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May 19, 2022 5:31 am

visual wise, i really like gundam wing zero. the weapons would be a huge halberd for melee attacks, and the wings are able to shoot spear-like bullets that can destroy enemy’s armor.

for real use though, i prefer something like evangelion. i like it’s flexibility, it’s life-likeness. also because the pilot “becomes one” with their eva, so only one pilot for one eva.

May 19, 2022 6:08 am

cos i’m such a huge Halo fan lol, give me a DMR (Halo Reach) please, a light rifle (Halo 4) is also nice lmao

regarding the mecha itself, cos i’m not too big on mecha mechanics, i’d like something lightweight so it’s easy to meanouvear, especially something that can fit through small, narrow crevasses whenever necessary (spatial awareness is my number 1 priority in combat ( ̄ヘ ̄;))

May 19, 2022 7:00 am

I’d be very happy with Beast Mecha 125 (Mecha Slave Contract) 🦖😁

Official LMW release!

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