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Chapter 83: Sixth World (7)

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Bai Duan wandered outside the door for ten minutes, counting down the time to push the door of Box 9 open. When he finally opened the door, the situation within was totally unexpected.

Eddie and Lao Lin were sitting face to face on the sofa. They seemed to be having a good talk. When they saw Bai Duan return, they smiled at him together. Lao Lin also gave Bai Duan the answer quite cleanly, “I have already discussed it with Eddie. I will take him to Hobian. If you want to go, I can bring you along too.” 

Bai Duan was full of doubts about Lao Lin’s sudden change of tone. He was not quite used to Lao Lin’s serious tone after he removed the titles ‘little baby’ and ‘little angel’ it seemed that Lao Lin had never called Bai Duan by his name ever since he was pulled into his mess.

Turning to look at Eddie, Bai Duan was afraid that Eddie would agree to Lao Lin’s strange terms, but Eddie gave him a clean and innocent smile to appease him of his worries. 

Glancing at Eddie’s pure appearance, Lao Lin couldn’t help but draw up a corner of his mouth. He didn’t want to see it again. Even now, the clothes on his back were soaked with sweat, and the pressure that had directly affected his nerves was still there, making his little thumb hidden under the table slightly quiver. But that was all thanks to Eddie holding back and not really intending to kill him. Lao Lin felt that if Eddie attacked without any precaution, it would be a piece of cake for Eddie to kill him.

Of course, as a powerful Alpha, Lao Lin’s mental strength was not weak. Once he was ready, Eddie couldn’t easily take his life. But there was no doubt that Eddie, who looked weak, was someone who most would not be able to easily take him down. That made him even more suited to be a star thief than him. He would definitely become a good killer and give the enemy a fatal blow at a critical moment.

After confirming Eddie’s ability and firm determination to join the star thieves, Lao Lin happily agreed to take him into his team only as a temporary player for the time being, of course and Lao Lin had always been extremely generous to his own people.

“Before returning to Hobian, I need about a week’s preparation time. Once ready, I will inform you immediately.” A dry cough interrupted Bai Duan’s eye contact with Eddie, and Lao Lin touched his mustache. “During this period, you should also prepare your own clothes, and if you have time, I suggest you exercise.” Then he took a card out of his pocket, one that looked so ordinary, no one would pick it up even if it was lying on the ground. “This is my old friend’s gym card. You can say that I introduced you to the gym. My friend will make exercise plans for you. Although it’s a short time, the training is absolutely effective of course, it also means that it will be very tiring, so tiring that you would like to drop dead directly.”

Bai Duan took the card from Lao Lin’s hand, looked at it for a long time while pondering and when he didn’t see any way, subconsciously turned to ask Eddie’s opinion.

Looking at their gazes meeting each other’s, Lao Lin only felt that his teeth were turned upside down, “Eddie’s physical quality is too poor. It’s better to exercise. It’s no harm for you to follow him, Bai Duan. Haven’t you been admitted to the Royal Academy of Delmo? That place belongs to the military and has high requirements for students’ physical quality.”

Bai Duan nodded, “If Eddie wants to go, I will naturally join him I don’t trust him to meet your friends alone!”

Most of Lao Lin’s friends had the same black background as him, so they were not good friends. Although they would not ignore Lao Lin, since he was the one who introduced them, Eddie was so beautiful that he could bewitch people and that made Bai Duan uneasy for a moment.

Knowing what Bai Duan meant, Lao Lin clicked his tongue, but didn’t argue.

Seeing Bai Duan and Eddie as they were whispering and flirting with each other, he slightly raised his eyebrows and said, “What’s so good about the Royal Academy of Delmo? What made you so hell bent on getting into that school?”

“Because it’s the best university in the country.” Bai Duan’s tone was casual, without the excitement and pride of being admitted to the school that others dreamt of, “And that’s what my parents expect of me.”

“But you know, it’s also known as the ‘reserve barracks for the army’. Before you graduate, the military will pick out more than half of the students. And at your level, as long as the military is not blind, they will certainly select you.” Lao Lin’s tone was rather complicated.

“Of course I know.” Bai Duan nodded, not very clear why Lao Lin said this. “The army is very good, at least the welfare is very good, and I am a technician, so I don’t need to go to the battlefield to die.”

In the face of Bai Duan’s response, Lao Lin’s face was speechless. He could not imagine that his little partner, who had been trained by himself to do so many illegal activities, would one day wear his most hated uniform.

Obviously, Bai Duan’s character was more suitable to be an unrestrained, selfish and cold-blooded star thief than a soldier who was bound by various rules and regulations, for the country and the people, and had a great sense of righteousness! Lao Lin had always believed that Bai Duan, who could face all kinds of situations calmly at a young age and did not change his face even if he was splashed by the blood of the dead, was a natural criminal. At least at Bai Duan’s age, Lao Lin was not as calm and cold-blooded as he was.

