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Chapter 65: End of the Examination

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When Lin Mo left, Zero One used the spiritual water. Before Lin Mo found the energy to support the operation of the subsystem, the subsystem could not appear. When the subsystem appeared, that is, when Zero One left his system identity, without any operating energy, the subsystem could not leave this space-time. It needed enough energy to be able to operate, and it had only one chance.

However, it was not easy to find energy. There might not be any other energy sources present in this space except for the spiritual water.

When An Chenglin came in, he saw Zero One sitting in a daze. Approaching him, An Chenglin lifted him into the inner room.

“A-Ling? Why are you here?” Zero One grabbed his neck, wondering.

“Standing outside early in the morning, what did you say to Lin Mo?” An Chenglin asked.

What did Lin Mo do to make him like this? I have to keep him out. An Chenglin’s eyes became a little deeper, and his gloom increased.

“A-Lin, I’m the only one you have now and in the future, right?” Zero One asked.

“Mn, you are the only one.” An Chenglin promised as he took him to his bed.

“But I’m not ger. What if I can’t have a baby?” Zero One sat face to face with the Emperor, fixed his eyes on him and asked.  Now he didn’t know whether he would become an ordinary man or a child-bearing ger after he fully did away with his identity as a system. It seemed that the Emperor couldn’t not have children, right?

“You said before that you are not human. I can accept this… What’s more, I can also accept there being no children.” An Chenglin kissed his forehead and said with a low smile. The bigotry in his eyes flashed by. The heir to the throne would be a child from one of his younger brothers. He was not worried about this.

An Chenglin didn’t care if Zero One could have children, as long as he could stay by his side.

Zero One had his own concerns, and An Chenglin also had his anxieties. Zero One was not an ordinary person and could leave at any time, but An Chenglin would not be able to find him.

From the time when he realized he liked Zero One, An Chenglin was afraid that one day he would leave himself and disappear without any warning. So he would stare at Zero One all the time. Fortunately, the person he was looking for was also in the world. And he was the husband of his brother.

An Chenglin was also glad that Lin Mo didn’t force Zero One to recognize him as his master. In this way, Zero One was still his own. But An Chenglin couldn’t feel at ease. Zero One was not an ordinary person. He wouldn’t grow old. Zero One first appeared beside An Chenglin before he ascended the throne. At that time, Cheng Yan had also gone to the border.

He wanted to fight for the throne and protect A-Yuan from being hurt by those people. Zero One appeared as a transparent figure, and often disappeared. The next time he appeared, he would forget what had happened before.

It was not until An Chenglin ascended the throne that he was able to use the vault at will to make Zero One become stable. But every time Zero One disappeared, An Chenglin would lose control of his mood.

From An Chenglin’s teens to his twenties, Zero One had always had this young look. It was not like he would grow up and grow old. When he thought of it, Zero One was still young. Maybe after years of those forgetting him, and then falling in love with another, the dark side of An Chenglin’s heart couldn’t help releasing.

“How about… if I become a man?” Zero One asked.

“What… What do you mean?!” An Chenglin returned from his thoughts, hugged the man in his arms and held the surging emotions down in his heart. He doubted whether he heard it wrong.

“What if I give up the identity of the system and become a person?”

“You mean it? Don’t lie to me…” An Chenglin’s grip on Zero One increased, and his voice was numb.

“It’s true, of course, but if you find someone else later, I will leave, too. Don’t think I can’t run if I become a person…” Zero One stabbed him in the chest, as if threatening him.

“There will be no one else!” An Chenglin held the man in his arms, bowed his head and kissed him disorderly.

His tense state could finally be put down, and Lin Mo’s sadness at the bottom of his heart had also been relieved. There was progress on the other side with Zero One, and the exam for Second Brother had begun. The Lin family would arrive at the Imperial City in another month.

In this life, everything was going in a good direction.

