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Chapter 85: Sixth World (9)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

On the day after receiving Lao Lin’s notice, Bai Duan and Eddie packed up and boarded Lao Lin’s ship — and then they took off. It was a smooth journey from the start of the voyage to the meteorite belt around Hobian.

Bai Duan could not say whether he was relieved or lost. After all, because he had been in contact with star thieves like Lao Lin long before, he also read some novels and TV dramas about star thieves in his spare time, and every voyage was thrilling and exciting, which made his blood gush. Of course, Bai Duan himself preferred a peaceful and stable life, so he would not yearn for it at all or feel envious.

Knowing what Bai Duan was thinking in his head, Lao Lin sneered and looked at him as if he were looking at an ignorant child. “Don’t associate the real life of star thieves with those novels and movies. They are all deceitful! Our star thieves are willing to take risks and meet challenges, but that doesn’t mean we will take risks unnecessarily. An experienced star thief like myself will find out the route and the movement of the surrounding forces before each voyage. It’s impossible to miss. Once we get into trouble, it means that we’ve been watched for a long time, and then we’ll have a life or death war.”

Bai Duan nodded his head, looked out of the window again, and held Eddie’s hand tightly subconsciously.

Eddie understood that Bai Duan’s mood was complicated, because even he was restless about the upcoming departure. After a moment’s hesitation, he shook Bai Duan’s hand, which was clasped around his. When Bai Duan looked his way, Eddie winked at him. Then pulled Bai Duan and ran out of the ship’s control room.

Looking at the backs of the two teenagers, Lao Lin touched his mustache and said, “It’s nice to be young.”

Leaving the control room with Eddie and hiding in an empty escape pod, Bai Duan looked puzzled, “What’s the matter, what’s the matter?”

“…We are about to be separated.” Eddie’s cheeks were red, his eyes were clear and watery, and he blushed, “Is there something you want to say to me?”

He could clearly feel Bai Duan’s love for him, and he also believed in Bai Duan’s stubbornness, so even if the two were on different planets and had difficulty communicating, Bai Duan wouldn’t move on to someone else.

The time, the atmosphere, the place, everything was perfect right now. It would be a pity to not confess right here and now, and get their relationship straight before departing. Plus, a good separation could give the upcoming bitter separation some sweetness, right?

Hearing Eddie’s inquiry, Bai Duan was stunned. For a while, he doubted whether he heard wrong. Compared with Eddie, Bai Duan, who had no memory of their past lives, hesitated a lot.

According to Bai Duan’s plan, it was only a good time for the two to confess their feelings when they meet again and get rid of all difficulties. Before that, Bai Duan didn’t want to tie Eddie down with his current uncertain feelings and hinder his life on Hobian.

How complex and dangerous the environment of Hobian was, even if Bai Duan had not experienced it, he could still imagine it. Compared with being alone when struggling on Hobian, finding a partner who liked him and would take care of him, would make Eddie’s life easier.

Even though he knew that Eddie’s real gender was a Beta, Bai Duan was still a little ashamed of himself in front of Eddie. He always felt that the other side was of noble birth, beautiful and elegant, with a firm will and strong spirit. There were no imperfections on him, such a common Beta like himself was not worthy of him.

“What do you mean…?” Bai Duan’s eyes flickered, and he restrained his inner impulse to pour out his feelings, “You… should take good care of yourself and don’t try to tough things out on your own… ”

“…Only this?” Eddie’s face was a little disappointed. He took a step forward and came close to Bai Duan. In the face of Eddie’s approach, Bai Duan’s first reaction was not to retreat, but to reach out to protect his two sides to avoid Eddie from accidentally bumping into him and falling.

When he noticed Bai Duan’s action, a smile flashed across Eddie’s eyes. He grabbed Bai Duan’s collar, raised his head, and put his lips on Bai Duan’s.

At the moment when the two lips touched each other, Bai Duan’s brain went blank. He instinctively hugged Eddie, immersed in the touch of the soft lips, and even opened his mouth when the tip of the other’s tongue tried to pry open his teeth.

Feeling his lover’s obedience, Eddie took it a step forward, he pushed Bai Duan directly against the window of the escape pod — though Eddie was a little bit shorter than Bai Duan, it did not hinder the sense of oppression and toughness when Eddie had him under his kabedon.

The quiet cabin reverberated with the blush-inducing sounds of kissing. Every now and then, one could hear heavy breaths and low groans.

People who were around the age of eighteen were naturally impulsive. In addition, Eddie was facing his sweetheart whom he deeply loved, and his nostrils were full of the other’s pheromones and it was very tempting. So, it was also conceivable that just a kiss was enough to get both of them hard. Eddie wanted to eat Bai Duan right away. Fortunately, he still remembered that a bunch of hungry Betas and Alphas were outside, so he made no attempt to strip Bai Duan’s clothes off — and as Bai Duan’s blank consciousness was gradually being restored, he slowly pushed Eddie away from him.

Eddie took a step back from Bai Duan, but when Bai Duan stopped pushing him away, Eddie quickly pressed on him again and held him tightly. But this time, he didn’t do anything else to arouse emotion. The thing he wanted was just to hold Bai Duan and bury his head in his neck, to sniff his lover’s enticing pheromones, in order to calm his short breaths and vigorous desire down.

Bai Duan didn’t push Eddie away this time, he even slid his fingers into Eddie’s soft and natural curly hair, he gently and sentimentally stroked his slightly sweaty locks.

