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Chapter 27: Busy Season

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

After the Lantern Festival, the Lin family had to rest for a few days, and then began to work again. The village had entered autumn. For farmers, autumn was their harvest season. The busy period of agriculture was near, and the crops in the field were basically mature. The villagers in Daling Village also began to harvest rice and other grains in their fields.

In recent days, Father Lin and Mama Lin went to the fields everyday to look and drain the water out. Before Yan Ningxi found the shop, Lin Cheng would stay in town.

Cheng Yan’s house had been built. After a few days of airing out, he began to fill the house a little bit. Lin Mo didn’t have anything to do these days so he would go over every day. The bed, dressing table in the main room, the large table for eating, and the large wooden sofa that Lin Mo specially asked Cheng Yan to order, had all been prepared and placed.

However, it would take another month to get the exquisite interior furniture back from town. In addition, the house was fully furnished to accommodate people. Now all that remained was planting flowers and fruit trees in the yard. But Cheng Yan didn’t have time to go to the mountain to find suitable ones. Tomorrow he would go to the Lin’s house to help collect the crops. He could only go to the mountain after he and Lin Mo got married.

The Lin family had nearly 30 mu of paddy fields and dry fields, which could make them be regarded as a family with the most farmland in Daling Village. In the past, during the season of harvest, Father Lin, Mama Lin, Elder Brother Lin and sister-in-law Lin were all busy with the work. Lin Xing and Lin Chen, the two ten-year-old children, couldn’t do much except for picking up the corn stalks that fell to the ground, or to watch the millet in the sun field.

They planted too much and it would take them more than ten days to finish. Then they had to dry the rice and put it in the warehouse. It would take half a month of work if it was sunny. However, this was normal during the busy farming period. When drying grain, one needed to pay attention to the weather and bring it back before it rained.

But this year, instead of doing it by themselves, the Lin family went to the town to hire some farm workers. Those people were also farmers who had planted crops, and had finished harvesting but still needed to make more money. They worked hard and started quickly.

Anyway, as long as one had the money, they could hire the people they needed in town. In Lin Mo’s words, this was equivalent to modern human resources.

When people were hired, Father Lin and Mama Lin supervised them. After the shop was found, Lin Cheng bought the shop with the help of Yan Ningxi. In recent days, Lin Cheng and Lin Mo had taken Lin Chen to town.

The original layout of the shop needed to be cleaned up and changed. Lin Cheng could handle this job by himself since he was taught by Lin Mo in his previous life. However, because things were not urgent, Lin Cheng explained everything to Lin Chen while they were doing it, and the progress was much slower.

The money they needed to buy the shop and renovate it was what they had earned on the evening of the Lantern Festival. However, most of the money was gone after buying the shop, so Lin Mo took part of the wine he made before and sold it to Zuiyun Plaza.

Those barrels of wine were still a month away from a successful brewing so Lin Mo didn’t touch them. The most valuable thing to wine was time, so one had to be patient.

Lin Mo followed them and reminded them of what to do when Lin Cheng’s brain got stuck.

Lin Chen’s sensitivity to business was exactly what Lin Cheng mentioned before, although this talent ability was slightly inferior to Lin Mo’s second elder brother who had been a president of a corporation in his previous life. But as long as Lin Mo put forward a few words and told him some theories of modern business, those plans that Lin Cheng said before were not impossible to achieve. However, Lin Chen was still too young and needed to grow up.

There was no need for Cheng Yan to help with the harvest. Cheng Yan followed Lin Mo to help with the new shop, and paid attention to whether there were any shops being sold nearby. However, Cheng Yan got up earlier than usual every day, and then went deep into the mountains to find big game. After daybreak, he would take his prey to town to sell. After that, he would go to the shop to help.

It was the same today, but because hunting for big game was a little dangerous, it was inevitable for Cheng Yan to get hurt. He went to the doctor and dealt with the wound. After Cheng Yan put on his clothes, he pulled his sleeves down to cover the injured area on his left arm.

Every time Cheng Yan carried his prey to the town to sell, he would take extra clothes with him and change into them if he was stained with blood.

It had been five days since the Lin’s had bought the shop. The layout of the shop was almost the same and there was still some finishing work left. They could bring in the customized utensils in a few days, but collecting fruit from the villagers had to wait.

Lin Mo was helping out when Cheng Yan approached. He frowned when he smelled the familiar and disgusting scent of blood. Lin Mo put down the things in his hand and took Cheng Yan, who had just come, aside.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Yan endured the pain of his wound being pulled, while wondering what was wrong.

“You’re hurt.” Lin Mo looked up at him and affirmed.

“Er… It’s been looked at. I’m okay.” Cheng Yan was surprised at Lin Mo’s sensitivity in his heart. He had treated the wound and applied medicine. It should have no scent. How could he have been found out? Cheng Yan was puzzled.

