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Chapter 44: Lin Mo’s Dream

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Cheng Yan endured the sudden sharp pain in his head and quickly killed off the dark guards around him. After finding the breakthrough, Cheng Yan hurriedly rushed to Lin Mo’s side and held the person who had passed out in his arms.

Cheng Yan’s steady hand was shaking uncontrollably, as he held Lin Mo in his arms tightly.

Almost… Almost…

The deep eyes of Cheng Yan gradually turned scarlet, and his whole body was uncontrollably covered in an aura of tyranny, which made those around him terrified.

Originally, a shadow guard holding Lin Mo felt his master’s horrible aura, his pupils shrank, and he quickly moved away to join the battle there. After a few moments, all the masked people in black were killed. After the shadow guards checked that there were no fish left, they quickly went to Cheng Yan and knelt down.

“If we came late, please punish me.” One of the shadow guards opened his mouth. Maybe because he didn’t speak very much, his voice was a little hoarse.

Other people standing not far away were shocked when they saw the sudden actions of the shadow guards. They thought they would start killing them again, but didn’t expect they would be subordinates of that man.

Lin Xiu was scared by his brother’s actions just now. Now he was shocked by the actions of Cheng Yan and those people in black, which made him feel miserable.

Those were Cheng Yan’s people?

Cheng Yan held Lin Mo and didn’t speak. The shadow guards kneeling on the ground didn’t move. When the tearing pain in Cheng Yan’s head slowly subsided, the scarlet under his eyes also disappeared.

“Three people will clean and protect the forest, and the rest leave with me.” The voice of Cheng Yan was cold, like ice that cannot be melted.


Cheng Yan held Lin Mo in his arms and disappeared from the forest in a flash. Except for the three shadow guards left in place, the rest of them disappeared. The three remaining shadow guards poured corpse water on those who had died at the scene. Before long, the place where people in black and bandits were once lying had turned into a wetland.

They watched the corpses disappear. The rest of those alive trembled and looked at the three with fear.

Wasn’t this too cruel?!

Numbness… Despair…

Where am I now?

Lin Mo only thought that his body was light and floating, and there was a white fog around him. There was nothing here. Lin Mo wandered in this unknown place for a long time, so long that he forgot his name.

All of a sudden, Lin Mo felt pain in his brain for a moment, and then he turned unconscious the next second. After what seemed like a long time, Lin Mo’s consciousness returned slowly, but he found that he was trapped somewhere.

“Doctor, Subject A is awake.” A female voice suddenly came into Lin Mo’s ear. Lin Mo’s subconscious body quivered. He felt that the voice frightened him, but he couldn’t remember who the owner of the voice was.

“Let’s start to draw blood. He’s been in a coma for three days, and should recover.” A cold male voice sounded in Lin Mo’s ear. Lin Mo’s body trembled more and more, and his mouth opened wide to make panting sounds

“He seems to be very energetic. Give him two injections.”

“Yes, doctor.”

Before Lin Mo responded, his arms were held tightly. The next second, Lin Mo only felt a sharp pain in his arm, and the things that pierced his skin made his body tense. However, the strength on his arm was increasing, as if to crush his bones.

Lin Mo’s body twitched from time to time as he looked at the dazzling white ceiling with an inanimate eye.

Why was he back here?

Was that nothing more than a dream just now? Had he ever left here?

There was only a sickbed in the middle of the large and dazzling white room, on which lay a bony young man. The young man was only wearing a T-shirt and shorts, and his limbs, waist and neck were strapped on to the hospital bed. The wound that was just bleeding was healing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“The healing power is incredible. Take some flesh and study his cell activity.”

“Yes, doctor.”

Before Lin Mo understood what he heard, he felt a sharp pain in his leg, and then Lin Mo clearly felt that a piece of flesh on his thigh had been cut off. Lin Mo, who was sensitive to pain, opened his eyes.

“Ugh… Ah! ” The arm fixed to the bed by the iron ring struggled violently, and the pricking pain of the torn skin could not hide the pain of the cut off flesh on his thigh.

Who… Who would come… Help him…?

“Shadow Seven!” Cheng Yan held Lin Mo, who suddenly started to convulse violently, and called out the shadow guard in the dark.

“Master.” Shadow Seven with a mask appeared in response and knelt down in front of Cheng Yan.

“What’s the matter with him? Why hasn’t he woke up yet?” Cheng Yan held Lin Mo in his arms whose face was twisted in pain and a cold sweat on his forehead.

Shadow Seven stood up to feel the pulse of the man in his master’s arms. Cheng Yan held Lin Mo in one hand and patiently rubbed his husband’s back to calm him down.

“Wang Fu 1 was greatly stimulated, this triggered his stress response, and…” Shadow Seven hesitated for a moment.

“What else? Say it!” Cheng Yan’s eyes were cold and his voice was cruel.

