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Chapter 50: Imperial City Lin Family

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Cheng Yan found out the secret moves of the Prime Minister before the accident. He wanted to come back from the border to discuss with his Imperial Brother, but he was ambushed by several teams of people on the way. Fortunately, a year later, when he returned to the Imperial City, the Prime Minister’s plot was just beginning, and Cheng Yan and his brother had time to think about countermeasures. However, the accident on his way back made Cheng Yan determine who the other team was that tried to assassinate him a year ago.

“In my capacity, you don’t have to worry about anything. After all, Momo, you are Prince Cheng’s husband. When others hear my name, who dares to provoke you?” Cheng Yan put his arm around Lin Mo’s waist, fixed him in his arms, chin on his shoulder, and bent his head with a smile. Cheng Yan’s deep voice rang near Lin Mo’s ear. Lin Mo’s subconscious was excited and he felt numb.

“You’re teaching me how to bully people?” Lin Mo raised his hand and moved his face away, then rubbed his itchy ears.

“Well?” Cheng Yan raised his hand and held it. He reached up his lips and touched Lin Mo’s ears.

“Seriously, it’s still daytime!” Lin Mo turned to cover his mouth and said seriously, but the look in his eyes and his red ears revealed his inner feelings at this time.

“Mn, it’s daylight.” Cheng Yan nodded his head in a very serious way, and immediately became honest. Anyway, it was almost evening. Cheng Yan gave him a light nip and his gaze was deep.

“By the way, why didn’t you tell me about Shadow Three and Second Brother until now?” Lin Mo suddenly thought of the problem he had just forgotten and looked up at him. However, in his current position, he could only see Cheng Yan’s chin.

“I didn’t want you to worry. Besides, I’ve sent more than ten shadow guards. Second Brother won’t be in danger.” Cheng Yan fixed the man in his arms and held him tighter.

“Mn… But why did those assassins go to assassinate Second Brother?” Lin Mo nestled in his arms, reached for the button on his collar and wondered.

“Actually, Second Brother was involved. Does Momo remember the team that joined us halfway?”

“You mean, the target of those assassins was the scholar? Is Second Brother innocent?” Lin Mo raised his head and wondered, if so, was Second Brother too unlucky?


“Then… Why do those assassins want to kill that scholar? I thought that man was just an ordinary rich family’s Young Master. It wouldn’t be him. What else? For example, is his family an important official of the court?” Lin Mo asked with some curiosity.

According to the plot of Gong Dou’s novel, this situation was probably what Lin Mo thought. Don’t forget that Lin Mo didn’t think there were any normal tracks for her to cross the female Lord and her harem.

“Huh? Guess what? Momo is so smart!” Cheng Yan bowed his head and kissed him on the forehead.

“That’s not… Speak! If you speak, don’t move…” Lin Mo put his hand over his mouth and blushed.

“Huh? This Prince didn’t move just now. Don’t frame him.” Cheng Yan pulled Lin Mo’s hand down and held it in his own hand, solemnly whispering. However, his eyes were full of laughter.

“Hypocrite…” Lin Mo looked up at him, naturally seeing the smile in Cheng Yan’s eyes, buried his head in his arms and mumbled. 

In front of others he gave a cold and ruthless look, but in front of him it was a loving gaze. His ears used to turn red when he teased them. Now their positions had changed. It was his turn to blush.

“The scholar’s family background is exactly what you said. On the surface, it’s an ordinary assassination attempt, but it can be found that the Prime Ministeris behind him.” Cheng Yan stopped teasing him in his arms and explained to him honestly.

“And the Prime Minister? That man is just a scholar, is it necessary for the Prime Ministerto do so?” When Lin Mo heard the word Prime Minister, he sat up straight and looked at him.

“Why are you so curious about this?” Cheng Yan chuckled that he didn’t think a ger would be interested in court matters.

“Don’t change the subject, speak quickly.” Lin Mo urged with some dissatisfaction.

Cheng Yan looked down at his expression and heard a tone in Lin Mo’s voice that he didn’t know. Cheng Yan’s eyebrows were slightly raised, his lips gently rubbed his fingers, and finally he didn’t wheat his appetite.

“The scholar is the most likely candidate who will place number one in this year’s exam. If their family and the Prime Minister’s office don’t agree, the Prime Ministerwill naturally make them stumble.”

The scholar was from the Yu family. There were several ancestors who had served as Taifu in the palace and taught several generations of Emperors. The position of the Yu family in the court was naturally to be feared by the Prime Minister, and what’s more, the Prime Ministerwas thinking of rebellion. The first thing to be solved was the Yu family.

When it came to the Yu family, Cheng Yan thought of the Lin family, who was also a scholar family.

“In fact, like the Yu family, the Lin family worked in the Imperial Academy, or they taught the Emperor’s sons in the palace. But in the previous dynasty, the Lin family was convicted of treason…”

Although it was later found that the Lin family was framed by someone, it was useless. There was no one of the Lin family left in the Imperial City. Several generations of loyal and good people were killed because of the trap of the villains.

When Cheng Yan thought about it, his eyes became a little deep. It was admitted that the Emperors of the former dynasties of the Empire of Yu were indeed somewhat fatuous, even his father, the previous Emperor. Otherwise, it was impossible for an Emperor to find out.

