STSC Chapter 28

STSC Chapter 28

1Fire Bucket (or barrel): A wooden bucket. (From )A pan with hot coals covered with a layer of ash is placed at the bottom. A wire grate is placed over the pan and a blanket or heavy towel is placed over the top of the bucket to keep the heat in. Images of it : and

Chapter 28

Early in the morning, two men were trapped by poor animals and returned to the government agency. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

I went to the dermatologist since he received the report. Together with Mo Shu, Skinner destroyed the spiritual beasts. This is very difficult to reach the entire continent of Yun Lu. It’s forced skin to treat, but a little bit of the meat was shared with Skinner. The rest of the meat is a mixture of pig and fish …

Without considering when they were killed, Yun Lu is a rare animal animal, the eye of the continent, people of broad sky still have been recognized as a little tasty, easily decorates the excellent, haunting and animal …

After him two months, but still emphasizing that he was calm, Nan Ge Elam was supposed to wear a long mantle from the wild beast’s skin, his emotions were still trapped.

He wanted to establish, but the problem was that there were animals. It’s a cloud animal, even if the treasure considers every king Yun Lu continent would be Mixed cultivated in a beautiful yet beautiful garden!

But now this animal has become his cloak …

Arriving at it, he seems to have never seen the huge animals that Moshi originally made from his white iron …

Please let me know that this is another extinct dangerous animal.

No! I feel stress is rising!

Nan Ge Er felt that the current royal value is actually very high.

At least some of her masters were a valuable treasure.

Well, you’ve had living expenses as if Kana Katido spend every day, with the help count, or everyday needs, learn a valuable treasure to live such a simple life …

I’m probably the only one in the world doing it.

At the end of the year, I realized that Mo Shu’s stay in the government office was over. In the afternoon, Mo Shu prepared food. When he drank to eat, his line of sight of the flower blossom, the false mount, in some small bottles of little food and wine, sat on top on the bucket1 fire.

After that, the lead that grew in spring grows small flowers. However, since it was still new and nothing, flowers flowers were completely separated.

While sitting on the fire bed accompanying Mo Shu, Nan Ji Ling ate only a few dishes. He then installed his limestone coat and established with Mo Shu.

In spite of the open window, Nan Ge Er was still in the heat of the Cloud Animal. As a result of the thickness of the storm of his face, his legs, in the vicinity of the fire of the oven, his body felt drunk.

After returning from the hill, Mo Shu really played the responsibility of the kitchen. Whether raw materials are simple vegetables or raw rice, they will always taste Mo Shu. This was also why Nan Ge Er actually got slightly fat and had a better position than before.

Most importantly, it is the past year, not subject to many diseases, we will awaken Mo Shu’s pride. Every time the doctor mentioned it, Mo Shu seemed unhappy all the time.

Look at the blossom flower, Mo Shu had noticed that Nan Ge Eram in Nan Ge Er lost his cuisine. “Why do you eat?”

“… I am full.” Nan Ge Er rubbing in the stomach.

The current food of the government has improved much better than just when it has arrived. There were also opportunities to pick up meat at the table. In addition, Mo Shu now ate, so Nan Ge Er ate a little more than before. However, his body survived for three years after submarine torture entered the jail. With his typical body and an unparalleled body, he is hungry easily and completely.

Because Shu Mo knew that you can not ER’s body, Nan Ge is restored back suddenly, he does not worry about eating more, simply saying “you’re full, do you explore it?”

The so-called “rubbing” was clearly intended to be rubbing on the Nan Ge Er abdomen. A result of quality and quantity enhancement, Nan Ge Er, was not able to digest the food every time to complete the menu. He really did not have much influence. However, perhaps thanks to the knowledge of the accumulation of functions and the internal energy of a human organ, Mo Shu can always be a bit more comfortable Nan Ge Er.

With this, Nan Ge Er lowered his head and opened the top.

Under the warm hot cover of the hood, Mo Shu put his hand to help rub her stomach.

Mo Shu will get a weak smell to compensate for subtle movements. It seems that the smell blends with pine and wind.

Fully warmed in the fire, Mo Shu is to help digestion, the Nan Ge Er I feel a little sleepy.

He stripped.

“I want to eat?” A look at the movement of Nan Ge Er Mo Shu shook lips.

Since Nan Ge Er was in charge of oxalaic dishes, Mo, because he seemed excited about being a fat, he could help by releasing the table “… … buffet” Focus on Mo Shu, open Wash cooking to force his eyes open

“I’ll clean it after eating” Mo Shu smiled.

“Oh,” Nan Ge Er returned.

“You have to relax more.” Mo Shu said again.

I can sleep just after eating …

Are you trying to pick up pigs?

Nan Ge Although such an answer was tested, but very comfortable, it quickly arrived to sleep head down.

Looking at the frightful ridiculous position of the era of Nan Ge of the firefighter, Shu de Mo are, continue rubbing the stomach of this particular person, I could not smile.

Of course, the cat allows the other side to see the stomach when the cat begins to trust his master.

Right now, is not it an express and happy collaborator showing such a peaceful attitude?

How fun?

How fun

How … This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

When Mo Shu saw, he felt that one side was too beautiful, but I felt a great success.

Everyone who has attracted this person to such a country needs to know.

The bright face face slightly hurt in your heart.

… He certainly is such an attractive person.

Why can anyone hurt him?

But he was a little pleased.

If he did not hurt the bones, why do not you want to go back and stay here?

If he did not arrive …

So what’s mine?

Still are you beautiful or maybe you do not know my loneliness?

What does he really show me?

The very obvious thing is easy, but I feel so …

He thought so, but his hand stopped slowly. But naturally he easily marked him a thin blue.

It’s beautiful.

He is very beautiful, just urging others to deceive him every time.

Mo Shu also seemed to have kissed.

He was surprised straight forward.

In the absence of a normal massage in the abdomen, a person under the palm of Mo Shu woke up a little.

Mo Shu returns to his sensation.

He saw that he stretched his hand to his abdomen, he did not check it out.

Really …

It’s too beautiful.

He really wanted to wake him up, he wanted to kiss him a lot.

But he did not. He only kissed and leaned these weak lipsticks before rubbing the abdomen.

He should not be deceived by the wonderful fact that he had kissed a man.

According to Mo Shu, he already kissed. After kissing, if he feels wonderful and wants to kiss her again, his actions are considered correct.

Therefore, without fighting, he certainly accepted his accomplishment.

I like him.

Perhaps he would like more than I understood

The wind blew behind the window. Following the winding direction, small plumage flowers are scattered.

It’s the beginning of the fourth year now. Everything was fine.

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Coat of cup (or donkey): wooden cup. Located in the bottom pan with hot berry covered (no volcanic ash layer. Bread is placed in wire mesh and placed on top blankets or heavy towels to keep the seeds warm. Photos from. JPG and This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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