Looking at Bai Duan, who had a cold expression, and Eddie, who had a smile on his face and was ‘naive and lovely’, Lao Lin had to admit that these two ferocious little monsters were a match made in heaven. It was no wonder that after just two days of knowing each other, they were like old lovers.

However, although the contradiction between the army and the star thieves was not irreconcilable, on the surface, they were still antagonistic. Eddie wanted to be a great star thief, and be famous across the universe, while Bai Duan went straight to the army so what were they playing at? Romeo and Juliet?

Of course, even if he couldn’t understand Bai Duan and Eddie’s ideas, Lao Lin didn’t intend to go deep into the matter. After all, he was not the father or mother of these two little brats. So, why would he care?

After introducing his friend’s gym, Lao Lin felt that he had done his best. He lazily waved his hand and sent Bai Duan and Eddie away. Now he was still in the sequelae of Eddie’s mental attack. In fact, he would like to lie down and rest at once. It had been quite a test of his willpower to force himself up as if everything was peachy for such a long time.

Bai Duan didn’t want to stay in such a messy place for a long time. After receiving Lao Lin’s signal, he immediately pulled Eddie’s hand and didn’t look back. He didn’t slow down until he came out of the smoky red light district.

“… What did you talk about with Lao Lin before?” Looking at Eddie, Bai Duan, who was walking quietly beside him, he could not conceal his worries. “Why did his attitude change so much?”

“Don’t worry.” Eddie smiled softly, dimples sweet. “I just proved to him that I am not useless and without self-protection ability. Even if I don’t rely on others, I can survive living on Hobian.”

Of course, because of all kinds of ‘old grudges’, Eddie’s method of proving it was ‘a little bit’ fierce, but as long as the goal was achieved, nothing else mattered.

“… Really?” Bai Duan was puzzled. He looked at Eddie’s weak body. Even if he subconsciously believed in the other, he couldn’t imagine Eddie’s ability to protect himself.

“… It’s true. I admit that my physical fitness is very poor, but my mental strength is very high.”

“Mental power?” Bai Duan was stunned. He felt like he had understood something, “How high is it?”

“… It’s about SSS.” Eddie’s tone was calm, he was unintentionally boasting but SSS was not worth mentioning to Eddie.

As Eddie expected, Bai Duan’s eyes changed as soon as he heard the mental strength of SSS.

SSS was already the peak threshold of this era. Although various studies showed that there should be room for development after SSS, no one had been able to break through this limitation from the beginning to the end. In human countries, there were few people who could achieve SSS mental power, even fewer than those who had a SSS physical quality. After all, most Alphas’ physical quality would reach S or above, but no one had ever learned the criteria for having high spiritual power.

“And you? Have you ever measured your mental strength?” Eddie looked sideways at Bai Duan.

Bai Duan shook his head, “The state only provides free testing services for Alphas, and the other two genders cannot enjoy such treatment. Moreover, except for entering the army or driving mobile suits, mental power does not play a great role in daily life, and no one is willing to spend a lot of money to measure that kind of thing.” After a pause, he showed a light sneer, “What’s more, what can we do even if we test it? Can Betas stand above Alphas and lead them, and can Omegas run away from the fate of being locked up and producing children? Even if we reach the peak value of SS or SSS and get so-called ‘attention’, the result is just that the Alphas will squeeze and use us more miserably and thoroughly.” Looking at Eddie, Bai Duan pitied, “Isn’t that why you kept your true mental strength hidden?”

“… Yes, you are right,” Eddie couldn’t say that his mental strength was not so high at all, so he nodded helplessly, “but if you are selected by the military in the future, they will definitely test your mental strength. At that time, remember to hold back.”

Hearing Eddie’s warning, Bai Duan was confused for a while, but soon had a deep feeling with him, “You mean, my mental strength is not low?”

“Hmn,” Eddie nodded and uttered nonsense seriously, “I have high mental power, so I can sense that your mental power is also very strong. I will teach you how to control your mental power. If you need to be measured, you must not expose yourself.”

“Okay,” Bai Duan didn’t doubt him at all. He took it seriously, he felt extremely happy knowing that he and Eddie were getting closer. “You can teach me how to control my mental power, and I will accompany you exercising. We all need to make progress and protect ourselves. When I graduate, I will definitely go to Hobian to find you!”

“I’ll wait for you,” Eddie grabbed Bai Duan’s hand, clasped it with his fingers, and made a solemn promise but Eddie preferred to actively look for him rather than waiting for Bai Duan.

Bai Duan needed four years of study at the Royal Academy of Delmo, which should be enough time for him to stand firm amongst the star thieves, form his own crew, and take back the young and beautiful soldier who had just entered the army, then he would become ‘the head bandit’s wife’.

Just thinking about it made him feel excited!

The two pretty Beta teenagers held hands and laughed at each other, as if no one or nothing could get between them. When passers-by saw this scene, they couldn’t help but show their envious expressions. Thinking that they must be childhood friends, and that they were naive and adorable. They will most likely form a happy family in the future…right?

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