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Chapter 28: Getting Married

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After receiving the millet and drying it, and paying the taxes this year, half a month of time had passed by. Two days after the busy farming period, Cheng Yan asked his matchmaker to propose a date for his marriage to the Lin family. After consultation, he decided to get married five days later.

Lin Cheng also sent the news to Lin Xiu, who was studying in the Academy. Three days before Lin Mo and Cheng Yan got married, Lin Xiu rushed back after asking for five days off.

When Lin Xiu returned home, the wedding ceremony had been arranged. Red cloth and lanterns had been hung outside the house, and some red cloth strips had been tied to the trees in the courtyard. Other people were still finishing the arrangement.

Lin Xiaoya sat in the yard eating sugar while watching her father hang red cloth. Hearing the footsteps behind her, she looked over. Lin Xiaoya stood up and ran over in surprise, “Ah? Second uncle, you are back!” 

“Mn.” Lin Xiu rubbed Xiaoya’s head and looked at everything at home, but he felt complicated.

Last time he came back, he learned that his Eldest Brother was reborn, and that his Fourth Brother was no longer there. It took a month to accept that he was a another Lin Mo. Before he came back this month, he received the news that his brother was going to marry.

Hearing his daughter’s voice, Lin Cheng put away the rest of the songlets and looked at Lin Xiu. “Fourth Brother is in the room. Go talk to him.”

Lin Xiu nodded and took his things back to his room. Taking a deep breath, he walked to Lin Mo’s room. Lin Xiu stood in front of the door and knocked. He raised his voice and asked, “Mo’ger, can Second Brother come in?” 

Lin Xiu waited for a long time before he heard the sound of Lin Mo coming from the room. Lin Xiu pushed the door in and walked in.

“… Second brother.” Lin Mo put down his things and greeted in a low voice.

“Mn.” Lin Xiu went over and sat opposite him.

After Lin Xiu came out, Lin Cheng patted him on the shoulder and said nothing. He walked into Lin Mo’s room and closed the door and walked over.

“Eldest Brother.” Lin Mo looked up and saw Lin Cheng.

“Just talked to Second Brother?” Lin Cheng sat down and asked.

“Mn.” Lin Mo nodded.

“…How did you think of saying it? When you confessed to me in my previous life, you were still…” Lin Cheng was silent for a long time before he asked. It was Lin Mo’s happy event in a few days and Lin Cheng didn’t want bad words to ruin it. 

“… Just like Second Brother’s reaction after listening to you, I couldn’t stand it. At that time, I only felt that it was a joke to see all this coming back…”

At that time, when he heard it, he only felt that his mind was blank. How could he think so much?

Lin Cheng reached out and rubbed his head, comforting him. “Mn, you’re going to get married in a few days. Let’s think more about the happy things. With Second Brother and I knowing, we won’t let the past repeat again.” 

“Mn.” Lin Mo nodded.

“Go see Cheng Yan. We don’t have a rule that we can’t meet before we get married.” Lin Cheng laughed.

After Lin Cheng went out, Lin Mo sat in his place and was lost in thought for a few minutes. After returning to his senses, he got up and left.

When he got to Cheng Yan’s new house, Lin Mo saw festive decoration. As he walked in, he caught sight of Cheng Yan hanging something. His expression was serious and calm. It seemed as though he was doing something solemn and serious. Lin Mo could not help bending his eyebrows and eyes.

Cheng Yan saw Lin Mo, looked at him in surprise and asked, “Why are you here?” 

“Came to have a look. Why didn’t anyone come to help?” Lin Mo went to him.

“I’ll do it myself.” Cheng Yan shook his head. It wouldn’t take much time anyway.

Lin Mo watched for a bit and then went to help. It was really relaxing to stay by Cheng Yan’s side. Lin Mo’s depression had subsided a lot.

After everything was done, Lin Mo went into the living room and sat down to rest. Cheng Yan brought a pot of boiled water and poured him a cup. The wooden teapot and cups set was made at the request of Lin Mo. Not only this, all the arrangements here were according to Lin Mo’s wishes. It was so that while he was sitting here, he did not feel like he had come to a strange place filled with tension and discomfort.

“The day after tomorrow it will be just the two of us…” Cheng Yan was a little embarrassed.

“We’re getting married. Then we’re going to live together. What? Are you nervous?” Lin Mo chuckled and found it interesting to tease someone who looked so serious.

“Cough… A little.” Cheng Yan gave a slight cough, which was unnatural. Cheng Yan was really a little abnormal these days. Every time he thought that he was going to marry Lin Mo soon, he felt a little nervous and could hardly breathe.

“Mn… If you are nervous, just take a few deep breaths.” Lin Mo refrained from laughing and gave him serious advice.

Cheng Yan did what he said solemnly, and then found that it really eased his nervousness a lot. “It seems to be very useful…” 

“Pft…” Lin Mo raised his hand to cover his mouth and chuckled, a smile in his eyes.

Hearing Lin Mo’s covered laughter, Cheng Yan looked up. He saw Lin Mo’s eyebrows and eyes were slightly bent, but he didn’t feel embarrassed.

In Cheng Yan’s eyes, Lin Mo’s smile made everything better.

Lin Mo stayed there for a long time before leaving. After Lin Mo left, Cheng Yan went on with other things.

Three days passed quickly, and it was now Lin Mo and Cheng Yan’s wedding day. In the early morning, Lin Mo was awakened by Mama Lin and she began to dress him with the other aunts. In fact, it was not a wake-up call. After all, Lin Mo hadn’t slept in a real sense.

