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Chapter 20: Give Your Second Brother Some Time

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Since Lin Mo’s health hadn’t been the best recently, Father Lin and Mama Lin put aside the matter of making jam and dried fruit.

They had heard some time ago that there were several ger in the village who were going to marry. Today they would get together to celebrate. But the location was at the other end of the village, and considering the physical injuries of Lin Mo and Lin Cheng, Mama Lin didn’t let them go. So they stayed behind with the two children.

The house the Lin family live in was built by Grandfather Lin when they moved to Daling Village. At that time, their family was still very rich, so they spent the remaining money on building the house after buying the land. The overall area the Lin family habited was large. It looked like a square with the dining hall in the middle, surrounded by the other rooms.

The yard in the middle of the house was very large. In addition to planting some fruit trees to enjoy the cool shade, there were chicken and duck pens and a pigsty near the kitchen. Behind the house was a large vegetable garden. This kind of house was not common in Daling Village, so to some extent, the Lin family was still very well off, that is, they didn’t have to pay for their house. 

Lin Mo carried a stool to the fruit tree in the yard to enjoy the cooler shade. Lin Xiaoya and Lin Xiaonan followed him with the rabbit and black dog. After watching him sit down, they also sat next to him and continued to play with their pets.

Lin Mo ignored the two children playing beside him. His head was empty and his eyes were looking out at the yard. Lin Cheng came out of the house, looked at Lin Mo under the tree, and also moved his stool.

“Elder brother, what happened to Cheng Yan and me in the past?” Lin Mo suddenly asked.

“Ah? In my previous life… there was no Cheng Yan.” Lin Cheng was stunned and shook his head. Lin Cheng remembered that he and his father did not save someone in the mountains. He didn’t know why Cheng Yan would appear after he came back.

“…Is that right?” Lin Mo had been silent for a long time, whispering this, and his eyes were at a loss.

“You told us, in your previous life, that you didn’t want to marry anyone. Although my parents were very opposed to it at the beginning, they didn’t advise you because of some things.” Lin Cheng looked at him like that, explained.

At that time, after Lin Mo said it, the whole family was shocked and didn’t understand why he thought he didn’t need to get married. But in later life, they found that Mo’ger hated other people’s proximity or touch, and no one mentioned it at last.

“Didn’t the government care?”

“At that time, before you reached the age of official matchmaking, your Second Brother won the first prize in the exam, so your official matchmaking age could be extended. After that, your Second Brother’s position in the court got higher and higher, so even if you were not married, the government dared not take care of it.”

“So… This is the fuse of Second Brother being framed?” Lin Mo turned his head and asked in a hoarse voice.

“That’s right, but…” Lin Cheng wanted to refute, but Lin Mo stopped him.

“So, in fact, I am the root of the whole thing…” Lin Mo’s lips trembled a little. At the end of the world, the root of their family’s downfall was his spiritual space. Now it was directly him. Was he really a disaster?

“Mo’ger, don’t think like this. Even without you, it would have been inevitable for Second Brother to be framed…” Lin Cheng was worried. In the past, and now, why did he think that the root of all issues was because of him?

Lin Xiaoya, who was playing beside, felt that Fourth Uncle and her father were about to quarrel. She let go of the rabbit in her hand and went to Fourth Uncle, looking at her father angrily.

“Father, don’t scold Fourth Uncle!” Lin Xiaoya looked at her father with round eyes.

When Lin Xiaonan heard this, he looked at them and watched them in a daze. However, he stood up and walked to his sister and followed her to stand in front of Lin Mo.

“Dad didn’t scold Fourth Uncle.” Lin Cheng said with a wry smile.

Lin Mo looked at the two children standing in front of him. His mind was a little complicated, but he had them go back to play. “No scolding, you two go on playing.”

“Then… If my father scolds you, Fourth Uncle must remember to call me and my brother. We’ll help Uncle beat him.” Lin Xiaoya’s childish voice threatened, on one side Lin Xiaonan heard and also nodded.

Lin Xiaoya and Lin Xiaonan were three years old. They stayed beside Lin Mo the longest, followed by sister-in-law Lin, and then Lin Xing and Lin Chen.

Although Lin Cheng was their father, Lin Cheng tended to be reticent. Because he often had to work in the field or work in town for a short time, the father, son, and daughter couldn’t spend much time alone. It was normal for the two children to prefer Lin Mo.

Lin Cheng, who was sitting beside him, felt a little sad when he saw this, but he also knew the reason why his children preferred Mo’ger.

“I’m okay. Go play.” Lin Mo touched the heads of the two children.

Lin Cheng looked at his two children squatting away to continue playing, and looked at the smiles on their faces. However, their pained expression in the past life appeared in his mind, only his fingers were cold.

“Second Brother, he just can’t accept it for a while. You… Give him some time…” Lin Cheng Cheng said, after all, no one could accept the news that his brother had suddenly disappeared, even if they knew that someone else was in Mo’ger’s body.

They all knew that Mo’ger was too weak and had been taking medicine since he was a child. He grew up in a medicine can. Even the doctor told them that Mo’ger would not live long. But it was one thing to know, and another to accept it.

