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Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Isefel and Abaddon’s silhouettes collided.

Under the pitch black sky, a huge ball of red light reignited. Feisha recognized this light. It was Abbadon’s brilliance. Under the blaze of the red light, Isefel’s silhouette appeared even tinier and dimmer. Around him, ragged cheers erupted. Obviously, Abbadon was a obvious favorite.

The red light swelled as though it would swallow Isefel. Just as Feisha’s heart felt like it was going to be ripped out of his chest, a thousand streaks of lightning split the pitch black surroundings and even the red light was enveloped within.

Asmontis’s footsteps shifted slightly.

Feisha was standing very close to him and said immediately, “This is a one-v-one fight, you’re not allowed to lend a hand.”

In wuxia novels, the competitors on stage were obviously fighting with deep feeling and bonds, but the people below the stage just had to stick their foot in and throw some secret weapons, like chopsticks or something.

Asmontis was stunned and said in a quiet voice, “I won’t.”

Looking at the expression of anxiety and embarrassment, a deep sense of guilt emerged in Feisha’s heart. At the start of this year, finding such a piece of white paper was already very difficult, let alone in Hell. But according to Isefel, in the beginning, for the sake of dominating Sarah, he had gotten rid of many of her husbands. In the human world, he could be considered a serial killer. Following this line of thought, the sense of guilt Feisha was feeling turned into terror.

In detective novels, within every person who was silent and shy was actually a crazed fiend addicted to killing — this was saying nothing of Asmontis’s demonic nature.

The streaks of lightning weaved into a web, becoming bigger and bigger, as though it was a dense and complicated spider web. The red light was right in the center of the spider web and the light continuously shrank and expanded, shrank and expanded.

The people below could no longer see Isefel and Abbadon’s silhouettes and could only speculate that they were battling within the lightning and red light.

“You… can you tell who has the upper hand?” Feisha asked in a small voice. Usually, only experts could tell what other experts were doing.

But Asmontis quickly shattered this conception, “I can’t see very clearly.”

“Aren’t you one of the seven demon kings?”

“En.” Asmontis gently nodded his head.

“Don’t you frequently battle Abbadon?”

“Not frequently, only occasionally.” He corrected in a whisper.

“But you should be able to see very clearly when you’re battling Abbadon, right?” Didn’t they say the seven demon kings’ battle skills differed greatly in reality and Lucifer picked the winner by shaking randomly until one fell out? (1) Or did Lucifer feel that his sin of lust was too interesting and thus he could be the representative with regard to this? The more Feisha thought about it, the more 囧 he became.

Asmontis said, “That time, we were standing too close.”

Feisha said: “That is to say, you’re short-sighted?”

Asmontis’s head was about to touch his chest, “My sight is really not very good.”

Feisha: “…..”


The red light suddenly expanded, so piercing that the audience all closed their eyes.

Right at the same moment, Feisha heard a gigantic boom, that sound seemed to burst eardrums and heads, following which, the earth began to shake like it was a cradle. Feisha felt like he had been thrown into the container to pick a winner that he had just thought of.

Slowly, the floor stopped shaking.

The boom weakened.

The light that was piercing one’s eyes disappeared.

Everything seemed to return to normal.

Feisha opened his eyes and realized that he’d been clutching Asmontis’ arm all along. He laughed awkwardly, let go, and was stunned by the sight before his eyes.

About five to six meters away from them was a pit twenty meters wide. Half the buildings on the street had fallen into the pit. The sky looked like a gigantic slab of black, without any signs of chalk.

Feisha stared dumbly before mumbling: “What about Isefel?”

Asmontis said in a heavy voice, “It’s possible he and Asmontis entered another time and space.”

Feisha’s heart seemed to hurtle into a pit as wide as the one before his eyes. “What does entering another time and space mean?”

“That means they could’ve returned to a time in the past or they might have went to the future.” Asmontis said, “I’ve only seen this in books. This is the first time I’m seeing it in real life.”

“Could it be, it’s what the legends described…” Feisha’s voice shook, “Travelling through time and space?”

Asmontis looked at him pityingly, “If Isefel went back to the past, then he will definitely wait until this moment now and look for you.”

“In theory, if he lived in the past, he would’ve found me eight hundred years ago.” Feisha paused and melodramatic scenes appeared in his head. “Unless the collision made him lose his memories and then he met a very gentle person who is so beautiful it moves him, someone cute and helpless…” He couldn’t continue. Because he thought that his hypothetical scenario wasn’t funny at all. At least, when he heard his own words, he wanted to cry.

Asmontis stared mutely at him.

The audience around slowly dispersed. This was an exciting competition, although there was no winner. But no matter how one looked at it, this was still an exciting competition. As for the pit in the street, this was a headache for the city’s management. Abbadon was the offender so the costs would be deducted from Abbadon’s account.

Feisha was full of remorse for a long time but he suddenly turned to stare at Asmontis: “Why aren’t you sad at all?”

