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Chapter 30: Like a Piece of Wood

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo went over, bent and scooped out water to clean the rouge off his face. He had asked the makeup lady not to apply such a thick layer before, but he still had to use two pots of warm water to wash it off completely.

Cheng Yan took the water basin and poured it out. When he came back in, he brought in some food. Lin Mo glanced at him and then went back to fighting his hair in front of the dresser. The hair style made by the matchmaker was too complicated, and some miscellaneous things were inserted in it. Lin Mo accidentally tangled his hair and jewelry together, which couldn’t be undone easily now.

After Cheng Yan put the things on the table, he walked behind Lin Mo and carefully separated his hair from the ornaments on his head.

“How did this happen?” Cheng Yan asked as he patiently separated the tangled hair. Ger’s should be familiar with all these things and they shouldn’t make their hair so messy like Lin Mo.

“I can’t see what’s behind me, and I wanted to take it off in a hurry…” 

Cheng Yan didn’t get this. He was not very skilled and so it took him a long time to solve it completely. He finally took a comb and slowly untangled everything until his hair was smooth, then tied it with a red hair band.

Cheng Yan took his hand and went to the table,”Go eat dinner.” 

Cheng Yan knew Xiaonan and Xiaoya had been here. He also guessed that most of the cakes on the table were in their stomachs. Lin Mo certainly didn’t eat much.

Lin Mo was led to the table as he walked a step behind Cheng Yan, then looked down at their hands that were linked together. Lin Mo listened to Cheng Yan’s words, but thought in his heart, that it was really different before and after marriage? This was the first time that Cheng Yan had taken the initiative to hold his hand.

Cheng Yan’s hand was big and broad, but it looked slender and symmetrical as a whole. Lin Mo could feel the palm cocooning his hand, which made his palm a little bit sweaty.

“You didn’t eat either? Just had a drink?” Lin Mo saw that the food on the table was enough for the two of them, as well as two bowls and two pairs of chopsticks. Cheng Yan had a light smell of alcohol on him. Lin Mo thought about it and knew that he might have been drinking on an empty stomach.

“Mn, for dinner, mother made it for us alone.”

The dishes during the wedding feast were too greasy for Lin Mo to eat. Before Lin Mo went to drink the wedding wine, he also chose light food. Since Cheng Yan was paying attention to Lin Mo all the time, he naturally paid attention to this.

Cheng Yan sat next to him, placing food in his bowl while eating but his speed of eating slowed down a bit. When Lin Mo was almost full, he ate slower.

Finally, he could bring food to him at a normal speed. A smile flashed in Cheng Yan’s eyes.

After eating, Cheng Yan cleaned up and took everything out. Lin Mo glanced nervously around the room. Then became determined to take off his clothes, his shoes and climb into bed.

It took Lin Mo a while to remember that he hadn’t had a bath. But thinking about how he had washed once in the morning, he stayed in the room and since he didn’t sweat much, he left the thought behind.

When Cheng Yan went out with the dishes and chopsticks, there was no one in the yard. The table used today was returned with the help of Father Lin. Cheng Yan washed the dishes and locked the yard door.

After a quick bath, Cheng Yan took a deep breath and pushed the door open to enter.

Cheng Yan walked in and saw Lin Mo sitting in the middle of the bed. Cheng Yan was tall, one and a half heads taller than Lin Mo, so the customized bed was much larger than the bed Lin Mo normally used.

Sitting in the middle of the bed, Lin Mo’s thin body became smaller and smaller. Cheng Yan thought that he could hold Lin Mo in his arms without any gaps.

Seeing Cheng Yan walk over step by step, Lin Mo’s originally relaxed heart sped up again. His heart beat uncontrollably fast. The sound of Cheng Yan’s heavy footsteps seemed to step on his heart. Lin Mo only felt his heart tighten. Lin Mo knew that his face must be red now so he looked away from Cheng Yan.

He couldn’t look directly at Cheng Yan so Lin Mo didn’t notice that Cheng Yan’s ears were also blood red the moment he walked in. Seeing that Lin Mo didn’t look at him again, Cheng Yan raised his hand to cover his ears to cool them.

When Cheng Yan sat next to him, Lin Mo clearly felt the burning heat radiating off of Cheng Yan.

Cheng Yan slowly held him in his arms and whispered in his ear, “Nervous?” 

“Mn… A little bit.” Lin Mo was hugged by him, and his body suddenly trembled. The heat on his face slowly spread to his neck. His white skin turned pink and looked extremely attractive.

Lin Mo sat nervously beside him and let him hold him. After waiting for a long time, he did not feel Cheng Yan make the next move. Looking up, he saw that Cheng Yan’s ears were red and his eyes were tense. Lin Mo suddenly looked up further and their eyes met.

“That’s how you hold me?” Nothing else? Lin Mo looked at him with wide eyes.

“Aren’t you nervous? I was waiting for you… ah!” Cheng Yan was shocked by the sudden move of his wife.

Lin Mo looked up and bit his lips. Within the next second, he collapsed on the bed, lay on his back and pinched his face.

“Like a piece of wood!” Lin Mo yelled, frustrated and took an angry bite of Cheng Yan’s mouth, then turned over and lay beside him with his back to him. He just adjusted himself for a long time.

Before long, Lin Mo felt Cheng Yan’s hot chest on his back.

Cheng Yan leaned close to his back and Lin Mo only felt a burning breath against his neck. He gasped heavily. His breath against Lin Mo’s ear.