“The Lin family…” Lin Mo heard that, and he had some doubts in his eyes. Wasn’t this what he thought?

“These things are too complicated. I’ll tell you later when I have time. Now, let’s discuss another thing.” Cheng Yan stopped talking and said.

“Um… What’s up?” Lin Mo was a little absent-minded.

“The marriage of the two of us.”

“Um… Uh huh? What marriage?” Lin Mo returned to his senses and looked up at him, wondering. Haven’t they already married? Did they have to get married another time?

“Before when we got married, the conditions were too simple. But now that we are here, Wang Fu needs to go on the Royal jade plate, and we will hold another supplement ceremony.”

“Do we have to? It feels so troublesome…” As soon as Lin Mo heard of the ceremony, he knew that the wedding would not be too simple. You’ve got to spend the whole day getting married, haven’t you?

“Mn, the time has been set. Two months later. In a few days, Imperial Brother will make a proclamation to the world.” Cheng Yan nodded in response. After the announcement to the world, all the people in the country would know that Momo was his husband, so there would be no one who didn’t have eyes watching Momo.

People rely on clothes, horses and saddles. Cheng Yan was handsome, but cold-blooded. Although a daughter or ger would fall in love with his appearance, but because of Cheng Yan’s reputation, up to now, he hadn’t heard anyone say that he was adored.

Unlike Cheng Yan, Lin Mo was rarely known in the Imperial City. If one day he left the house and was hit by some people who didn’t have eyes…

“Why… Uh…”

Lin Mo’s lips were numb from Cheng Yan’s fingers rubbing them. He leaned back a little to avoid it and looked up at him. However, Cheng Yan suddenly kissed him, Lin Mo put his hands on his chest, and his eyes widened from his sudden action.

Cheng Yan left his lips there with a little nostalgia, and his thumb gently wiped off the wetness on the corner of his mouth. It should be just like this. Cheng Yan worried that someone would spy on Lin Mo and his people. Cheng Yan still remembered that the man who followed Yan Ningxi at that time was not right when he looked at Momo.

“Sweet.” Cheng Yan leaned over and said with a low smile.

Lin Mo heard this and his body trembled again. At last, he glared at him angrily, burying his head in his arms and didn’t want to talk. Since he woke up, no… Since Cheng Yan regained his memory, Lin Mo felt that he was a;ways teasing him intentionally or unintentionally, just like now.

Knowing that he got into Momo, Cheng Yan didn’t make any small moves, so he could only hold him honestly.

“I have two months to prepare. Do you want to move them over? We can move the whole family to the Imperial City.” Cheng Yan asked.

“… No, it’s good for them to stay in Daling village. When the time is right, I will bring my parents here.” Lin Mo was silent for a long time, and finally shook his head.

Although he wanted them to come, Lin Mo thought he would not take the risk when he thought of the potential trouble of Su Qingran. What’s more, Lin Mo still doubted whether their family was the same one Cheng Yan mentioned. If so, they couldn’t come here.

“As I said before, when we come to the Imperial City, you will help me find out the truth behind my family. Have you found anything?” Lin Mo looked up at him and asked.

“Um… Moving from other places to Mulin County, there are too many places in the way, it will take some time…” Cheng Yan thought seriously for a while and replied.

However, he was a little guilty. He had to take care of Momo these days, and he had to enter the palace to discuss with his brother about plans and border issues. Cheng Yan had long forgotten that he had to check the abnormalities of the Lin family. Fortunately, his shadow guards were all efficient. Now it was a little too late to ask people to check.

“Momo thinks that your family has something to do with the Lin family in the Imperial City?” Thinking of Momo’s immediate concerns, Cheng Yan immediately guessed.

“It’s a guess.” Lin Mo hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Before, his Second Brother said that there were several boxes of books hidden in his parents’ room, which was the most precious thing of his grandfather. His parents also told his Second Brother not to take it out and talk about it with anyone. On these doubts, Lin Mo thought that half of his family might be the Lin family in the Imperial City who were killed after being framed.

If this was the case, Lin Mo would understand. Since Grandpa fled to the most remote part of the country with his son and daughter-in-law from the Imperial City, why did father Lin and Mama Lin let his Second Brother take the exam and choose such a career path?

Was it possible that the Lin family’s previous life was destroyed because of the apparent conspiracy of the Prime Minister?

“If the Lin family is really the Lin family from the Imperial City, Momo doesn’t have to worry. The crime of treason of the Lin family has been eliminated, and the Emperor will not be like our father. I’ll try to check it as soon as possible. If it is true, they should also be taken back to the Imperial City. Although the forest house is desolate, it will not be so different from the previous one after being repaired.”

Both the Lin family and the Yu family were literati, and the ancestral houses left were well preserved. When the Lin family was framed, the Yu family was the first to stand up and retort. Although they were finally convicted, the Yu family kept the ancestral house of the Lin family as much as possible.

Perhaps it was also for this reason that the Yu’s legitimate son was sent away from the Imperial City to avoid the limelight, and would not come back to participate in the imperial examination until Cheng Yan’s brother’s first year on the throne.

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