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Chapter 82: Sixth World (6)

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Bai Duan came back from the basement, he had two thick and big cloaks in his hand. He pulled Eddie onto the public transport and told him all the way not to panic no matter what happened just follow him closely and he would protect his safety.

Eddie accepted his lover’s love and followed him until they got off the airship and came to a crowded ‘business district’ full of people’s voices.

Bai Duan was obviously very familiar with this area. He was familiar with unfolding his cloak, first covering Eddie, and then covering his face and body shape with the smaller cloak, before putting another one on himself.

“Here?” Eddie’s face, hidden under his hood, twitched violently, looking at the smoky ‘adult’ shops and the bold and fiery men and women mostly Betas, with a small number of Alphas.

“Red light district.” Bai Duan’s expression was also awkward. His eyes dodged and he kept criticizing Lao Lin’s bad lifestyle in his heart for fear of damaging Eddie or making him have a bad impression on him. “It’s a mess here, but the censorship is not strict, so it’s a good place to hide. Well, don’t mind. Don’t look at it too much. Just follow me.”

Eddie’s face was overcast. Although he understood the reason, he still didn’t like Bai Duan living in such a place, and his impression of his ‘love rival’ got even worse.

Just like Bai Duan didn’t want Eddie to see these unhealthy pictures, Eddie was very worried about what his little lover would see that he shouldn’t. He glanced at two bold and fiery kisses on the corner of the street, and even reached for the Beta where he shouldn’t have. He grabbed Bai Duan’s hand under his cloak, shook it hard, and tried to draw his attention to him.

Bai Duan thought that Eddie was afraid. He grabbed him and drew him closer to him. He said softly, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”

Eddie answered with a low murmur, and followed Bai Duan closely, like a delicate and pure little white flower. In the last world, Bai Duan had been following him in such an obedient manner, and this life, it had turned around on him.

With such an ‘intimate’ hand in hand gesture, Bai Duan walked through the intricate alleys, and soon came to a door and pushed it in. This was a bar although the technology was highly developed, the place like the bar hadn’t changed much, but the price of the liquor sold was more and more expensive, diverse and strange.

Walking to the bar, Bai Duan lowered his voice and said the names of several wines. The smiling bartender nodded a little, “Guest, please go to Box 9 later, your order will be delivered soon!”

Bai Duan answered and led Eddie straight to Box 9. As soon as he pushed the door, he frowned because of the smell of alcohol, tobacco and low-grade cosmetics assaulted his senses. Compared to Bai Duan, Eddie’s body was obviously more delicate. He coughed so hard that he almost choked. Bai Duan hurriedly returned to pat him on the back.

After a long time, Eddie’s cough finally subsided a little. He blushed, leaned on Bai Duan with his hands and feet soft, bathed in his lover’s concerned and worried eyes, and almost wanted to find a seam to drill in and die this damned delicate body! His dignity of being a seme was gone!

Bai Duan helped Eddie to the sofa, settled him down, and stared at Lao Lin with a fierce look.

Lao Lin received the criticism from his partner in crime, and he put out his cigarette, waved the rest of the men and women out of the room, and then raised his hands to surrender. “OK, don’t look at me like that, baby. I will stop smoking, but aren’t you too vulnerable? So you want to go to Hobian? I’m afraid you are going to choke to death the second you get off the spaceship.”

Bai Duan was worried about the same problem, but his defense of Eddie made him unable to listen to other’s taunts. But before he could speak back, Bai Duan heard Eddie’s dull and hoarse voice coming from under his cloak, “That won’t happen.”

Lao Lin raised his eyebrows. Obviously, he didn’t expect that Eddie, who had been playing as an Omega in accordance with the rules and regulations, was so firm, and Bai Duan was a little surprised. But when he thought of Eddie’s courage to escape from the O’dean family by relying on his own strength and wanting to go to Hobian, he naturally accepted his thorny side.

Could this be that Eddie had recovered a little bit of his dignity as a seme? He smoothed his breath then lifted the hood of the cape, carefully looking at his ‘love rival’ in front of him.

Lao Lin should have been doing a lot of messy things before. His buttons were unbuttoned, showing his strong chest. Eddie could even see the kiss marks on him. His body was full of aggressive pheromones. He was obviously a powerful and popular Alpha.

However, when he saw Lao Lin’s gray hair and vicissitudes of life, Eddie finally put down his vigilance a little at such an old age, and being so ugly, it was definitely impossible to get Bai Duan’s favor.

At the same time when Eddie judged Lao Lin, Lao Lin was also a little surprised by Eddie’s flawless face and whistled, “What a beautiful little angel!”

