Seikaku Kuzu De Nani Ga Warui

Seikaku Kuzu de Nani ga Warui Cover
What’s wrong with having a shit personality?
Artist: Shishito Karari
Language: English
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Hanaura auto-proclaimed himself to be trash, and among other things, he chose to be alone in his classroom.
However, all of the sudden, he is confessed by the most popular guy in school, Tsuzuki, who likes him…?
Being approached by Tsuzuki, Hanaura can’t reject him properly; but being together with Tsuzuki ends up being perfect, but when it comes to himself, he can’t return those feelings to begin with…

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142 thoughts on “Seikaku Kuzu De Nani Ga Warui

  1. Hello! This manga I loved it! Is there news about the sequel? The volume is now complete in Japan. I hope the translation comes soon because I liked it so much 💕💕
    Thank you very much!!

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