STSC Chapter 15

STSC Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Nan Ge’s Er’s health was not too good, but in fact, when it was the whole force of habits, the unexpected course of the event, due to the highest interest that Mo Shu left He took a glass of wine. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He has always drank his last year, so now it’s natural to pick up and drink My Shovel Vowel …

First of all, this tavern deceived him …

He did not look at the surface as a drink of liquor is strong and delicious. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

When the neck was hit, Nan Ge Er could feel the whole body, especially his mouth burning. He really felt as if he really swallowed the knife, which made him calm and had a painful feeling.

Nan Ge Er’s face burned red. He suddenly grasped a cup of water and fought.

Mo Shu, who came back from the kitchen, discovered that Nan Ge Er caused a red eye with water. At first he had a little mingled, but as soon as he saw a weak wine, he understood what had happened.

He went out immediately.

Nan Erram did not have time to worry about what Mo Sang did. He has already occupied his own – he waited for in the fire!

He drank water and wandered hopelessly desperate – it was very sharp!

How incredible. My Sue always drinks this wine.

Because wine is not a strong scent, why is it awful when it drives up?

It’s amazing that Mo Shu can really drink it easily, this is really a spirit!

Mo Shu went away and immediately put a hand in the bottle of porcelain and returned. He issued a Nan Geleam bottle. “Drink”.

Nan Ge For almost tears, his sight was very shocked by the moisture of his eyes. He knew that Mo Shu gave him something, but he simply could not adjust it, his cold was embraced in his arms.

He finally got it, but in some way he spent a lot of time in the showroom because he could not put the bottle with mouth properly.

Mo Shu simply pushed Nan Ge Er’s chin and spilled the contents of the bottle into his mouth.

… that’s expensive!

Nan Ge Er could only explain the taste after drinking half a bottle.

Depending on how Mo Shu gets rid of, what rich people can pay, the fact that such sweet things fell into the mouth, was shocking.

After all, Mo Shu liked a very sweet meal!

Monsieur began to say that the latter finally looks good and said: “Because your health is not wonderful now, you do not have such a wine.” Nan Ge had no headache, so he did not answer. Mo Shu’s eyes are worried.

The body of Nangale was not excellent, drinking wine. If his condition got worse at night, he could not foresee in fact.

Nan Ge Er’s face recovered slightly the color immediately before becoming red.

Of course I caught …

I’m confused because I actually steal glass of wine. And it’s harder than I think it’s red in my hands.

Nan Ge Er’s annoying expression slightly relieves Mo Shu’s tension.

“If you want, or would I like to see the next time that the buildings to receive their father, Deng-bach, will come some corn at my next time?” We reached our hand to match Nan ‘Ge’s head, Mo Shu continued. “It’s wonderful, it’s sweet for you”

… I do not think someone is similar to you, I think the sweet is wonderful.

Not only his pregnancy but his current state is not so great, Nan Ge Er has almost wanted to retire him again.

But now he’s silent.

Before he remembered he could fly slightly, but he forgot that he was a prince, it was three years ago. Probably he did not train for a long time, because he was no longer used for any kind of wine, due to the degeneration of his health.

And the main thing was that the “spirit”, which Mo Shu drank, was not brought by a typical person.

Mo Shu expresses Nan Ge Er “Do you feel fine?

He looked at Nan Ge Although he nodded – he seemed to be all too afraid to see all.

“Let’s go now.” Mo Shu started singing and talking and talking to prepare for her to laugh.

Franke sitting by him Nan-Ge Ge ERS suddenly touched his mouth, lēkājoties and stood before him, even though his nozzle was not affected at night.

“Hey!” Mo Shu knew that it was a reality that he was afraid of what happened when he saw Nan Ge Era’s thin and nervous look.

When Nan Ge Er arrived at the door, he began to sound “wa”.

Of course, he was older because he was drunk or something, of course, that his body was not recovered, and his stomach could not cheat the following stimuli, so why he was vejana I could not.

While he drank moisture, it does not matter how powerful it was.

Suddenly his hand caught and wounded his back for his support, improving his humor.

Because he was focusing on vomiting, he and half of the body heavily supported, pruned to Monshu, Nan Ge Er, could not worry too much, he was from the desert that he ate food There were some pretty ones.

After all, a terrible nausea finally fell after Nan Ge Er who drained his belly freed considerable water.

However, he did not have the energy to revolt.

Mo Shu wakes up, he must help climb on a chair: “I’m a little trying to get the clothes” is Nan Ge Er from his clothes was not dirty, his cold sweat still clothes It was dry. He will be cold and easily adjust his condition, if he will give it.

“But … …” Nan Jae Ear, who began to be disappointed in the poll, said, “There is no change in dry clothes.” He still has only two clothes, it is not dry yet, and the current thing he was carrying sweats …

“Now, please take me. Mo Shu is reaching the amount of the Nan Ge Era, it was dressed to control the temperature when it confirmed that the other side was not warm.

The cold sweat of the body of Nan Ge Er came yet. Nan Ge Although leaned behind the chair, feeling cold and uncomfortable, consciousness disappeared. His eyes trembled constantly, the eyelids of black and white, his heart sky, his heavy eyelid began to slip …

Without knowing how long he felt the body was cold, it was beaten with a terrible noise, and then warm came. He instinctively cut the bow all the time since the heat began. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He swung his lips considerably and tried to make himself smaller by turning into the heat to the body.

How boring I died.

On the one hand, Mo Shu got a second cup of wine, the Nan Ge Eru that his body was completely inclined to applause; A guy he pressed in an attempt to restrain the ball by blinking his head I saw it.

As soon as he checked, Nan Ji-el did not risk. I could not get his strength and I fell asleep because he was wild. It should be good after the rest of the good night.

Clothes are a little bigger, so it seemed that they were lost slightly with the body of Nan Ge Er. Mo Shu addressed Nan Ge Eru when he realized, because he was worried he would be confused.

Surprisingly, he is adorable

He revealed the expression of hope that can not be seen while slowly moving. It was very incredible.

His body was weak, his bright face … he had different scars, and those who were in his body were quite terrifying. He turned out to be much more cruel and ugly than to be an elegant wise person.

Strangely, however, everyone seemed to think he was weak, and he needed protection.

Of course.

Moshushuu saw Nangeru that he was buried in his chest almost completely in his face, crouching a glass of wine in his chest, he put his glass, stretched out his hand with his finger, hit him.

I think he’s really charming and attractive.

She is competent but clumsy, delicate, fat, intelligent, childish, child-friendly, material but imaginative, who does not protect expressions, including simple and weak hearts that are pleasing to the heart.

Although there is a place for discussion, it’s very nice.

Children swim in the river, but my heart was full of despair and stiffened, as a gift from heaven, he raised my life.

So I hope the child will be the same as I who need to live.

As to think of Mo Shu’s fingers, something in his mouth was dressed by wives, but it was clearly free, he could not escape from Mo Shu. He could only scratch his face against Mo Shu’s chest and knit his arm.

Mo Shuo’s lip corner began to reach his fingers to smile a little and dip his cup. Then, the fingers soaked in the wine were placed on a dry, bright lip. Nan Ge Er: “I’ll come soon …” he continued, crashing his lips.

He kissed him while eating and drinking.

Two of them appreciated the arrival of the New Year and spent New Year during the years. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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