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Main Story Part 15

Note: Previously, in Chapters 5 and 6, the businessman mentioned is ShangFan. Changes have been made to the previous chapters. This is just to avoid confusion for old readers. The businessman and ShangFan are the same person.

In Kowloon, Hong Kong, ShangFan is standing in front of the french window. The knuckles on the hand that’s holding the phone gradually become paler.

Rigid eyebrows point upwards, yet it can’t hide his discontent, “What?! He hasn’t been to the school for three days?”

The voice in the phone replies, “Yes. A few days ago he sent a message saying that he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to rest.”

“And then…”

ShangFan’s fingers press on the shiny and clean glass as he waits for the reply from the other end of the phone.

“And then no one picked up when I called him. I thought it was a bit strange so I’m reporting it to you.”

ShangFan’s eyebrow flinches and says “oh” in a deep voice.

He then says, “Did you notice anything strange on the last day he left the school?”

There was a pause on the other end. The tone is clearly a bit nervous, “Yes, I think there was. He was carried out by that XiaoZi…”

“Which XiaoZi?”

“The one I previously mentioned to you…”

ShangFan leaves the french window and slowly walks towards the picture frame next to the television before stopping, “You said, he was carried out…”

“This, I didn’t see clearly, so…”

ShangFan picks up the photo and frowns, “What do you mean you didn’t see clearly!”

“Because, when he came out he was wrapped up in bed sheets…,” the voice on the other end of the phone is trembling.

“This kind of thing happens and you only tell me now. It seems like you’ve been living too much of a good life and you’ve forgotten what you’re supposed to remember ah.”

“Your subordinate was just foolish for one moment. It’s because I received a message from him saying that he wasn’t feeling well, so I… never thought he wouldn’t come to school for the past few days.”

ShangFan’s fingertips are still on the person inside the photo, “So who is that mentally ill XiaoZi?”

“Your subordinate hasn’t been able to search for his identity.”

“Useless!” ShangFan then hangs up.

He picks up the photo and the man’s face becomes more tender, “XiaoFu[1], you’ve already escaped from my grasp once. I definitely won’t let you escape again.”

ShangFan gently places the photo back in its original place and lights a cigarette. He rarely smokes. In most situations, he would only think of smoking when he thinks about the person in the photo…

Even though that person has always objected to the idea of him smoking…

ShangFan once again makes his way to the front of the window. His smile can’t be considered to be kind.

“Carried out of the school wrapped in bed sheets. Did you have a fight with that mentally ill patient ne…?”

The man gently taps his cigarette and continues, “Or was it because you couldn’t stand up from all the love making…?”

At the beginning when he drugged Fang YunSheng and raped him, he used a particularly rough way to purposely hurt him. One reason for hurting him was because he wanted the other person to fear relationships with men. It would’ve been best if he also began to fear all men in general…

Now that he thinks about it, the results don’t seem to be very satisfactory.

He has too many personal things to do here in Hong Kong. Back then he had no choice but to come back and resolve the issues, and he hadn’t wanted to bring Fang YunSheng here.

He has to make sure that everything he does is flawless and remains undercover. He would take action once everything is under his control. This is his style of doing things, because often, just one mistake will result in failure…

ShangFan takes a drag on the cigarette in his hands and feels the smoke slowly permeating from his nasal cavity into his lungs before spreading to the rest of his body.

Both his body and mind become relaxed…

Tobacco is sometimes a good thing.

He thinks back to that night, the night when he forcefully took Fang YunSheng.

Even now, he still remembers how that pair of eyes, that look extremely like those of that person, looked at him in fear. However, his body couldn’t move at all. That kind of expression that was trying to pretend to look calm and yet was clearly so alarmed it looks like it’s going to cry, really is infatuating…

When he entered, the other’s disbelief, pain, trembles and alarmed cries were all his to enjoy.

That exquisite face could only be described as miserable by the time late midnight came around. Saliva dripping out from the corner of his lips that are too tired to even breathe. They looked particularly enticing under the shine of the light. In the end, even in such a state, the other was still persistently throwing curses.

Curses of a beast in heat, son of a bitch. At first they were pretty on point, but towards the end the tone of speech was like he was seducing me.

Fang YunSheng might not know himself, but he’s actually very beautiful, especially in bed.

A pair of eyes so black they shine, paired together with his extremely soft black hair is just like that of a black cat silently walking in the middle of the night. Soft limbs, a toned, slender figure that’s not too skinny nor too robust. Clearly he’s sloven like a thug, yet he’s like a proud wolf in silence, and animals like wolves know how to bite people…

ShangFan’s lips slightly curl upwards as he lazily twists the cigarette in his hands.

Who would have thought that after being drugged, the person who couldn’t move would suddenly grab onto his clothes and then ferociously bite into his shoulder, not willing to let go.

Such obstinance…

It’s just that this kind of obstinance is useless. Didn’t he let go in the end? With a single thrust from me. Plus, in the end, he was the one in pain.

Thinking up to to this point, ShangFan can’t help but laugh. He pulls out his phone and dials a number.

“Hello, it’s me.”

“Help me find out who that mentally ill guy by Fang YunSheng’s side is. I want the most accurate information.”

Just as he puts the phone down, the telephone in the room starts ringing. This is an ancient replica antique telephone, with a rich classical feel that fits in particularly well with other parts of the room.

ShangFan picks up the telephone and can no longer hold back the smile on his face.

“Very good, the guardianship has been transferred. Yes, bring me the certificate.”

After hanging up, the businessman considers to himself whether or not he should change his plans and go to City Liu to see his ‘son’…


[1] 小付 Same case as YunSheng’s ex-girlfriend, he addressed her with a Xiao at the front to show intimacy to someone who’s younger than you, ShangFan is addressing Fu LaoShi as XiaoFu.

Apology: I have made a mistake as a translator and translated 商樊 (ShangFan) as businessman, it is actually a name. There were typos in the raws but I know I should’ve picked those up considering I’ve read the story a few years ago. Thank you for your understanding *Dodges rocks thrown at me* <(_ _<(_ _<(_ _)>_ _)>_ _)>

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LOL it’s okay. Thank you for the hard work

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Ugh that stepdad…..wonder when we’ll get more backstory on pervert stepdad and YS’s father.

Poor YS to have his life ruined by these psychos’ twisted love.

aida hanabi
aida hanabi
July 25, 2017 2:10 pm

Hmmm.. Really.. Like I said before.. If this story didnt have our little tyrann.. Maybe the stepfather and our uke will make their own good and tragic story…

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So in short, the stepfather initiated a forced gay marriage/adaption 😂. Shit is about to go down. Beastmode tyrant vs Calculating Tyrant! Who will win? Place your bets everyone~

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