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Chapter 17: Confessing Everything

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo sat next to Lin Xiu, his second elder brother. Lin Xiu helped him by serving him porridge and vegetables. Lin Xiu ordered, “Be careful, the porridge is still a little hot.” 

“Mn.” Lin Mo responded, and looked at Lin Xiu with his head bent.

“What’s the matter? You’ve never acted like this.” Lin Xiu doubted.

“Second Brother, you didn’t come home last time. It’s been two months…” Lin Xing muttered as he ate rice. They all missed their second brother, let alone Fourth Brother who was the closest to him.

“Your Second Brother is preparing for his exam next spring. How can he come back every month?” Mama Lin poked at Lin Xing’s forehead and admonished him.

“I don’t think about Second Brother! Besides, I’m not alone. Ask Fourth Brother…” Lin Xing rubbed his head and mumbled. Every time his mother poked at him, couldn’t she change to someone else? For example, his silly brother Lin Chen.

“I want… Second Uncle!” Lin Xiaoya held the wooden spoon in her hand and looked at Lin Xiu with wide eyes. She paid attention to the key points.

“Sorry, I couldn’t come back last time. I’ll be home on time next time.” Lin Xiu smiled softly, his eyes full of apology.

Lin Mo responded with a low voice, and then turned to his porridge.

“Don’t go back and forth if you really have something to do. The most important thing now is your study.” Father Lin input.

“I know, Dad, but I’ve read almost all the books. Last time, I was only delayed by the dean.”

Lin Cheng glanced at Mo’ger, and then continued to help his daughter with the dishes. In his impression, Lin Mo of the previous life had been very close to his Second Brother. Lin Cheng did not know the reason. At least, Lin Mo did not tell him.

Since Second Brother was there, he hoped Lin Mo could accept them soon.

However, Lin Cheng thought that he really needed to find time to talk with Lin Xiu about his previous life. Half of the reason for Lin Mo’s death was Lin Xiu. Lin Cheng remembered that Lin Mo disappeared for a day after his Second Brother was framed and died. Then he came back with a big change of temperament. Since then, he had never seen a smile or even a few expressions on his face.

After dinner, Lin Mo sat in the yard and played with the two children. Sister-in-law Lin tended to the vegetables in the back garden. Lin Xing and Lin Chen fed the chickens and ducks near the fence.

In the room, Father Lin and Mama Lin and their two oldest sons were talking about Lin Mo.

“Lack of Qi and blood? Fourth Brother didn’t have this before. What did the doctor say?” Lin Xiu frowned.

“The doctor said that Fourth Brother’s coma was caused by lack of sleep for a long time.” Lin Cheng told him.

“But Mo’ger has been in good spirits recently. I feel that he is not so weak. If he didn’t go into a coma at noon…” Mama Lin was worried. The doctor said that if he had gone a few days more, he would not be able to wake up.

Lin Mo didn’t know that his inability to sleep at night had been guessed by his family, because after sleeping all afternoon, his spirit was very good now, and even if he was awakened in the middle of the night, his head would not ache the next day.

When the sun set completely, Lin Mo went back to his room and lay on the bed after taking a bath.

The next morning, Lin Mo was going to pick the rest of the fruit in the orchard to make other fruit products, but his family rejected his idea on the basis of his body. Lin Mo didn’t insist after being rejected. Anyway, it was okay if he did it a few days later.

After breakfast, Father Lin and Mama Lin carried the farm tools to go out. The crops were about ready to be harvested. They had to go to the fields to have a look. Sister-in-law Lin picked the yellow leaves in the vegetable garden and asked Lin Chen to feed them to chickens and ducks. She began to plant the next season of vegetables.

As soon as Lin Xing finished breakfast, he took the small bamboo basket and went to play with his partner. He went to catch fish on the other side of the river and Lin Mo could only play with his nephew and niece in the yard.

Lin Mo looked at Lin Xiaoya who kept feeding the fruit to the rabbit. He could not help but say, “Little rabbits can’t eat fruit, they will get sick.” 

“Ah? But the fruit is delicious…” Lin Xiaoya hesitated as she took back the fruit.

“You can eat it when it ripens.”

“Oh, mn…”

“Xiaonan, what are you doing? Dogs don’t eat vegetable leaves.” As soon as Lin Mo turned around, he saw Lin Xiaonan squatting beside the dog, holding the vegetable leaves to his mouth.

“Ah?” Lin Xiaonan looked up at him, and the vegetable leaf in his hand was bitten by the little black dog.

“…” Well, he didn’t say it fast enough.

Lin Mo squatted down and asked, “Where are the rabbits and dog from?”

“Uncle Cheng gave them to us.” Lin Xiaonan replied.

Lin Xiaoya felt the rabbit’s ears and nodded, “Yes.” 

“Fourth Uncle, do you want it?” Lin Xiaoya held the rabbit in both hands and handed it to Lin Mo.

“Er… No, you can keep it yourself.” Lin Mo blinked, looking at the rabbit with red eyes in front of him.

