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Chapter 21: Chang Yan, Do You Like Me?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor:  Sulo


A few days later, Lin Cheng’s injury was almost better. Lin Mo followed Mama Lin to Zhang Yuanqing’s house.

Lin Mo led Lin Xiaoya behind Mama Lin, while Lin Xiaonan held onto his clothes with one hand and looked around. They were only three years old and had few opportunities to go out. Now that they went to strange places, they were naturally curious.

“Xiaoya, do you want mother to hold you?” Sister-in-law Lin walked beside her and touched her daughter’s head.

Lin Xiaoya looked up at her mother, and then at Fourth Uncle. Her eyes showed she was tangled.

“Go ahead. It’s a long time before we arrive.” Lin Mo released her hand, touched her head, and pushed her gently towards sister-in-law Lin.

Lin Cheng saw that his wife hugged their daughter. He looked at his son, but Lin Xiaonan didn’t look at him even though he was trying to telepathically communicate with the boy. Instead, Lin Xiaonan took Lin Mo’s hand and continued to walk with him.

Lin Cheng, “…”

Not long after they left, they met Cheng Yan, who was walking along another path, with two strong pheasants and a hare in his hand.

“Cheng Yan, are you going to town again?” Father Lin asked.

Cheng Yan shook his head, “No, I’m going to Uncle Zhang’s.” 

After hearing this, Father Lin remembered that Cheng Yan would go hunting in the mountains every few days, and some people would book game from him in advance, or wait for him to take it to the town to buy it from him, but there were not many such people.

“Big rabbit!” Lin Xiaoya, who was held by her mother, naturally saw the big grey hare in Cheng Yan’s hand. She pointed at it and said excitedly.

As soon as Lin Xiaonan heard his sister’s words, he tried to look, but the sight in front of him was blocked and he could not see anything. Lin Xiaonan looked up and pulled Fourth Uncle’s clothes.

“Huh? You want to see it, too?” Asked Lin Mo, looking down.

Lin Xiaonan nodded and looked at him without blinking.

“I’ll do it.” Lin Cheng picked up his son. Lin Xiaonan’s vision widened and he saw what Cheng Yan was holding.

“And a big chicken.” Lin Xiaonan’s eyes brightened.

Since they were all going the same way, Cheng Yan decided to go with them. Father Lin and Mama Lin were at the front, Lin Cheng and sister-in-law Lin carried their children on their backs, and behind Lin Mo were Lin Xing and Lin Chen.

However, when Lin Mo didn’t notice, Cheng Yan walked over to him, and Lin Xing and Lin Chen ran to the front.

Lin Mo glanced at him and remembered what Mama Lin said to him yesterday. Cheng Yan likes him? He couldn’t see it.

“You… Have you been better lately?” Suddenly, Cheng Yan asked this, his voice was low, and hoarse from seldomly speaking.

“Mn… Mn, I’m much better.” Lin Mo nodded.

Then, when Lin Mo finished, he didn’t hear Cheng Yan’s next sentence. Lin Mo just glanced at him and wondered. Did he really like him? Did he need to act like a person who was trying to find topics just to have a conversation?

So, all the way to Zhang Yuanqing’s house, they were silent. In front of them were Lin Xing and Lin Chen talking, while they were at a loss for words.

Lin Mo: …

Did he really like him? Why couldn’t he feel it?

When they got to Zhang Yuanqing’s house, Lin Mo was taken into the house by Mama Lin. Sister-in-law Lin took her daughter and her son to follow her. As soon as Lin Xing and Lin Chen entered the yard, they saw their friends who they had been playing together with for a long time, and joined them.

Lin Mo entered the room and noticed about half of the people standing inside. There were men and women, but all the men should be gers. Lin Mo could distinguish ger and normal men from their appearance alone.

The room was full of strangers. Lin Mo felt uncomfortable, but he had no place to go since he was not home. He could only adapt as much as possible. Lin Mo sat beside Xiaonan and played with him. On the table, there were sweets, cakes and some snacks. Lin Xiaoya walked over with small steps, pulled at someone standing near and looked up at him.

