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SH Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Mediator (Part 1)

It’s not easy to become a nightmare This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

God’s departure also watched the end of this kerfuffle. In any case, they had at least peace and tranquility.

Meanwhile, Borja, Abadon left six debris. Feisha initially took turnips and planned to go to supplement her energy – one after another in fear, because it was a kind of drain, but his attempt to make friends. It was blocked by Jin, who dragged him back to this gastĉambro with a positive attitude and humble smile. Asa followed them by the door, she closed her face.

Feisha opened her mouth behind the closed door. “The truth will happen soon, if its time will be our participation.

Mr Jin said with confidence. “Everyone knows that I’m not blind”

Feisha, when he gets into his fist on glass, burns, ekstreĉiĝis on the windows “Return to your honor, come, I tell you that all some bags of gold are based”

Gin wanted to be finished before unlimited maintenance. “Thank you for reminding me that some people will not be silent.”

It was a break.

“You know,” Feisha was deep, his head burning, “It knew that I came when I first came.


“Therefore, I wrote the will, before I will accurately describe what happened between you and God.


“If I die or I will need three days, I will hand it over to the trustee and prompt them to publish their content.”


Feisha looked at Ginu through his eyes and raised his head. “So, what do you think about how to protect me from evil, if this is an unfortunate accident, this letter is …”

I find the golden buckle that put their eyes on them. “I heard that there was only one person in Noah’s class.


“So where was this most likely trusted person?


“In addition to the Noah’s Ark, we probably do not have television, but we have books, so do not follow the strategies that have already been killed.”


Gin raised his eyebrows. “So, what’s your decision?”

“Of course, I’m going faster and standing up to my friends,” said Feisha. “How can you compare only the currency with our vessel?” If the currency now can not endanger people, can you not help it?

Happy smile “Can I chat now?”

Feisha was bored. “Or, do not we understand correctly?”

After reading, Gin noticed that Feisha was actually given once. Since all Feisha came from him, it seemed that almost all the bad blood and bad plans. “So, how do you think it should be included?

Break “I think it was already wrapped up?” He asked, confused. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Gin was worried about him. “Do you call it” wrapped “?”

Feisha was violently abused. “Of course you are the liar and the prosperity of crops in which the crisis has been resolved, the crisis has been resolved, there is a good time … the invisible prince and the vampire prince happy he was alive. What is the perfect conclusion.” He poured everything into Onkonu and starts from his own To this momentary point in the emotions, from the king of the little king’s devil, the great king’s devil, the great king had a restless fear. Now that his life has finally returned to normal, it would be even better if no further problems were resolved.

“But what about the Honorable and the Allemed?

Feisha spoke right away. “What should I do?” He was defeated gradually. Where is he reborn while these two are guilty of torture?

“Nothing, but it’s something related to me,” Ginn replied. He felt that such a family jacket was indeed a victim, but he saw the departure of Almedande’s trail and Gréd Dea. This tragic back, of course, did not come out when the day helped him with his stick. And when they came out, they moved, and they exploded. What should he do? The more he thought about it, he was the most depressed.

Feisha crossed the bed and leaned around Jin and gently lay at the door.

“I used the bar around the room,” said gin, not a turning point.

Feisha knocked on the stairs and left the holy laugh. “I will not try to escape simply by taking my son. Is the bar in the bar or not?

Gin raised his eyebrows. “You can run around with your head when it goes, it’s inside, if it’s upgraded, it’s out.”

I was curious about my finger at the door – it’s gone.

Jin sits side by side, laughing and ridiculing. Feisha pretends that he did not see, closed his door behind, I went to the bathroom. Then he put the only seat and disappeared, bending down. Mental and physical tiredness that he was ignored in the past, captures the conscience as evil, immediately go to bed.

In the dream he went back to the office, the remaining discus ball, had hit the lights, such as the table and chairs.

The fuse enters the door with a fax bottle. “Why can you do this?” He is brave

“As the Buddhists fully asked

Hughes destroyed the file and grabbed the clothes. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.


Feisha could not move her eyes down. Six luggage pieces are covered by the eyes, leaving the top layer intact. When he shouted, Isfel’s unique magnetic voice said in his ears: “How did you look?” What a shade of a great deal.

Upon raising a full red eye, Feisha began Hughes heading for Isfel. His black students seemed to be widespread and seemed to be a big battery that threatened to embed a body and soul.

Was it a terrible movie?

His mind was erased with this idea. Even apocalypse and the purchase of ancient colonies were not terrible. Feisha desperately blows Issefle.

From the memory, the office consisted only of the corridor, leading one to the railway side, the other half went to the lobby, and a small man on the other side created a water source. But, retreating, the road was far off and replaced the huge ocean. He takes one step and cries without time.

The water soon reached his head, making it difficult to breathe.

“Wow …” His nose was completely blocked, and suddenly he woke up, becoming absorbed into Rina’s face smile. Slender finger knit her nose.

