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Chapter 93: Sixth World (17)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Due to Bai Duan’s achievements in his independent designs, although Bai Duan was still an undergrad, he was still respected in the team. Of course, this did not exclude the reason that everyone knew that the heir of the O’dean family intended and willingly acted as his backer.

Bai Duan was on a large aircraft carrier purchased by the O’dean family from the military with a huge amount of money. It was covered with new armor and protective cover, and its firmness was known as ‘the greatest barrier in space.’

This aircraft carrier was located in the rear of the army. Normally, it would not participate in battle, but it carried important materials and technical personnel. It was the base of the whole fleet. It was responsible for ship maintenance, material supplement, external communication, personnel treatment, etc. In other words, everything except combat.

O’dean’s huge fleet set sail for space and headed for Hobian, while the Soul-Eating Ermines also received the news and was ready for the battle.

Unlike the O’dean and Flynn allied army, which was famous for its ferocity in the universe, the Soul-Eating Ermines were not only on alert before the war, but also on the contrary, were very excited. Because they had been preparing for so long, they could finally kidnap their boss’s wife!

One side was confused, one side had high morale, and the other was in the dark; even if the number of ships on both sides was equal, the scale of victory had also been tilted gradually. After all, the Soul-Eating Ermines had never won by the number of their ships.

Soon, the allied forces were attacked by the Soul-Eating Ermines, and the two sides entered into fighting mode, one after another, brilliant fireworks bloomed silently in the Dark Universe.

Bai Duan stayed in the central control room with the mecha technicians and watched the battlefield trend under the radar scanning on the screen. He was full of apprehension as he guessed the result of the battle.

“It’s a bit sticky. Can we win?”

“The other side is the Soul-Eating Ermines. Even those old star thieves groups couldn’t hold it down. How can we win?”

“Don’t look up to others and destroy your own prestige! We don’t know how the star thieves fight at all. Maybe the Soul-Eating Ermines is not relying on force, but on the exchange of interests?”

“Those news reports will boast that they are so ferocious, and the actual fight might not be too fierce, right? We probably can compete with it?”

They stared at the screen and whispered to each other, fearing that the family they worked for would fail miserably and that they would not get any benefits. Bai Duan also closely watched the war, but he was worried about the opposite thing.

On the eve of his departure, he finally confirmed Eddie’s location from Lao Lin. Naturally, he would not allow any accidents to happen to the Soul-Eating Ermines. Although it was said that the Soul-Eating Ermines was superior, Bai Duan was still worried that it would capsize in the gutter. If the Soul-Eating Ermines failed, then he’d have to apologize to Lestrot.

Bai Duan was selfish. He didn’t care about his country or how many people would die, the only thing he cared about was Eddie. As long as Eddie was safe, he was willing to give everything, whether it was others or himself.

As early as when the ship was sailing, Bai Duan had touched the whole aircraft carrier thoroughly and even secretly installed several ‘gadgets’ developed by himself. Once launched, the control system of the whole aircraft carrier would be destroyed.

If this solid rear was destroyed, no matter how much advantage O’dean had, it would fall into passivity in an instant, and the Soul-Eating Ermines could also successfully break through — at least escape was not a problem.

Taking a deep breath, Bai Duan silently held the small and delicate button in his pocket, waiting for the Soul-Eating Ermines to show its failure. When the tides change, it was not for Bai Duan to think about whether or not he would be found out by the O’dean family and how he would be treated.

His parents… It was commissioned by Bai Duan long before the departure that they would be under Lao Lin’s care. Once he was caught by the O’dean family, they would be sent away immediately to another country to start a new life, and inherit a large amount of ‘heritage’ that he has saved. It was enough to feed and clothe two people for a lifetime.

Although he was very sorry for his parents, Bai Duan had given up Eddie for his parents once. He couldn’t give up for a second time and watch Eddie encounter danger alone.

Bai Duan’s face was tight and his face was dignified. A mechanic from the O’dean family next to him appeased him with obvious pleasantry, “Don’t worry. According to the current situation, if we can’t win, we won’t lose. Most of the time, we ended in a draw. Master Lestrot won’t be in danger.”

Bai Duan nodded casually, just wanted to make a perfunctory remark, but suddenly heard a loud noise, and the whole aircraft carrier shook violently.

“What’s the matter?! Enemy attack!” All of a sudden, the central control room was in a mess. The crew rushed to their posts, quickly opened the protective cover, searched for the enemy and fought back.

It was a pity that the ship attacking the aircraft carrier was like a ghost. Its figure loomed around the aircraft carrier, sometimes it couldn’t even be captured and detected by instruments — and even if it was detected, it was always out of the aircraft carrier’s attack range, as if it were laughing at the clumsiness and slowness of the giant. Yes, in order to improve the defense of this aircraft carrier to the extreme, it had to give up speed and flexibility. It was impossible for a small warship like this to penetrate its heavy armor, but it was obvious that the warships of the Soul-Eating Ermines could never be judged by common sense.

After the first gun that seemed to be a declarative attack, several small warships appeared around the aircraft carrier, and the interwoven fire net poured out, hitting on the aircraft carrier continuously, shaking the whole aircraft carrier continuously, and the people in the aircraft carrier also fell around, almost unable to stabilize their bodies.

“The barriers are running out of energy! Barriers down!”

