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Translated by Ellabells of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the dark and quiet and, Feisha took a nap on the bed. When he woke up, it was already eight o’clock in the evening.

Looking outside, everything was dark and calm.
[T/N: 风平浪静 is literally “smooth winds, quiet waves”, a metaphor for calm]

He sat up and slowly woke up, the thrilling scenes from earlier were turned over in his head. He suddenly felt some belated fear. If Gin hadn’t helped him block that strike in time, maybe he would have been split in half and said GOODBYE to the world!
[T/N: GOODBYE was typed in caps in English in the original text]

Speaking of these colleagues on Noah’s Arc, those with strange appearances were strange, those with weird eccentricities were weird, but in key moments they were still very reliable.

He huddled in the quilt and his thoughts were everywhere, and the more he thought about it, the more chilled he felt. He couldn’t help but jump out of bed and run to ring the doorbell next door.

Back when they were picking rooms, he had already set his target. Whichever room Isefel picked, he would pick the one next door. For this reason, in the process of picking, he also knocked Layton to the side. Now that he thought about it… it really was good foresight! Who’s fault was it that made him feel scared while napping, only thinking about Shacha sauce, Shacha sauce?

The door opened, but he didn’t see anyone.

Feisha stood at the door and softly called, “Isefel?”


With permission, Feisha quickly entered the room and closed the door.

Walking past the entrance hall, he saw Isefel seated in an armchair. Several gems of different colors were placed side by side on the coffee table, bursting with their own light. Amidst their lights, Noah’s Arc’s lobby, restaurant, bar…each location was shown clearly.

Feisha could even clearly see the hairs on the heads of the werewolves and Titans walking back and forth in these scenes.

“An all-round monitor,” he sighed and sat down across from Isefel.

Isefel supported it with one hand and only occasionally glanced at the lights, most of the time still focused on the book on his knee.

“Oh. I want to ask, when will the trap that Gin talked about appear?” Feisha only sat for a while, but he already felt restless.

“What trap?” Isefel looked up at him.

Feisha said, “Didn’t Gin say that Noah’s Arc is not as fun as they think? Doesn’t that mean there are traps here?”

Isefel said, “It’s not a trap.”

“Then what is it?”

Isefel thought for a moment, “Mechanism.”

Feisha was depressed. He was a vulgar and superficial person, okay? Couldn’t he tell him the difference between the essence of a trap and a mechanism?

“Then, when will the mechanism be activated?”

“Do not know.”

“…” Feisha huddled on the sofa, his stomach rumbled at a timely moment.

Isefel frowned at him.

Feisha explained, “Although Layton brought food, I am afraid they might be poisoned.”

“No poison.”

Feisha didn’t say anything and ran to his room. After a bit, he came back gnawing on the whole wheat bread. With a few mouthfuls of food, he regained a lot of energy, sat back down on the sofa with great interest, and looked right and left at the lights, “Where is the mechanism?”

This was like watching a soccer game. One must know where the goal was in order to hope for the athlete to go in the right direction and which side to kick the ball to.


“Room?” Feisha hesitated, “Which room?”

Isefel’s back suddenly straightened. Feisha immediately sat up straight.

The werewolves and the Titans in the light began to head upstairs.

“Oh, their numbers seem to have decreased.”

Isefel replied, “The injured ones have already moved into rooms.”

Feisha’s eyes brightened, “Ah, can we see them encountering the mechanisms in the rooms?”

“It has not been activated yet.”

Feisha saw them scattering into different rooms on different floors and couldn’t help but worry, “Ah, they are too scattered. Can the mechanisms of each room be launched at the same time? If they detect something and run out, it will be problematic.”

Isefel was not worried at all, “Yes.”

Listening to his words, Feisha also began to flex his muscles and waited for a good show.

Just in that tense moment, the doorbell rang again.

Feisha just got ready to get up and open the door but saw Gin and Antonio had already come in.

