my dear baby boy,” Lao Lin smiled lazily at Bai Duan on the screen, revealing his neat big white teeth. “It’s rare for you to contact me. What can I do for you?”

Bai Duan had long been used to Lao Lin’s impropriety. He didn’t even move his eyebrows when he heard this, “Lao Lin, do you have a way to go to Hobian planet?”

Although it was a question, Bai Duan’s tone was very firm now he was not a silly kid who was fooled around by Lao Lin when he was a child. Under Lao Lin’s unintentional disclosure, Bai Duan had gradually understood Lao Lin’s identity.

Perhaps since he lived in Black Streets in his previous life, Bai Duan’s acceptance of various illegal activities was quite high. After knowing that he had been violating the national law, he was only tangled up a little and soon accepted it. Even after they got ambushed when Bai Duan was contacting Lao Lin, and Lao Lin killed some people in front of him, Bai Duan did not show any fear and panic. He was exceptionally calm for a ten year old, which made Lao Lin like him even more. Since then, Lao Lin had begun to make up his mind, he wanted to bring Bai Duan into his own circle, thinking that he was a ‘good young man’ born to go against the law and discipline.

However, Bai Duan refused because he was still thinking about his parents. His parents worked hard to make him stand out, so Bai Duan lived up to his parents’ expectations, acted as an excellent and honest gifted student on the surface, and got into the best university.

For the first time, Bai Duan asked Lao Lin about the black forces behind him so clearly.

Hearing Bai Duan’s question, Lao Lin’s bleary eyes flashed with a sharp light. He sat up a little straighter, with a look of interest, “There is a way, of course there is a way. Why? Is my little baby finally opening up and willing to be in Lao Lin’s arms?”

“Not me,” Bai Duan looked cold, but he hesitated, “It’s my friend, he got into a bit of trouble and wanted to go to Hobian to stay out of the limelight.”

“Hobian is not a good place to stay out of the wind,” Lao Lin chuckled. “Once you enter that place, you can’t get out easily.”

“Of course I don’t want him to go!” Bai Duan could not hide his indignation, “But… but he insisted on it.”

Looking at his rarely so excited little partner, Lao Lin narrowed his eyes slightly, which was meaningful.

After working with Bai Duan for so many years, Lao Lin had a thorough understanding of Bai Duan. Although he looked like he was no different from the average Beta kid, Bai Duan’s heart was naturally cold. He didn’t have any real friends who could walk into his heart. Even Jamie, who grew up together with him from childhood, was just an acquaintance who could barely fit in with Bai Duan. But this time, the ‘friend’ in Bai Duan’s mouth was really extraordinary. It could make Bai Duan contact himself at risk. Once it was done, Bai Duan’s most important secret would be revealed to the other party.

However, Lao Lin didn’t know that Bai Duan had such an important friend. At least very recently, he never noticed a change in Bai Duan or someone that could potentially be so close to him. As Bai Duan grew up and knew exactly what dangerous things he was doing, Lao Lin’s attention and control over him gradually weakened. After all, as a partner, proper distance and privacy was very necessary. Lao Lin did not want to cause dissatisfaction and destroy this happy partnership because he oversaw Bai Duan’s life.

So, although surprised by the mention of Bai Duan’s sudden ‘friend’, Lao Lin didn’t show it.

After listening to Bai Duan about his friend’s troubles, Lao Lin touched the moustache on his face and crooked his head, “That person offended two noblemen family? I think I could guess who you’re talking about.”

Lao Lin’s intelligence network was much broader than Bai Duan’s, and Eddie’s identity could be guessed even by Bai Duan, let alone Lao Lin’s elites.

“It’s hard to take an Omega to Hobian…” Lao Lin shook his head.

“… He’s not an Omega, he’s a Beta,” Bai Duan pursed his lips together.

Lao Lin froze for a moment, then raised his eyebrows high and burst out with a laugh, “Beta? No wonder, no wonder! Betas are much better than Omegas, as long as he can suffer and take a beating.” After a pause, Lao Lin propped his hands on the table and looked serious, “This mission, I can take on. However, I must first ‘inspect the goods’, and then discuss the specific situation and remuneration in detail.”

Bai Duan also knew Lao Lin’s caution, he hesitated for a moment, and nodded softly, “Ok, I’ll talk to him first, and then I’ll contact you.”

Lao Lin made a gesture of okay, then blew Bai Duan a kiss and ended the call.

Bai Duan stood in front of the black screen, silent for a long time, and finally raised his palm and rubbed his hair. He didn’t know if he was making the right decision, but if Eddie wanted to, then he would help the other side to achieve what he wanted.

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