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Chapter 84: Sixth World (8)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Both Bai Duan and Eddie understood the importance of improving their physical fitness, so after leaving the red light district, they discussed for a moment and went straight to the gym introduced by Lao Lin. The location of the gym was much more high class than the red light district, at least it looked like a place where serious people went.

As soon as they entered the door, they were greeted with the strong smell of Alpha pheromones — after all, there were a lot of pheromones in sweat. Bai Duan and Eddie didn’t like this aggressive scent very much. They both frowned, they looked around the gym, and the arrival of the two immediately attracted many people’s attention.

Several Alpha’s movement frequency gradually slowed down, looking at Bai Duan and Eddie with desire in their eyes. After the noble Alpha’s selection, the remaining Omega number was not enough to meet the needs of other Alphas.

So, there were a lot of Alphas that couldn’t get an Omega all their life, so beautiful Betas like Bai Duan and Eddie would become the target of Alphas. However, compared with an Omega’s solicitude and consideration, an Alpha’s pursuit toward a Beta was much more direct and crude, which often caused trouble for Betas who lacked the ability to fight back.

Bai Duan was aware of this situation, and his heart was tired of Alphas.

He didn’t know if it was ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky.’ Before the Alphas started to move, the owner of the gym walked out, surprised. Looking at these two ‘little white rabbits’ who seemed to have entered by mistake, he said “These two guests, do you guys want… to get fit?”

“Um,” Bai Duan, with a cold expression, handed over the card in his hand. “Lao Lin introduced us.”

Hearing the name Lao Lin, the face of the gym owner suddenly changed, and so did the rest of the Alphas who were going to lean over. They stopped and went back to their fitness equipment — obviously, the people who exercised here were ‘regular visitors’ and were very clear about the meaning of the name ‘Lao Lin.’

“Since you two were introduced by Lao Lin, then I’ll gladly welcome you.” The gym owner’s attitude was much more cordial, leading Bai Duan and Eddie to the enclosed cubicle inside the gym. “Let’s do a test to check your current physical condition, and then make exercise plans based on your situation. How long do you want to exercise? How far do you want to go?”

“A week,” Bai Duan answered, and Eddie immediately added, “The higher the physical fitness, the better.”

The owner of the gym took a silent look at the two and apparently thought they were aiming too high. However, he didn’t put his beak on it. After checking the physical condition of the two people and making a training program according to their strengths and weaknesses, he took them directly into the gravity training room and raised the gravity to the limit they could bear. As for whether the two people could train in such a situation, they didn’t need him to take care of it, which was also a lesson for the two kids. Anyway, he did exactly what they asked him to do, right?

After the gym owner turned on the gravity system, he stood outside the training room and waited for the two to realize they ‘didn’t know the height of the earth’ as they cried and came running out. But after walking left and right outside for a while, he didn’t hear anything. He couldn’t help feeling the pace of his heartbeat increasing.

In order to protect the privacy of the guests, there were no monitoring equipment installed in the gravity training room, and unless the guests called, the boss could not enter the training room at will to avoid affecting the training of the guests.

After wandering outside the gravity training room for most of the day, the owner was afraid of destroying the two cubs introduced by Lao Lin. Finally, he called Lao Lin and explained the situation.

After listening to the owner, Lao Lin laughed, “You don’t have to worry about it! Those two little monsters are powerful! It’s just gravity training. It’s not hard for them!”

“Now that you say that, I’m relieved.” The owner nodded, looked at Lao Lin’s pale face on the bed again, and said, “What’s the matter with you? Who beat you up into this mess?”

“Sigh. I like running my mouth.” Lao Lin laughed and continued, “The little lovelies were not happy, they were going to crush my old bones!”

“Little lovelies?” The boss picked up his eyebrows and suddenly thought of the two beautiful teenagers in his gravity training room who were called ‘little monsters’ by Lao Lin, “Don’t tell me it’s the two who just entered?”

“Yes.” Lao Lin was so brazen that he didn’t think it was wrong that he couldn’t get out of bed because of two Beta kids. “Trust me, these two little monsters will frighten you!”

Although Lao Lin often used exaggerated rhetoric when he speaks, which was very unreliable, the owner of the gym had known him for a long time. Knowing that he would never make something out of nothing. However, even though he had psychological preparation, the owner was still shocked by Bai Duan and Eddie’s progress.

Bai Duan had not been trained systematically before, but he had been in good physical condition since childhood, and now, with professional training, it was natural that he improved a lot. Compared to Bai Duan’s ‘expected’ progress, Eddie’s progress was purely unexpected.

At first, Eddie’s physical quality was not very different from most Omega’s. He was really ‘delicate, soft and easy to push down.’ However, where his physical strength was insufficient, his will power filled that gap, and his strong mental strength barely made up for his physical weakness.