Cheng Yan kissed his ears and groaned in a hoarse voice, “Momo… Turn around, will you?” 

Cheng Yan’s deep voice entered his ears and Lin Mo’s eyelashes trembled. He turned over to face him like he was bewitched.

The sound in the room slowly became low and silent after a long time. Cheng Yan stroked the back of the body beside regularly, pulled the quilt up a little, and covered the ambiguous traces he left on Lin Mo’s back.

Lin Mo lay on Cheng Yan, his face close to his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat, and his consciousness gradually blurred.

He had just fallen asleep, and in the next second, his body trembled. It seemed the tremble was from surprise, as his fuzzy consciousness cleared. Before, Lin Mo would struggle to shut his eyes, but he calmed down under Cheng Yan’s comfort, and finally fell asleep.

The next morning, Cheng Yan woke up early as usual. When he realized that there was a man in his arms, he looked down and remembered that he had been married yesterday. He was holding his husband in his arms.

Cheng Yan glanced out the window. It was already light. Cheng Yan gently moved away, thinking of getting out of bed to prepare breakfast for Lin Mo. However, when he moved, Lin Mo, who had his hands around his waist, seemed to feel his movement. His brow slightly wrinkled and he held Cheng Yan tighter, temporarily making the man unable to move.

Cheng Yan had no choice but to lie back and sleep in Lin Mo’s arms. Just like this, Lin Mo didn’t change positions much while he was sleeping with Cheng Yan in his arms until noon.

Just as Cheng Yan wondered if he was ill, Lin Mo finally woke up. Lin Mo only felt that he slept soundly, as if he hadn’t had a dream all night. Now he woke up feeling that he didn’t know what day it was.

Lin Mo opened his eyes in a daze and unconsciously hugged the person beside him who made him feel at ease.

Cheng Yan gently rubbed his head, whispering, “Momo, wake up. Don’t you want to get up?” 

“Mn… getting up…” Lin Mo, with his eyes half open, and arms around Cheng Yan’s waist, rubbed his face against his chest subconsciously.

“Do you want anything to eat? I’ll do it for you.”

“Porridge. I can make the rest.” As soon as Lin Mo moved his body, he felt that his whole body had been crushed by a car, which made him weak, especially the place behind him.

“It hurts?” Cheng Yan saw that Lin Mo’s eyebrows were tight and his body was stiff, not daring to make any big moves. He also knew that he had been a little bit out of control last night.

“…It hurts.”

“Lie down first. I’ll get you some hot water for a bath.”

After getting out of bed, Cheng Yan covered him with a quilt, dressed and left. Lin Mo waited in bed for a long time, and Cheng Yan carried two buckets of water into the room. Their master bedroom was the same as that of the average rich man. There was a big bathtub behind a screen.

When the water temperature was almost perfect, Cheng Yan went to the bedside and picked up Lin Mo, then walked to the tub carefully. Cheng Yan said, “I’ll go make breakfast for you and come back soon.” 

“Mn.” Lin Mo nodded.

After Cheng Yan left and Lin Mo made sure he wasn’t coming back soon, Lin Mo took out half a cup of spring water from his spiritual space and drank it, then put the cup back into his space.

After drinking the spiritual water, his body’s pain was relieved. Lin Mo put his hands on the edge of the tub and closed his eyes to enjoy the comfort of being immersed in the hot water.

Lin Mo could now confirm that as long as he stayed with Cheng Yan, the influence of his previous life would disappear. At night, he could sleep througtout without worrying about being awakened by nightmares.

When the water temperature dropped, Lin Mo stood up and left the tub to dry himself and put on his clothes. He looked down and saw some blue and purple kiss marks on his body. His whole body was full of kiss marks, which made his cheeks hot.

After getting dressed and covering the marks on his neck, Lin Mo left the room. He happened to meet Cheng Yan who was carrying the porridge.

“Washed? Go back to the room.” Cheng Yan walked into the room with a bowl in one hand and Lin Mo’s hand in the other.

Lin Mo didn’t speak, and obediently let him lead him in. This kind of unprincipled feeling was very good. He was the only one in his eyes, the only one in his mind, and the most important one in his heart.

Lin Mo’s lips were slightly raised, and the unknown emotions in his eyes flashed by. He would be loved forever.

“Let’s have porridge first. I’ll take the water out and pour it out.”

“Mn.” Lin Mo blinked and nodded.

Seeing that there was nothing wrong with his face, Cheng Yan turned to the back of the screen and scooped the water from the bath into a bucket. After finishing all the work, more than half of the day passed, but neither of them had much to do, so Cheng Yan accompanied Lin Mo in the shade of the yard.

“After a few days, I’ll go to the mountain to see what kind of climbing flowers there are. I’ll dig some and plant them by the wall.” Cheng Yan said.

Lin Mo added, “Fruit trees can go on the side and we can dig some up and bring them back.” 


The author has something to say:

[Going to the end of the world to love my wife.]

Who dares to bully this Prince’s wife? Stand up!

Cheng Yan, Prince and God of War of the state of Yu, has a violent and moody disposition.

Today’s Cheng Yan is still angry because he dreamt that his future wife had been tortured again.

When Cheng Yan was once again stimulated by the scene in his dream and wanted to kill barbarians on the shanty pass, he came to a strange world in his dream.

Very good! Anyone who has bullied my wife should not want to live!

Cheng Yan went to the end of the world just to protect the youth in his dream. His goal was to protect his wife and avenge him!

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