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Translated by EllaBells of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although they were not on the same bed sheets, it was still better to be under the same roof. Feisha felt very sleepy and when he thought that Isefel was within easy reach, he felt steady enough to sleep. It stayed steady until the sun was high up in the sky. When Shamal came to report about the werewolves, he still refused to get up from the bed.

“I only have one question.” Due to the previous accomplishment of packaging Feisha to give to Isefel, Shamal remained fairly calm when he saw this scene. “Did he just scram down this morning, or has he been here all night?”

Isefel hadn’t answered yet when Feisha poked his head out of the covers and glared at him. “You scram, your whole family scram!”

Shamal spoke in a very understanding and low voice, “Not in a good mood, seems like you didn’t scram.”

Isefel interrupted his contemplation, “Werewolf tribe?”

Shamal’s expression turned serious, “We already contacted the werewolves, the Eastern Tribe’s Elder Prak is confirmed to be rebelling and on the run. He is currently being hunted by the other werewolves.”

“Wow. Became an elder and still going to rebel, does he want to be the Patriarch instead? That’s just too greedy.” Feisha sat up but stayed completely wrapped in a quilt, as if he was a caterpillar inside its cocoon, only revealing his head to join the meeting.

Shamal sighed, “Recently, the situation with the werewolves has become worse and worse. The price of meat in the realm kept rising again and again because the best meat was sent to the dwarves and Hell to exchange for goods. Elder Prak joined the Liberation Resistance to change the current situation and seek benefits for more werewolves. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong method.”

“Compassion for the enemy is a sign of rebellion, you have to be careful,” Feisha reminded coolly.

Shamal said coldly, “My brother is the Fairy King. Do you think I need to rebel?”

“This is hard to say. Please refer to your second brother — Locktini.”

Shamal was stunned and spoke after a long time, “Second Royal Brother was a special case.”

Feisha urged, full of bad intentions, “You can also be a special case. I’ll be ample backing for you.”

Shamal side eyed him. “Other than your thick face, where else are you ample?”

Feisha replied completely serious, “Amply loyal.”

[T/N: for “ample backing” the original Chinese text is “后盾” which just means “backup/support” but “后” is homonym to “厚” which is “thick”, which Shamal punned. In Feisha’s reply he used “忠厚” which changed the meaning to “deeply loyal”. Hopefully the English alternative was acceptable lol]

Shamal, “…”

Isefel waited for them to both run out of words before he said, “Does Antonio know?”

“He knows, he’s the first one I told.” Shamal paused before he elaborated, “After all, this is his family’s business. It’s better that he knows earlier.”

Feisha was curious again, “How is it his family’s business?”

Shamal said, “Don’t you know that Antonio was the previous Werewolf Patriarch?”

“Nobody ever told me…” He pursed his mouth and shrugged, “Do I need to apologize for that?”

Shamal proudly said, “Antonio was the last co-patriarch of the werewolf tribe. Now the patriarchs of the werewolves alternate between the Eastern Patriarch and the Western Patriarch.”

“Is Antonio also your brother? Otherwise what are you being so proud of?” Feisha deliberately poked at him.

Shamal responded immediately, “Don’t you feel that you’re honored, working with such an exceptional colleague?”

Feisha spoke very emotionally, “His background has nothing to do with me. I only recognize his cooking skills.” Since the werewolf tribe was in a recession, there were probably no advantages to be had. It doesn’t matter if he got close to them or not.

Shamal looked at him sadly, as if it was the first time he truly recognized this person.

“What was his decision?” Isefel’s voice regained his attention.

Shamal thought for a bit and realized that he was asking about Antonio’s decision. “He didn’t say anything.”

Feisha made a guess, “Say, do you think that he will leave in the middle of the night without saying anything, just leaving behind a bloody will?” Often, people who never said anything were the ones with the most unexpected actions.

Shamal said, “This will only put the werewolf tribe in a more unfavorable situation.” As a representative of the werewolf tribe in Noah’s Arc, the consequences of not reporting before leaving was very serious.

Feisha said, “Speaking of, you just said that he was the last co-patriarch of the werewolves. It sounds like it was a position above countless people. So why did he come here to be a chef?”

Shamal said, “Do you know how the sparrow died?”

Feisha quickly answered, “It was annoyed to death by me.”

“At least you have a bit self-awareness,” Shamal was pleased.

Feisha looked up at the ceiling and drew circles on the sheets with one hand. “Unfortunately, some people have no self-awareness at all.”

Shamal frowned, “What do you mean?”

“It means that…” Gin walked in leisurely from the door, “someone finds some people as annoying light bulbs.”

Feisha glared at him, “Do you think that energy-saving light bulbs are not light bulbs?”

Really, one had not left yet and another one arrived.

[T/N: “电灯泡” electric light bulbs is slang for third wheel, Feisha’s saying that even self-aware third wheels are still third wheels]

Gin said, “I’m not doing anything, just woke up and felt a little pain in my back. So I walked around to alleviate some of the pain. Why does my back hurt so much, anyways? So weird.”

Shamal followed up, “Could it be that for saving some heartless person, you accidentally endured a stab?”

