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Chapter 18: Do You Like Mo’ger?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo gasped. His feet were as heavy as cast iron, but he didn’t dare stop. He didn’t know how to face them now.

Previous life… Death…crossed over…

Lin Cheng was reborn… They died in the past… Lin Mo crossed over…

Lin Mo tried his best to run forward. Although he didn’t pay attention to the direction, he subconsciously ran to a familiar place. When Lin Mo finally couldn’t run, tired, he fell to the ground. In a trance, he knew that this was the fruit orchard.

Lin Mo struggled to get up. His throat was so dry that he couldn’t even swallow his saliva.

“Cough… Cough…” Lin Mo covered his throat with one hand and stumbled to the deep part of the fruit orchard. They couldn’t find him… Lin Mo’s only thought now was to avoid them.

“… Cough… Blegh.. Cough…” Lin Mo covered his mouth.

He thought he heard footsteps coming from afar. Lin Mo felt his heart clench, covered his mouth and moved forward, but his eyelashes were wet with tears, and his eyes were blurred.

The next second, Lin Mo stumbled over the broken branches of the fruit tree and fell forward. “Blegh… “

Lin Mo only felt that there was a smell of sweetness in his mouth that made him want to vomit, and his eyes became dim.

Cheng Yan came down from the mountain with a bow and arrow on his back. Today, he was unlucky and didn’t hunt any prey. As he was walking back along the path, Cheng Yan heard some familiar sounds from his right side, and he remembered that it was the fruit orchard owned by the Lin family.

Cheng Yan pushed through the grass, the noise became clearer and clearer. When the weeds in front of him disappeared, he saw Lin Mo in front of him.

But Cheng Yan didn’t wait to think about why Lin Mo was here. When he saw him fall to the ground, Cheng Yan felt nervous and sped up.

“Lin Mo, how are you…” Cheng Yan was half kneeling to help him up, and he just wanted to ask, but when he saw the tears on Lin Mo’s face and the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, his throat seemed to be blocked.

Lin Mo heard the footsteps coming, his body was shaking, but when he heard the unexpected voice, he was shocked and looked up.

“Cheng… Yan?” Lin Mo blinked, and his vision was clearer. His throat could barely make a sound because of the moist blood.

“…What’s the matter with you?” Cheng Yan raised his hand to wipe off the dazzling red color on the corner of Lin Mo’s mouth.

Why was Lin Mo here alone? Why did he look like this? The doubt in Cheng Yan’s heart made him unable to breathe. Cheng Yan didn’t know why he had this reaction. Seeing Lin Mo’s present appearance, the first reaction in his heart was heartache; heartache for his tears, heartache for his sadness.

“Waa…” At the moment when Lin Mo saw Cheng Yan, he felt even more aggrieved. He could not help holding Cheng Yan’s clothes tightly with shaking hands.

The body that had been holding up fell down completely at last, his tiredness and despair rushed to his body like a tide to his heart.

Lin Mo didn’t know why he wanted to escape. He didn’t know where the sense of suffocation came from when he heard that they had all died in their previous life. Obviously… he had been thinking about it since he came here. He didn’t have any emotional involvement with anyone. He just wanted to maintain these superficial relationships….

Hearing the despair in his cry, Cheng Yan’s sense of suffocation grew stronger and stronger, and then… The gloomy aura around Lin Mo reappeared. Cheng Yan blinked hard to hide the unknown emotion in his eyes.

“Waa… Cough… Cough, cough… I feel so bad…” Lin Mo lay in Cheng Yan’s arms, tugging at his clothes with one hand, and he looked miserable.

“Where do you hurt? Hold on for a while, I’ll take you back…” As soon as Cheng Yan heard Lin Mo say that he hurt, he thought about the blood on his pale face and corners of his mouth.

“No… Cough… Don’t go back…” Lin Mo heard this and woke up, struggling to stay away from him.

Lin Xiu ran all the way, panting. He heard Lin Mo’s words and his body went cold for a moment.

Cheng Yan carefully comforted the person in his arms, and then looked up at Lin Xiu who was not far away. When he opened his mouth to speak, he saw Lin Xiu shake his head, and his eyes were full of hope.

Cheng Yan didn’t know what happened between them. He didn’t know what happened in the Lin family that made Lin Mo lose his emotional barrier.

Lin Xiu stood near the tree and watched Lin Mo kneeling on the ground. All he heard was his painful cough from time to time. Lin Xiu was afraid to move, and his brain was in a mess. He needed to calm down.

After a long time, Cheng Yan felt that Lin Mo, in his arms, had not moved. He looked down and found that he had closed his eyes. He didn’t know whether he was asleep or if he had passed out.

Cheng Yan wanted to move him away a little bit, but the person in his arms seemed to be shaken, coughed in a low voice, frowning with his eyes closed, and holding on to his clothes tightly. Cheng Yan finally bent down to pick up the man and walked calmly to Lin Xiu’s side.

“Please help carry him back.” Lin Xiu whispered.

Lin Xiu naturally saw Mo’ger’s subconscious dependence on Cheng Yan, saw his face that was a little whiter than usual, his eyes red and swollen from crying, and he felt a lot of remorse in his heart.

Why did Lin Mo have to hear that?