Even Lao Lin, who was well-informed and had a taste for beauty, had to admit that Eddie’s breadth was really unique. If it wasn’t for the lack of Omega pheromones surrounding him, no one would believe that he was a Beta. Even a real Omega didn’t have as delicate a face and as beautiful as that of Eddie’s. It was no wonder even the heir of the noble O’dean family was furious after being fooled, and they didn’t immediately execute the ‘black history’ that was called Eddie, and instead, locked him up in a room unharmed. They probably had the idea that even if he was a Beta, they could still enjoy him for a while.

After all, playing with Betas was much easier for noble Alphas than playing with Omegas, since there was no responsibility. What’s more, this Beta was a ‘sinner who deserved it.’

Unless the psychology changed, most people would be more gentle in the face of beautiful people, even Lao Lin i\was no exception. However, although he liked Eddie’s face very much, it didn’t influence his rational judgment. “Although I didn’t have the heart to disappoint the little angel and my little baby, I have to tell you he…” Lao Lin pointed to Eddie, “is really not suited to live on Hobian. You know, there’s more than bad air.”

Bai Duan licked his lips and turned to look at Eddie.

“Of course, if the little angel wants to take another road, Lao Lin is pretty confident that…” Lao Lin pointed to Eddie with a smile and said, “the little angel will be very popular in Hobian. I believe that there will be countless people willing to take care of you, to protect you in the palms of their hands. You just have to pay a little bit with your beautiful body.” After a pause, Lao Lin’s smile deepened a little, and flirtatiously played with his ponytail hanging on his shoulder, “What do you think of me? Although I’m a little old, I’m strong and experienced. I’m sure…” Then, seeing Bai Duan’s murderous glare, Lao Lin smiled and shrugged, “Of course, I’m just proposing, never demanding.”

Bai Duan ground his teeth together. He really wanted to punch the son of a bitch who suggested something like that to the person Bai Duan liked, then take him up and hang him on the ceiling —- but his reason stopped his impulse.

Feeling his lover’s emotional instability, Eddie was afraid that Bai Duan would be angry. He quickly grasped his hand and pinched it gently, “Bai Duan, I want to talk to this… Lao Lin alone for a bit, may I?”

Bai Duan frowned subconsciously. He wanted to refuse, but he was defeated by Eddie’s pleading eyes, “You… what do you want to talk about?”

“Talk about… going to Hobian and living there,” Eddie’s answer was ambiguous.

Hearing the conversation, Lao Lin chuckled, “Why? Does the little angel want to accept Lao Lin’s proposal?”

It was a pity that, apart from Bai Duan’s glare, Eddie didn’t give Lao Lin any response. He still looked at Bai Duan seriously, “It won’t take long, ten minutes, really!”

“Ten minutes? Ten minutes is not enough, not even enough for foreplay~ ” Even though he was ignored by them, it didn’t stop Lao Lin from ‘enjoying himself’.

But this time, Eddie finally looked at Lao Lin, and quickly lifted the corner of his mouth. His tone was determined, “Ten minutes is enough.”

Lao Lin, “…” All of a sudden, I feel bad. Was something bad about to happen?

Unfortunately, Bai Duan did not notice Lao Lin’s unusual silence. He looked at Eddie worriedly, but eventually he was defeated at the insistence of the other side. With a slight sigh, Bai Duan stood up from the sofa, “Then I’ll go out and come back in ten minutes I’ll only wait ten minutes.”

“Good.” Eddie smiled and watched Bai Duan walk to the door and open the box door.

When the door closed behind Bai Duan, Eddie turned his eyes to Lao Lin again. The smile on the corner of his mouth became more and more profound. However, the two sweet dimples looked like the most ferocious black holes in the universe, absorbing everything, and even the light could not escape.

As a dark resident who always swam on the edge of danger, Lao Lin always believed in his early warning of danger after all, this instinct saved his life several times, allowing him to sit here and enjoy his life. However, although his heart was beating like a drum and he had put his contempt for Eddie away completely, Lao Lin still looked and sounded frivolous of course, at this moment, he did not mention that he coveted Eddie’s body. “OK, little angel, what do you want to talk to me about?”

“I don’t like the nickname you gave me. Of course, I don’t like what you call Bai Duan either. ’Baby’ is not what you should be calling him.”

Lao Lin’s expression was strange. It was obvious that even though he started to look at Eddie differently, he was still a delicate young man, he had no idea that the other side would treat him like this… he was so unwelcoming. Since he became a smuggler and was accepted into the star thieves, Lao Lin had never been warned like this, which made him feel very complicated. Part novelty, oddness, and surprise, but because of the other’s young and beautiful face, he was not angry.

“Being young and frivolous is not a bad thing, but sometimes you need to know if you have enough capital to be frivolous,” Lao Lin narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Of course, of course I know.” Eddie took a step forward, and his mental strength, which had been steadfast and steady, suddenly poured out towards Lao Lin. Even though his delicate physical condition could not be improved for a while, it did not mean that Eddie was weak and incompetent. “I’ll prove to you now whether I have ‘capital’ or not. How about that?”

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