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SH Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Injury (Part 2)

Can you hide more than these losers? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

I wiped out the feather from Feisha’s pressure and fixed him to the ceiling. Like the bottom of his feet smiling a smile and a smile and a strawberry – but not the same He probably dreamed flying when he was young.

“I have the privilege of the Novem coalition of Noah’s various comparisons,” Jenny remembered the dark shades.

Grace privilege? Did not you look like a medallion?

Faisher Daru recovered that light within seconds, but unfortunately Almedande was still one of the murders for thousands of years of crystallization.

Jesus, this obscene was more scary than a vampire.

“Why should I take care of it?” Almedande’s voice seemed to be Antarctica.

Gina’s face remained nervous, Feisha’s beliefs could see the sweat formed behind the neck. This guy did not help anything, but Feisha kept a defensive position and did not help him. He always looked at the movie hero who did nothing but cry throughout the day. What people will fall into traps and rocks? He thought that this should be considered who wrote the script.

So far. Now he has noticed that there is no impossible situation. Even a scriptwriter just imagines things.

“If you tell me a word, I’ll leave your life,” Almedande said calmly.

Perhaps you might want, but Jin certainly not. Feisha Roofing Dangers Dangerous Hair Black Bright Hair Pain !! “Honesty, I swear that I am innocent. I’m kind. M – My life is very weak, I want your biggest steps, I do not know I’d like to ask you Security First Security One!”

Alighting up the head and the eyes of purple eyes are cold as ice. “What, other people?”

In the Zing Case, the aspect of blessing could lead to two world wars that inspired Lord Cain from his sleep. The result of the war was not as terribly as the rise of the rising price increased …

“Erm” rolled by Feisha, my heart runs on migration. “I have heard that there is really only a deer. Most say that it is mentioned, he does not say that there is another man, do not you understand this, is not it that you are everywhere I will surely give you the If you can call his name for a while, believe me, he gave me, he looked pretty in my eyes, My smile Reliable, my faithful expression -. ”

Almedande raised his hand, soon Feisha the air flows to his chest, then spreading an exciting free free sensation and the marble floor faster and he is closer to him than he was happy I felt.

“… … please help me …” Before he could finish, Feisha, he probably slept in the hands of Gina.

His savior surrendered to him. “Did you go to proximity or word length, I’m for you, is it not the first time when you called?”

“I have struck my confidence,” Feisha was still injured. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Jin likes.

Feisha’s face received a very intimate experience on the marble floor.

“Look, I’ve made it trust you to trust me.” I thrust you to thrust me~♫

In painful pain, Feisha got the power to hit Bird Gin.

… After this short fight, their fears of Almedande fell. Numbers and all security.

Almedande transferred his attention to Gin. “Do you know what it is?”

Layton means it happened before he came to the variety of Noah, and he did not know anything about this problem. Jin was one of the first members of the Noah’s ark. Without a doubt, he knows something about it.

Also, in Noah’s box, but Feisha, is the second closing to being the best to build Jin. With such a simple question, Jin shook his head: “I do not know.”

“I know.

The two phrases can be the same as the 6 6 points and 6 interested, but the meaning was completely reversed. Feisha sent his hand to Jin. He was not the one to whom he spoke.

Leaving a long direction went to the stairs. There he slowly walked slowly with the expression of the ginger hair hanging on her shirt. Feisha stood and was behind Gin. The most important thing was to see gossip and drama, but security was the highest priority. We need some support measures.

The Almedande eye finally flew his little red anger at the Dies and burned the way through the ice. “What?”

Corner of the lip of Deas is recorded. “I do not remember that too many things”

Almedande slide before Daya without thinking again. It was only the sound that Faisha had hidden his face and pulled out the spectrum’s neck. DEA, but crossed his expression from the perspective, leaning his head to the side as a lively doll, holding the key to moving hair.

Almedande deeply bitter. “Do not let yourself fall,” he commanded to comfort.


Feisha could feel the tears of joy. How long was he when he watched TV lately? Who knew that this sweet penalty could see here? Was it a continuous drama?

“You, do you get out to your little beauty, Almedand?” Abaddon is refreshing from the top voice. He is to be with Issefel and Borja, Feisha noticed, I had to lift his head. The Savior is here! He jumped from the position of the back of the gin and the acute Isēfelu with a velocity of sprinted 50 meters. “Head I, your employees have experienced a danger. You’ve got to have! Fight for our rights,” but it was crazy to get Feisha so he’s a stronger support than Jin, Borjas claimed to shoot flying to him.