“Sad?” Asmontis was confused.

“Aren’t you worried you’ll never see him for a long, long time?”

Asmontis said, “Whether he went back to the past or future, it doesn’t matter, we are immortal, we’ll definitely meet again.” When he said this, the pity in his eyes intensified. Although he had never been to the human world, he knew very well that humans might be called God’s children, but their lives were unexpectedly short.

Under his gaze, Feisha felt like he was a butterfly. He could only fly a few rounds before he kicked the bucket.

“I, too, have an immortal body.” Feisha explained.

Asmontis was taken aback and said, shocked, “Has God forgiven humans?”

“En, roughly so.” Feisha thought about it. Rather than saying that God’s refusal to grant humans immortal life was a refusal to forgive, why not say that He had gotten used to humans’ short life spans, just as the way humans had accepted that their lives were only a few decades, at most a hundred years long.

Asmontis said, “Then you’re really lucky.”


“Because you’ll definitely see Isefel.” As Asmontis spoke, his expression had a tinge of loneliness.

Feisha thought of his story and said in a soft voice, “How is Sarah?”

Asmontis’s body went still. Very few people mentioned this name before him. “She’s dead.”

That was to be expected, right?

Feisha continued, “Then did she ascend to Heaven or descend to Hell?”

Asmontis replied, “She ascended to Heaven. In that instant when she died, Raphael brought her up to Heaven.”

“En, when it comes to humans, going to Heaven is a good thing.” Feisha consoled him.

“But because of me, Abbadon tried to steal her spirit but Raphael found out.”

“…..” Was this the real version of a drama? The first episode had clearly been a big reunion, but the audience was dissatisfied by the lack of drama, so from the second episode onwards, the script began to take an unexpected turn.

“In the midst of their tussle, her spirit fell from the Heavens and into a bloody waterfall…”

Feisha had a bad feeling, “And then?”

“It disappeared.”

Feisha finally understood, the words that were scarier than death was ‘it disappeared’.

Following this thought, he couldn’t help but think of Isefel and his heart was heavy once again. Although he was better off than Asmontis and he had hope, but how long would this hope last? They were used to counting days in the thousands and hundred thousands, but he wasn’t, he still liked to count days as a week, a month.

“Do you know why my sin is lust?” Asmontis stared at the sky.

Feisha said, “I don’t know. From what I know, your sin should be murder.”

“Because I loved a human.”

That was to say, Isefel was also guilty of the sin of lust? Feisha was 囧囧 as he thought about it. And then he very painfully dragged the words ‘Isefel’ and ‘lust’ together. Alright, if he thought positive, the more sins Isefel committed, the farther he would be from Heaven. Then their days together would be even more secure… of course, the premise was that Abbadon didn’t come up with the idea for some stupid thing like ‘traveling!

“What travelling?”

Only when he heard Asmontis’s question did he realize that he had actually accidentally said aloud everything he’d been thinking.

“Traveling is… a group fierce people traveling through time and space.”

Asmontis said, “This is forbidden by God.”

“Are there really people who can travel as they please in time and space?” A spark of hope rose in Feisha’s eyes.

“En. Lord Lucifer and Lord Michael can both do it.”

Right, when the dwarf clan’s weapons pierced a hole in the fabric of time and space and warped it, it was these two who resolved it. Feisha excitedly said, “That is to say, if either Lucifer or Michael help me, Isefel can come back?”

Asmontis replied, “But traveling through space and time is forbidden by God.”

That shouldn’t bother the seven demon kings, right? Weren’t their very existence forbidden by God? …It was fine that Asmontis didn’t have the personality of a demon king, after all, this kind of thing happened by chance rather than by choice, but even his opinions were so unlike a demon king, this was really leaving one speechless.

Feisha made a fist, “I must see Lord Lucifer!” He believed that when it came to the concept of one as a demon king, Lord Lucifer would definitely step up!

“Why?” An indifferent voice spoke from behind him.

Feisha gaped and spun around swiftly just in time to see Isefel folding his wings, standing there and looking down at him.

“Isefel!” Feisha rushed into his arms. Isefel silently embraced him. “You’re alright!” Feisha lifted his head, not forgetting to give Asmontis a savage glare. How dare Asmontis try to scare him!

Asmontis looked very injured and bit his lip. Just now, he had clearly said, ‘it’s possible’.

Isefel said, “You want to see Lucifer?”

“En…” To be honest, even if it wasn’t for a favor, he still very much wanted to see this famed king of Hell.

“He’s not here.” Isefel said.

“How do you know?” Feisha asked curiously.

“On the seventh floor, there is a Palace of Morning Stars. If he was here, his brilliance would have radiated from the Palace of Morning Stars and illuminated the entire seventh floor.”



(1) Feisha is referring to a way to draw winning tickets in lottery. All the entries are gathered in a container and the container is shaken until one contestant’s number slip falls out.

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