“Oh.” Lin Xiaoya nodded and then took it back.

“Uncle Fourth, did you buy me sugar?” Lin Xiaoya felt the rabbit’s head, suddenly thought of it and asked.

“Tanghulu candy!” Hearing his sister’s words, Lin Xiaonan also thought of his tanghulu candy and looked up at Fourth Uncle. The little black dog struggled to run away without his attention.

“Ah, I forgot the tanghulu. Next time I will buy it for NanNan. The sugar should be in the house. Let’s go and have a look.” Lin Mo got up and looked down at them.

Lin Xiaonan didn’t go to grab the little black dog who ran to the tree. He stood up and grabbed Lin Mo’s finger. Seeing this, Lin Xiaoya put the rabbit back into the nest and grabbed Lin Mo’s other hand.

“Is there any fruity sugar?” Asked Lin Xiaoya, trying to keep up with Fourth Uncle.


“Oh. Do you have fish flavored sugar?” Lin Xiaonan asked.

“No.” Can you eat fishy sugar? “I’ll make you fruit sugar next time.” Lin Mo thought about it and thought maybe he could make money with it.

“Can fish sugar be made, too?” Lin Xiaonan asked, looking up.

“No way.” Even if it was made, would anyone eat it?

“What about shrimp?” Asked Lin Xiaoya.

“Not that either.” Lin Mo felt inexplicably tired.


“I can’t do anything but fruit. I’ll make you rabbit flavor if you ask for more.” Lin Mo stopped and said without expression.

“Ah? Rabbit?! What about a dog?” Lin Xiaonan’s eyes went wide.

“Is a chicken and duck okay?” Lin Xiaoya raised her head and opened her mouth, a little shocked.

“…Do you want to eat it? I’ll make it for you if you want.” Lin Mo looked down at them and gave up the struggle.

In Lin Cheng’s room, Lin Xiu stood still, his eyes full of shock. He opened his mouth to say something, but he could not find the words.

“Second Brother… You… ” Lin Cheng wanted to walk over, but saw Lin Xiu step back a few steps.

“Elder Brother… You let me slowly…” When Lin Xiu temporarily calmed down his violent mood and cleared up the information from the words Lin Cheng had said, his face became a little ugly.

“You said… My previous life, I died, my family will die unexpectedly, and… And Fourth Brother is also…” Lin Xiu’s whole body trembled, his throat was a little dry and numb, and he couldn’t speak any more.

“You told me, in the past, that you were framed by the prime minister…”

“Who is that woman? Why did you say I freaked out when I met her?” Lin Xiu did not believe that he would ignore his family for a woman.

“That’s the first daughter of the prime minister. Mo’ger told me what she was before she died. He told me to stay away from her… Although I didn’t understand what Mo’ger meant, the woman was really weird, just like a witch, and many men around her were fascinated by her.”

Outside, Lin Mo stood in front of the door with his head down, his hands hanging on both sides of his body were clenched tightly, but his body was shaking.

A previous life… Death… Lin Mo crossed over…

These words were hovering in Lin Mo’s brain. At this time, the sun was ready to rise, but Lin Mo felt cold all over, his temples jumped abruptly and his brain swelled.

“Fourth Uncle… What’s the matter with you, uncle?” Lin Xiaoya saw Fourth Uncle trembling, looked up and saw that his expression was a little scary. Lin Xiaoya was a little scared, her voice was trembling. She only knew that Fourth Uncle had just asked them to stop where they were, and then Fourth Uncle tiptoed past, just like when Fifth Uncle wanted to eavesdrop on his grandparents.

Lin Xiaoya thought that Fourth Uncle would do the same, so she walked over curiously and carefully, but when she walked over, Lin Xiaoya found that Fourth Uncle seemed to be a little strange, and the expression on his face scared her.

“Fourth Uncle… Your hands are bleeding.” Lin Xiaonan looked at Lin Mo’s red blood flowing out of his hands. She was scared and his eyes turned red.

Lin Xiaonan hesitated to lift his hand, but Lin Mo shook it off. Lin Xiaonan stepped back and sat on the ground.

“Waaa…” Lin Xiaonan seemed to have been hurt, tears slowly emerged from his eyes.


Lin Mo was in a trance and realized he had knocked down his little nephew. He wanted to help him up, but when he heard the shout from those in the room and the sound of approaching footsteps, Lin Mo’s heart tightened and turned to escape quickly.

Lin Mo’s figure disappeared outside the door just as the door was opened, Lin Xiu felt relieved when he saw that it was his nephew and niece standing in front of the door, but his heart was stagnant when he saw their expressions.

“Xiaoya… How about Fourth Uncle?” Lin Xiu picked up Lin Xiaonan who was sitting on the ground.

“Fourth Uncle… Ran away…” Lin Xiaoya’s eyes were red, and afraid.

As soon as Lin Cheng came out, he heard his daughter’s words, “Mo’ger… Can you hear me?” 

“I’ll find him!” Lin Xiu gave Xiaonan to Lin Cheng and ran out quickly.

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