“After a long time of nervous tension and intense stimulation, Wang Fu has fallen into a deep coma and when he will wake up is unknown.” Shadow Seven’s head slightly lowered as he informed his Prince.

The room was quiet for a while, and the shadows stood motionless, ready to accept their punishment.

“Go and get some tranquilizing medicine and bring it in.”

“Yes, master.” Shadow Seven respectfully replied, and then disappeared in the next moment.

No punishment? Master, was this a personality shift?

Cheng Yan leaned against the bed, hugged Lin Mo, comforted him endlessly, and thought deeply with his eyes.

For a long time… Tense state…

Momo, what secrets do you have to hide from me?

“Doctor, the zombies are coming to our institute!”

“What about the ability users? Let them come and handle it.” The doctor was still holding the test tube steadily, adding a drop of solution to it. He didn’t care.

“Doctor, this is the message from one of the ability users. He asked us to leave here quickly.”

“Tsk, take the test Subject A and pack up.”

“Yes, doctor.”

When Lin Mo, whose brain was in chaos, digested the news he heard, he felt that the things that imprisoned his body were untied, and then he was lifted up by others. Lin Mo, with his head down and eyes closed, laboriously gave a small smile. Lin Mo opened his eyes and raised his head slightly. When he passed a counter, with his right hand, he calmly grabbed a scalpel and held it tightly in his hand.

After all the people in the laboratory were killed, Lin Mo leaned against someone’s body, licked the sweet liquid that had splashed on his mouth, his eyes were dark, and he had no emotions, which would make people feel uncomfortable.

Lin Mo, who didn’t have much movement, suddenly trembled and struggled to stay away from the corpses of the people under him. When he sat up and looked around, he saw the tragedy in the room, and his eyes were bright red. The next second, Lin Mo, who had been sitting on the ground, disappeared.

Lin Mo, who disappeared from that place, had returned to his spiritual space. He hadn’t come in for nearly two years. As soon as Lin Mo went in, he stumbled towards the spiritual spring. After Lin Mo reached it, he fell to the ground and lay on the bank, immersing his whole head in the water. Lin Mo drank some spiritual water, but felt that his head had become extremely faint, and he lost consciousness in the next second.


Cheng Yan held Lin Mo in his arms and whispered, “Shadow One, how long?” 

“Replying back to master, there are still two days to go.” As soon as the shadow driving the carriage outside heard the voice of his owner coming from the carriage, he replied quickly.

Cheng Yan didn’t speak. He lowered his head and kissed Lin Mo’s forehead. He closed and covered his tired eyes.

It has been half a month, Momo… How long will you sleep for?

Holding the man in his arms, Cheng Yan felt the bones of his body, and his heart began to ache uncontrollably.

“He’s thin again. I’ll make up for it when he wakes up…” Cheng Yan muttered.

All of a sudden, the carriage stopped abruptly, and Cheng Yan held Lin Mo and sat steadily in his original place without any change in his expression.

“Keep going, the others will stay and fix it.” The violence in Cheng Yan’s eyes flashed by.

This was the fifth batch… Imperial Brother, can’t you wait?


When Lin Mo’s consciousness slowly recovered, before he opened his eyes, he felt that his hair was pulled by someone, like they wanted to pull his hair off his scalp. Lin Mo was forced to look up, his face twisted in pain that he opened his eyes a little twisted. What he saw was darkness. He was used to the room with dazzling white color. Lin Mo was not used to this dark place.

Before Lin Mo responded, his hair was let go of and he was slapped the next second. Lin Mo lay on the ground, motionless.

Caught again? New ways of torture? Lin Mo thought without trace.

“Don’t you know how to pretend to be dead? Dare to rob me, and don’t you know what you are! You think you are a passer-by, and when you earn some money, you think you’re the main character…”

A female voice rang in Lin Mo’s ear. Lin Mo could only think of how his head was buzzing. He could only catch half of what she said.

“I killed your younger brother, nephew and niece, but now that you have been caught, how can you take revenge? Isn’t it good to stay in the country? You have to come to the Imperial City and seduced my people… “

Younger brother… Nephew and niece… Killed…

Lin Mo’s body quivered, and he suddenly looked up and stared at the woman in front of him. The hatred in his eyes slowly emerged. He remembered that he had died in the zombie tide.

When he had come to the ancient times, he found that there were two just like his own Eldest Brother and Second Brother from his past life. He also had an elder sister, two younger brothers,, and a nephew and niece.

So… Killed… Were they all dead? Killed by this woman?!

“What about the past? You’re not a useless man who can’t resist!”

Yeah, I’m from the past. Lin Mo laughed strangely, stooped to take the key loosely held in her hand, threw down the hairpin covered with red liquid he had been holding, opened the cage he was locked in and went out.

Who was next? Forget it… It was easier to solve everything one by one.

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  1. King’s Husband


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Sadie Woods
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