“Big brother, Xiaoya wants to eat sugar.” Lin Xiaoya looked forward to it.

A ger gave her some candy and asked with a smile. “Which family are you from? You’re so cute.” 

“Ah? I don’t know. Thank you…” Lin Xiaoya said in a daze and held her sweets with two small hands. After thanking him, she walked to Lin Mo.

“Fourth Uncle, sugar!” Lin Xiaoya held the candy and handed it to Lin Mo, grinning. The two dimples on her face were prominent.

Lin Mo was stunned for a moment. Looking at the smile on Lin Xiaoya’s face, he felt that there was a warm flow in his heart. Lin Mo took all the sweets and fed one to each of the children. The others were in his hands. Lin Xiaoya lay on Lin Mo’s lap with a bulging mouth, and occasionally giggled. Lin Xiaonan didn’t know where to find the stool, so he sat next to Lin Mo.

The other ger had been paying attention to Lin Xiaoya, the lovely girl, and also saw Lin Mo sitting beside her. They had some doubts in their eyes. Obviously, they didn’t know who Lin Mo was.

Some aunties had met Lin Mo, so they took Mama Lin to chat.

Several heard the conversation between the other aunts and Mama Lin, and then looked at Lin Mo’s white face. They guessed something, but no one went to talk to him. Lin Mo didn’t wait for a long time. He heard people outside calling them to go out for dinner. Sister-in-law Lin came to pick up Xiaoya and went out. Lin Mo led Xiaonan out of the house.

It was noon and the sun was still high. Lin Mo’s eyes were slightly narrowed from the brightness of the sun as soon as he stepped outside. Lin Mo had never participated in any wedding banquets, and didn’t know what wedding banquets were like in the countryside. But when he saw the tables in the yard, with most people sitting in their seats, there seemed to be no vacancies.

Lin Mo picked up Xiaonan and followed his sister-in-law while being careful to avoid people walking back and forth. Father Lin’s seat was near Lin Cheng and if he sat next to them, the seat was in the shadows, but it was in a good position. In the shadows, he wouldn’t have too much sun on him while he was eating.

Cheng Yan was alone, so he sat at the table with the Lin family. From time to time, the other ger sitting near his position looked at Cheng Yan and saw Lin Mo sitting next to him. His eyes were full of envy and jealousy. He didn’t expect that the person Cheng Yan liked was really the weak ger of the Lin family.

After dinner, there were a series of things that happened, but Lin Mo became bored and didn’t want to stay any longer. After talking with Mama Lin, he left with Cheng Yan. Because he was worried about what would happen to Lin Mo on his way back, Father Lin asked Cheng Yan to accompany him. The two walked side by side. Cheng Yan glanced at Lin Mo, but he couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

Cheng Yan accompanied him all the way back, and also thought the entire way until he was ready to go to the Lin’s house. He still couldn’t say anything but he was relieved and lost at the same time.

“Cheng Yan…” Lin Mo stopped suddenly, turned around and looked up at Cheng Yan.

“Huh? Wh… What’s the matter?” Cheng Yan acted a little unnatural being stared at directly in the eyes, but his expression didn’t change.

Lin Mo looked at him and asked, “You like me?” 

Cheng Yan’s thoughts were voiced out by him directly. His heart quivered inexplicably, and his ears began to heat up. He even wanted to avoid Lin Mo’s eyes.

“Mn, I like you.” Cheng Yan looked at him calmly and nodded. But he did not know that his red ears had betrayed him.

Lin Mo looked at his calm expression then at his red ears and wanted to laugh.

“Why do you like me?” Lin Mo asked. He didn’t think he had anything about him to like. Besides, they hadn’t met more than ten times, had they?

“…I can’t tell.” When Cheng Yan heard this, he thought about it in his head, but he didn’t seem to know why he liked Lin Mo.