Gin saw Feisha staring at him, he couldn’t help but feel wronged, “Please, this is not some beautiful romance movie, only allowing in couples. And even if only couples are allowed here, you can pretend that I am a pair with Antonio.”

Antonio side-eyed him. “Go away, don’t put me with you.”

Gin was dissatisfied, “What’s wrong with being with me? I’m a proud member of the blood clan…”

“Frivolous.” Antonio cut off all his words with one word.

Gin shouted, “Where am I frivolous? You don’t even know how focused on Hughes I am.”

“Right, right, not frivolous, it’s promiscuous!” Shamal also suddenly walked in, followed by Layton.

Feisha hatefully jabbed the back of the sofa.

Gin and Shamal were still butting at each other when Isefel stood up. “It’s time.”

Gin turned his head, “Which floor?”

“Seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven.”

Gin smiled and said, “That’s rather concentrated, this makes it convenient to solve.”

Feisha also stood up in a dignified manner, “Before you act, can you explain the plan first? Let us also share the joy of victory.”

Gin said, “Noah’s Arc does not have a physical form. Simply put, it is just a bunch of energy from God. So, in theory and in action, it can be arbitrarily changed.”

Feisha said, “The problem is, whether in theory or in action, I can hear it but not understand it.”

Isefel said, “I can take out the floors where they are and insert it onto any floor of Noah’s Arc.”

In Feisha’s mind, he quickly used the building blocks to imagine the scene of a floor being taken out and then reinserted onto another floor.

Shamal said, “What is the use of inserting the floor here and there? Can’t they just walk down?”

“Wrong.” Feisha had already understood the meaning behind the words and explained, “Noah’s Arc’s floors are infinite, that is to say, as long as they are placed at hundreds of millions of floors, they will starve to death before they get down. ”

Shamal and Layton looked at each other and raised their thumbs, “Cruel, it’s really cruel.”

Isefel waited for them to finish talking and finally started.

The images in the gemstones gradually blurred, and then the beams mixed together. In the middle of the light, there was a building that was extremely majestic and exquisite, but the top could not be seen.

Feisha whispered, “Where is this?”

Gin also spoke in a whisper, “Noah’s Arc in the eyes of Isefel.”

Feisha was tongue tied. He heard that the appearance of Noah’s Arc was based on everyone’s imagination. He didn’t expect Isefel’s imagination to be so rich.

Gin seemed to know his thoughts and whispered again, “This should be a building in heaven.”

Feisha exclaimed, “Human architects should really go and tour around.”

Shamal also joined into the conversation, whispering, “They have gone, it’s just that they bought a one-way ticket.”

Just as they were talking, Isefel’s right hand moved.

The five floors slowly moved outward following his gesture until they came all the way out. In the light, the twelfth and above floors were all suspended mid air.

Isefel lowered his left hand gently and the twelfth floor dropped down and was connected to the fifth floor.

The others held their breath and watched how he handled the floors in his hand.

Isefel pushed up with his right hand.

The five floors flew upwards at the speed of light and they disappeared instantly.

Feisha said, “Ah, where did it go?”

“Hundreds of millions of floors above, wasn’t it?” Isefel lightly said.

Feisha sighed.

Shamal said, “Hey. They are all insurgents of The Liberation Resistance. Don’t feel sorry for them. It’s just that we don’t know if the werewolf tribe…” He took a look at Antonio’s expression and swallowed back the following words.

Feisha shook his head, “I just feel that it’s a pity I can’t see them waking up and panicking.”

“…” Shamal felt ashamed of his miscalculation of the capacity for darkness in other people’s hearts.
[T/N: the original text is “性中” which means sexuality, but sounds similar to 心中 “within the heart”. So the line could also be translated to “miscalculation of the capacity for darkness in other people’s kinks”. Choose your prefered line LOL]

The strong enemy had retired so everyone slowly went back one by one.

Shamal and Antonio were both eager to get in touch with the werewolves, so they left the fastest.