Of course, after finishing Lin Xiu’s work, he would go to Lin Mo and Cheng Yan’s wedding. However, it seemed that Lin Mo had forgotten all about it.

Outside the house, Butler Fu, with the Lord’s permission, pushed the door into the house. Behind him, there were many maids holding red wedding clothes and other accessories.

“My Lord, you and your husband’s wedding clothes and royal clothes have been made.” Butler Fu informed.

“Mn, put it down and leave.” Cheng Yan put down the book in his hand, and Lin Mo, who was sitting next to him, sorted out his collar uneasily. The light blush on his face hadn’t disappeared. Fortunately, the maid who came in didn’t dare to look up casually. Butler Fu just took a look and took back his sight.

Hearing the Prince’s words, the maids put down their things and walked away.

“Come and try it on. If it doesn’t fit, we can have it changed.” Cheng Yan waved Lin Mo over.

“So soon?” Lin Mo went over and admired it with his eyes. Reaching out and touching the cloth, it was smooth, delicate and comfortable to touch.

The patterns on the clothes were embroidered with gold thread, and the silver thread outlined the edge of the clothes. It was not as gorgeous as a women’s wedding dress, but it could also show its delicacy. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Butler Fu, who just brought these things over, Lin Mo would have forgotten that, in another month, it would be their big marriage.

Before, when he was in Daling village, he and Cheng Yan prepared for the wedding, and of course, his family had helped. Unlike now, all the wedding processes were carried out in an orderly manner by the people of the Imperial Palace and the Royal Palace.

In addition, Lin Mo’s mind had been divided due to too many things these days.

Cheng Yan didn’t speak. He took all the clothes and led Lin Mo into the bedroom. After entering, Cheng Yan put his clothes on the bed, found the proper order to put on the accessories, and then turned around to help Lin Mo take off his clothes.

“I… I’ll do it myself. You go out…” Lin Mo quickly blocked his hand, blushing.

“I’ll help you.” Cheng Yan approached and took off Lin Mo’s clothes.

“Don’t… Don’t remove this one.” Lin Mo grabbed the last piece of clothing tightly to his body, his face was a little red.

If it was taken off, he would be completely naked. Lin Mo couldn’t undress completely in front of Cheng Yan. After all, it was still daytime and Cheng Yan was still dressed, Lin Mo felt a sense of inexplicable shame.

Lin Mo felt that the palms attached to his waist were too hot to ignore.

Finally, Cheng Yan carefully put on the Xi suit, one by one, for Lin Mo.

Tying the belt, Cheng Yan raised his hand to straighten out the long hair of the person in front of him. Lin Mo raised his eyes and was shocked to see the seriousness in his eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Yan straightened his hair and looked down to see that the man in front of him was in a weird state. Didn’t he like this suit? “Don’t like it? There’s still a month to go. I’ll have another set made?”

“No, I’m fine.” Lin Mo returned to his senses and shook his head.

“There’s still a month to go. Your parents will make it on time.” Cheng Yan appeased.

Cheng Yan knew that Momo was sensitive at heart. Although this was their second marriage, since his parents and family were not around, his inner uneasiness was inevitable.

“Mn.” Lin Mo’s lips were slightly raised, and the response was a little light.

He felt that Cheng Yan misunderstood something, but Lin Mo was comforted.

After a few days, the exam ended.

Outside the examination hall, there were family members or book children waiting for the examinees. Seeing them looking in from time to time, there were still some anxieties and worries on their faces, and Lin Mo’s worries were also ticked out.

When Cheng Yan wanted to open his mouth and let Lin Mo sit down beside him, the entrance to the examination hall opened. Pale candidates came out of the room one after another, and the others who were always paying attention to the gate rushed forward.

When hearing the sound of the door opening, the guards of the Royal Palace who were waiting at one side quickly stepped forward and stood at both sides of the door to block the people who wanted to flow in. As soon as the examinees came out of the examination hall, they saw two rows of soldiers standing straight and expressionless.

