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Chapter 53: As Long as It’s You, I’ll Like You

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo was sitting and eating cakes. In his ear was the voice of Cheng Yan as he educated An JinYuan. From what they said, Lin Mo knew what kind of person Prince Jing was. He looked approachable, but in fact he was indifferent. Listening to the meaning in Cheng Yan’s words, Prince Jing seemed to have some ambitions.

Lin Mo twisted the pastry with his fingers and thought, was Prince Jing the man behind the Prime Minister? But it was just Lin Mo’s guess, and he dared not make a decision.

“What do you think?”

After educating his younger brother, he asked him to go back to his room. Cheng Yan turned to Lin Mo and found that he was looking at a single place as if he was distracted. Cheng Yan walked over. He took the handkerchief from the palace maid, took away the cake that had been crushed in Lin Mo’s hand, and wiped his hand carefully.

“Ah? Do you want to go back?” Lin Mo returned to his senses and looked up at Cheng Yan.

“Mn, let’s go.”

Lin Mo held his hand and stood up and glanced at the outside of the palace. It was already dark outside and when they returned back, it would almost be dinner time.

Cheng Yan bowed his head and tied his cloak and they went out of the palace. After getting on the carriage, Lin Mo thought about it and decided to ask Cheng Yan about Prince Jing. Otherwise, Lin Mo would feel uncomfortable.

“Why do you suddenly want to ask about Prince Jing?” Cheng Yan wondered.

“A little curious, and A-Yuan called him Imperial Uncle, but he is quite young…” Lin Mo said. Prince Jing seemed to be only in his mid twenties and Cheng Yan was also now in his mid twenties.

“Prince Jing is thirty-five years old, not young.” Cheng Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly and his tone was flat.

“Is that right? I didn’t realise He’s taken care of his looks well. Ah, I’m curious about Prince Jing. Why do you mention his age?” Lin Mo responded, wondering.

“Didn’t you think Prince Jing looks young?”

“Yes, if it wasn’t for A-Yuan to call him Imperial Uncle, I thought he was your brother.” Lin Mo nodded.

“He looks good?” Cheng Yan held Lin Mo in his arms and asked in a low voice.

“Ah? He’s beautiful. Why do you ask?” This was not what he asked about Prince Jing before, was it?

Cheng Yan didn’t speak, but the palm attached to his waist slightly strengthened, pressed the man to himself, and then he lowered his head to kiss him.

Lin Mo’s eyes were more round because of his sudden action. What was going on? Why was it that Cheng Yan had been kissing him all of the time recently?

When Lin Mo was out of breath, Cheng Yan let him go. Lin Mo lay in his arms and gasped a little. In his mind, he realized that Cheng Yan was jealous, right?

Cheng Yan, in a better mood, stroked Lin Mo’s back to let him go, and then began to tell him about Prince Jing.

Prince Jing was Cheng Yan’s uncle, and was not trained as a prince in the first place. On the contrary, Cheng Yan’s father and An ChengLin had similar experiences, and they all won the throne by ferocious means.

Prince Jing was the first son of the empress at that time, while Cheng Yan’s father, the Emperor, was only the son of his concubine. Everyone thought that Prince Jing would eventually ascend the throne. After all, he was the Emperor’s favorite prince at that time. Even the other princes at that time were less than three points of him. But no one expected that the young and strong Emperor would suddenly fall ill and never get better. At that time, Prince Jing was still too young, and half of the people opposed him.

Then, Cheng Yan’s father won the throne by fighting for it. When he ascended the throne, he began to get rid of his half brothers who had previously humiliated him. What Cheng Yan and An ChengLin didn’t understand was why their father would let Prince Jing go.

Lin Mo, with his head resting on Cheng Yan’s leg, listened to him, saw him stop, looked up at Cheng Yan and asked in a low voice, “At that time, Prince Jing was still young. What about when he grew up? Wouldn’t he have the idea of regaining the throne?” 

Although there were some royal people who didn’t want the throne, there were also a few who did. As for Prince Jing, Lin Mo couldn’t see what kind of person he was.

“I don’t know, maybe he does.” Cheng Yan said it vaguely.

If not before, he should now. A year ago, he fell off the cliff on the way back to the Imperial City. Fortunately, the shadow guards around him survived. When Cheng Yan recovered his memory and returned to the Imperial City, the leader of the Shadow Guards gave the result to Cheng Yan. What surprised him at that time was that there were Prince Jing’s people involved in it.

If it was only the Prime Minister, Cheng Yan would not be surprised. Before the Emperor and his brother ascended the throne, they knew the little movements behind the Prime Minister.

Within a few years of his accession to the throne, his father began to ignore the government, and then the Prime Minister and Prince Jing began to quietly gather people’s hearts. Although it couldn’t be seen on the surface, the foundation of the Prime Minister and Prince Jing in the court had been stable.

However, before they took any action, An ChengLin won the throne quietly. With the support of the God of War and his grandfather, the general of Zhenguo, An ChengLin’s throne was established.

On the day of An ChengLin’s accession to the throne, Cheng Yan, the God of War, came back from the border. Within a few days, the new Emperor took advantage of the situation to carry out a great Qing Dynasty, in which the Prime Minister and Prince Jing’s people were eliminated by him. However, their foundation was too stable. As the newly crowned Emperor, An ChengLin did not dare to fight with them in the open.