If Bai Duan was ‘doing what he could’ in training, Eddie was ‘disregarding life.’ Every day, he was carried out of the training room like a dead wet fish by Bai Duan. He couldn’t move at all. Fortunately, the upper floor of the gym also had accommodations and was equipped with body repair capsules. Bai Duan simply took Eddie there and stayed with him, not only sparing the time spent on the road, but also recovering quickly.

Bai Duan, as a lover of Eddie’s crazy training, naturally loved him and was proud of him. He took care of him with all his heart and power.It wasn’t just feeding him water and food. Even in the evening, they shared the same bed in case Eddie didn’t feel well but no one noticed.

Bai Duan was gentle and considerate. Eddie also indulged himself by relying on him and getting close to him. The relationship between the two quickly evolved from strangers to close, and the intimacy of their body movements suddenly increased.

Knowing that his time with Bai Duan couldn’t be too long, Eddie, who had no sense of morals to begin with, once again broke through his lower limit. Relying on his strong willpower, he quickly adapted to the small body and self-taught a set of pretending to be cute skills, making full use of his appearance.

Eddie had learned to reach his arms out to Bai Duan and ask for hugs; to hold Bai Duan’s neck tenderly and rub against his cheek like a cat; to open his big eyes and look adorable silently; to make his voice more tender and sweet… Although each time, Eddie felt like his moral ethics had further shattered, the results were quite gratifying.

Bai Duan couldn’t resist this kind of Eddie at all. He was always responsive to his needs. Even when the two took a bath together and ‘unfortunately’ got themselves hard, Bai Duan was lost looking at Eddie’s anxious(?) expression. He helped jerk Eddie off while blushing and even turned to comfort Eddie not to panic, saying that it was just a normal physiological phenomenon.

Eddie, who looked uneasy as he nested himself in Bai Duan’s arms: Keikaku doori 1~ =w=

In this way, on the one hand, Eddie broke all kinds of lower limits to get their intimacy up, on the other hand, they trained hard so that he could get more of Bai Duan’s care and of course Eddie’s ‘hard work’ had also been greatly rewarded.

In a short week, his physical fitness greatly improved at an astonishing speed. Although his height and body shape did not change much, the original soft flesh turned into smooth muscles, and the round baby face was a little sharper and more angular, even the abdominal muscles had revealed their shape, and the temperament of the whole person had changed from soft and delicate to vigorous.

There was one incident when he gave a profound lesson to an Alpha who was trying to take advantage of him. Eddie ruthlessly relieved the man of his reproductive organs, then with a sweet smile, watched as the man covered his hurting parts while rolling and wailing on the ground in front of him.

From then on, all the Alphas in the gym began to walk around them, even some of the more robust ones, when they saw Eddie, they would unconsciously look away.

A week later, Lao Lin finally came to the gym to test Bai Duan and Eddie’s training results. With this opportunity, Eddie challenged Lao Lin to see the gap between himself and a real Alpha.

“It’s okay to play, but we have to agree in advance that we can’t use mental power!” Lao Lin had no dignity as an Alpha, and was the first to emphasize this point.

“…No need.” Eddie licked at the corner of his mouth and quietly moved forward.

The end result of this war was naturally Lao Lin’s victory, and the time was not long. Although it was easy to make Eddie lose, Lao Lin also didn’t leave unscathed — blue and purple marks were printed on his right eye socket. Although the eyes were still fragile for the rough and fleshy Alpha, it could be imagined how heavy Eddie’s punch was to be able to leave such a deep mark on an Alpha’s face.

Lao Lin let go of Eddie, who was clamped down by himself, and covered his right eye with cold air. His tone was sad, “I say little… Ahh…ddie, what’s the deep hatred between you and me? Do you have to punch so hard? And you always greet me in the face.”

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean to hit your face,” Eddie smiled sweetly, and the deep dimples on his cheeks gave Lao Lin a sense of crisis that seemed familiar to him, “I was going to punch another place.”

Subconsciously, Lao Lin clamped his legs and suddenly felt that there was a sudden pain in a certain part of his body. Although he was busy preparing for the return trip, the gym owner would describe to him with surprise what happened and how they grew up in the gym every day, and Lao Lin naturally heard of Eddie’s ‘great achievements’.

In order to avoid being scared by his imagination, Lao Lin decided to change the topic, “Although you can’t match an Alpha, you can basically catch up with the average Beta — of course, I’m talking about the average Betas in the ranks of star thieves. Now everything is ready, we can go to Hobian anytime.”

Bai Duan and Eddie looked at each other and saw each other’s firmness in their eyes. Although the week was tiring and bitter, it was a happy time in their life. They were really reluctant to leave here and face the coming parting.

However, there were no unending banquets in this world. Even if they were extremely reluctant to part with each other, they had to go to the path they had chosen and run for their own goals. They could only wish that they would meet again in the future.

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Translator Notes:

  1. It’s a commonly used term in Chinese that originates from Japanese, the letters look like this 計画通り, it means ‘just as planned’. It originated from Light Yagami from Death Note, he said that in a certain episode.


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