“Have you been to the mountains again these days?” Lin Mo frowned. He wondered why Cheng Yan didn’t join them in the morning, but only came to help at about nine o’clock everyday. It turned out that he would go to the mountain in the early morning, and then come to help when he sold the game.

“Mn.” Cheng Yan replied honestly.

“No more going after today… Even if you go, you must pay attention to your safety!” Lin Mo admonished seriously with a huff.

He thought he needed to go see where there were shops being sold to make money quickly. Otherwise, every time Cheng Yan went to the mountain, he would worry.

“Okay.” Cheng Yan nodded and answered, but there was a smile in his eyes. Anyway, he sold the game he had hunted back in the mountains for a lot of money the other day. He wouldn’t go there again for awhile.

“I have asked my brother-in-law to help me find more shops that are being sold. Wait for us… After getting married, you can help with the business to make money. You don’t have to go hunting anymore.” Lin Mo explained. It was too dangerous to go hunting in the mountains and it was better not to go.

“Mn, have you thought about what to do?”

“It’s easy to make money. I prefer to sit and collect it.” Lin Mo thought about it and told him he had a prototype in his mind, so he had to plan further.

“Then I’ll do the work. You sit behind the counter and collect the money.” Cheng Yan nodded in agreement.

“No, I’ll just hire a few people. You’ll be the boss. I’ll just take the money.” Lin Mo chuckled.

Lin Cheng, who was busy not far away, glanced at them and heard their conversation. He was filled with emotion. Sure enough, Mo’ger became different when he had someone he liked.

When business in town was finished for the day, they shifted their focus to household matters. Father Lin and Mama Lin hired five strong men to harvest the crops. In addition, Father Lin and Mama Lin went to the fields at their own leisure, so now they had collected two-thirds of the crops.

After Lin Cheng and Cheng Yan joined in, the work speed was faster. When he didn’t have to go to town, Lin Mo went to the fields to deliver water to them. Lin Mo made a small bucket of mint tea and sweet orange mint juice then put on a straw hat and Lin Xing took the bucket to the field.

After walking for a long time, they finally arrived. Lin Xing called out to them. The busy Father Lin in the field heard it and asked the others to go for a drink and rest. The mint tea was made for the workers and it could clear away tiredness and relieve them of the summer heat. Lin Mo specially made the orange mint juice for Father Lin. It was sour and sweet, and cooling.

Cheng Yan didn’t like sweet foods very much so Lin Mo poured a cup of mint tea and went to the place where Cheng Yan sat. It was near a small tree, but it was just enough for two people to enjoy the cool shade.

Lin Mo gave him the cup, then sat down beside him and took his straw hat to fan him. “Are you used to it? If you can’t bear it, you don’t have to come. Anyway, my father has hired five people. It’s  okay to stay home.”

Cheng Yan had never done farm work before. Lin Mo found out about it on the first day when he came to help. Obviously, the others knew it too. Father Lin didn’t say anything about it, but the next day, Cheng Yan was a little more proficient. But to others, Cheng Yan was only as fast as a beginner.

“Mn… All right.” Cheng Yan took a big sip of tea, raised his hand and wiped the sweat on his forehead with his sleeve, but Lin Mo stopped him.

“Wipe it with a handkerchief. The day before yesterday, you brushed it off with your sleeves too. You don’t remember the pain?” Lin Mo grabbed his hand and put it in his.

Crops such as rice had thorns on their surface, which itched when they touched skin. It was because of Lin Mo that Cheng Yan knew this. He had wiped them on his forehead the day before.

“…Forgot.” Cheng Yan smiled awkwardly and his ears were red. He didn’t know whether it was too hot or something else.

Lin Xing was hiding in the shade of the tree and eating fruit. Looking around, he saw his pair of parents, the pair of his eldest brother and sister-in-law, and his Fourth Brother and elder brother Cheng. He was alone.

Well, fortunately, Second Brother and Younger Brother were also alone.

“According to elder brother, you have been living in your old house? Is the new house finished?” Lin Mo asked. It was more than half an hour’s walk from here to the place where Cheng Yan lived.

“After marriage…” Cheng Yan shook his head and muttered this, but he was stared at by Lin Mo before he finished, and then he dared not say more.

Why didn’t he notice this before? He never knew Lin Mo had this bullying side? Cheng Yan felt helpless.

“Mn, I’ll stay there at night.” Cheng Yan compromised.

“Go back at noon and move everything in.”

“Mn, is there anything else?” Cheng Yan chuckled.

Lin Mo was so shocked by his laughter that he forced his momentum and exclaimed, “… And listen to me later!” 

“Mn, I’ll listen to you.” Cheng Yan took another sip of tea from the cup, covered the corner of his mouth as it raised uncontrollably. He thought that Lin Mo’s angry face… it was a little cute.

Lin Xing sat not far away from them. He saw the interaction between them and heard their conversation. He was stunned by the abnormal behavior from Fourth Brother.

If he knew some modern words, Lin Xing would know that his current state was the same as that of being forced to eat a bag of dog food, which was just like a thorn in the throat.

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