Asa was deep asleep, so he was left alone to continue being two hundred and five… Oh no, it’s two hundred and five minus five.
[T/N: again, 二百五 or 205 is Chinese for idiot, disappointing and/or half-hearted lol. I realize that I typoed Ch62 and wrote 250 and that has been fixed]

In order to walk alone with Isefel, Feisha deliberately loitered around the room, needing to go to the bathroom in one moment, and then needing to finish eating the bread in another.

Gin knew his thoughts and was very supportive in bringing Layton away with him. When he left, he gave Feisha a look that said he definitely had to remember to repay this favor.

“Let’s also go?” After he estimated that everyone was pretty much gone, Feisha moved in front of Isefel and smiled.

Isefel glanced at the half eaten bread in his hand, “Not eating anymore?”

“Mn, I am full.” Considering that Hughes was not there, no one would be cleaning the room. So he obediently kept the bread in his hand and prepared to take it below to throw away.

Isefel closed the book and got up to leave.

Feisha pointed at the gems on the table, “You don’t need those anymore?”

“Yeah. They’re useless.”

Feisha looked down carefully. The gems more or less all had cracks now, the color was also not as clear as before. “Can you give them to me?”

Although they were cracked, they were still gems. A starving camel was bigger than a horse; gems were still worth more than stones.

“Mn.” Isefel’s voice was getting farther away.

Feisha stuffed the gems into his pocket and rushed over.

According to logic, it should be much easier to go down than to go up. However, Feisha lost the moral support from holding hands and soon became physically exhausted and panted as if he was an asthmatic. In order to accommodate him, Isefel walked slower and slower. In the end, it was almost at the speed of a turtle’s crawl.

Feisha dropped down to the floor and wiped the sweat on his face. He drooped his head and said, “No can do. Can’t walk anymore.”

Isefel stopped walking and looked down at him.

Feisha raised his head and said, “Then, you go first?”

Although he said so, the look in his eyes clearly meant: If you really go, you have no ethics!

Isefel slowly reached out his hand.

Feisha also dazedly reached out his hand.

Isefel flipped his palm, held his hand in his and led him down.

After Feisha was dragged by him for a few steps, he realized that the scene of going upstairs had reappeared!

He looked at Isefel’s back with ecstasy, a sweet feeling wildly growing in his heart.


After an unknown period of time, Isefel suddenly stopped and came up with such a sentence.

“Ah?” Feisha blinked and looked at him, confused.

“Your room.” Isefel let go of his hand.

“My room… so fast.” Feisha coughed and put his hand behind his back. This time he definitely wouldn’t wash that hand while bathing. “Oh, I meant that there wasn’t anything scary about going two-hundred something floors. Then, I’m going to sleep first. Good night.”


Good night should be replied with good night, right?

Feisha opened his door with a belly full of dissatisfaction.

A huge black shadow stood behind the door, and as the door gap became bigger, it gradually exposed the mountainous body.

Feisha was shocked and suddenly felt his waist roughly grabbed and yanked to the left.

Even though he moved away fast, he still felt a very cold wind from the blade passing by and a few hairs dropped past his face.

Without waiting for the shadow to move again, an incandescent light swept over his shoulder and shot directly into the doorway.

Then there was a scream and the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

Feisha’s heart beat fiercely, his mind having not yet regained thought process from the sudden shock.

“It’s over.” There was a voice softly comforting him from behind.

Feisha turned around and tackled into his chest and cried out, “Scared me to death.”

The body being hugged was somewhat stiff.

A long time later.

“It’s okay.” The comforting words reappeared.

“But I am scared.”

“…it was an hour and a half ago.”

Feisha still kept his head buried in Isefel’s chest and refused to come out. “But my legs have gone soft.”

This kind of rare opportunity to take some advantages, anyone who didn’t use it was a fool.


“Also, if there is one who wasn’t caught, there might be another that wasn’t caught.” Feisha finally raised his head, both eyes filled with tears, and said in an incomprehensible voice, “I am super fragile.”


That night, the helpless fallen angel could only agree to let that shameless octopus who refused to come down from his body camp out in his room.

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