But after several people saw the mark on their clothes, their faces were already a little depressed, and now they tried to be a little dignified.

People from the palace of Prince Cheng? Why were they here?

For their own reasons, a lot of people on the scene felt uneasy. Lin Mo was relieved when he saw his Second Brother coming out of the room. There was no paleness in his face, and there was nothing wrong with his look.

“Second Brother!” Lin Mo took Cheng Yan’s hand and hurried forward.

When Lin Xiu heard his brother’s voice, he looked at the sound source and saw Lin Mo and Cheng Yan coming towards him. His eyes were warm. “Why did you two come?”

Following behind the Prince and his husband were two men who hurried to take over the things in Lin Xiu’s hands.

“Momo was worried. He has been waiting here for a long time.”

“Let’s go back to the mansion first, and then sleep after dinner.” Lin Mo said.

“Let’s go.” After returning to the palace, Lin Xiu slept until noon the next day. As soon as he woke up, he received a message from a young man then he went to lunch.

After Lin Xiu finished washing, he hurried to the hall.

“Second Brother, eat.”

As soon as Lin Xiu entered the hall, he saw Cheng Yan and Lin Mo sitting by and waiting, and An Jinyuan sitting beside them. When Lin Xiu’s gaze landed on An Jinyuan, he was stunned. After greeting him, he sat down.

After lunch, Cheng Yan took his wife and younger brother to his grandparents’ home. Lin Xiu also went to the teahouse according to the agreement to get together with Yu Yange. Before the meeting, they spent their time reading books. They could get together once in a while. After the exam, they should also relax.

“By the way, at the end of the exam, there were two rows of soldiers standing outside. What happened?” A young scholar who came out of the examination hall after Lin Xiu and was lucky to see that scene, said with some doubts.

“That’s the man from the palace of Prince Cheng.”


All the people at the table turned their heads to one side, and Lin Xiu, who was later aware of the situation, raised his head and was not comfortable with their gazes.

“Prince Cheng should be worried about his brother-in-law…”

“For this reason?!” Some scholars in white didn’t believe it.

Yu Yange took a sip of tea and said, “According to the rumors of Cheng Yan and Wang Fu Cheng, this is not impossible.” 

The others thought about it in their hearts and found that it seemed reasonable. After thinking about what had upset them before, they led the topic to other places.

When hearing the people at the table talking about the only unmarried prince in the palace, Lin Xiu had a figure come to mind.

“Will His Highness Jinyuan choose a husband from the candidates of the imperial examination? Is this true or not? It’s not a rumor, is it?”

Others were also curious.

“It should be true. It was said a few years ago.” He nodded.

When the news was revealed a few years ago, people in the Imperial City began to talk about it for a long time before it subsided. Unexpectedly, the exam was just over, and the news was dug out again.

In fact, Yu Yange also knew a little about it. If it wasn’t for his grandpa telling him about it yesterday, Yu Yange still wouldn’t have known. After all, he wasn’t in the Imperial City before.

“Although they say he will be selected from the top three scorers, isn’t it?”

“Brother Yu, you have a great chance.”

“This exam is just over. Why are you already speaking of this?” Yu Yange had a helpless expression on his face.

However, thinking of his Grandpa looking for him to talk to yesterday, some waves came up in his peaceful heart.

When Lin Xiu heard their teasing, he frowned slightly and felt a little uncomfortable.

“Brother Lin, what’s the matter with you? You look absent-minded.” Noticing something was wrong with Lin Xiu, a voice asked.

“Haven’t you adjusted yet?” Others were caring.

“No, I’m just thinking that according to the attitude of His Highness, the selected husband should be pleasing to His Highness… It doesn’t have to be number one.” Lin Xiu smiled with the corner of his mouth.

Choose a husband?

Lin Xiu raised his eyes and looked at the remaining people sitting opposite him.

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