“The No.3 and No.4 energy engines are overheated, so we have to shut them down temporarily!”

“All drones have been shot down! The first and third squadrons lost contact!”

“Port wing armor broken! The magnetic rail turret is destroyed! Proton missile launcher destroyed! God! How could they have loaded this level of energy weapon on such a small warship!”

“Damn it! How did they get to the rear?! Why didn’t anyone find out?!”

“Has the signal been sent?! Why is there no backup yet?! We won’t last long!”

There was chaos in the central control room. Some people cried out in despair, some were shivering, some were sweating and operating the ship to try to make resistance.

Bai Duan leaned in the corner, grabbed the instruments and equipment around him, and looked at the scene in front of him coldly. He didn’t know whether he should be relieved or worried for a while.

After receiving the signal from the rear, the united army was also shocked. They wanted to go to the mainship and get rid of the ambush, so they didn’t want to fight with the Soul-Eating Ermines’ smaller ships. Yet, the smaller ships suddenly exposed their tusks and entangled them like snakes. They didn’t let them escape, but didn’t end them either. So, they could only look at the rear mainship get taken step by step.

Without reinforcements, an aircraft carrier was like a giant target. Even if it was strong, it couldn’t withstand the powerful fire from all four sides.

Soon, the aircraft carrier, which used to be like a dark fortress, was riddled with holes. Smoke and flames came out from every corner, and people inside the ship were more and more desperate.

The voice in the central control room was gradually weak until it was silent. Everyone knew that the situation was over. They had no hope of being rescued.

“…D3 channel has been intruded.” For a long time, in the silence, a dry, dumb, trembling voice sounded softly, “They have begun to board the ship.”

“We… Do you want to resist? ”

“Resistance? How to resist? Those are murderous star thieves!”

The technicians who stayed on the ship were basically rubbish fighters. Although they had received some combat training, they couldn’t be compared with the star thieves in terms of personal strength or weapons and equipment usage.

As the crowd waited in panic, the closed door of the central control room was slapped heavily. Everyone’s tense nerves vibrated involuntarily. Subconsciously, they hid far away from the hatch. Even Bai Duan held his waist quietly. He was not sure if they were friends or foes, Eddie might not even know he was on this ship right?

After the hatch was shot, there was a pause for a few seconds, followed by a huge explosion of shells hitting the hatch. The strength of the weapon was so powerful that even the highly defensive hatch could not resist a single blow, and it quickly disintegrated and exploded into pieces in the gunfire.

Splattered metal pieces covered most of the central control room, many people could not dodge, and were cut with deep wounds. The smoke from the damaged cabin door poured into the control room, and a soft and pleasant voice came from the smoke, obviously with deep displeasure. The soft voice made it sound coquettish, “Fools, I told you to be careful! If those damned pieces cut the person I am looking for, I will never let you go!”

In the middle of the conversation, a man walked into the central control room first.

The body of the visitor was not tall, and it seemed especially delicate against the background of a group of tall star thieves, as if he was a minor. He impatiently raised his hand and fanned the smoke away. He waved away the smoke in front of him, and his face became clear.

In an instant, there were several breaths of subconscious amazement in the silent control room — not because of the evil people, but because he was simply too beautiful. The soft curly hair, the flawless white skin, the watery purple eyes, the ruddy and delicate lips like petals. Though he was wearing a war armor similar to the star thieves, he carried a heavy gun that was half his height, but he was different. He was not like a star thief, but more like a delicate and lovely doll dressed up by his owner out of bad taste.

The young man smelled the blood in the air when he stepped on the fragments of the blown up door. His eyes swept over the wounds of those who were cut, and his eyebrows frowned severely.

Although the beauty’s frown seemed extremely pitiful, the star thieves who followed him in, all had an on-guard posture unconsciously. They were clearly shivering, and the first one who charged in changed his face and stuttered, “Hold on, sorry, boss, I forgot…”

The young man snorted coldly, but he had no time to attack at all. His eyes wandered in the crowd nervously. Finally, his eyes were bright, and he raised his fingers, “Hey! What are you doing hiding in the corner?! Come out!”

All people subconsciously followed the direction indicated by the youth, and unfortunately, those standing in that direction were even more terrified, pale and shivering.

Although the young man’s appearance was extremely lovely, from the point of view of the attitude of the star thieves towards him and the sound of ‘boss,’ it was obviously not a nice character to face against.

Everyone looked at each other uneasily, but no one dared to move. Fortunately, they were not targeted.

Against the sharp and fierce youth (?) Bai Duan pursed his lips and walked out of the corner. As soon as he wanted to say something to ease the tension in the air, he was interrupted by the charming voice.

The young man raised his hand abruptly, with a natural gesture, “Tie him up and bring him to me!”

Bai Duan with a forced smile, “…”

What about a good reunion? Even if they were not lovers, they were friends, right?

As soon as the young man’s voice fell, a star thief came up, carrying a rope of unknown material in his hand, he strode aggressively towards Bai Duan.

Bai Duan frowned a little, but he didn’t resist. Instead, the blond young man was the one who couldn’t sit still. He coughed and said, “Be careful. If there are any bruises left on him, it will be on your head!”

The star thief with the rope had the corner of his mouth down: Boss, how could I tie someone up without leaving any traces? Even if it’s bondage play, there will be marks! Your request is really difficult!

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