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Main Story Part 14

After I finish that sentence, my body is pulled by Ye CanSheng. His black eyes look at me with what I believe is flickers of excitement. He’s exerting immense strength from his hands as he pinches my shoulders and asks, “Is what you’re saying true?”

I nod my head and laugh evilly, “Yes, the period of validity of this sentence for Ye CanSheng is a lifetime.”

I feel the Chou XiaoZi in front of me breathe in deeply, he then pushes me down onto the couch in one go. The chain on my foot keeps on rattling as I pull at it. The scars from last night’s struggle causes a familiar stabbing pain to shoot through.

Like a wild beast, he holds down my two shoulders, pushes me deeply into the couch and then bites down on my lips with his canines. With the most primitive predatory love, he’s so wild. There’s no sign of any self restraint.


He dominantly pries open my mouth, ignores the collision between our teeth and only focuses on continually exploring deeper into my mouth. This already can’t be labelled as a kiss. One can only say that this is his way of expressing his love for someone.

With hurt, predation, and tyranny…

The buttons on the shirt pop off and roll to the floor. CanSheng’s two hands are propped up on either side of my head. He slightly licks at the fresh blood on the corner of his lips. It’s my blood, blood from him biting me.

He says, “YunSheng, YunSheng, I want you.”

I smile and copy him by licking the wounds on the corner of my lips. My hand touches his eyes full of excitement and say, “In the future, it’ll be me who’ll love you.”


It’s probably because he’s never experienced the feeling of having someone else express their true love for him before, he was so excited that time and bit me all over. He then called my name over and over again and I too, replied him every time. I left bite mark after bite mark on his body that’s already full of scars.

We’re just like two madman. From biting each other on the couch, to then rolling onto the floor, to then being pushed by him onto the coffee table…

I look at the fresh blood between my legs that’s flowing from the top of my thighs to my ankles and then slowly dripping into the chain.

He holds my two legs and props them onto his shoulders, beads of sweat fall from his black hair onto my face. His face full of lust almost makes me forget the torn pain of my lower half. I really like him. No, I actually really love him.

I love his obsession towards love. I’m afraid of being abandoned and CanSheng will be the person who will never do that.

The chain on my foot constantly rattles as CanSheng’s movements never cease to stop. At this point in time, I don’t dislike it that much…

The person on top of me roars out before he finally stops his movements. But, he still stubbornly stays inside my body.

I lift my eyes and see Ye CanSheng’s moist eyes. It looks like…he’s crying. But that one drop of water just stubbornly wanders around inside his eyes full of craziness and won’t come out no matter what.

I extend my thumb and gently scrape against the bottom corner of his eye, and that teardrop finally falls out. It’s a complete droplet, not a broken one, and it directly falls into my eye. I blink my eyes uncontrollably and his tear falls out from my eye…

“You Chou XiaoZi, why are you crying?” I ask.

He puts my numb and sore legs down and gently hugs me, “I cried because of you.”

“What kind of reason is that?” I hug him back and quietly laugh at him.

“Because you’re the first person to cry for me, YunSheng.”

I close my eyes, a tear falls out from one eye, “You really are very easy to court…”

He nibbles on my ear, “Ye CanSheng can only be courted by Fang YunSheng.”

“What a fool…”

“YunSheng, I really want to lock you away.”

I bite onto his ear in one go and purposely rattle the chain on my foot so he could hear the sound and retort, “Chou XiaoZi, you’ve already done that.”

“Then I’ll imprison you!”

“Isn’t that what’s happening now?”

CanSheng shakes his head childishly in my embrace and says, “What I’m saying is to tie you on the bed.”

I blush and get in position to kick him but he catches my foot. I then feel that the thing buried inside my body becomes hard again.

“I don’t want it!”

My complexion instantly pales. I look at CanSheng and see him demonically kiss the ankle he just caught and my body is once again pressed down by him…

Perhaps when I met him for the first time in that dirty, small alley, the reason I brought him back home was because I was attracted to his eyes that although were clearly like that of a beast. Yet, also carried naiveness.

Perhaps it was because I saw the same kind of madness and loneliness in him, and then got the feelings I wanted to receive from him: The need to be dominated. The need to be crazily loved.

After he finishes doing it, I can’t even lift a finger. CanSheng, who’s lust has just been fulfilled, hugs me as he sits in the bathroom and helps me take a shower. He touches the scars on my body in a loving way, yet he doesn’t say sorry.

My body is pitiful.

There are bite marks of different colors as well as bruises of different severeness caused by CanSheng’s forceful sucking. The bluish purple colours are very ugly, but CanSheng says it’s very beautiful…

The ripping in my lower half is still very severe. It’s pretty much never healed completely. I almost can’t walk nowadays. After the medicine is applied and I lie on the bed. CanSheng unties my foot chain and lovingly touches the scrapes left behind.

He frowns.

I sit up, pull him up onto the bed and hug that sorrowful head of his and say, “It’s okay. I know in your eyes, violence equals love.”

I gently peck the corner of his lips and continue, “I know you’re doing all of this because you love me.”

“YunSheng, you’re my sun.”

That day I decided to be Ye CanSheng’s sun. But later, my step father destroyed the promise I made to Ye CanSheng. He destroyed me, and at the same time, destroyed Ye CanSheng.

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July 23, 2017 3:40 am

Ohhh my, this chapter is horribly sweet and I expect even crazier thing yet to come when delusioned step father will find him again…. Please stay strong! 😢

July 23, 2017 5:09 am

Thanks so much for the hard work. I always look forward to your translations

aida hanabi
aida hanabi
July 23, 2017 2:28 pm

Huhu.. Still need to wait… Still need to struggle… With this melodramas… Ughhh
Calm down Aida. Calm down… Yesss calm down ur heart Aida… U need to be strong to read this story until end… Huhh… 😲😫😨😵😭😌🙇

July 25, 2017 5:54 pm

Oh my god… that bad premonition creeping up… I love it! Oh my god i’m really hooked on this story 😢 their relationship is really one of kind. They broke each other and fixed each other.. that last line though…

Thanks for the chapted~ You guys update so fast its amazing!

Blood A
Blood A
April 28, 2018 7:30 pm

Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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