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Chapter 52: An ChengLin and Zero One

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo sat in his seat with a light smile on his face, listening to the conversation of the three brothers. Sometimes the topic fell on him, and he didn’t talk more after answering. Lin Mo looked at them in a trance. In fact, An JinYuan was similar to him. He had two older brothers who loved him. However, their ending was not the same. Lin Mo looked up at An JinYuan, who was smiling slightly, and admired him.

He was the happiest when his brothers were happy. However, he was also very happy now. Once again, he had family members and Cheng Yan.

After chatting for a long time, Cheng Yan seemed to see that Momo was a little absent-minded. Cheng Yan asked in a low voice, “Do you want to go visit the imperial garden? Or do you want to go back to the mansion?” 

“No, keep talking…”

An JinYuan got up and walked to Lin Mo’s side, holding his hand and laughed, “You want to leave after just getting here? No, A-Mo said he wanted to come see me in the palace before. Now it’s the right time. Let’s go to the imperial garden and let Fifth and third brother talk about things here.” 

Lin Mo got up and was helpless, “Mn, I’d like to visit the palace garden this time.” 

“Momo is not in good health. Don’t hang around outside too long.” Cheng Yan exhorted.

“I know. I feel that you’ve become too wordy.” An JinYuan mumbled, then pulled Lin Mo away.

Cheng Yan looked at their backs as they departed, turned his head when the image was gone, and then saw that Imperial Brother had been staring at him.

“You like him that much?” As soon as An ChengLin finished, he thought he was talking nonsense. If he didn’t like Lin Mo, his brother wouldn’t be so stuck because of one person.

Cheng Yan took a sip of the tea cup and said, “I thought Imperial Brother knew.” 

If he didn’t like him, he wouldn’t have married Lin Mo when he lost his memory. Although he lost his memory, he fell in love with Lin Mo and accepted him. After recovering his memory, there was no way that love would disperse. 

“By the way, Imperial Brother, can you have the ancestral house of the Lin family repaired and have some furniture added?” Cheng Yan suddenly remembered what he had investigated.

“Why do you want this? Those old diehards of the Yu family take the Lin Family’s ancestral house seriously. If I take any action, they will pile up complaints on my desk.” An ChengLin refused. He didn’t want to listen to those old men.

“There are still people in the Lin family. I sent someone to investigate before and I am almost certain.”

An ChengLin looked up at him and asked, “Lin Mo, too?” 

“Mn.” Cheng Yan nodded.

An JinYuan pulled Lin Mo out of the room, and then went to the imperial garden. They were followed by many palace maids and bodyguards. Although they were in the Imperial Palace, An ChengLin didn’t dare to be careless about his brother’s safety. He had to take a bodyguard with him wherever he went.

“Why don’t I see concubines in the palace?” After visiting half of the imperial garden, Lin Mo didn’t see the legendary concubines in the harem, and wondered. In Lin Mo’s impression, in the imperial garden of the Imperial Palace, flowers were the most common, followed by concubines. Now it was quiet here, which made Lin Mo feel weird.

“Imperial concubines? Fifth Elder Brother didn’t tell you?” An JinYuan looked at him and doubted.

“Tell me what?”

“There is not a woman nor ger in Imperial Brother’s palace. Before, there was a minister offering to choose a concubine, but all of them were rejected by Imperial Brother.” An JinYuan said with a smile.

“What else?” Lin Mo’s heart was very cold. According to this development, the young Emperor would not become one of the men in Su Qingran’s harem in the end, would he?

“Maybe he hasn’t met someone he likes. According to his temperament, if he doesn’t like the person, he will feel it is a hindrance for them to enter the harem.” An JinYuan reached for a flower.

All three of them followed the nature of their grandparents and loved only one person. It was a pity that their mother’s life was not good, but she was accepted as a concubine by their father because she wanted to get rid of her grandparents.

Fifth Brother had found his husband. He didn’t know when Imperial Brother would marry and announce his husband. As for himself, Imperial Brother wanted him to choose a husband from among the top three in this year’s scientific examination. He didn’t know if he could find the person he liked in the end. An JinYuan was a little distracted.

“There is not a concubine in imperial brother’s harem. The Empress Dowager doesn’t care?” Lin Mo doubted. In his impression, the Empress Dowager also had a role, that was to convince the Emperor to accept concubines.

“Empress dowager, hmph…” When An JinYuan heard the word ‘Empress Dowager,’ his face suddenly became cold.

Lin Mo saw the change in An JinYuan, glanced at the palace maid behind them, turned around and asked in a low voice, “Don’t want to say?”

Waiting for the maid, who slightly bowed, to put some distance between them, for their conversation seemed to need a deaf ear, and there was no change of expression on her face.

“Nothing can’t be said. It’s just that things are complicated. If A-Mo wants to know, go back and ask Fifth Brother… wait, it’s no use asking Fifth Elder Brother. He’s been guarding the border all year round and doesn’t know much about the things in the palace.”

After listening to An JinYuan’s explanation, Lin Mo didn’t ask any more questions. He felt that he could ask his shadow guards in the palace.

In the side hall, Cheng Yan and An ChengLin finally discussed some matters.

“By the way, Imperial Brother, how is the Prince Jing’s investigation?”

“Now we can’t find out what happened, except that you were attacked a year ago and you were ambushed on the way back some days ago. However, no evidence can be found. He has such a good image in front of others that I can’t catch him.”