Feisha hid her mouth from her mouth.

Go on her hands. “Enter the toilet?”

Feisha nodded.

“Do not pull your pants?” Do not pull the toilet?

“I have constipation,” the fisherman answered softly. “Before I work, I have to go into this area.

It hid in the dark. “I have heard that people tend to lose control of the intestinal muscles, but they can not help when they are badly affected.

Feisha unexpectedly resigned. “Ell, I wanted to eat cake”

Jin held her hand and shook it. “My throat can help to eat stitches.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.


Feisha stood and knocked on Gin’s shoulder and said: “I think you said something about the alarm,” and we’re all shining here, you told me something you should not hesitate. Become an obligatory companion.

Gin pulls her hand and straightened up to this point. “Can you accept Demyal allergy?

Fuck He said he was not already a prosecutor, and he did not mention anything about dating. Why did everything ask him for help from such a shot? Feisha saw her innocently. “I’m alone, do you know?

He nodded with understanding. “Do not worry: when you solve the problem, I’ll find you.”

Feishas’s eyes are burned. “How good is it?”

“Sincerity and kindness” Vilta was good, they will be fine. Just as good they will be graceful.

“How about the body?”

“It looks like Asa.”


Before isolating Feish’s manifestation research, this can be a kind of curiosity and nonsense in his hands.

Feisha turned his head heavily. “Will you look like Layton?”

Jin praised.

“… a little, but I do not want to throw it at least.”

Liddus “Is not that good? If you can not remove the cake from the bottom, you can always drive it from the top.


Feisha pushed the necessary lid and emptied his belly. Gin summons him in a crush and hand over a piece of toilet paper to him.

Feisha took the paper and laughed a few times and said it was weak. “Only by playing the Dea and Almedante co-ordinator, he seems to be unable to escape it, maybe he will accept his fate.

It sacrificed kindness.

“So, first of all, we need to resolve the Worries of concern.”

“I understand that Man with Allemeda is not completely wrong,” said Gin. “If he were really indifferent, I would not be successful if I heard that Almedane was hurt.”

“I definitely wanted to reduce it to Feisha that he had to first solve the problem of lethal relationships with you”

“Unhappy?” Jin screamed. “Is it possible that our beautiful past is” sorry “in the text?

“I’m already right, the first word was kept a sinful thing.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.


At that time, given that Dea was influenced, Gin is considered technically utilized by him. From the lips the culprit a little trembles. “Do you suggest doing it for us?”

“First of all, we need a discount.”

“We do not have a goat box in Noah.”

“… it’s just a story, but” was outraged by. Who is the person who died and is about “around?

I wonder why they died?

“Because the deceased can not speak, the dead is the best. Those who will be launched because your body speaks to grow. We are about what to blame for them, nothing can be denied, he is” Feisha is arched, then suspended. Maybe he spoke too fast. “Of course, they are also coming for you, it’s nothing. Are you the most alive people still afraid, not lying in a coffin?”

“I am a noble and majestic member of the clan; maybe I am the most noble,” Jin exclaimed. “Wait, you have that I was only compared to a corpse?”

“So long as you do not ask them to be dead already? It’s just to kill those who can dare to be compared to you,” Feisha smiled at the smile.

Jin has a moment to think about it, finally nodded with satisfaction. “I see my argument. Oh yes, I agree with your conditions, know about two people. One of them is AOBI when he left the ark of Noah, apparently he is a wolf that was killed in a tropiremado.”


Any way. Feisha praised the ultimate silly luxury that he had come.

“And there is a dwarf from Nani. I think that while he is visiting Taitanian, he will drown a bus.”

Feisha was sold for his finger. “He is a man.”
Note Translator

“El, I wanted to eat a cake.” […] “My fist can help you eat food.
OG: .. “. 呃, we should have been based on Shi’s great nr” “We are particularly ferocious 头 也 很大 No,” “E, wǒyàoshàngdesheìdàhào.” “Wǒdequántóuyěhěndàhào” (“El, I’m going to make a cake”, “My fist is also written very big”). The unofficial number of Chinese (1) and (2), (urinating and pooping) is a small problem xiǎoHAO (illumination small size), and large No DA Hao (large size burns).

“First of all, we need a ship.” “We do not have a goat box in Noah.”
OG: “Jiang 东 是 Who”. “Shǒuxiān, wǒmenyāundryahuòjiāngdōng” “Jiāngdōngshìshéi” (“First, we need to place Culme on [Jiang Don] ??”. We 們 要 daughter-in-law 祸 祸 East Neck destination “, “what is [Jiang Don]?” lit) [Koto] Jiang 东 嘉 Hao Jandon’s daughter-in-law 祸 relates to a dudeo to some of the ancient Chinese army who was created? I think. I do not know much about ancient Chinese history. Since there is no reason a dog heard before it was confused by that name.This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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