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Chapter 19: I’m Not Your Brother

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo didn’t sleep long, though he was accompanied by Cheng Yan. Lin Mo was awakened by the nightmare of his previous life, and suddenly opened his eyes and gasped for breath. This time, his nightmare was no longer just being tied up in the Research Institute and tortured. He dreamed about their deaths, his family members in the past… and now his current family.

His eyes were red with blood. He was numb from the smell of blood in his nostrils. The wailing in his ears never stopped.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Yan was startled by Lin Mo’s sudden move, and saw that he was in a bit of a bad mood. He couldn’t help but worry.

“No… I’m okay…” Lin Mo tried to breathe slowly, then looked at Cheng Yan.

Lin Mo opened his eyes, grabbed Cheng Yan’s hand and lay on the bed staring at the ceiling. It was already afternoon. After Lin Mo woke up, Cheng Yan had no reason to stay. After talking with Lin Mo, Cheng Yan left.

The door was closed with a squeak. Lin Mo blinked and stared at it. After a long time, he turned around and pulled the quilt cover up.

Lin Mo’s mind was full of what Lin Cheng and Lin Xiu said. From Lin Cheng’s words, Lin Mo got a lot of information.

Lin Cheng had been reborn. In the previous life of Lin Cheng, Lin Xiu was framed, and then the Lin family was implicated.

In Lin Cheng’s previous life, Lin Mo was himself, because Lin Mo could say the words ‘I crossed over.’ Most of all, Lin Cheng, who had been born again, had no doubts about him. This meant that Lin Mo couldn’t be another passer-by. Besides, the woman who was the prime minister’s daughter bewildered Lin Xiu. Many men with high authority or prestige gathered around her, saying that Lin Mo was bothering her. Lin Mo could not believe it.

Lin Mo pulled down the quilt off his head, and his eyes were obscure. He didn’t expect that, in the future, he would kill a woman, regardless of his life.

Obviously… It was clear that they were not his real family, Lin Cheng was not his eldest brother, and Lin Xiu was not his second brother

There was no expression on Lin Mo’s face, but the tears in his eyes fell down without warning, and ran along the corner of his eyes.

In fact, it was easy to understand, wasn’t it? Lin Mo knew himself. In the future, he may regard them as the sustenance of his family in the past. The death of his parents and brothers had been a taboo in Lin Mo’s heart. He kept it in his heart until it slowly eroded his heart.

His trust was destroyed by other people. He was not crazy.

Before long, the door was opened, and Lin Xiu and Lin Cheng walked in. Lin Mo’s hand in the quilt shook. Lin Xiu went over and sighed when he saw the tears in Lin Mo’s eyes.

“Crying? Haven’t those things not happened yet?” Lin Xiu took out the handkerchief in his sleeve and dried Lin Mo’s tears.

Lin Mo slowly sat up, blocked Lin Xiu’s hand and looked at them silently.

Lin Mo was a little indifferent, “I’m not your brother. Doesn’t Lin Cheng know about my previous life?” 

If he could tell Lin Cheng the information of ‘crossing over,’ he must have told Lin Cheng all this in the future.

“Elder brother… What does Mo’ger mean?” Hearing this, Lin Xiu was shocked and looked at Lin Cheng, who was standing by the side.

Lin Cheng couldn’t believe Lin Mo. He didn’t expect Lin Mo to say what he originally confessed to him before he died. 

“… What Lin Mo told me before his death, in fact, our Mo’ger is dead. He is not the Lin Mo we know…” Lin Cheng was silent for a long time.

Lin Xiu was stunned, and looked at Lin Mo incredulously.

Lin Mo looked at Lin Xiu’s expression with no expression on his face. He smiled miserably in his heart. That’s all. What should he expect? This was clearly not his family. “Your brother is dead, and I’m just a lonely soul occupying his body, since it was open…” Lin Mo raised a stiff smile.

“What are you doing?!” Lin Cheng’s voice was a little urgent.

