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Chapter 13: Discussion 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo told them what he was thinking of doing, but he didn’t know how to make dried fruit. He only ate jam and canned fruit, but he didn’t know how to make it. The specific steps of the process were not clear to him.

However, it would be easy to make a simple version. Anyway, new things were an easy way to make money from at the beginning, and Lin Mo didn’t intend to make long-term profits with them.

“What is this…Jam? Canned fruit? Will someone buy it when we make it?” Mama Lin was a little uneasy.

“We can make some to sell in town first, and we can do more if someone buys it.” Lin Cheng said. They were not sure, but Lin Cheng knew that someone would buy this, and there would still be many others who would too. In the past, their family began to make money because of this.

After experiencing his previous life, Lin Cheng could now see Lin Mo’s formality and slight estrangement at this time. It seemed that Lin Mo had just come here. At this time, Lin Mo hadn’t fully regarded them as his family.

When Lin Mo heard Lin Cheng’s words, he looked at him, and he was a little surprised. In his few memories, Lin Cheng, the eldest brother of the original owner, was a man of few words. He was an honest farmer in the eyes of others. He didn’t expect that Lin Cheng would be the first one to agree with him. Lin Mo had figured out a good reason to explain to his family but it seemed that he didn’t need to now.

“Mom and Dad, the food made by Fourth Brother is delicious. It’s sure to sell for money.” Lin Chen looked left and right, and found that no one was making a sound. Even if he couldn’t sell it, he could let them eat it. Anyway, Lin Xing also thought Fourth Brother’s food was delicious.

“Are we going to set up a stall in town?” Lin Xing looked up and asked, he really wanted to go to town to have a look. There were many things in the town. They had been there once before. Lin Xing wanted to continue seeing what he didn’t finish last time.

“Mom and Dad, anyway, it’s still a while before the busy farming period. We have nothing to do. It’s better to try Mo’ger’s method. The fruit is from our own fruit orchard. Even if it’s not sold, we won’t lose much money.” When sister-in-law Lin saw that everyone else was talking, she thought about it and advised. Sister-in-law Lin thought that they could make money. The peddlers who sold tanghulu candies in town also made money by selling them.

On hearing the others supporting him, Lin Mo blinked and slightly lowered his head, not looking at them.

“We didn’t disagree…” Mama Lin laughed and scolded when she heard them.

“What else do you need? Dad will get it,” said Father Lin.

“I’ll go to the town tomorrow. If we don’t have the items, we can only find someone to make it…” Lin Mo replied after thinking about it.

Dried fruit could be packed in small cloth bags, jam or canned fruit could only be packed in special containers. He didn’t know if there were any in town, but there were overripe fruits, which should not make the jam worse, right? Lin Mo was not sure. 1

This era was not the ancient time that Lin Mo knew of, so he would not use his inherent ideas to look down at it, maybe there would be something in town.

“Where will we sell our wine? Do dad and big brother know any big restaurants in town?”

Lin Mo thought that although the problem of wine brewing had been solved, it seemed that he still needed to find a buyer’s channel. He couldn’t just take the wine to the town to set up a stall, alright? It was estimated that no one would buy wine from a stall.

“There are several restaurants in the town…”

“Dad, we can sell the wine to Zuiyun (Drunk Cloud) Plaza.” Lin Cheng suddenly said.

“Zuiyun Plaza? This…” Father Lin heard that and hesitated.

Although the reputation of Zuiyun Plaza in the town was not as big as that of the best restaurant, there were still many tourists who visited the place.

Although Zuiyun Plaza was under the name of their third daughter Lin Lan’s father-in-law’s family, Father Lin still didn’t want to let them collect money from his own family. If the quality of the wine they brewed was very good, it would be okay to do so, but the key point was that they didn’t know how to make it taste best now.

If it screwed up, the relationship between the two families would certainly become very awkward. After that, Lin Lan would probably also be in a position of disgust amongst the Yan family.

When Grandfather Lin was still alive, the Lin family and Yan family had a good relationship. After all, they were business partners and friends, so the two families became relatives. However, by the time of Father Lin’s arrival, the Lin family had changed from a merchant to a farmer, and the relationship between the two families was gradually reduced. What they still maintained was their family relationship.

That’s why Father Lin didn’t want to sell fruit wine to Zuiyun Plaza.

“Just try it. I didn’t say we have to sell it to them. If we can’t, we can go to another wine shop.”

Lin Cheng knew his father’s concerns. In the last life, it was because they didn’t go to Zuiyun Plaza in the first place that there was trouble behind them. Although the Yan family helped them, they were also upset by their decision .

Lin Cheng knew how good the wine his brother brewed tasted. The Yan family had industries all over the country. If they took the wine to Zuiyun Plaza in the beginning, with the background strength of the Yan family, there would be no one who would have the courage to find trouble with them.

“A small jar I made before is ready. I can show it to them.”

Before Lin Mo and Mama Lin went to the town, they paid close attention to the news of the town. Naturally, they knew the status of Zuiyun Plaza; compared with these restaurants, a tavern would be better.

Lin Mo was confident in his craft. If he could, he still wanted to cooperate with a tavern.

“Isn’t Zuiyun Plaza from brother-in-law’s family? We can talk to brother-in-law.” Lin Xing scratched his head and said, “Just say it to brother-in-law. Do we need to think about it here?”