At this moment, Bai Duan really had the impulse to abandon everything and follow Eddie to Hobian to start again. However, apart from love, Bai Duan had other feelings to live up to. He also bore his parents’ expectations and hopes, it was impossible to ignore his parents’ wishes and leave them behind, after they worked hard to raise him, to run away to be a star thief.

So, it was doomed that the relationship between Bai Duan and Eddie couldn’t be smooth — since Bai Duan couldn’t make a sacrifice and support Eddie, he didn’t deserve Eddie’s love. If Bai Duan could follow Eddie to Hobian, he would definitely firmly occupy a position in Eddie’s heart, and he would never let Eddie be taken by others.

But now, he couldn’t take care of Eddie, he couldn’t help him, he couldn’t protect him, so how could he ask Eddie to fall in love with him? Their relationship was still not mature enough, so how could he ask Eddie to give up a better life and reject a possibly more suitable lover that may appear in the future?

There was no doubt that Bai Duan loved Eddie. This feeling may not be deep enough for Bai Duan to give up everything and follow Eddie to Hobian. In truth, he could still stay rational when he imagined the scene of him being in someone else’s arms; but at the same time, this feeling was too deep, so deep that Bai Duan would be willing to give up his own happiness, in hopes that Eddie could live a more relaxed, free and happy life.

“Sorry.” After breathing, Bai Duan pushed Eddie away again and shook his head slightly. “I admit, I like you very much. All aspects of you attract me, but that’s all.”

Eddie was confused by his lover’s refusal, just like a basin of cold water pouring down his head. His bubble of happiness burst in a moment, and he looked at Bai Duan’s eyes puzzled and confused, “Why?”

“Because…” Bai Duan pursed his lips, “because we don’t belong in the same world after all.”

“You mean, you will be a soldier, and I will be a star thief?” Eddie frowned — he never cared about these two opposing identities, but he didn’t expect Bai Duan to care that much.

“It’s not just that.” Bai Duan shook his head — in fact, he didn’t care about soldiers and star thieves. Even if he didn’t join the army, it would not hurt him. He just didn’t want to give Eddie promises that he might not be able to fulfill before he had the ability to stand beside him forever.

“What else is there then?” Eddie’s mood was a little anxious. He never expected the sweet time of confession before he parted ways with his lover would become so awkward.

Unfortunately, before Eddie could figure out why Bai Duan refused, the door of the capsule was knocked on.

Because the whole ship belonged to Lao Lin, he was unobstructed in it. He just knocked twice to remind the two people in the room of their arrival, and then opened the door, “Hey, you two little passengers, we are about to enter the meteorite belt. Hurry up and go to your seat and fasten your safety gear — what are you doing? Why does it smell so strongly of pheromones in here?”

Lao Lin sniffed the two intertwined pheromones in the air and expressed surprise — after all, he had never smelled such obvious pheromones from Betas before, even when they were making love.

It seems that not only Alphas and Omegas had a degree of compatibility, normally, the higher the compatibility, the more likely the two would become impulsive in each other’s presence and make love. It seemed like there was also a degree of compatibility between Betas. Once they were together, they would stimulate each other’s degenerated glands to secrete higher concentration of pheromones?

However, Lao Lin’s rare desire for knowledge was ignored by Bai Duan and Eddie.

“I’ll go now.” Bai Duan hurriedly tidied up his disordered clothes. He didn’t dare to look at Eddie’s expression. He lowered his head and ran away from Lao Lin, who was leaning against the door.

But Eddie watched him go with a dark face, and took a fierce look at the old man who entered and disturbed his lover at the critical moment.

Lao Lin’s subconscious froze when Eddie’s gaze landed on him. His back bristled and his smile froze, “Did… you guys have a fight?”

“Um.” Eddie answered coldly, raised his hand to wipe off the liquid left after kissing at the corner of his mouth. He licked his finger, “I confessed, but he rejected me.”

Lao Lin, “……” Lao Lin always felt that something was not right with Eddie. It seemed like… the little angel wanted to be a devil?

“But it doesn’t matter.” There was a sinister smile on the corner of his mouth, Eddie’s dimples were deep, and his originally pure and bright purple eyes were covered with a layer of clouds, “Anyway, he can’t run away.”

Lao Lin, “….” Lao Lin really wanted to light an incense for his poor cooperator. Bai Duan saved a person out of kindness, and with just that, he had to pay with his whole life. What’s the name of this encounter? The farmer and the snake? Or was it Mr. Dong Guo and the wolf?

“Originally, I just wanted to play kidnapping my love interest… It’s not bad now, it’s just that what was meant to be fake became real.” Glancing at Lao Lin who was standing at the door with a blank expression, Eddie smiled brightly, “Right?”

Lao Lin, “….” Honey, don’t ask me, I don’t know anything, I didn’t hear anything!

Tsk, tsk, one was his former little partner who cooperated happily with him, the other was a new little partner who he would have to cooperate with happily in the future. Both paths were thorny, which made it difficult for Lao Lin to choose!


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Thanks for the chapter! Scary ML alert…

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“He always felt that the other side was of noble birth, beautiful and elegant, with a firm will and strong spirit. There were no imperfections on him, such a common Beta like himself was not worthy of him.”
-呜呜呜 >~< , These two jerks are playing with my mood now……Xiao Dian ahh, you will regret it later~

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