Cheng Yan glanced at Lin Mo and whispered, “Mn.” 

Cheng Yan walked back to the village with Lin Mo in his arms, followed by Lin Xiu. It was near noon, and some villagers were rushing home on the village road. When they saw Lin Xiu and Cheng Yan holding the young man, they stopped.

“Lin Xiu is back. What’s wrong with Mo’ger?” When they approached, some villagers naturally saw the ger in Cheng Yan’s arms.

“He’s pale. He isn’t sick again, is he?”

“His eyes are red and swollen, did he cry?”

The villagers passing by all came and asked, but they wanted to talk to Lin Xiu more. Lin Xiu was one of the few scholars in their village, so the villagers naturally paid more attention to him.

Lin Mo, who was held by Cheng Yan, seemed to be disturbed by the sounds around him. His brow wrinkled tightly, and his head drilled into Cheng Yan’s arms, trying to cover his ears.

“Ugh… Cough… Cough…”

Lin Xiu heard Lin Mo’s cough, and his eyes signaled to Cheng Yan to hurry back first. “Aunts and uncles, let us go first. Mo’ger is not feeling well.” 

Cheng Yan nodded, got around them and rushed to the Lin family house. Lin Xiu quickly followed after he had dealt with the villagers.

In the room, Lin Mo was lying on the bed with his eyes closed tightly, and his hands were still firmly holding Cheng Yan’s clothes. Cheng Yan couldn’t leave so he could only sit by the bed.

The door was carefully opened, and Mama Lin stepped in, walked to the bed and looked at her son.

“How is he?” She asked softly.

Cheng Yan shook his head and said in a low voice, “He’ll know if I move.” 

Mama Lin believed Cheng Yan as she looked at the clothes firmly held by Lin Mo. In the next second, Lin Mo frowned tightly, with some pain on his face. Unconsciously, his hands stretched forward, and when they met something, they seemed to find his life-saving straw and tightly grasped it.

“Ah…” Mama Lin thought it was a little unbelievable. She could see that Mo’ger relied heavily on Cheng Yan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t subconsciously hold on to him after falling asleep. However, they didn’t look familiar or close at all during ordinary times.

“Then… Please wait until Mo’ger wakes up…” Ma Lin hesitated.

If Cheng Yan didn’t have feelings for her son, it would be bad for Mo’ger if they were to stay in the same room alone. And her second son had said that Mo’ger was brought back by Cheng Yan, and many people had seen it. Coupled with her son’s reaction now, he obviously liked Cheng Yan.

“Mn.” Cheng Yan tried to ignore the strange feeling of Lin Mo holding his hand in his arms and nodded.

Mama Lin hesitated for a long time and finally asked, “Cheng Yan, let aunt ask you something…”

“Hm? What’s up?”

“You… Do you like our Mo’ger?”

After hearing this, Cheng Yan was stunned. There were countless bees buzzing in his head. He liked him… Cheng Yan finally understood why he felt suffocated when he saw Lin Mo crying.

Cheng Yan looked at Mama Lin and said seriously, “Yes, I like him.” 

After Mama Lin went out and closed the door, Cheng Yan turned around and looked at Lin Mo, who had fallen into a deep sleep. After a long time, he hesitantly  reached out his other hand to touch Lin Mo’s slightly red eyes.

Yes, I like you very much, Lin Mo.

In the house, Father Lin and Mama Lin came together with Lin Cheng and Lin Xiu. For a while, the room was silent.

“Mo’ger, what happened to him today? Why did the doctor just say it was too much stimulation?” There was no expression on Father Lin’s face, but his eyes were gloomy.

“I…” Lin Cheng hesitated, but was interrupted by Lin Xiu as soon as he made a sound.

“It’s my fault. I said something that bothered Mo’ger, so he ran out.” Lin Xiu acknowledged his mistake with a lowered head.

Lin Cheng opened his mouth to say something, but when he saw Lin Xiu’s eyes, he finally shut up.

Mo’ger knew of the accident that happened in the other life, but no one else knew except the three of them.

“I’m responsible for it, too,” whispered Lin Cheng.

Father Lin looked up at the two of them standing in silence and finally left without saying anything. Mama Lin glanced at them and left. Lin Cheng and Lin Xiu were their children. If there was something to hide, they would see it in the morning.

“Second Brother… What’s going to happen?” Lin Cheng asked after a long silence.

“When Mo’ger wakes up, don’t mention it to anyone except the three of us.” Lin Xiu never doubted the truth of that matter. He knew that his big brother would not lie.

Mama Lin left the room and saw her husband squatting in the distance and smoking cigarettes. Since there was a child in the family, Father Lin had never smoked cigarettes again. That smell was too much for children and for Mama Lin.

Mama Lin walked over and sat next to him, while Father Lin silently extinguished the smoke.

“I just asked Cheng Yan. He said he likes our Mo’ger.” Mama Lin told him.


“I can see that Mo’ger also likes Cheng Yan.”

“… Ask them what they want to do in a few days.”

After all, if Mo’ger didn’t find the right person, his parents would still be very active in finding him someone, but after knowing that the two liked each other, Father Lin was reluctant to part with him. When he got married, Mo’ger would not just be their Mo’ger.

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