Lin Chen patted his silly brother’s head and told him to shut up. He didn’t expect him to think of anything and solve the problem without saying it.

“I’ll take it to them tomorrow, since I have something to ask A-Lan.” Mama Lin finally decided, and didn’t give them a chance to refuse.

“I’ll go with you tomorrow…” When Lin Cheng saw his mother’s answer, he knew that most of the problems had been solved.

“Your injury is not better. I’ll go with your mother and Mo’ger tomorrow.”

“But…” Lin Cheng hesitated when his father refused.

Lin Cheng took care of Lin family’s industries in the past. Lin Cheng was used to doing these things by himself, but he was still injured.

Lin Cheng knew that his parents didn’t understand this, and he hadn’t seen Lin Mo, his younger brother, talk about business with others, so he asked the three of them to go. Lin Cheng was really worried about whether the business could be achieved.

“Since it belongs to brother-in-law’s family, as long as the quality of the wine is good, it should be okay.”

Lin Mo didn’t expect the relationship between the owner and their family to be connected to Zuiyun Plaza. In this case, it would be easy.

As long as the problem with the wine was not big, it was basically no problem. As long as Zuiyuan Plaza sold the wine, even if they had a fixed wine supplier, Lin Mo could let them buy his wine.

When Lin Cheng heard Lin Mo’s words, he thought for a moment and nodded to agree.

As a family relationship, as long as the quality of the wine was qualified at the beginning of the discussion, the Yan family would not refuse, and Lin Cheng knew that if they tasted it, they would not refuse it. Lin Cheng knew of his brother’s ability to make wine, and the taste of the wine was unique, and others had tried to imitate such a taste.

After the matter was settled, everyone went to the room to sleep. In bed, Father Lin ruminated for a long time, thinking that what his wife just said was a little strange.

“What are you doing thinking over and over? Won’t you be sleepy if you don’t sleep now?”

“My wife, you just said that it’s part of Mo’ger’s business to find A-Lan tomorrow?” Asked Father Lin, turning around and lying flat in bed.

“Mn, I think that Cheng Yan and Mo’ger are not suitable. I want to ask A-Lan if there is another suitable person.” Mama Lin replied after thinking about it.

“What’s wrong with them? Didn’t you see Cheng Yan today? There are few people who are diligent and silent… “

“Is that the way to choose a husband for Mo’ger? Both of them don’t like talking, and I don’t see that they are interested in each other.”

Today, she looked at them from time to time, but she couldn’t see what they were doing. At noon, she also deliberately vacated the position beside Mo’ger. She created opportunities for them to get along with each other, and they didn’t look at each other.

“Both of them are a little introverted. I can’t tell in such a short time. I’ll wait a few days… If it’s not possible, we’ll ask them what they think when everything is done,” said Father Lin. “What’s more, although Cheng Yan’s life experience is a little mysterious, nothing has happened after a year… Besides, even if we want to find someone else, we have to ask Mo’ger what he thinks.”

In fact, Father Lin was very optimistic about Cheng Yan. Although he had no family, he was good at hunting. Moreover, Mo’ger would get several acres after he was married, so he would not be hungry.

The only thing to consider is, was Cheng Yan interested in being Mo’ger’s family? Father Lin planned to observe for a few more days and ask Cheng Yan. If not, he would have to spend time to find others for Mo’ger.

“Let’s talk about it later.” Mama Lin thought about it and said this.

It was night, and Lin Mo was lying in bed, his eyes closed and rested, and his ears were ringing with the unique sound of insects in the night. Not long after he came here, Lin Mo had fallen in love with the life he was living here. He could eat warm food, wear clothes and he only needed to cook and play with children every day, and occasionally think of some ways to make money.

It was not necessary to watch out for zombies and ability users all the time. Apart from being unable to sleep at night, everything here was so beautiful that Lin Mo thought it couldn’t be true.

In the middle of the night, Lin Mo, who couldn’t sleep, entered his spiritual space to kill time. There was only the spiritual spring and a piece of land in the space. Besides, there was white fog all around. Once Lin Mo wanted to go into the white fog to see what was in it, but he was blocked by an invisible barrier.

Lin Mo made an area in the field to plant tubers and herbs. When planting, he didn’t remember that the plant should be planted in the water. He didn’t know until he got the second generation of the plant

After seeing that it hadn’t changed much, he continued to plant it.

In addition to the medicinal plants, Lin Mo also planted many other things, such as tomatoes, purple grapes, and other seasoning herbs. Anyway, he would throw the plants he liked into his space and plant them at will. Then he would pour some spiritual water on them to let them grow freely.

If there was no magic effect from the spiritual water, according to his planting method, there would be no crops in his space.

Lin Mo picked a bunch of purple grapes and sat under a fruit tree, eating them while watching the spirit spring nearby.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Addis’ lecture on jam: Usually to make jam, you use fresh fruit and boil them down with sugar and water. If you want it chunky, you cool it at that point. If you want it to be completely smooth, you keep boiling and puree it, then cool it. In modern times, you add a preservative to it to keep it on the shelf longer. If you take overripe fruit for the jam, ones that are to the point of molding, it’s okay because you have the preserves. However, in ancient times, there’s a really high chance the jam will go bad faster meaning the shelf life isn’t as long. So, he’s wondering if the older fruit will affect the flavor since they are to the point of almost going bad.  Peach Jam. Blackberry Jam. Blueberry Jam. Apple Butter.


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