“Is that right? This is not urgent. As long as Prince Jing and the Prime Minister are connected, we will find evidence. I will send some shadow guards to investigate.”

“Mn, when will you and Lin Mo have a baby?” Asked An ChengLin.

Cheng Yan was asked this by Imperial Brother and he looked at him suspiciously, “Why are you asking?” 

“Making preparations. If I don’t have children, I’ll use yours.” An ChengLin looked calm and poised. He didn’t think the topic was inappropriate at all.

“Imperial Brother should have a baby by himself. Momo and I are not going to have children.” Cheng Yan glanced at An ChengLin and refused.

“Not going to have children? Is it his health? It will be better to find a doctor and have him recuperate for some time.” An ChengLin frowned.

“It’s physical problems, and poor recuperation. He’s been to a doctor before.” Even if he took good care of him during his pregnancy, there would be a certain danger. Cheng Yan didn’t want the possibility of Momo losing his life because of a child.

“If it’s okay. I’ll leave first… If you and brother-in-law work hard, maybe he will get pregnant.” Cheng Yan had the last word before he left.

If he wanted to have children, he’d better try his best, and not change his mind.

An ChengLin sat on the throne and took a sip of tea from the teacup. After putting it down, Cheng Yan’s figure disappeared.

“Zero One.”

As An ChengLin’s voice fell, a man in black appeared in an instant, “Master.” 

There was no cover on his face and it was clearly visible. Different from other shadow guards, Zero One looked young and like a fourteen-year-old. But in fact, he was twenty years old, with a baby face and round eyes.

“Come here.” An ChengLin said in a low voice.

“Yes.” Zero One tried to keep his face taut, look serious, and then walked over.

When he came near, An ChengLin reached out his hand and held him in his arms. “Did you hear what A-Yan said? If we work hard, we may have children.” An ChengLin lowered his head and nibbled on the tip of Zero One’s ear.

Being held by An ChengLin, he suddenly broke away using his kung fu and said with a face full of shame, “I am your shadow guard, don’t hold me.” 

“Aren’t you tired of playing shadow guard? How about a change of identity? Be my husband?” An ChengLin held him to his leg and chuckled.

Zero One was stunned by An ChengLin’s smile, and his hands went up to his eyes uncontrollably. Then the next second he reacted and took them back.

“Ah, since you’ve said all that, I’ll do my best to promise you.” Zero One was a little unnatural.

“Can you find out what Prince Jing did behind Our back?” Asked An ChengLin.

“Not enough energy. We couldn’t find anything.” He shook his head. 

“Is there not enough energy in the jade in the warehouse?”

“There is too little energy in it. The energy of the sun plus you, are only enough for me to maintain my body functions…” Zero One blushed a little.

“Cough… Even then, we are not in a hurry.” An ChengLin automatically ignored the words.

“Since there’s nothing to do now, let me give you some energy.” An ChengLin held him up and went to the bedroom behind the throne.

“Ah? Now? Didn’t we just do it last night?” Zero One struggled, and wanted to be put down.

“Didn’t you say you should get energy at least twice a day? The morning is the first time, and then the second time is in the evening.” An ChengLin held the man firm.

“In fact, once a day is enough. I can just lie in the yard and bask in the sun.”

“Now? It’s too late.”

Lin Mo and An JinYuan strolled around the imperial garden, until the time was almost over and they were ready to return home. On the way back, they met someone.

“Imperial Uncle.” An JinYuan saw that Prince Jing was coming. He pulled Lin Mo’s hand to stop him and saluted.

The attendants following by both sides also saluted to each other’s masters. Only Lin Mo followed An JinYuan to salute and stood by and watched.

Prince Jing? Imperial Uncle? This was who An JinYuan mentioned to him before. Su Qingran was pestering this prince recently. Lin Mo looked up at him, then took back his eyes.

This Prince Jing really wanted the Imperial City and was why Su Qingran couldn’t let go.

“This is…” Prince Jing looked at the young man standing next to his nephew, wondering.

The voice of Cheng Yan came from behind, “A-Yuan, why have you been out so long? Didn’t I tell you that Momo was not in good health. And not to walk so long?” 

Those waiting on His Highness JinYuan and the attendants behind Cheng Wang Fu heard the voice of His Highness Prince Cheng, they quickly stood on both sides, and Cheng Yan came through the empty road in the middle.

“Fifth Elder Brother, we were going back.” An JinYuan replied quickly.

“Prince Jing. How come you are at the Imperial Palace at this time?” Cheng Yan felt very mad when he saw that the man standing opposite them was Prince Jing.

“To see the Empress Dowager.” Prince Jing said with a gentle smile.

“In that case, we won’t bother.” Cheng Yan nodded to him and took the two people with him.

Prince Jing glanced at their figures as they left, smiled and walked in another direction. It seemed that the young man was Prince Cheng.

When they were far away, Cheng Yan said, “Didn’t brother and I tell you to stay away from Prince Jing as much as possible?”

“It happened by accident, and we didn’t say much.” An JinYuan glanced at Fifth Elder Brother. He didn’t seem angry and quickly explained.

Lin Mo glanced at An JinYuan and then at Cheng Yan. Cheng Yan was in a bad mood. Was that Prince Jing the reason?

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