For the marriage, Father Lin and Mama Lin invited many people, who were basically familiar with each other in the village. Li Zhengyi’s family was sure to be invited. Lin Lan, as Lin Mo’s Third Sister, came back with her husband, Yan Ningxi.

Lin Mo had Mama Lin and his Third Sister in town, plus his nephew and niece and Lin Xing and Lin Chen. There was no one in Cheng Yan’s family so Father Lin, Lin Cheng, Lin Xiu and brother-in-law Yan Ningxi went to help him.

“Mother, do I really need these?” Lin Mo saw the make-up woman come over with the rouge box, ready to put it on his face. He was very worried and looked at Mama Lin.

“It’s only once in a lifetime. It should be grand.” The make-up woman was a middle-aged woman who had painted many people with their wedding makeup, and always heard the same words.

“But I don’t feel comfortable smelling that. It’s like I’m choking.” Lin Mo hid away and frowned slightly.

“Here…” When Mama Lin heard this, she hesitated. On the one hand, he had to do this for the marriage ceremony, and on the other hand, Mo’ger’s body couldn’t stand it.

“Mom, don’t make Mo’ger feel sick. Just paint it a little bit. We don’t want to see Mo’ger’s white face.” Said Lin Lan, sitting on the side.

“Listen to what A-Lan says.” Mama Lin decided.

Lin Mo couldn’t bear to feel uncomfortable and so he asked the makeup woman to put something light on his face. Looking at the bronze mirror, the rouge on his face was much less than what he had seen on Zhang Yuanqing’s face last time.

After finishing his face and hair, Mama Lin pushed the others out, and Lin Lan helped her dress Lin Mo. The clothes had been customized by Cheng Yan and the style was the latest, so the fabric was also very good.

After putting it on, Lin Mo looked at himself in the bronze mirror and felt a bit confused. Today was his wedding day. It was a pity that his real parents and Second Brother didn’t have a chance to see it.

“Mo’ger, what’s the matter? What kind of thoughts are you having?” Lin Lan doubts.

“I’m okay…” Lin Mo shook his head, the dangling ornament stopping him from moving too much.

“Does it feel like a dream?” Lin Lan laughed. She had experienced this, so she understood the changes in her brother’s mind at this time.

“… A little.” Lin Mo lowly intoned.

“After today, Mo’ger will grow up and start to learn that our family cares.” Mama Lin said with some emotion.

Mo’ger used to be in a bad condition, but he kept everything in his heart and would not talk to her. Mama Lin loved him, but it was not good to have him directly tell her if he had any worries.

It was not easy for Mo’ger to get better. When she came to talk with Mo’ger, he began to say what he thought slowly. Mo’ger was really going to get married.

“Third Sister thinks that Cheng Yan is a good man. Fourth Brother will not suffer from this marriage. Maybe he will spoil you even more than we do.” Lin Lan said with a smile, she had a good eye for people.

“Mn.” Lin Mo chuckled. Cheng Yan was really good, and he easily got red ears.

On Cheng Yan’s side, after changing clothes, he stood aside to receive the education of his father-in-law’s family.

“Cheng Yan, you will take care of our Mo’ger after today. You are not allowed to bully him.” Father Lin stressed.

“I know, Uncle Lin.” Cheng Yan nodded in response.

“You still call me Uncle Lin? It’s time for that to change.” Father Lin laughed.

“…I know, Father.” Although Cheng Yan was a little embarrassed in his heart, fortunately, his expression did not change much. It was still the same as usual.

“I have nothing to say, but as Mo’ger’s brother-in-law, I still have to say that my wife is pampered.” Yan Ningxi patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile.

Lin Xing, who had slipped in, leaned over the door and added, “Yes, brother-in-law is very good to Third Sister!” 

“What are you doing here without helping?” Father Lin laughed and scolded.

“Brother is watching the twins. It’s none of my business.” Lin Xing stood up and walked in.

“I think you are lazy. Whatever you do depends on A-Chen.” Lin Xiu preached.

Lin Xing secretly stuck out his tongue and didn’t speak.

When the others went out, it was only Cheng Yan, Eldest Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin. Lin Xiu stared at Cheng Yan in front of him for a long time, thinking about things in his mind, and didn’t listen to the conversation between his big brother and Cheng Yan.

Lin Xiu and Cheng Yan didn’t meet very often. The last time they met in the orchard was the third time. However, Lin Xiu often heard his father mention Cheng Yan, so he was not very strange to him.

With Cheng Yan’s face and his own temperament, Lin Xiu knew that he was not an ordinary person, and that he was rescued by Father Lin a year ago.

“Second Brother, what else do you want to say? If not, it’s almost time.” Lin Cheng turned to him, and Cheng Yan looked over.

“Huh? Yes…” Lin Xiu returned to his senses, looked at Cheng Yan, and was silent for a long time.

“I know you are not an ordinary person, but since Mo’ger has chosen you and you like him, I hope you don’t do anything to make him sad, either now or in the future.” Lin Xiu threatened. Lin Xiu knew that he would enter the court in the future, and his position in court would only be high not low, so if Cheng Yan dared to do anything to Mo’ger…

“I promise.” Cheng Yan looked at Lin Xiu with a serious face.

The solemn aura came to Lin Xiu, which made him more certain about the mystery of Cheng Yan. He also knew that his promise at the moment would truly be kept.

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