“… Don’t worry, since I am your brother now, I will take responsibility naturally.” Lin Mo’s stiff smile faded away.

“No… I don’t mean that…” Lin Cheng wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to open his mouth. Lin Mo must have misunderstood him.

However, he had regarded Lin Mo as his younger brother, whether he was the original one or not.

“Why talk about your rebirth? Are you not afraid to be treated as a stranger?” Lin Mo asked suddenly.

Lin Cheng thought about it and said, “… At that time, I thought that if I wanted to avoid everything in my previous life, I should not be the only one to know so that I didn’t think so much.” 

“Now that you know my identity, why didn’t you tell Lin Xiu? Why keep it from him?” Lin Mo chuckled and said this. With his expression, it was strange.

“Because I treat you as my younger brother. Second Brother has no memory of his previous life, so I’m afraid he can’t accept it.”

Lin Cheng was able to accept Lin Mo because he had the experience of the last life, but his Second Brother didn’t. The closest person to Lin Mo in the last life was Lin Xiu, so Lin Cheng subconsciously concealed this matter, but didn’t want Lin Mo to say it himself.

“You think I’m your brother? What about your real brother?”

“You and he are both my brothers. You are not a substitute. I can distinguish you from him because you are different in character.” Lin Cheng felt that Lin Mo was acting a little weird. If he didn’t make things clear, he would lose his brother completely.

Lin Mo listened to Lin Cheng’s words, the strange smile on his face disappeared in a flash, and the acid swelled in his heart. He blinked, and tears fell on the quilt without warning.

When Lin Xiu saw that he was in tears again, his heart was stagnant. He subconsciously wanted to open his mouth to comfort him, but he still didn’t open his mouth.

“Leave. I want to rest.” Lin Mo lay down on his side, and pulled the quilt over.

Lin Cheng opened his mouth but stopped himself from talking. At last, he went out. Lin Xiu looked back at him. His eyes were complicated.

Lin Mo didn’t move and lay still on the bed. During this time, Mama Lin came in several times, but Lin Mo didn’t open his eyes.

In the evening, Lin Mo opened his eyes, sat up and took the bowl placed on the head of the bed to eat directly. He didn’t care that the food was cold. After eating, he went back to bed and closed his eyes.

Lin Mo was at a loss in his mind. After knowing that he had been wearing ancient clothes, Lin Mo had decided how long he could live. At that time, he didn’t care that the Lin family would one day know the truth, but now this development was beyond his imagination.

He didn’t think that he would say ‘responsibility.’ Was he so kind? Did he have such a strong sense of responsibility?

Before long, Lin Mo had cold sweat on his forehead. He put his hands on his stomach and slowly curled up into a ball. His face was white. He forgot that the sick body could not eat cold food.

The next morning, Lin Xiu came to Lin Mo again before returning to the college. Soon after Lin Xiu left home, Lin Mo also left the house.

The others were relieved to see Lin Mo finally come out.

“Are you hungry? I left you some porridge and eggs.” Mama Lin touched Mo’ger’s head, softly.

“Mn.” Lin Mo saw that they didn’t ask anything, and knew that Lin Cheng and Lin Xiu had solved it.

After Lin Mo finished washing, he took porridge out of the kitchen and sat down to eat it.

Lin Xiaoya took her brother’s hand and stood aside. She glanced at Fourth Uncle, who was drinking porridge. Then she looked up at her father and hesitated.

Lin Xiaonan didn’t think so much like his sister. He led his sister directly to Lin Mo, hesitated and reached out to touch his hand.

“Fourth Uncle, does your hand still hurt?” Asked Lin Xiaonan in a low voice.

“Eat sugar… It won’t hurt.” Lin Xiaoya glancedat her brother, then handed the sugar she had been holding to Fourth Uncle.

Lin Mo was stunned for a moment, and looked down at the brother and sister pair. At last, he took Lin Xiaoya’s sugar. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

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