Lin Mo pondered over his words and asked, “Then what came to your mind when you realized you liked me?” 

Cheng Yan looked at him with seriousness, “It hurt to see you cry. It hurt to see you hurt. Like my heart was suffocating, and then I realized… I like you.” 

Hearing Cheng Yan’s words, Lin Mo stared at him, unable to speak for a while.

“Because of my constitution…if I can’t have a baby, would that change your mind?”

Cheng Yan recognized the implication of his words, and his eyes brightened, “I don’t mind!”

 Lin Mo thought something through, and a light smile appeared on his face, “Mn, I’ll tell my parents about us.”

Cheng Yan hadn’t seen Lin Mo smile before, and so at this moment, it was like he had lost his mind. Cheng Yan felt that he wanted to see another one, to make Lin Mo happy all the time, and to make his smile stay on his face forever.

After Lin Mo recovered, it was a few days since he said that he would make jam and dried fruit. The half ripe fruit in the forest was now ripe, and the green ones were now ready. When Lin Cheng confessed to Lin Xiu and Lin Mo, Lin Cheng had already told them everything. Lin Mo also knew that Lin Cheng was responsible for their business, so he asked him to discuss it.

Lin Cheng thought and said, “There’s a lantern festival in seven days. We can sell it in town.” 

“Lantern Festival?” Lin Mo looked at him in disbelief.

Lin Cheng knew his situation and didn’t say anything. He explained to him, “Every year in our country, there is a lantern festival, but the time is different in different places…”

The Lantern Festival also had another name, that was, the Blind Date Festival. All unmarried ger, women and men could come out on the night of the Lantern Festival. If they liked each other, they would give each other flowers.

The Lantern Festival was also the time when merchants earned the most money, such as trinkets, lanterns, or some strange pastry snacks. There were also various activities, such as guessing lantern riddles, writing poems and competitions. That night was the most profitable night for vendors. Lin Cheng knew that if they set up a stall, they would make money.

After listening, Lin Mo thought for a long time and said, “If so, we can make some fruity pastries, sweet juice, or other things besides jam and dried fruit.” 

“The town acts young that night, and they will not worry too much about buying new things.” Lin Cheng added.

Gers, women and children couldn’t refuse novel things.

“What do you think we should do, big brother?” Lin Mo didn’t want to think much about the things he didn’t need to think about. He was tired.

“Let’s do a part of it first. We can sell it and publicize it at the Lantern Festival. Didn’t you say that Ningxi was already helping us find a shop? After the Lantern Festival, we can start selling in the shop.”

“Mn, and then…” Lin Mo queried. 

“Then we will buy the rest of the fruit from the villagers in the village. We can figure out what to  do later.” 

“Big brother, why did dad say you didn’t have business talent, you said…” Lin Mo looked at him doubtfully, and there were modern allusions in some of Lin Cheng’s ideas.

“You taught me all these things. I know nothing. A-Chen is the most clever one. You will know when you teach him later.” Lin Cheng shook his head. What he learned was nothing but fluff. Compared with him, Lin Chen’s business talent was amazing. Even Lin Mo, of the previous life, praised him.

However, Lin Mo had not started to teach and Lin Chen had not started to learn. He could only think of this.

And the ultimate goal for Lin Cheng was to become a royal businessman. He knew that two years later, the emperor of the state of Yu would suddenly start to pay attention to the business aspect, and begin to set up the ‘imperial business assessment.’

Lin Cheng was sure to get it. Didn’t Lin Xiu get framed because he didn’t have a background? The relationship between Emperor Shang and the court was close. Even if they wanted to frame them again, they had to weigh their interests.

But two years may not be enough.

Lin Cheng told Lin Mo what he thought, and finally said, “Fourth Brother, maybe you can start to let A-Chen learn from you now.”

“Brother, are you serious?” How many generations of merchants could they compete against?

“It’s not just about choosing one person.” It was because of this that Lin Cheng had this idea.

“It’s going to take a long time to teach him. Let’s wait until after the Lantern Festival.”


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