Gin said, “Oh, now that you mentioned it, I think it seems likely…”

“Are you very idle?” Isefel asked.

Gin sighed, “Doesn’t someone think that they are putting romance before friendship?”

Feisha heard his words and froze, then his eyes lit up, and then the entire face that was resting on the bed also brightened.

Isefel looked at Gin coldly.

Shamal stood by Gin’s side and was hit by the crossfire. He didn’t last a minute before he declared his surrender and abandoned Gin and walked away alone.

After all, Gin had cooperated many times with Feisha, and although his skills in being shameless had not reached its peak, it was still easy to deal with this scene. He smiled and chose a sofa to sit on, completely ignoring the cold and raging eyes of Isefel and Feisha.

Feisha spoke quietly, “I wonder what Hughes is doing right now.”

Gin’s smile was stiff.

Feisha said, “I don’t know if he’s with Lanka?”

Gin withdrew his smile.

“People are actually very impulsive. Otherwise there will not be situations of runaway brides, or situations of stealing someone’s marriage scene.” His expression suddenly became a bit strange, as if he thought of something very troublesome.

“If you want me to go out, you can just say it straight.” Gin’s voice squeezed out between his teeth.

Feisha did not respond.

Gin turned his head and looked at Isefel, confused, “What’s wrong with him?”

Isefel raised an eyebrow. “You pay.”

“…” Gin ran a hand over his hair and threw a look at him. “Can’t we all just get along?”

Isefel reached out a hand and lightning flashed within in his palm.

Gin leaned back and huffed, “Cheater. You’re only allowing yourself to play around, only letting others get played.”

Isefel silently expressed that of course, this was how it should be.

“There is something, I don’t know if I should say it,” Feisha looked at Gin and spoke slowly.

Gin said, “If it’s a good thing, just say it.”


“If it’s an average thing, then pick something to say.”


“If it’s a bad thing, don’t say it if possible.”

Feisha said slowly, “I don’t know if it’s a bad thing, it’s just my guess, but it’s related to Hughes.”

Gin ducked next to him and asked with a lowered head, “What guess?”

Feisha rubbed his chin and said, “Don’t you think that it’s very coincidental that Lanka and Hughes had just stepped out before the Liberation Resistance stepped in?”

Gin’s expression froze.

Isefel took a moment and added, “Genesis is very complicated, the Liberation Resistance is very active there.”

Gin felt a little unsteady on his feet.

“Of course, this is just a guess for me. It may be a coincidence.” Feisha was afraid that he made an impulsive mistake and hurriedly turned around.

But Gin was completely immersed in the uneasiness of his imagination at this time, there was no way he heard anything else. “I want to take my annual leave!” He looked at Isefel, his expression was very serious and determined.

Isefel didn’t think before he answered, “Okay.”

Gin turned and left.

Feisha asked curiously. “He doesn’t have a pass for Genesis, right? Can he go?” He recalled his bitter experience of illegally entering the Fairy Realm.

Isefel was indifferent, “Does that have anything to do with me?”

“Oh, I was just curious.”

Hughes and Gin were gone, Antonio was quiet, and Shamal chased Antonio every day, willingly acting as a porter. Layton was still boring with his inventions and Asa slept all day, ate some food, and then went back to sleep.

Once a month, the werewolf group came quietly and left quietly. Noah’s Arc was calm for a period.

But even if the days were like this, Feisha still felt very dissatisfied.

His dissatisfaction was mainly because of Isefel.

Although it could be said that under the duress of many shameless acts of tricks and stalking, Isefel finally closed an eye to him and accepted his behavior of breaking onto his floor every day, the relationship between the two was still only of close friends cohabitating. There was still a long way before intimacy.

The most common thing they did together was reading, with one side speaking. It was actually just Isefel reading the history accounts to him. But it was pure reading, without any ups and downs or annotations. Although Isefel’s voice was very nice, he looked very good, but… just listening and looking couldn’t fill anyone up.

After another lecture, he went downstairs to breathe just in time to see Layton hurry past.

“Where are you going?”

“There is a guest,” Layton stopped and looked back at him, “Would you like to go together?”

“Not going.” Feisha slouched against the banister. After Gin left, he became a veteran employee. Anyways, Shamal came later than him, so he didn’t have the qualifications to manage him. Isefel and Antonio would not manage him. As for Layton and Asa… they were completely negligible.

Layton hurried down again.

After the footsteps disappeared completely, Feisha suddenly remembered that the werewolves had just left and would not come back in the next few days. Which meant that it was probably not a frequent visitor today. The feeling of grieving over certain sentiments suddenly disappeared. He draped himself over the banister and eagerly looked down to the lobby, waiting for the guest to appear.

After about twenty minutes, a figure appeared as expected.

Feisha looked for a long time and finally recognized who the figure was, his pupils dilated.

At the same time as he felt shocked, the figure seemed to feel his gaze and slowly looked up.

Four eyes met, Feisha immediately wore a smile and waved. “Welcome!”

The other party quickly looked away, pretending as if they did not see each other, and walked up the stairs.

Feisha put his hand down and spoke to himself, “What is that person doing here?”

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