Isefels, even if he is to catch the trigger feet, leaving her erroneously unbeaten.

Abadons are – to see that “Are you it, his father forgot that he was there in some way?” To scratch the shock, somebody threw his son’s eyes wide This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Sorry, it was a reflection,” he said, Isfelis responded emotionally.


Borja has come back in a few minutes. Abadons are seizing him with wings, crying out, they gave him a blow, “Why are you stupid. I am still as you can win the Isefelu year. I have no face to see other people.”

Borja does not seem to worry about the blow. “Oh why did not you see him fight?

Abadon soon changed his clothes. He said seriously as “Lucifer Horseman was banned to kill one another”.

“Fuck” laughed at Borja.

Father and son duo, but raised the moment Feisha was allowed to all the Issefels netchlotos whisper. Jin also went missing, they left the battlefield of Almedande and Dea. This atmosphere is too isolated! As the intruder, even at the same level as the air, was reduced to carbon dioxide immediately.

A sudden silence from the corridor once again caused collective anxiety. Deer has come to see slowly and slide the face, which is a red silk band glittering Arumedando.

His cheeks were not red. Almedende seems to be able to suppress his anger.

“Please tell me that someone is” Almedande has been repeated again.

“Does this matter?” Deer prayed easily.

“I do not touch …” shipment of shouts appeared in the brightness of the Almedande of students. “But he dares …!” Was the hand that hung on his side, cramped firmly locked, fist became white.

“So in the end, something could come to me before doing that,” said Dee, a joke. “But, you seem to forget, I could be your slave, you have been charged with crimes of the entire light of the day with a built-in throne. Your rights are not. Other in your EU engagement, you even have such rights It’s important to intervene, but you would be king, this is Noah’s box. ”

“…” Alighting the eye of fire is to promote the fist, a bit filled with any of the words that Dea had said, so broke the cycle. After a lot of repetition, he closed his eyes, for a calm hand laughed badly. “You’re right.”

A dear feeling as easy as he refused. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Moving back his eyes back. A new foot has just opened its eyes.

“Oh, you said?” Asked Abbot, a little worried.

“Why not me?” You ask Almedande


According to the Almedande said Dea said to relocate Mr. Almedande him, he returned to the previous half. It stretched out on his little red face, a dark hair root, which had somewhat struck his heart as a calm whip that left the static than the pain.

“So what did you do?” Feisha whispered. Did he refuse? Will he immediately see this problem with himself?

Jin of wrinkles looked bad, it was definitely frustrated the turning point of these events. Perhaps he has fallen most on this subject. Why did he make him sound like a deception? Because he was the one who actually chose it?

A great silhouette appeared from the stairs. “Why do you have you gathered here?” I asked a few people

“Nothing” Feisha left his shoulders. “You know the past, please know the background? The other was a little chat.”

“Oh,” said Asa. “But you did not even see that the king did not find it.


“Did he go away?”

“Wait,” Abadon urgently asked. “Why should he leave?”

“He had a cart,” said Asa.

“Fuck!” Abadon licked the anger. “To steal my fucking carriage again, he is the last time trying to be ill, it’s not good that time, he must pretend depression?” That thing. ”

Deer is turned immediately, exterminated the reinforced so tight gapo.

“… What do you think?” Abadon felt uncomfortable.

“Sir, Abadon asked” FEIS to pretend to be ill “to” and find the intention to dance, “Do you think …?”

“His older brother began a coup d’etat, and from now on he had some wounds,” Abadon began. “It’s just a few fleshy injuries, but he will not leave until he tells him an automobile jacket, because he intends to return, he will be right if he did not choose the best I did not return, I never went anywhere, I found, what he does this awkward peasant.

“Do you think he asks you to bring him?” Feisha marveled.


Translator’s note

Grace privilege? Did not you look like a medallion?

The privilege of Mercy: The power adopts the death penalty to change the way of amnesty and forgiveness. Tl; Dr: Authority and authority, whatever you want in their team. In this case, the authorities should understand Isefels and the team area is Noah’s box. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Medallion: In the 2003 film, there are medals that symbolize great power and immortality. (Here’s detailed information: https: //

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