Lin Mo guessed that if Prince Jing really had the idea of regaining the throne, he would resent the young Emperor now. After all, the plans had been made, and his nephew was the first to take the lead.

It was really unpleasant that both father and son took the throne from him. Maybe Prince Jing would turn evil.

According to Cheng Yan, the surface gentleness of Prince Jing was actually his disguise.

Cheng Yan was not in the Imperial City all year round, and the saying ‘stay away from Prince Jing’ was also said by his Imperial Brother to him and A-Yuan. At that time, although Cheng Yan had doubts in his mind, he did not doubt what his brother said. Anyway, he seldom stayed in the Imperial City. So it made no difference since he was far away.

Now that he began to think about it, his Imperial Brother should have known the real face of Prince Jing before him.

“Is it possible for the Prime Minister and Prince Jing to join hands?” Asked Lin Mo.

According to Lin Mo’s conjecture, there was a great possibility that the Prime Minister and Prince Jing would join hands. Elder brother said that in his last life, the Prime Minister finally succeeded in his rebellion, but Lin Mo did not believe that the Prime Minister would have ascended the throne because of the existence of Prince Jing.

Most likely, the two of them joined forces to help Prince Jing win the throne.

“I don’t know. Imperial Brother is still investigating.” Cheng Yan shook his head.

“Then tell me what you think, haven’t you had your own thoughts about it?” Lin Mo was a little reluctant to ask. If that was what he thought, all the doubts in his mind would be solved.

“Why do you ask for so much?” Cheng Yan looked down at him. From Lin Mo’s point of view, he felt that Cheng Yan’s eyes were sharp at this time.

Lin Mo’s heart was stagnant. He turned his head and buried his face in his abdomen, covering his emotions on his face. “It’s just curiosity, if you can’t say it, don’t.” Lin Mo said in a muffled voice.

He almost forgot that this kind of thing couldn’t be said casually. What Cheng Yan said to him about Prince Jing just now did not involve anything. But whether Prince Jing and the Prime Minister joined hands couldn’t be judged.

Cheng Yan recognized something wrong in his voice, dug up the man and held him, stared at his eyes and whispered, “Angry?” 

“I’m not angry. I didn’t know my limit. What’s there to be angry about?” Lin Mo shook his head, but didn’t look at him.

“Tell me, then, what was the reason for the sudden depression?”

Lin Mo put his head on his shoulder and said after a long silence. “…The way you looked at me. I thought you were angry that I asked you these things.”

The moment Lin Mo saw it, his heart sank. Before, Cheng Yan was very gentle to him and even when he just taught a lesson, his eyes were still soft when he turned to look at him. So when he saw Cheng Yan looking at him with cold eyes just now, Lin Mo’s heart froze.

“What gaze did I just use?” Cheng Yan doubted. His gaze on Momo had never changed, did it?

“No, I should have stopped asking.”

“You are really… If you want to know something, I will tell you, will that annoy you? Just now, I just wanted to know why you were asking me such questions, and thought Momo wanted to go.” Cheng Yan hugged his husband tightly and replied, feeling a little helpless.

He knows that a ger’s mind was very sensitive. Previously, Cheng Yan thought that his ger, who was in a mood, was very upset. But now he felt that as long as he liked this man, whether he was in low mood or secretly sad, his heart would hurt.

“Mn, this will not happen in the future.” Lin Mo reached for him and rubbed his head lightly. Lin Mo knew that he was not normal and was not nice to strangers. After all, they were dispensable. Lin Mo didn’t care.

But it was not the same for his family. In the past, if his brother and his parents said something about him, Lin Mo would be sad, but he would forget it soon. But now, if Cheng Yan suddenly gave him a cold look, and there was no explanation, Lin Mo wouldn’t be able to think for a few days.

Lin Mo nestled in Cheng Yan’s arms, slightly closed his eyes and covered his emotions. Even if he got rid of that dirty body and came back to life, Lin Mo knew that he didn’t really come back. Unless he had a walk in the underworld, had a drink of Old Lady Meng’s soup, and forgot the past. Otherwise, everything in his previous life would be with him all the time.

“Cheng Yan, what do you think of me?” Asked Lin Mo.


“What do you think of me?” Lin Mo looked up at him and asked.

“Nice and gentle.”

“That’s all?”

“I can’t finish it, because I feel that Momo… you are too mysterious. When I think I know you, you surprise me again.” Cheng Yan hugged him and chuckled. “But most obviously, you care about your family and the people you recognize. It’s heartbreaking, although I don’t know why you live in an ordinary family, I still want to say that in my eyes, you are the best in the world.”

Before Cheng Yan married Lin Mo, every time he saw him, he felt that Lin Mo was out of place in the world. The world repelled him, and he repelled the world. Maybe this was why Cheng Yan couldn’t help but pay attention to Lin Mo, and then sink into him.

“Is that right? What if I’m different from what you think?” Lin Mo’s eyelashes were quivering. He could be found out. But the best in the world? Maybe after Cheng Yan knew everything about him, he wouldn’t think so… However, Lin Mo would not let him know, because he would not let him have the opportunity to leave him.

Those things that couldn’t see light, let them rot in his heart.

“Even if you’re different, you’re still you. As long as it’s you, I will still like you, Momo.”

Different? He could only say that he did not know him enough. One day, Lin Mo would let down the knot in his heart and be frank with him. Cheng Yan gently ran his finger through Lin Mo’s long hair.

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