Lin Mo’s health had slowly improved in his previous life and his family was very happy. They all thought that the medicine he had been drinking for more than ten years had finally worked. Lin Cheng now knew that their Mo’ger was gone, and another Lin Mo had become their younger brother.

“I know. He told me this morning.” But Lin Mo didn’t believe that Lin Xiu could accept a stranger who occupied his brother’s body.

Lin Cheng had accepted him and Lin Mo could see it. But even so, Lin Mo still felt a little embarrassed and felt as if… he stole all of this, and that they knew that he was not their brother.

Lin Cheng hesitated and asked, “…Mo’ger, about you and Cheng Yan. What do you want to do about you and him…?” 

“You mean marry him?” Lin Mo asked.


“I had this idea before, but now I don’t know…” Lin Mo shook his head. Hearing that Lin Cheng said he had never married anyone in his previous life, and that there was no Cheng Yan in Daling Village, Lin Mo was a little uncertain.

“…If you really like him, then don’t worry about it. You have your Second Brother and I.” Lin Cheng muttered.

Lin Mo was criticized by many people for not marrying in his previous life. Previously, he saw Cheng Yan carrying Mo’ger to enter the house. Although Lin Mo was in a coma at that time, Lin Cheng could also see that he subconsciously relied on Cheng Yan.

If Lin Mo could really find someone he liked…

Lin Mo shook his head and whispered, “…I don’t know now.” 

After that, they didn’t talk anymore. They just sat in their seats, but their minds were full.

At noon, Lin Mo made a simple meal, because Lin Cheng’s body would still take some days to return to a normal state. Lin Mo pulled some tubers from the space to make porridge.

In the afternoon, Mama Lin came back after drinking the wedding wine. Lin Xing and Lin Chen took out the wedding candy and gave it to Xiaoya and Xiaonan. Lin Mo stayed in the yard for a while and then went back into the house.

Mama Lin put her things in place, didn’t see Lin Mo in the yard, so she went into the room to find him.

Lin Mo looked at Mama Lin coming in and asked, “Mother, what’s the matter?” 

Mama Lin closed the door, went to sit next to him, looked at him for a long time, and finally sighed, “Did you have a problem with your Eldest Brother and Second Brother?”

“… No.”

“You are all my sons. I can’t see anything. Your Second Brother was worried when he left in the morning.” Mama Lin didn’t believe their polite words. She could see what must have happened to the three brothers, but they were not willing to say it.

“…” Lin Mo lowered his head and picked at his fingernails. He didn’t speak.

“I know you don’t want to say it, and mother won’t ask much. You are brothers. I believe you can handle it well…”

“…Mn.” Lin Mo responded with a low voice. Brothers? If only she knew he was not her son…

Mama Lin thought about the wedding party today, and said to Lin Mo, “The day after tomorrow is Yuan Qing’s wedding. His family is close to ours and mother will take you to have a look. When you get married, you won’t have to hurry.” 

“Mother…” Lin Mo opened his mouth, but he couldn’t tell her what was going on. Since Lin Cheng told him that he didn’t get married in his previous life, Lin Mo had the idea of not wanting to get married at all. However, Lin Mo couldn’t say anything when he thought about the series of events that would happen later.

“What’s the matter?” Mama Lin questioned.

“Nothing.” Lin Mo shook his head. He couldn’t say it.

“What does Mo’ger think of Cheng Yan?” Mama Lin inquired. That was the whole reason why Mama Lin came to talk to Lin Mo. Although it was less than a year before Lin Mo needed to be married, Mama Lin still thought that the earlier he got married, the better.

“Cheng Yan…he’s okay.” Lin Mo nodded.

“Both your father and I think you are suitable for each other, and mother asked Cheng Yan yesterday. He said he likes you.”

When Lin Mo heard that, his fingers quivered and his eyes were a little dazed. Cheng Yan likes him? Did he like Cheng Yan? Lin Mo didn’t know. He didn’t hate Cheng Yan’s touch. The aura around Cheng Yan reassured him. After yesterday’s events, Lin Mo knew that he depended on him subconsciously. But Lin Mo didn’t know if he liked him.

“Of course, if Mo’ger really doesn’t like Cheng Yan, mother will ask your sister to see who else is suitable.” Lin Mo didn’t respond to him so Mama Lin was confused. Did she guess wrong?

“It’s not urgent, don’t I have time?”

“Doesn’t Mo’ger like him?” Mama Lin was silent for a while, hesitating. If Mo’ger didn’t like Cheng Yan, why did she ask him yesterday then?

“No, I…” Lin Mo contradicted subconsciously, but when he did, he shut up and stopped talking.

Mama Lin saw his reaction and knew the situation. It was Mo’ger who didn’t realize his feelings for Cheng Yan.

“It’s okay. There is a long time to go. You can get along with each other first and cultivate your feelings.”

“…Okay.” Lin Mo looked up at Mama Lin, and finally nodded.

After Mama Lin left, Lin Mo sat still for a long time, then took off his shoes and lay on the bed with his head covered.

Get married? Lin Mo didn’t want to get married before the end of his life.

However, when he thought of Cheng Yan, Lin Mo thought of his expressionless face, broad chest and the worry in his eyes when he saw him yesterday. Lin Mo felt that if he married him and slept in the same bed with him, there would be no sense of exclusion.

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